I caught myself thinking "I have so many things to tweet about, but I don't really want to limit myself to soundbites," and then remembered that I have a Dreamwidth, c'mon, self. So here are some things I was going to tweet about, in more than 140 characters:

i. I have completed 90% of my holiday shopping for my parents! As usual I have fifty gift ideas for my mum and very few for my dad, so I'll try to just locate some nice chocolate for my dad and not go on some sort of tea and mugs and earrings rampage for my mum. I also have wrapping paper! And I should find some nice things for my housemates, and Jessie & co's white elephant gift exchange, and ... maybe for some other people? Idk, my general policy is to get physical gifts for in-person friends and bang out a few giftfics for fandom friends generally, but I actually have a lot of friends in the area this year, and lots of nice wrapping paper. Only my parents' stuff was urgent, though, as I'm going to see them next week. This weekend, though, the tree! (I really love December, and festival-of-lights gift-giving style Christmas. I would like some snow, though, c'mon, let's get winter up in here.)

ii. I have a new laptop! The old kind of broken one (m key hasn't worked for aaages, lid will no longer close because it was winching off slowly) is called Methos, which was apparently a terrible idea, because it kept dying but never stayed dead. I think I'm calling the new one Frigga, and it will hopefully be a much better-behaved immortal until its time comes. I haven't set it up yet, though, because that really feels like a day-long task to transfer all my files and get my music in order and make sure it has the right browsers and useful programs like VLC &c. It is also going to have much better processing power than my current one, which means it is time for me to LEARN HOW TO VID. Seriously, I want to try this! So, vidding friends: anyone know what vidding program would be good? Keep in mind that I'm still on a Windows OS, so all the nice Mac-only programs are right out.

iii. Speaking of vids! The Aims vid project, in which vidders are making a vid to each song on said Vienna Teng album. The latest is The Breaking Light, a Pacific Rim vid by [personal profile] such_heights, which I knew was going to slay me going in, because anytime she vids a Vienna Teng song I basically become a sobbing mess. That it's also Pacific Rim just made everything 1000% betterworse.

iv. And speaking of Vienna Teng, I had this theory that the song Never Look Away is just one of those great songs that is applicable to basically any pairing one is currently having feels about. I was fairly sure of this when I was having lots of Thor/Loki feels about it, and now I am entirely sure of it, because I've started showing Housemate A due South and suddenly Never Look Away was this ridiculous amazing torrent of all my old Fraser/Kowalski feelings. So yeah! I am showing Housemate A due South! We're still only in first season, and I'm enjoying it immensely; it's been at least two, possibly three, years since I watched it last, and oh gosh I just love it so much, what a perfect show to watch in the drawing-in of winter.

v. I hear there is a meme going around where you suggest topics and then I post a response to one a day! I ... really don't have the wherewithal to be that diligent, but if you like, please do comment with a topic, anything you like, and I'll choose some to talk about!
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( Oct. 7th, 2011 01:33 pm)
While I was in the shower this morning, the plumbing made a sudden alarming gurgling noise. I turned off the water, listened for a puzzled moment, and then shrugged and turned the shower back on, with the vague expectation that the water was going to turn into blood and murder the fuck out of me. Obviously it did not, and I am not a horrifying ghost in a computer. The actual reason for this is that I live in the real world, but while I was in the shower I was mostly convinced on the logic that while I might be in the right age bracket to be murdered by the occult in the shower, I am not of the appropriate beauty standards or presentation of femininity. Nor am I blonde, although I bet that's just a bonus and only worth ten points.

So, um, I'm in season four! I am skipping fewer and fewer episodes as I go on, but I am also going faster and laughing more and clutching at my face a lot. I am still delighted that there is actual COLOR, and I am also delighted that the angels are terrifying and inhuman and that the poor Winchesters are bewildered because angels are supposed to be made of sparkles and light. NOPE.

I have come to the exciting revelation that Dean is my character type. I was confused for a while, because although he has the emotional inarticulation down, he is neither achingly morally upright nor an evil overlord. (SAM IS BOTH, so we've got those bases covered.) But [personal profile] filia_belialis pointed out to me that Dean is basically Kara Thrace, minus abusive mom plus little brother to look after, and EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. Dean is totally one of my character types, he's just been disguising it by being a bro.

