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( Mar. 21st, 2013 04:24 pm)
So I had a post to make about ... real life updates and navel-gazing and things? But this is not that post! This post is about how I am HAPPY because [a] this weekend is MUSKRAT JAMBOREE, which means I'll be hanging hopefully around the hotel and trying to have fanpeople meetups, and [b] I ... have watched the first episode and a half of Vikings? and OH WHOOPS I LOVE IT.

I yelled at Amiel about how much I love Vikings, and this is a transcription! It is spoilery, and mostly about how ridiculous I am when I like a thing. )
Woke up to a tweet from Polaris that said Look, I found the perfect Valentine for you and linked me to a tumblr post with the following text:

blood is red
love is redder
ur morally accepted ship is good
but incest is better

Guys, my BFF is a lovely human who mocks my ridiculousnesses in the best possible way. Happy February 14th, I guess! The housemates and I are breaking out chocolate cake this evening and hopefully just hanging out for a bit, and that is in fact exactly the way I want to spend Valentine's Day, because unsurprisingly, proscriptive heterosexual narratives are not my jam, and I love my friends, and also I love cake! (I did buy a nice card that is not explicitly couple-y, and I'm going to give it to my sweeties tomorrow, but, y'know, in the spirit of Lupercalia, as you do.)

Also, hell, this meme is going around, and it looks like fun: Let's play this game where you guess my favourite tropes and fictional character types.

I ... doubt much guessing will be involved. But you get no points for incest, Polaris already lampshaded that one.
Hi, internet! The apartment of Gondor is spending the evening watching Mythbusters, and the combination of my delightful bizarre fannish feelings about this show + wine + an episode about superhero myths = us trying to figure out what the cast's superpowers would be.

Jamie: invulnerability
Adam: kinetic energy (sort of Gambit-style)
Tory: super speed
Kari: something ... cosmic, we did not really work this out but we wanted her to have alien superpowers and fly and stuff! (Ms Marvel style, more or less)
Grant: he has no super powers, but is basically low-budget Iron Man (with bonus Mythbusters narrator playing the part of JARVIS)

OTHER SUGGESTIONS WELCOME, THIS IS TOTALLY A SUPERPOWERED MYTHBUSTERS PARTY! For the ... however many of you care, I do not actually know how many of you care! But it is making the apartment of Gondor very happy.
Wow, so I just had the sort of hilarious detailed dream I often have just before waking up. In it ... well, first there was a bit about seals in a swimming pool, but I don't remember that part very well. What I do remember is dreaming that I'd been sent a link alerting me that someone had reposted Shatter without asking me. Said someone had an LJ that screams "teenage girl new to the internet" complete with tiiiny font sizes in varying colors. I shrugged and figured I'd just ask them to, y'know, provide a link instead of having the whole fic copied, and then I realized that they were in fact pretending it was theirs. This has never happened! I was not entirely sure what to do! I did discover that in their header notes their thank-you was to Cassandra Claire, she taught me everything I know about writing ;) which amused me greatly. What a comedian, subconscious. It turned out that the fic also wasn't a straight-up copy-paste of Shatter; it was full of bizarre, accidentally awesome kennings, and there was one bit where the writing was formatted not in paragraphs but in a weird fractured way that had clearly taken a lot of html. As I drifted out of sleep I urgently wanted to let the plagiarizing teenage girl know that she could straight-up claim it was a remix and I'd be cool with that.

Anyway, the moral of this story is: next time, bizarre awesome kennings.
So the other day, Amiel posited to me that, if there's one thing Loki and all the Avengers can actually agree on, it's that Lady Gaga is awesome. HAHA YES OBVIOUSLY, I said in great delight, and we left it at that, until last night when Amiel sent me possibly the greatest ever series of text messages:

