+ THE FIC DRAFT IS DONE. It clocks in at 105k (...roughly 12k of which are porn), and it's off with Olivia right now, being beta'd. I feel really bizarre about this fic! I mean, I woke up today feeling really light and happy and excited because it's done, or done enough that I can actually think about anything else ever again, but -- among other things I've made myself emotionally compromised about Thor for life, so Thor 2 next week is going to be a difficulty. Amiel and I are going to the midnight premiere with a flask of mead, of course; and the funny thing is that, because we've only just made our fic deadline, if we post one a day starting Thursday it'll also be our fic-is-done-being-posted celebration. I really like the symmetry of that, and I also really like that it means this stupid fic is going to be like a bizarre week-long advent calendar countdown to Thor 2.

+ I have had so much wear out of my Thor dress lately! Obviously I wore it to NYCC, but I also wore it to a Halloween party Friday night and then to a come-dressed-in-your-costumes birthday party bowling session on Sunday. (Among the people bowling we had Kirk, Spock, Thor, Loki, and Martian Manhunter. Kirk and Spock took turns and were Team Enterprise; Thor and Loki were not a team. I did spectacularly well in the first game and spectacularly badly in the second, but in my defense there had been pizza and beer by then.) I am also working on Halloween, so ... gonna be barista!Thor. Looking forward to this kind of a lot.

- I got so excited about finishing the draft and having any free time again that I decided to get some finances in order and register for direct pay things! Then nothing would work in Chrome so I had to use Firefox, and one site worked after that but another refused to let me copy-paste anything into the email field, which ... is unfortunate, since I'm still doing ctrl+v every time I want to type the letter m. I'm putting this particular adulting shit on the backburner until I get a new laptop, but the latest in the ongoing laptop saga is that I got an email yesterday saying, sorry, your delivery has been delayed, we apologize for the inconvenience. At least this time they're not ... rescinding the product entirely? But this is fucking ridiculous.

+ On the other hand I finished the draft and I have any free time again! I also have very little work this week, which means I'm going to clear out the slush and catch up on tumblr and play lots of Dragon Age II and, assuming poor Housemate A actually gets home before midnight, make her play tons of Lego Marvel with me (seriously it is the BEST GAME EVER, like, Reed Richards literally turns into a giant tool, and HULK SMASH EVERYTHING, and the cut scenes with Doom and Loki are amazing). And I have plenty of time to do edits before posting, too! This week should be really pleasant.

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( Oct. 4th, 2013 08:31 pm)
I have been watching some television! Specifically I have been watching SHIELD, Person of Interest, and Elementary.

SHIELD! Speculation and disgruntlement. )

Person of Interest! Cheerful but not deep. )

Elementary! Shruggy but willing. )

Besides watching television, I'm also in the middle of an excitingly busy couple of weeks. Last Tuesday was the Vienna Teng concert; I went with friends and met up with more friends and started crying nearly right out of the gate when she played Recessional as the very second song. Mostly she did the new album -- quite possibly everything off the new album except Never Look Away, which is a bit of a shame as it's my second-favorite from that one -- and the most gorgeous rendition of Gravity ever. I just. I can't express how much I love Vienna Teng.

(And then Housemate A, who couldn't concert-go with us because she has a work conference this week in Connecticut, sent us an increasingly hilarious series of texts which read "So my friend just informed me that Vienna Teng is playing at the casino I'm in tonight" followed by "Missed Vienna Teng's concert twice but I did get to play blackjack with her ^^" so I think someone is in for some serious excited interrogation when she gets home tomorrow.)

This next week I have a county fair tomorrow (COUNTY FAIR, I haven't gone to one of those since I was in my early teens, yaaay) and Night Vale in NYC Thursday night and then a Friday ticket to ComicCon, so adventures await! Amidst all this I am also trying to finish the damn Avengers fic (72k and counting; I have resigned myself to the fact that it's going to hit and surpass 100k, sigh) and having a slow ridiculous breakdown because of the increasing bits of Thor 2 footage. I will get it done! And have work and a social life and all such good things, yes.
i. I can't stop listening to Aims, Vienna Teng's new album. (Link goes to the soundcloud album stream she posted. Actual album comes out tomorrow!) Just want to listen to all of it on endless loop, particularly Level Up and Never Look Away. It is good fighting music, and being happy music. It's perfect as a ward against and an accompaniment to the onset of autumn; my brain doesn't know what to make of the cold, because in the general way of things fall and winter make me very happy, but last winter was the absolute worst and of course has attached sense memories, so ... we'll see how that goes. And listen to Vienna Teng on loop.

ii. Last week I went with a bunch of friends to see Dessa! IT WAS SO GREAT, of course it was; she played nearly everything I wanted her to, and I kept running into her in the bathroom because there was no proper backstage, so there was a lot of casual smiling acknowledgement while we washed our hands and I screamed internally. Also, quite by accident, friends I went with to the concert were my D&D group minus [personal profile] scribe, who was ... still out of the country, I think? Unsurprisingly these humans are excellent to hang out with whether or not we're slaying monsters and flirting with other monsters at the time.