I suspect he also has some overlap with Ray Kowalski, except I say that and then my brain goes on a delightful tailspin. It is a tailspin where Caroline Fraser still dies when Benton is very little, which is a bit frustrating because I'm not subverting anything, but in any case Bob goes off to be a hunter instead of a Mountie, and Fraser is raised by his grandparents but eventually goes off to be a hunter as well when his dad goes missing, you know the story, came to Chicago on the trail of the demon killers of my father. The family Vecchio runs an Italian restaurant that's a road stop for hunters, but eventually Frannie gets tired of all that and runs away to become a hunter herself. Ray Kowalski and Stella also used to be hunters together, but Stella got tired of Ray running stupid risks and acting like he'd sell his soul to save her, so they split up and now Kowalski does stupid things for Fraser instead. Presumably Vecchio is Bobby in this scenario, although I'd be equally happy to have Thatcher be Bobby in this scenario, and they are equally likely to call Fraser and Kowalski idiots on a regular basis. I am not sure if there are any angels, though, no matter how hilarious it would be for Kowalski and Castiel to hang around in awkward silence.

ANYWAY. Yeah, I don't even know.
Two pieces of related, absurd conversation:

Aria: I have nefarious plots to make you watch bits of Highlander
Amelia: I would not be averse to this!
Amelia: I mean dude, cheesy eighties immortal Celts with swords
Amelia: That's pretty much my secret soul, I think
Aria: Yesssss. :D
Aria: Although technically the TV show is 90s cheese instead
Aria: It wants to hang out with due South and be earnest!
Amelia: Fraser would be the most hilarious immortal
Aria: Oh my god, don't even. I AM TRYING NOT TO WRITE THAT FUSION.

Aria: do you have a halloween costume yet?
Aria: if not, BE CKR.
Amelia: I don't yet!
Amelia: dude, you bring the mountie suit and I'm there
Aria: well, I think I was going to be a vulcan, although I would be quite happy to mountie it up instead!
Amelia: I think you would be an awesome vulcan!
Aria: I could be VULCAN FRASER.
Amelia: HA
Aria: that is so not a stretch
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( Aug. 30th, 2010 01:45 pm)
I think I have contracted some sort of disease of polyfannishness. I mean, I'm not actually complaining, but ... my usual fandom mode is total immersion. I am currently writing a ridiculously epic Highlander fic, simmering some due South, White Collar, Doctor Who, Dark is Rising, and possibly Avatar fics on the backburner, still meaning to go through that Babylon 5 rewatch because I love that show like mad, and, at the moment, tearing joyfully through Star Trek TOS. And this is leaving aside how I have to clean all the things, remember to feed myself, act like someone capable of normal human interaction with real live other people, and do the reading for my job. There is no way I can do total immersion in all the fandoms I actually want to. Maybe I could give up sleep?

I'm sure I'll figure it out. (I can stop watching TOS anytime I want to!!) In the meantime, I was seized with the sudden urge to make Post Secrets for characters, possibly because I am awful at having any fandom secrets myself. So I broke out Paint and Googleimages, and I made twelve secrets! I thought it might be fun to guess what character made any given secret; I think some of these are painfully obvious and some of them are weirdly unobvious, but I figure enough of you know how my brain works anyway.

Behind the cut: characters from Babylon 5, Doctor Who, due South, Highlander, Star Trek, and White Collar have secrets! They are probably things you already know, but don't tell them that. Last secret is perhaps mildly NSFW. )
I'm not quite sure how this came about -- probably it came into my head from the combination of a discussion on rereading Harry Potter and something I saw in the Thirty Days of Fanfic meme that's going around -- but I have been thinking about Fandom Firsts. Okay, you've got a new fandom: what was the first fic you remember reading? Did it make any lasting impact on your experience with said fandom? &c.

Here are some of mine!