Amiel: Re: the Lady Gaga headcanon I said earlier -- Fury doesn't get it. Until someone shows him one of the music videos. Then he decides okay, I kinda like that.
Aria: TELL ME.
Amiel: Emma had the genius suggestion that Bruce loves "Born This Way" and no one makes the obvious comment that he, uh, wasn't. Might be about the Hulk, to Bruce.
Amiel: And Steve works out to "Just Dance" (and takes a Tonyish sort of motivation from it if he overthinks it).
Amiel: I can't decide if Clint or Coulson has "You and I" as their favorite. But if it's Coulson, Clint likes "Alejandro" but will belt "Teeth" with no shame.
Amiel: Tony's favorite is "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" because *sigh*, Tony.
Amiel: Natasha likes "Paparazzi," mostly because of the music video.
Amiel: Thor's I don't know! Help me with it. I know he likes a lot of her songs. I think he loves "Born This Way" and "Edge of Glory."
Aria: I think "Edge of Glory" sounds right!
Amiel: Loki -- no one knows his favorite because he tells different people different ones. He tells Tony "Bad Romance" because that's what Tony expects. Because Thor is subtle about NOTHING, including hickeys etc, Loki quietly tells Steve his favorite is "I Like It Rough" because it makes Steve make a worried face. He tells Thor "Poker Face" or "Monster," depending on what upsets him more. I'll let you guess his actual favorite, though I know what it is.
Aria: Ok, I'll be a bit silly & guess "Marry the Night."
Amiel: Good god, you got it right.
Aria: IT MADE SENSE! But I am still hilariously pleased.
Last night, after Polaris' and my second Avengers viewing, we held a small impromptu fanpeople party that over the course of the evening whittled itself down to me, Polaris, [ profile] paper_tzipporah, and an impressive amount of wine. And then we had an absurd discussion about the characters from Community hanging out with the characters from Avengers; afaik there are no specific Avengers spoilers under the cut, but I have one anyway to be on the safe side. Click if you want to hear about ridiculous Avengers/Community crossovers! )

Anyway I still find this entertaining in the sober light of day, and so! That was an excerpt of my delightful evening.
Today has been kind of hideous, but I bought lots of tea, and watched a fairly glorious stretch of Babylon 5 with K, and have been successfully channeling my Avengers feelings. Guys, I have SO MANY Avengers feelings and I can't even see the movie until Saturday. But I am channeling them! I am flailing lots on tumblr, because that's what tumblr's for; I am deeply enjoying the blue drawing of Loki that K made on our dining room whiteboard; and I'm having ridiculous conversations with Amiel, because ... probably a good 5% of my life is ridiculous Loki conversations with Amiel.

Aria: Perhaps new footage of Loki's face this weekend will help cure you
Amiel: It will be like one of those faith-healing things. Then I'll go around proselytizing about the miracle of the Lawd (of Midgard). Tumblr will be my cult.
Amiel: Then I will go to holy war against Misha's Minions.
Aria: Help help wheezing with laughter. Have you accepted Loki as your lord & savior?
Amiel: After the movie comes out, I think we should canvass in theaters. Wear ties like Jehovah's Witnesses and pass out little pamphlets.
Amiel: Better yet, let's get other people to do it! We can just design a printable pamphlet and post it to Tumblr.
Aria: BRILLIANT. Those out canvassing should maybe wear little horned helmet pins or something.

THIS IS A THING WE SHOULD GET ON, INTERNET. Also, someone should talk me out of crafting a horned helmet out of tinfoil and wearing it to the film on Saturday. :D?
Re: this tumblr thread on how Valentine's Day was originally "a pagan festival involving werewolves, blood, and fucking" and how this means it is probably well celebrated by watching Bram Stoker's Dracula:

aria: oh man though Gary Oldman's Dracula face
filiabelialis: YES
aria: ...I know people have apparently written the Sherlock werewolf AUs but has anyone ever written the awful vampire AU?
filiabelialis: I feel like I've seen that somewhere
aria: quite possibly!
filiabelialis: UNF
filiabelialis: I mean, no, that is an intriguing interpretation
aria: sadly this is not the plot of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
aria: would proooobably be lots hotter than Cold War spies, just sayin'


Under the cut is the excerpt of an entry I wrote in May 2006, dithering over whether to watch Supernatural. Seriously. Supernatural, 2006. )

Anyway that is all quite silly, and since I should perhaps continue as I began, I'm going to talk about another ridiculous TV show! This one is Eternal Law, which I suspect was created when a bunch of producers got together, listed a lot of the concepts popular on TV right now, and then threw a dart at the list. The darts landed on ANGELS and LAWYERS, which -- why the hell not, I am so there!