iii. I just ... keep playing Dragon Age. Housemate A got Dragon Age 2 and everything! But my elf is nearly to the final battle and my dwarf is being the most hilariously best bros with Sten and I can't move on yet. (Also I got Wynne to ship my elf/Zevran; I'm not sure why I didn't get an achievement badge for that.) Polaris and I are considering whether when we run out of Dragon Age games we should try Mass Effect. I ... have the vague fannish osmosis feeling that it's good? I know some of you have played it! Please deliver unto me your Mass Effect feels, whatever they are; I would love opinions.

iv. Fic update: part five of eight complete! ONLY THREE LEFT. I'm starting to have this feeling like I'm hurtling shrieking towards the finish line, though mostly in a good way; I'm not sacrificing quality to time, it's only that I finally have my full complement of writing enthusiasm back. Getting it done is going to be a bit scary, though, because I want to have it all posted at the very last the day before Thor 2 comes out, which means I have to start posting it by very latest on Halloween, and I have to be done in time that Olivia can reasonably beta it, and ahhh. Current wordcount: 63,826. \o/
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( Dec. 31st, 2011 10:36 am)
I ... am not going to do the fic year in review meme this year, because it asks such questions as what your favorite fic was, what your best fic was, what your sexiest fic was, &c &c, and it is not actually interesting if I just sit here typing SHATTER SHATTER SHATTER. Instead, have a quick fic roundup to end the year.

12 fics in 10 fandoms, some navel-gazing, & a list of WIPs to finish in the new year. It's like the meme in short form! )
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( Dec. 11th, 2011 09:31 pm)
+ The majority of my physical Christmas shopping is done! Soon I will WRAP them and set them under the TREE and -- I really love the evergreens and shining lights and finding gifts and drinking delicious spiked cocoa on Christmas morning with my mother; I am ridiculously overfull of holiday spirit.

+ ...most of my giftfics are still in their embryonic stages, but my absurd Marauders polyfic (15,000 words and counting, I am starting to think I am actually psychologically incapable of short things) has finally come to the point at which everyone is sitting down and talking logistics and there might even be sex somewhere in the next five to ten pages! (I am starting to think that this story has to end in some kind of AU, because Lily teaches Remus how to not get a girl pregnant with the exciting application of Muggle prophylactics, and everyone learns good lessons about proper communication and not switching Secret Keepers at the last moment or anything like that.) In any case, perhaps it will soon be done and no longer bewilderingly consuming my life.

+ My friend Chris just gave me a call (which I missed due to aforementioned Christmas shopping) to wish me a cryogenically frozen happy birthday, to be thawed at the end of the month on the advent of me getting older. I laughed like a hyena, and then saved the message, to listen to again on the 27th.

+ There is a plot brewing amongst various of my Dragon*Con buddies to have a drunken communal watching of Stonehenge Apocalypse. Now that I kind of care about Misha's face, and also now that I have some fangirls with which to watch it, my brain is going "is it D*C yet is it D*C yet let's watch it NOW!" It'll keep, brain. It will still be horrible next September.

+ I'm also just delighted that I am delighted. Fuck this Northern Hemisphere early darkness, I'm going to light this place right up.
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( Dec. 4th, 2011 02:14 pm)
i. Other things I love about December: pomegranates are in season! I have heard tell that a clever way to quickly remove the seeds from a pomegranate involves putting it in a bowl of water, but I really enjoy the -- I don't even know what the verb would be -- the shucking of a pomegranate? Something like that. It's satisfying and slightly meditative, and sometimes during the process I get struck by weird thoughts like "I know pomegranate seeds don't need a collective noun, but I want to call them a carnage of seeds." Red juice everywhere! In conclusion, pomegranates are delicious.

ii. The amount of canon-checking I'm doing for my James/Lily/Remus/Sirius fic is slightly absurd. Can't kill the McKinnons yet, Lily mentioned in a letter to Sirius that Peter was sad about it sometime in the summer of 1981! Make sure all the side characters have canonical names and could conceivably be at Hogwarts in the late '70s! I have moon charts open, people. But I also have faith that I'll be done in the next few days, so I can release it into the wild and get on with the business of Yuletide.

iii. Apparently there is now a musical version of the Importance of Being Earnest. The mind boggles. If it manages to be successfully imported Stateside I am absolutely going to see it, too, not only because I can't get over this glorious mental image in which Jack and Algy have a duet about cucumber sandwiches, but because I have genuinely lost count of how many times I've seen Earnest staged. At this point I'm incapable of simply sitting back and being entertained; instead, I carefully weigh each production against every other, observing what was successfully done and which choices were less successful. So, among other things, a musical would be a bit unexpected, and I'd love to laugh at Earnest like it was new.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2011 09:21 pm)
To my complete bewilderment, instead of writing my Yuletide (which I am so far unstressed about; I have my whole outline and I'm nearly done with the obligatory canon review) I am instead writing Marauders poly fic. Peter is not invited to these poly shenanigans, but maybe he should be, because let me tell you guys, Remus is so obstinate and self-effacing at inconvenient times that we've now passed 10,000 words and there has been one kiss. One. Remus Lupin, we have passed the minimum requirement for undemanding big bangs! This is absurd!