Harry Potter, Good Omens, SGA, Doctor Who, due South, and Highlander. Most of these are RIDICULOUS. But I happily own my fannish absurdity! )

And what about you guys? If you do absurd things like imprint on old fic enough to remember it, I'd be fascinated to hear what it is. And seriously, don't be embarrassed. My stuff is all old school slash or Eliza Snape, okay, I will really not judge you.
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( Aug. 15th, 2010 11:12 pm)
I occasionally do the srs biznes version of talking about my WIPs, but this way has been making the rounds again, and is much more fun.

Eight WIPs beneath the cut! Sometimes I wish that I could write short fic. )
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( Jul. 22nd, 2010 12:10 pm)
It is thunderstorming today! Quite reasonably, my desktop weather widget had a picture of lightning. I still stared at it in puzzlement for a good ten seconds, thinking, "It's ... cloudy with a chance of Quickenings?" /o\

And then, sitting down to work on my Highlander fic, I was quietly plot-outlining in my head when I was brought up short by sudden guilt. And it wasn't obligation guilt: I know enough about my writing process that I can prioritize a due South AU and a Babylon 5 rewatch and an Avatar season and &c &c as much as I want, but if I sit down and a Doctor Who fic comes out instead, that's what I'm damn well writing. So trying to write Highlander fic wasn't making me think, "Why am I doing this when I should be doing x instead?" but rather "Why am I writing Highlander fic at all?" and this brought me up short: I was feeling self-indulgent, and that apparently made me feel guilty. Uh, what? Fic-writing is for funsies and not profit, after all; it is by definition wonderfully self-indulgent. Apparently, the problem is that it's Highlander.

Cut for length; on fannish guilt, comparative 90s shows, active fandoms, and id-fic. )

Obviously the solution is to just write my ridiculous Highlander id-fic, not least because enthusiastic self-indulgence usually produces the best fannish writing. But I still feel weird and apologetic about it. OWN IT, SELF, OWN IT LIKE ALL THE OTHER AWESOME RUBBISH YOU LOVE.
Having now done my August-apartment-searching duty for the day, and having now confirmed that I am officially moved into my summer sublet (THROWING A QUIET PARTY HERE OH MY GOD) I can pretend I've been a grown-up, and I can rebel with internet!

Let me tell you something, internet. I am terrible at being polyfannish. I get hugely overinvested in my fandoms, you see. When I fall in love with something, I need to read all the meta, and all the fic, and make sure I know all the character histories and stupid things the creators have said, &c &c. Doctor Who cured me of this somewhat, because being in Doctor Who fandom is a bit like being polyfannish already; being a fan of One is not like being a fan of Seven is not like being a fan of Ten, and there is no canon. But wow does it make my brain feel confused to be deeply invested in more than one universe at a time. And I don't think that "Write a fic in which Fraser, who happens to be Immortal, hangs out with Methos in 2258 on Babylon 5, where they have a run-in with the Doctor" is actually the solution, as weirdly coherent as that fusion would be. Actually, I think the real solution is to just remind myself that I can't give 110% of my fannish enthusiasm to each of these fandoms, because I don't have whatever 110x4% is to give.

I do, however, have a polyfannish post to offer. Thanks to a combination of listening to lots of music on bus rides + a recent post by [livejournal.com profile] sophia_sol, I have realized that I have a hell of a lot of unmade fanvids in my head. Will they ever be made? I hope not; if I ever learn to vid I will need a time-turner for real. But I want to have this list, just in case.

15 hypothetical vids, sorted by fandom. )
LOLWHUT. I just hit an episode in Babylon 5 where a scary, scary interrogator had a strangely familiar voice. "He sounds like the guy who played the philosophical Bolt brother in Red White or Blue!" I said to myself, and lo, IMDb says that it's the same guy. I am starting to think that Fraser got off really easy. Yikes, interrogator guy.

