I feel sort of like I'm doing the mental equivalent of that Unfuck Your Habitat thing -- my physical habitat is super unfucked! I brush the cats, I sweep and dust! I'm really excited for warmer weather because soon I shall fling open all the windows and do a deep-clean of the apartment! -- but I keep feeling massively stressed. Some of it is stuff entirely outside my control, of course, but I'm getting better at identifying the stressors and taking care of those, one thing at a time.

For example, this morning I registered for WisCon and got a room! Right now the going plan is to room with my sweeties and [personal profile] such_heights, so exciiiiited. (I also bought a dessert ticket, because Jo Walton. ...I should perhaps read some of her stuff besides Among Others before the con.) I even called up the hotel and registered by phone, by speaking to another human being and everything, and it was okay. Somehow in the last five years I've become the sort of person who does not panic every time she needs to make a phone call, oh wow my endless relief.

Also, I have finally figured out the answer to my tumblr problem. (My tumblr problem, in this case, being that there is no way I can actually manage to keep up with it given the other more important commitments in my life and the fact that I don't have job that involves downtime in front of a computer.) The answer to my tumblr problem: don't even try to stay caught up! Just look at some stuff, reblog some stuff, wander off, and then go back to the new first page next time! It is less freeing than I want it to be, because I'm still a bit OCD about completing things, but this still seems like the wisest choice.

Meanwhile I have also been watching some TV? I'm very bad at keeping up with most of it! Plus Polaris and I are watching every Bond film ever (ALMOST DONE!) and I'm showing Housemate K all of Buffy (halfway through s2 now!) because she's never seen it. Even so, I have been watching:

Community! Spoilers do a quick overview of the season so far. )

Elementary! Spoilers mostly just gush about Lucy Liu. )

White Collar! Spoilers are mostly me nattering about whether Neal is sleeping with the Burkes yet. )

Also, the Buffy rewatch is DELIGHTFUL. Housemate K adores Spike and Dru intensely, as well she should; meanwhile I'm mostly just really excited to watch her reaction faces, as we're about ... three episodes from Innocence right now. GOOD TIMES.
I am still alive?? Perhaps my new year's resolution should have been "Have any online presence at all that is not twitter;" twitter, it turns out, is really easy to keep up with when you have a smartphone, and also stupidly early mornings during which most sane people are still asleep and not posting. I realize it's perfectly acceptable to not be on tumblr all the time, and only update my DW a couple times a month, but ... idk, I haven't been on tumblr since early December, I don't even know what the shape of Hobbit fandom is like! (I hear tell there is no standardized pairingsmush, though, so we can now witness that pinnacle of the pairingsmush trend, Thorbo Bagginshield. That, or my friends have been making stuff up to make me laugh.) In not-tumblr spaces, fannish feelings I have had:

+ Les Mis! Ever since teching Les Mis in high school I've had lots of feeeelings about it, and seeing the film made me really want to reread the book, which I also haven't done since high school. Seeing the film did ... not give me an excess of Valjean/Javert feelings, except inasmuch as I always have a lot of those; I haven't gone questing for fic, but The Drowning Sky, a lovely AU fic, somehow fell into my lap anyway, and I need roughly ten billion more fics of that vein.

+ Avengers, per usual. Part one of the stupid long post-Avengers fic is done, part two has ... really ill-advised makeouts and a ten-page outline, I'm beginning to be worried that [a] it will end up being 100,000 words long and [b] I won't finish it in time to not be jossed by Thor 2. (I know I won't be finished in time for Iron Man 3, but that's okay.)

+ FESTIVIDS. Unfortunately my internet has been so slow that it almost entirely refuses to stream vids, sooo my actual watching of things may have to wait until there is reveal and signed downloads. ALAS. Seriously I'm so excited about all the Earth's Mightiest Heroes vids I haven't been able to see yet.

+ WHITE COLLAR. I am currently keeping up with, um, I think the current roster of telly is something like Castle, Elementary, Scandal, Revenge, and obviously Doctor Who and Community when they return, but between all the real-life things I have going on, I've been really terrible at keeping up with them. White Collar? YES GOOD WATCHING RIGHT NOW, show of my heart! Brief cheerful spoilery reaction to this week's episode. )

That's about it. But in case you were wondering, internet, fuuuuuck it's cold in Boston right now.
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( Sep. 5th, 2012 12:43 pm)
+ Back from Dragon*Con! It was loads of fun; particular highlights included seeing fan buddies from far-off climes, witnessing [personal profile] tenlittlebullets' Simm!Master dancing with a Loki at the Heroes & Villains Ball, and the perfection of the panel with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. If I never have to be in crowds like that until next year's con, though, I will be very happy about it.

+ Stupidly exhausted. The weekend away was fun but not very recharge-y, and I have about a million obligations right now, and mostly I want to just sleep and write Avengers fic and never change out of this stupid oversized t-shirt I got at con which features a '60s Journey Into Mystery cover image with Thor and Loki being ridiculous.