I can't actually give anything like a proper review, because I've only seen the first ten minutes and then life interfered, but so far there has been lots of the city of York, a naive and totally adorakble angel named Tom who keeps trying to sing (he was in the heavenly choir!) and a long-suffering angel named Zak who is played by Sam West and has already said "bugger all," which -- I am not sure I have mentioned that in my Good Omens fantasy casting, Sam West absolutely plays Aziraphale? So now, even if he doesn't, my life is a little more complete.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2011 09:21 pm)
To my complete bewilderment, instead of writing my Yuletide (which I am so far unstressed about; I have my whole outline and I'm nearly done with the obligatory canon review) I am instead writing Marauders poly fic. Peter is not invited to these poly shenanigans, but maybe he should be, because let me tell you guys, Remus is so obstinate and self-effacing at inconvenient times that we've now passed 10,000 words and there has been one kiss. One. Remus Lupin, we have passed the minimum requirement for undemanding big bangs! This is absurd!

I swear, you guys, I am no longer even remotely upset with Tonks for calling Remus out in the hospital wing in front of everyone. I am nearly at the same point myself.
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( Oct. 7th, 2011 01:33 pm)
While I was in the shower this morning, the plumbing made a sudden alarming gurgling noise. I turned off the water, listened for a puzzled moment, and then shrugged and turned the shower back on, with the vague expectation that the water was going to turn into blood and murder the fuck out of me. Obviously it did not, and I am not a horrifying ghost in a computer. The actual reason for this is that I live in the real world, but while I was in the shower I was mostly convinced on the logic that while I might be in the right age bracket to be murdered by the occult in the shower, I am not of the appropriate beauty standards or presentation of femininity. Nor am I blonde, although I bet that's just a bonus and only worth ten points.

So, um, I'm in season four! I am skipping fewer and fewer episodes as I go on, but I am also going faster and laughing more and clutching at my face a lot. I am still delighted that there is actual COLOR, and I am also delighted that the angels are terrifying and inhuman and that the poor Winchesters are bewildered because angels are supposed to be made of sparkles and light. NOPE.

I have come to the exciting revelation that Dean is my character type. I was confused for a while, because although he has the emotional inarticulation down, he is neither achingly morally upright nor an evil overlord. (SAM IS BOTH, so we've got those bases covered.) But [personal profile] filia_belialis pointed out to me that Dean is basically Kara Thrace, minus abusive mom plus little brother to look after, and EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. Dean is totally one of my character types, he's just been disguising it by being a bro.

I suspect he also has some overlap with Ray Kowalski, except I say that and then my brain goes on a delightful tailspin. It is a tailspin where Caroline Fraser still dies when Benton is very little, which is a bit frustrating because I'm not subverting anything, but in any case Bob goes off to be a hunter instead of a Mountie, and Fraser is raised by his grandparents but eventually goes off to be a hunter as well when his dad goes missing, you know the story, came to Chicago on the trail of the demon killers of my father. The family Vecchio runs an Italian restaurant that's a road stop for hunters, but eventually Frannie gets tired of all that and runs away to become a hunter herself. Ray Kowalski and Stella also used to be hunters together, but Stella got tired of Ray running stupid risks and acting like he'd sell his soul to save her, so they split up and now Kowalski does stupid things for Fraser instead. Presumably Vecchio is Bobby in this scenario, although I'd be equally happy to have Thatcher be Bobby in this scenario, and they are equally likely to call Fraser and Kowalski idiots on a regular basis. I am not sure if there are any angels, though, no matter how hilarious it would be for Kowalski and Castiel to hang around in awkward silence.

ANYWAY. Yeah, I don't even know.
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( Oct. 5th, 2011 11:04 am)
All this Supernatural-watching is making me desperately want to reread the Demon's Lexicon books: like SPN, but in England, with fewer dudebros and dead women! Also, I am entertaining myself by imagining that on the weekends Alan Ryves, Dean Winchester, and Thor get together to commiserate about the towns their little brothers razed this week and to swap coping tips. Yep.

It was probably a terrible plan to watch Mystery Spot just before going to sleep. My dreams have been thankfully light on the creepy corpsey things (though there was a brief disturbing turn with rescuing a baby Voldemort during an exciting chase through the canals of Venice) but most of last night's dreams just repeated. themselves. over. and. over. VERY FUNNY, TRICKSTER GODS. (This is what I get for writing so much about Loki.) It also may have been a terrible plan to watch Mystery Spot generally, because I was already sold on Dean's codependence re: Sam, but I hadn't been sold on Sam's codependence re: Dean, and now I am just a wobbly mess of FEELINGS. My Supernatural-watching plans did not actually include this much faceclutching and emotional investment.