Apparently I can play mid-90s awesome TV show bingo? IDEK.
i. I believe that in order to be properly fannish about due South, on this day the eleventh of March we're supposed to post Sgt. Frobisher's butchering of the St. Crispin's Day speech. But I don't like butchering Shakespeare even in the name of comedy, so: happy Fraser & Kowalski sledding into the sunset day!

ii. Spring break has officially started for me! I'm not hopping a plane until Saturday, though, so I fully intend to spend my next day or so of freedom writing (finishing??) my End of Time fic. And then I can spend spring break making sure I do not have to default on my due South big bang! in between making life plans. YAY.

iii. Assuming I get everything else done in a timely manner, I am strongly considering writing White Collar fic during the bleak gap before second season. In the spirit of this, a question, namely: what do you think are the classics (as in, "Kate always did love the classics"), ie those secret messages/heist strategies/&c that are fun and trope-y? So far my list is write secret messages using lemon juice and no one's dead until you've found the body, but that is a set of bullet points, not a list. Ideas?

(If you answer this question by linking to TV Tropes, I will sic the Cthulhu in my icon at you. I'm so serious.)
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( Feb. 8th, 2010 05:01 pm)
Know what I love? The Canadian Six Degrees Valentine's Day Exchange, that's what. I received mine today, and upon reading it was promptly informed that I was glowing blindingly. This is an accurate assessment: it is amazing.

Scan & text behind cut: a Valentine from Ray & Ray to Fraser. \o/!!! )

How do I completely adore this? Let me count the ways! We'll start with the one where I got a card TO FRASER FROM RAYS. The affectionate bickering fills me with joy, as does their cheerful vandalization of a cute if traditional card to more accurately reflect their actual relationship. (He TELLS US stories! He finishes OUR sentences WHICH IS A LOT ANNOYING!) It just -- mere words cannot accurately express how wonderful it is. Imagine me flapping my hands with delight. :DDD
i. I learned last night that apparently John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris are having some kind of epic Twitter battle. My conscious mind thought that was kind of amusing and moved on, but my subconscious mind thought it would be fun to give me a dream about Barrowman finding my LJ/DW. For those of you playing along at home, a couple months ago I had a dream where CKR did the same -- only that time my reaction was "Oh my god, I'd better hide all the F/K fic NOW." In my Barrowman-has-found-the-blog dream, I merely thought, "...well, I guess I'd better tone down on making fun of him." BARROWMAN. *shakes fist*

ii. I'm ... starting to feel like my brain might explode, because my WIP list is almost literally 50/50 due South and Doctor Who fics. My general fannish mode is sort of -- I don't know, one steady relationship with some fun flings thrown in. I have no idea how to manage two steady boyfriends! I'm sure I can learn, but it's still a little terrifying. (Clearly the solution is to write about Time Lord!Fraser having space adventures with Rays, while meanwhile the Doctor and the Master have become stuck on an ice planet and are forced to go on a sled trip to look for the Hand of Franklin, the only bit of technology that can help them escape from that rock. CLEARLY.)

iii. I have been listening to Here and Now [music/lyrics] on repeat, because it's everything I want to say about Ten's ending rolled up into a concentrated ball of musical awesome. Meanwhile I have also been staring at these lines of poem and remembering that, while I may not be adjusted to Eleven yet, I am in fact really excited for MOFF TEIM. Yay!
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( Dec. 17th, 2009 12:21 pm)
The #1 thing I really hate about buckling-down-and-writing-papers days: my brain decides that, in between the ten-minute bursts of productivity, it has to come up with every brilliant thing I should be writing instead, right now. For example, I spent most of this morning slowly constructing sprawling plotty post-ep7 White Collar fic.

Then my brain took a sharp turn and thought, "You know what would be really awesome? Kate-from-White-Collar/Victoria-from-due-South fic!" No but really that would be fabulous. Find the gold! Get the girl! Leave your lovesick pretty boy standing devastated on a train platform!

