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this is ridiculous

I think I have contracted some sort of disease of polyfannishness. I mean, I'm not actually complaining, but ... my usual fandom mode is total immersion. I am currently writing a ridiculously epic Highlander fic, simmering some due South, White Collar, Doctor Who, Dark is Rising, and possibly Avatar fics on the backburner, still meaning to go through that Babylon 5 rewatch because I love that show like mad, and, at the moment, tearing joyfully through Star Trek TOS. And this is leaving aside how I have to clean all the things, remember to feed myself, act like someone capable of normal human interaction with real live other people, and do the reading for my job. There is no way I can do total immersion in all the fandoms I actually want to. Maybe I could give up sleep?

I'm sure I'll figure it out. (I can stop watching TOS anytime I want to!!) In the meantime, I was seized with the sudden urge to make Post Secrets for characters, possibly because I am awful at having any fandom secrets myself. So I broke out Paint and Googleimages, and I made twelve secrets! I thought it might be fun to guess what character made any given secret; I think some of these are painfully obvious and some of them are weirdly unobvious, but I figure enough of you know how my brain works anyway.

[Delenn, guessed by [personal profile] eruthros]

[Methos, guessed by [personal profile] nextian]

[G'Kar, guessed by [personal profile] eruthros]

[Ray Kowalski, guessed by [personal profile] china_shop]

[Susan Ivanova, guessed by [personal profile] polarisnorth]

[Spock, guessed by [personal profile] mockingbird]

[Neal Caffrey, guessed by [personal profile] china_shop]

[Fraser, guessed by [personal profile] nextian]

[Martha Jones, guessed by [personal profile] polarisnorth]

[Ray Vecchio, guessed by [personal profile] china_shop]

[Amanda, guessed by [personal profile] polarisnorth]

[Elizabeth Burke, guessed by [personal profile] nextian]
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8 is Fraser, obviously. 12 is Elizabeth from White Collar or Amy from Doctor Who. OR BOTH. (Sixsome??) Is 1 Mai and 2 Methos? And 7 Rory?
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Aw, actually I'm delighted 7 isn't Rory because it's both true and untrue and it's not the deep dark secret I'd pick for him and I'm glad it isn't the one you would!

Hmmm. 1 requires much rumination.

Also I am pretending that 4 is Ursa but honestly now I'm cracking up at the thought that it's Spock.
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... Oh wait, that's a white picket fence, not an open door. I GET IT NOW. EARLIER COMMENT REDACTED.
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Also #3 could be One. But it probably isn't. OKAY I'LL STOP COMMENTSPAMMING NOW.
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Then Neal is #7!!!!

(too lazy to sign in again)
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Hee! I read most of them as White Collar -- 5, 7, 10 and 11 could all be Neal. (And, okay, 10 could be Peter. Hee!) Apparently I have fannish blinkers on.
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10 is Vecchio? Ha!

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eruthros: Delenn building the crystal machine in season 1  of B5, captioned "foreshadowing" (B5 - Delenn incredible foreshadowing)

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03: G'Kar? and 10 could be Peter, or Elizabeth, or Neal, depending. :)

And I kind of want 01 to be Delenn.
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Well, is 10 Doctor/Master? And is one Dark is Rising, from the POV of Guinevere (it could also be from the POV of Merriman re: Arthur)?

...I totally read all of them as Doctor/Master, apart from 08 because it could be nothing but Fraser. Especially 09! and 11! and 07! oh good heavens, 02 could be the Doctor OR the Master, which is... true of almost everything at various points in their lives.
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Okay, guesses without reading the comments:

NUMBER 6 MADE ME TEAR UP AND GAVE ME CHILLS, OH MY ACTUAL GOD. And of course I know what it is. jfc, you may make me ship it after all.


10. I genuinely don't know if this is dS or WC. AHAHAHA.

12. . . . I don't actually know it's it's Elizabeth or Amy. But I think it's Elizabeth, because of the aesthetic.

Fannish post secrets will remain one of my favorite things about fandom. Now I want to make some!
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AHAHA. Well, I've known and loved ST since I was about eleven, and I've never shipped it much yet. YOU MAY BE OUT OF LUCK.

:D :D I know your WC tendencies! And mine! OF COURSE IT WAS NEAL, OH, bb.

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Is 11 Mozzie? I'm having a hard time figuring who else it could be. I'm really confused by 5 and 9; I suppose 5 could be Victoria?

These are really fun; I love the Post Secret concept as applied to fandom.
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Based on what you've told me of Highlander, is 11 Alexa?

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Aw, all the ones I knew have been guessed.

I really hope 9 is Rose Tyler but it seems unlikely.

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