+ I watched the Elementary pilot! I am ... weirdly having trouble reading it as a Holmes adaptation? Like, aside from their names and the thing with the bees, there was very little that pinged me as uniquely Holmesian. Which is not to say I didn't like it, because in fact I did! It was really refreshing to watch a Holmes who is making an actual effort to not be an asshole despite not doing social interaction in ways most other people do, and I like them both as characters and am intrigued by their dynamic, and yep, probably giving it a watch, as I'm not committed to too many shows at the moment and this one looks like an enjoyable procedural.

+ White Collar continues lovely this season! I ADORED last week's and was only normal levels of charmed by this one, but sfdkjsdfkjfds seriously show of my heart.

+ And Doctor Who is back! I ... man, I am so neutral about Who at this point. Mostly I feel like Moff really loves his cool set pieces but is content to let the character stuff happen off screen, and obvs Matt and Karen and Arthur are doing lovely things with what they're given, but they're not being given much. Probably I will end up writing Amy Pond frustration fic.
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( Feb. 22nd, 2012 06:15 pm)
i. This week's White Collar: it's a good thing I care about the characters, because oh man I do not care about baseball. Tim DeKay's fanboy face is really great, though! And we are now approaching finale time anxiousness. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO.

ii. As everyone who cares about Community probably already knows, it returns March 15! I am way too ridiculously excited about it considering that I need to remember the show is not actually about Troy, Abed, and Annie's roleplay-heavy threesome adventures in their apartment. Whatever, I'm also excited for legitimate reasons such as I unconditionally love at least 85% of what that show does.

iii. I finally had a legit fucking nightmare about Supernatural. Apparently my mind can conjure a way of dragging Dean to Hell that's significantly more horrific than what the show gave us? Now that I'm awake I can't remember it very well, and I'm sort of fascinated by the wailing Bosch-esque horrors my mind conjured, but it wasn't very fun to wake up in the middle of the night gasping with terror.

iv. I still care about Sherlock? I'm trying to beat these feelings down to manageable levels by writing fic, but as I can't seem to decide whether I'm writing reunion fic or if the reunion bit is just an establishing shot so I can write about John's sexuality crisis and Sherlock kissing for science, my feelings continue at absurd levels.

v. BOMB GIRLS. It's a six-part (so far; it's been renewed for a second season) series about the women working a Canadian munitions factory in 1941. I noticed some corners of the internet being excited about it when it first started airing, but I waited to give it a go until I could watch it all at once, which turned out to be a good move; I couldn't stop. I love love love the characters, who are all complex and flawed and doing their best, and the women are fully-realized people in a way I would love to see on every show, and it's full of girl friendships and this amazing queer relationship that is currently all sorts of tragic but that I am holding out for endgame and ship SO HARD, and I just. Watch this show! Or if you have, talk with me about it! I am in starry-eyed love.
White Collar! 3x14, violins and knit sweaters and creepy dolls, oh my! )

I'm sad there isn't an episode next Tuesday, because how hilarious would a Valentine's Day themed White Collar episode be? Ah well.
First the best of Sherlock episodes, now this? A week in television that feels specifically designed to give me the maximum amount of delighted feelings!

White Collar 3x11, Checkmate: happyflail & bewildered speculation. )
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( Dec. 21st, 2011 01:41 pm)
It is pouring rain, which is not the midwinter snow I always desire but is still comfy sweater weather, and I have painted my nails gold, just cos. Today I think is a day to curl up and talk about fandom things!

i. HOBBIT TRAILER. I love everything about it! I love all the dwarves (distinctive enough that I have tried to resolve to learn which is which by the time the film comes out, although I'm fairly sure that as long as I can keep track of Thorin, Fili, Kili, Balin, and Bombur, I'll have my important bases covered). I love the clear determination to tell the dominoed events that culminate in Lord of the Rings, because that's apparently everything I've ever wanted from an expansion of the Hobbit; WHITE COUNCIL, PLZ. And I love Bilbo so, so much. I loved him more than anything when I was four, and I don't think I've ever managed to stop. This time next year I'm going to be a delighted sobbing mess of Hobbit emotions, I suspect.

ii. Four new Sherlock trailers, while we're on the subject of Martin Freeman In Everything. Despite having felt tetchy with Sherlock ever since Blind Banker was made of fail, I am quite willing to be excited. Mostly because cut for spoilery trailer things. )

iii. End of the year fandom meme! My ability to remember what fandoms are from what years is terrible at the best of times, but I'll give it a go. )

And now LUNCH. Also, I will attempt to not be too amused at everyone's alarm over the latest LJ debacle. Come to the Dreamwidth side, guys, it's nice here and you don't even need an invite code right now.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2011 04:21 pm)
I am beginning to suspect that I'm going to make Softer World remixes for all my visual media fandoms. (Note to self: this is not a challenge.) In any case, today's remixes are for White Collar; unsurprisingly, a lot of them are FEELINGS ABOUT BURKES.