I think I need to get food. And to step the hell away from the internet.
Wow, I had a weird and vivid dream last night. First I was Merlin -- the boy wizard, not the awesome old man -- and I was swimming across a lake along with Arthur and Uther (?!); on the other side I met Morgause in a public washroom, and she tried to convince me that Uther must die. But I'd seen that episode many, many times, so I went off and discovered that Kolya was trying to take over Atlantis, as he often does. Obviously at this point I stopped being Merlin and became John Sheppard; then me and Kolya had close hand-to-hand combat with knives! I got stabbed in the side, which hurt like hell but did not much bother me because I was John Sheppard, so instead I stabbed Kolya in the hand. [My friend down the hall, upon hearing a recount of this dream: "There were knives, and you got stabbed in the side?" Me, knowing where this was going: "I was Sheppard at the time! It meant homoeroticism, not pregnancy." My friend, in delight: "That's a sentence that should be said all the time."] Anyway, Kolya called a forty-minute break to regroup, and I went downstairs to the dining deck of the cruise ship because I'd gotten turned around; really I was trying to find Ursula K Le Guin, because she was running the convention and had bandages (???). I knew that if I went back upstairs to fight Kolya again, I was absolutely going to die, but I'd be saving everyone in the process, so that was all right. Also, by the time I made this determination I ... may have been Fraser, because apparently I ascribe them similar worrying motivations. Then I started drifting awake, and was deeply annoyed because I still wanted to die and save the world! What is this even.

Perhaps relatedly, some results from yesterday's poll:

John Sheppard & Ray Kowalski: 8
John Sheppard & Benton Fraser: 7
Rodney McKay & Benton Fraser: 6
Rodney McKay & Ray Kowalski: 5

I am not able to make any exciting sweeping conclusions (nor would I even if the numbers were much more skewed, because this is a skientific poll, not a scientific one); the only one I will venture to draw is that wow, we as a fandom must really love experimental hair. Also, despite being a John girl myself, I'm sad that there's not more Rodney love. I'm pleased to see that it's horrendously difficult to choose between Fraser and Ray, though.

Now enough of this nonsense.
I am taking a break from being almost disgustingly productive in order to conduct a VERY IMPORTANT POLL. And if you've been paying any attention to me for the last ever, you'll know that by very important poll, I mean I love asking arbitrary questions!

Today's are born of my continuing reaction of being completely weirded out by the fact that finding Sheppard/McKay fanfic is easy: you just find someone who wrote Fraser/Kowalski way back when and click forward a little. I have convinced myself that there must be some deep mystical connection here, partly because I want fandom to be less shallow than "pretty boys! yay!" and partly because I'm fighting a losing battle against plotting a massive crossover instead of writing my Yuletide. In the spirit of that, by which I mean deep mystical connections, I want to see if there is a favorite character pattern! (For example: Fraser & Sheppard are kind of One True Characters for me. Maybe this means I have a thing for The Heroes? Maybe you like Fraser and McKay best! Snippy Canadians for the win? I don't know what I'm trying to prove here but, by god, I am going to skientifically prove it.) So!

For the purpose of this exercise, you do have to choose. Also, I'm not going to lie, I'm just kind of curious to take a headcount on how many people actually know wtf I'm talking about.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29


View Answers

Rodney McKay
12 (42.9%)

John Sheppard
16 (57.1%)


View Answers

Benton Fraser
14 (48.3%)

Ray Kowalski
15 (51.7%)

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( Dec. 4th, 2009 05:27 pm)
Taking a break from my massive amounts of work to record two unrelated fannish things:

i. I dreamed that I was in a sled dog race that ended in Chicago; my mum had to drive me to the airport but kept missing her U-turn, so eventually I decided to get out and walk. I ended up at the rundown bohemian flat of an AU wherein Ray Kowalski and Stella were still married. Ray went into the bedroom to chat with Fraser, and because my brain is a cruel mistress I did not join them but rather stayed out in the living room talking with Stella, who inexplicably had long brown hair and was so unremittingly awesome that I understood exactly why Ray Vecchio wanted to end up with her. And then we went to see a Harry Potter musical together. I don't even know.

ii. There is another new Doctor Who trailer! (It starts at about 0:22.) gf;lsdfkfsd. Excitement for Christmas: RISING. )

The YouTube sidebar also has a preview of Tennant's Hamlet, but I feel this is somehow secondary.
S2 feels to me like that's when SGA hit its stride, although that might be my brief fandom flirtation circa 2006 talking. Or alternately I just have a huge crush on Ronon. I also had plenty of respect for David Hewlett's acting the first time through, but after watching Jamie Ray Newman on Eastwick for a couple of months, Duet kind of blows me away. 80% of that episode consisted of me going, "Look, Rodney's doing another Kat mannerism!" Crazy.