I like that season three has ACTUAL COLORS, though. And that Hollywood Babylon had meta on how horror films are supposed to be dark, you guys. But I'm with the studio exec that wanted jewel tones and saturation.

And now I will go interact with actual humans, who will expect discourse on subjects other than the ridic show I'm mainlining.
A text exchange:

[personal profile] polarisnorth: Apple cider and bacardi is surprisingly tasty.
[personal profile] aria: Dean Winchester crying is surprisingly tasty.

I am in second season! Unsurprisingly, Winchesters shut up in small spaces having feelings at each other is like catnip to me; the happy faceclutching of emotional investment set in around when John was possessed. And I have actually lost count of how many times today I've said "Oh Dean!" to my screen.

(For those of you who warned me that this show is going to crush my soul, I am duly warned! Right now I am treating it as a flash-in-the-pan fandom tour a la my affair with Smallville, which is probably accurate as far as my frustration by the end is likely to go, and also in that Sam totally stole Clark Kent's hair.)
I am starting to see (mostly on my tumblr dash) people getting Sorted, and getting assigned wands, and other such Pottermore shenanigans. I am a reasonable adult and I can patiently wait for my proper welcome email, but -- it comes to me that for whatever unfathomable reason I have been convinced since I was eleven that my wand is definitely rowan and phoenix feather, and that I can be Sorted however but I would be the most bewildered Hufflepuff. I am actually wicked excited for Sorting, because I have never been satisfactorily either a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, and I've occasionally had proposed to me that I am the cheerfullest Slytherin. But I am weirdly stressed about my wand!

This is all fairly amusing, but my inner child is apparently still waiting, slightly terrified, for her Hogwarts letter. My identityyyyyyy.
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( Jul. 5th, 2011 11:44 am)
Fangirl vacation: excellent so far! Saturday evening I had dinner with [personal profile] polarisnorth, [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, [personal profile] the_wanlorn, [personal profile] oliviacirce, and [personal profile] reflectedeve; there was much sharing of fannish history and yelling about Kink Bingo in public spaces. I really, really love having dinner with fangirls.

Yesterday I wandered about with [personal profile] anekdot, and also had brunch with [personal profile] littledust and her roommate J. Somehow over the course of brunch, which was rife with X-Men talk, we invented the drink version of the Pieta on the Beach. It is made like so:

Pieta on the Beach
White rum (to represent Cuba)
Muddled strawberries (to represent Charles -- [personal profile] littledust says it is to represent his blood, but mostly it is because he has an adorable blush)
Champagne float (to represent, according to J, the happy times gone by, drifting away in a sea of bubbles)
Simple syrup (to represent ... something in this drink besides alcohol)
Edible ball bearing (to represent THE BULLET)
Ground-up edible ball bearings (to rim the glass)

Drink until you can't feel your legs.

+ The response I've already got to the Loki fic is making me clutch my face with glee. It is magical to be in an active fandom. (It is also magical to know there are lots of people who share my Loki FEELINGS.) Now I just have to convince myself that not everything needs a plot, and that it is okay if I write Sif/Darcy without apology. I also have to convince myself that I am capable of writing Tony Stark, but this may, in fact, be a lie.

+ Speaking of Starks, I have the first episode of Game of Thrones sitting on my computer. Taunting me. Daring me to watch it, even though I have an inner voice wailing that I shouldn't dare watch it without reading the books first. Shut up, little voice, you coped with True Blood, you can cope with this. (Oh HBO, why you gotta keep half-seducing me into watching bits of your shows.)

+ I cannot stop listening to the gay mutant disco love song from the First Class credits. It has become the soundtrack in my mind. I am having such a strange relationship with First Class fandom! Like, on the one hand Erik/Charles is my pairing type FOREVER, and I am so, so glad that it has suddenly become fandom's thing du jour. On the other hand, the more I think about the film the more issues I have with a bunch of its basic structures and assumptions, and navigating unknown fic is a minefield of avoiding Holocaust-related hurt/comfort or the assumption that Charles is actually a good and correct person, oh god how many times have I hit the back button. On the mutant (haha) third hand, a lot of excellent writers and people I know are doing so, so right by it, and so I keep reading fic, and feeling mildly bewildered, and listening to the gay mutant disco love song yet again.