40 White Collar Softer World remixes, both silly and serious; spoilery up through this half-season finale. )
WHITE COLLAR. I finished watching it at least ten minutes ago and my heart is still racing a little.

Spoilers have been innocently locked in the closet the entire time. )

In the meantime, you know what? I always want to write fic and then the half-season cliffhanger throws me off because before writing day-to-day fic I'd first have to take care of whatever major plot point the show has just thrown at us, but screw that. I like this one a lot; I think I can work with it. White Collar fic maybe coming right up.
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( Jul. 27th, 2011 07:03 pm)
Things that are excellent:

1. I have my own computer back! Apparently the other stuff that was wrong with it also caused it to become virus-ridden, so it cost more to repair than I wanted, sigh, but on the other hand they caught everything early enough that my hard drive is perfectly intact and I haven't lost any data. LET'S CARRY ON FOR A WHILE BEFORE THE LAPTOP BREAKS AGAIN, SHALL WE.

2. Merrily slogging through Harry Potter! I'm about a third into Goblet of Fire now. My reread is reminding me why it was a valid and excellent life choice to be ridiculously in love with these books for five years.

3. WHITE COLLAR. Spoilers are for high-tech werewolves. )
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( Jul. 13th, 2011 12:02 pm)
White Collar, I have so many feelings about you, all of them baffling.

3x05 & 3x06; like spoiler's version of Sudoku. )
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( Jun. 29th, 2011 12:07 pm)
MY SHOW MY SHOW MY SHOW. Actually, aside from my sheer unhappy panic at the first episode, I have been loving this season of White Collar a whole lot.

3x04: if spoilers ever get lonely, tell them to call me! )
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 12:58 am)
Warning: I am not actually awake, so this post is incoherent. White Collar season two finale. )
It is possible that the lateness of the hour as irreparably scrambled my brain, but -- wow, this episode was excellent in all ways.

2x15, Power Play. Heh, this one got kind of long. )
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( Feb. 23rd, 2011 11:42 am)
1. Nicholas Courtney died yesterday. I'm a bit shattered; I adore the Brigadier more than words can say, and it just feels so odd to know that he isn't an ongoing part of Doctor Who anymore. I just. I miss him. :(

2. Which is why I then felt a bit confused when last night's White Collar happened, because, oh my god, so excellent and full of delight this week! I don't think either one really cancels out the other. 2x14: Neal, Peter, El, Diana, and Moz are all kind of my heroes. )
Something I have discovered about being polyfannish is that, when I am in the shower or on a bus or folding clothes or whatever it is that puts my brain on screensaver mode, I will start making up crossovers. I love clever crossovers, and clever fusions (and, I'll be honest here, I would be perfectly happy if every fandom ever had a His Dark Materials fusion where all the characters had daemons and this did interesting things to the fic plot). Most of the time I do not actually get around to writing them down, but I do like to pretend that I might.

I am not quite sure why the rest of this post is a poll, except that I am in a poll-making mood and I want to know if people know what I'm talking about.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 51

Buffy/Highlander: Both groups of Watchers are part of the same organization. Post-series for both shows, Duncan goes to visit Methos and discovers that Methos' house has been converted into a Slayer training facility. Also, Joe and Giles have jam sessions.

View Answers

37 (80.4%)

1 (2.2%)

8 (17.4%)

due South/DCU: Baby Kal-El's ship crash-lands in Canada; Kal-El is raised as Benton Fraser. For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, he chases Lex Luthor to the USA and fights crime in Chicago. Ray Vecchio is Lois Lane. Ray Kowalski is Batman.

View Answers

20 (40.8%)

5 (10.2%)

3 (6.1%)

21 (42.9%)

Doctor Who/Young Wizards: Dairine and Ten go on adventures in time and space, trying to find Roshaun! They fight the Lone Power and probably also the Master.

View Answers

16 (34.0%)

1 (2.1%)

15 (31.9%)

...haven't you been meaning to write this for YEARS?
15 (31.9%)

Highlander/White Collar: Neal Caffrey first died somewhere in the 1930s; Amanda was his mentor. Now Peter Burke is his Watcher, and breaking pretty much every noninterference clause in the book. Mozzie is Immortal too; no one knows how old he is, and he's not telling.

View Answers

30 (61.2%)

3 (6.1%)

5 (10.2%)

11 (22.4%)

Inception/Smallville: The team's been hired to do another inception, this time for another billionaire, Lex Luthor. The job is simple: they just have to incept Superman to trust Lex again.

View Answers

30 (62.5%)

3 (6.2%)

15 (31.2%)

Oh White Collar, how you always get SO AWESOME in the lead-up to hiatus. 2x08: tiny, tiny cups of coffee! And so much win. )