Like unto due South (wherein I have an OTP but also an OT3), I have found, SGA gives me an OTP but also an OT4. (The only permutation that I can't figure out: Ronon/Rodney. And to a lesser extent Rodney/Teyla. But I have three more seasons to work out the logistics.) Basically I can't stop shipping Ronon/Teyla and John/everyone?

Relatedly, though, I'm enjoying SGA in much the same way that I enjoy due South, and I can't figure out quite why. Where in the Venn diagram of Stuff I Like From Shows do they overlap? With both genre and general tone I got nothing. I'd say maybe it's the fandom overlap but there has to be a reason for the fandom overlap in the first place. While I half-suspect that the answer is "Pretty boys to slash!" or even specifically "An intelligent snippy Canadian with spotty social skills and an American with funny hair and emotional issues and a gun, who frequently save each other, to slash!" which is ... pretty damn specific, actually, it still seems like an easy and shallow answer? Maybe it's just that they're both fun, in the way that you know you're not watching for the plot, you're watching for the character interactions, and unless you're compulsive about your TV like I am, you might as well just read a fandom primer and then all the fabulous fic instead of bothering with the show at all. Maybe that's it.

Or maybe we just enjoy watching characters we love almost die in wildly bizarre ways. :D?
Today in art class we were drawing faces from a model. She was redheaded and quite pretty, and I spent the first hour and the first drawing going quietly nuts because there was something odd in my picture. Then she moved to her second pose, which put her in profile to me, and perhaps five minutes into that drawing I twigged to what was going on: aside from the red hair, she looked freakishly like Victoria Metcalf.

Once I'd figured this out, the drawing came out quite well. Well enough, in fact, that despite the fact that it's newsprint and that I have no scanner, I brought it home, stuck it on my door, and took a picture. Here it is; feel free to tell me whether the Victoria resemblance is only a figment of my fevered brain.

Really, though, my brain is not fevered. My brain is quite good at the moment, and plans to rewrite my play about lesbians and ghosts, and then do yoga on the awesome new mat I bought the other day.
Discovery du jour: I am unexpectedly okay at working with charcoal. This observation courtesy of yesterday's drawing class; for the first time I'm honestly pleased with my work. Now I can't wait for figure drawing -- perhaps I will be able to do figure drawings in charcoal, and it will be a perfect storm of things I actually enjoy. I am still very much not an artiste, because my artistic talents are limited to things like doodling Fraser and Rays hanging out in the snow in the back of my Spanish notes, but that's probably okay.

Meanwhile I am about to have a long weekend! Should I worry about grad schools? Probably. Will I try to write things instead also? Well, yes. My WIP list is shamefully long, and even has a few items on it that are not due South, but today is not the day to work on those. In fact today is the day to talk about due South crossovers &/or fusions, because I seem to be accumulating those.

At the moment, there are only three of them:
i. Darryl and Fraser. What will they do? Why, they will quote Shakespeare and possibly the Bible at each other, and Darryl will try to tempt Fraser, and it might be slightly epic not in the length sense but in the epic struggle of good vs evil (or is it!) sense.
ii. Ehh, various of my Canadian fandoms hanging out in the Last Night universe. I'm sure this has already been done, but I feel that to properly be in C6D fandom I have to write one of these also. I am not sure what all it would have in it -- probably due South, Slings & Arrows, Hard Core Logo, and maybe My Life As A Dog if I'm feeling like a particularly horrible person.
iii. due South/Young Wizards fusion. Fraser comes to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father, meets Ray Vecchio the Advisory wizard, and probably fights the Lone One with Ray Kowalski. Oh, and I think they're teenagers. I don't even know, okay.

The point, though, is that I need to know what to write. (I mean, obviously the answer is "Darryl and Fraser" but I think what I am trying to do is just take a headcount for interest. Or maybe you are genuinely interested in one of the other ideas more than Darryl and Fraser. Freak.)

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 19

What should Aria write?

View Answers

Darryl and Fraser
10 (52.6%)

C6D Last Night
1 (5.3%)

due South/Young Wizards fusion
11 (57.9%)

something else I will specifiy in comments
6 (31.6%)

yeah yeah, ticky box
10 (52.6%)