+ I went to see Midnight in Paris yesterday. It is unutterably charming, you guys. I have a low tolerance for Woody Allen films, but this one was great. I originally went to see it on the promise of Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald, and he was indeed pretty delightful (although oh god he had an American accent, cognitive dissonance, WHAT IS HAPPENING) but the best part was actually Ernest Hemingway, who had me basically rolling in my seat laughing. If you like jokes about 1920s writers, watch the hell out of this.

+ I seem to be rereading American Gods; this is great fun, because I get to clutch my face and cackle when it talks about Shadow's cellmate Low Key and his scarred smile, and also I keep going, "Oh, ODIN," when no one is in the room. But I think I should warn you all: don't read Neil Gaiman late at night. Just don't do it. I used to know this, but last night I foolishly forgot, and for my transgression I dreamed that I was Shadow and had to talk with Laura while she was a half-decayed corpse; I was pretty chill about this, but there was SCREAMING INSIDE, believe me. Why you gotta do this, brain? I would have taken Aziraphale and Crowley over this. I would've taken Loki over this! Oh well. In conclusion, Neil Gaiman, late nights, no. I imagine this applies even harder if the reading in question is Sandman.

+ ...I am really tempted to watch a trio of Xena episodes in which, wiki tells me, Xena is Odin's most feared Valkyrie, Gabrielle hangs out with Brunhilda, Xena helps Beowulf defeat Grendel and ends up married to Hrothgar, and then there is girlkissing. On the other hand, if I try to watch it I might actually start laughing too hard to see.
[personal profile] songofsongs: we are seeing loki tomorrow
[personal profile] aria: hahaha
[personal profile] aria: LOKI
[personal profile] aria: that is the actual name of the film
[personal profile] songofsongs: IT'S TRUE
[personal profile] songofsongs: we have a plan. it involves several different ways this is gonna play out
[personal profile] songofsongs: on the one hand, no one will be in the theatre because it is a tues and late in the running of the movie
[personal profile] songofsongs: in which case CONSTANT SCREEN-CALLING
[personal profile] aria: do you have anything planned?
[personal profile] songofsongs: not yet! but I want to!
[personal profile] aria: omg obvs you have to yell CONVENIENT ODINSLEEP
[personal profile] songofsongs: wanna yell something at convenient odin!sleep
[personal profile] songofsongs: ...
[personal profile] aria: slkfsjdfsjsdfjdfs
[personal profile] songofsongs: OH GOD
[personal profile] aria: WHAT ARE WE
[personal profile] songofsongs: EVERYTHING AWESOME
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( Jun. 12th, 2011 11:41 pm)
Today in awesome things I have done with my life: get drunk, watch Iron Man. The irony is palpable, guys. (Also, oh man, trying to type 'palpable' whilst drunk? DIFFICULT.)

...I think I sold my soul to the Marvelverse while I wasn't paying attention.
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( Jun. 5th, 2011 08:33 pm)
Amelia: oooohhhh loki do not drink your sorrows
Amelia: never a good plan
Aria: by which I mean the worst ones
Amelia: also, please don't tell me he does the liquid nitrogen thing while drunk
Aria: ...okay, I won't tell you, then
Amelia: alcohol + chemistry experiments = BADBADNOBAD
Aria: no one taught loki science safety
Amelia: he was too pretty for safety goggles. they didn't match his horned helmet

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( May. 26th, 2011 01:36 pm)
(I am not actually put out; I am Getting Things Done & mainlining Castle in between, and it is in fact impossible to be disgruntled whilst mainlining Castle.)

Dear Thor fandom,

Loki is not delicate and weepy. Seriously, please stop that. I know he spends most of the film with tears in his eyes and I know that he has a slight build compared to Thor, but this is no excuse. Loki is a calculating manipulative bastard who feels everything and doesn't function well in a culture where "JUST HIT THINGS" is the solution, and that is much, much more interesting than one-note woobiness. Make a note of this, and go rewatch the movie or read some comics or some myths or -- fuck it, DWJ's Eight Days of Luke, I don't care. Just fix this.

Carry on with the Thor/Loki, though, that's pretty awesome.


PS -- it's "Warriors Three" not "Warrior's Three," DESTROY YOUR APOSTROPHIES. They are not three people who belong to a warrior, they are three awesome warriors + Sif, who is too cool for this shit anyway. Thank you.