I swear, you guys, I am no longer even remotely upset with Tonks for calling Remus out in the hospital wing in front of everyone. I am nearly at the same point myself.
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( Sep. 15th, 2011 05:56 pm)
I am writing so many things right now! But none of them are short, which is one of the reasons I haven't been posting fic constantly. (That, and one of the things I am writing is my NOVEL, which also cuts down on fic production.) One of the not-short things is a Good Omens fic, because I just did my semi-annual Good Omens reread, and instead of doing the reasonable thing and just jotting down some Aziraphale/Crowley to get it out of my system, I ... seem to have developed plot.

Then, as I tend to do these days, I ran to Amelia with it. Which resulted in:

Amelia: okay, anything else to figure out?
Amelia: ...like wtf happens in terms of events
Amelia: I mean, that should not be a chore, since GO is basically a string of ridiculous scenarios that are funny and happen to advance the plot
Aria: heh, yeah. I mean, I think I will just sort of ... write, and see what happens.
Aria: you do realize
Aria: that this is basically a bewildering scenario in which I am Terry Pratchett and you are Neil Gaiman
Amelia: we are writing the sequel to GO. Yeah.
Amelia: and hey, they said it didn't get written this way!
Amelia: like, everyone assumes it did, but it didn't
Amelia: "neil gaiman spouts ideas, brainstorms with Terry, Terry does actual writing in his own style"
Aria: ahaha, true! oh man. WE ARE WHAT FANDOM THINKS THEY ARE.
i. Got a Pottermore account last night! From the tragically limited selection of usernames it offered me, I'm StormScarlet127, which should be extremely easy to remember; I can't decide whether it sounds like I'm a particularly metal Gryffindor supporter or an Ororo/Wanda shipper.

ii. Naturally this vid exists: [personal profile] arefadedaway has made an Erik/Charles vid to Rolling in the Deep, and if you have Erik/Charles feelings, you should RUN NOT WALK to see it; it is pretty much exactly the vid I have been craving. It has footage from all four films, and it made me clutch my face a lot (which -- "I clutched my face" is basically my go-to shorthand for "it gave me ALL THE FEELINGS," but that's because things that give me feelings make me literally clutch my face) and I love it so much.

iii. Things I have discovered whilst writing Ragnarok: it's slightly absurd that Hel isn't a Marvel supervillainess. Seriously, she's perfect. (And she's also kind of Mazikeen, which does not make her any less perfect.) This week seems to be stories about awesome ladies and the supervillains who love them.
When I went to Pottermore today, registration was still open, but by the time I had the answer to the clue it was closed. If only I could figure out what mad schedule it was actually operating on! I mean, honestly I'm not that fussed, I just won't be there for beta period, but -- I am pretty sure I dreamed last night that I got a Pottermore account. To be fair, I also dreamed that I lived on a convoluted college campus and was driving through it on a Bentley, and when I got to my dorm all the corridors were mirrored and I went past Sirius Black's cell and finally Minister Scrimgeour had to stop in the middle of his haircut to lead me to my room, and then Ron and Hermione wanted to snuggle with me but were feeling awkward about this threesome thing. I think my point is that my brain is hilarious fandom soup.

Anyway, never mind that: today I'm writing Ragnarok.
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( Jul. 12th, 2011 08:52 pm)
Back home! Mildly exhausted, and living in that weird place where I want to organize my thoughts and talk about important, interesting things, but everything is coming out a jumble because I want to do everything all at once. Right now I expect that all I am up to is going through my billion accumulated tabs -- I am so delighted with Firefox's new tab grouping feature, seriously, it is the first 'improvement' in ages that is actually an improvement -- and reading a backlog of fic. I'm being utterly rubbish about replying to comments right now, but I think I can live with that.

I have a laughably huge pile of books to read, about half of them borrowed from Olivia. Seriously, the stack may fall over at any moment. I am also very tempted to rewatch all the Harry Potter films before going to see Deathly Hallows 2 in a few days; I would be tempted to reread the books, except ... no. Not in two days. I would drown in FEELINGS.

Oof, my brain really is a jumble. I suspect this post isn't actually as disjointed as it feels to me, but even so. Um, besides FEELINGS I also have a ridiculous mental list of WIPs? To make this post less scattered I will make the mental list an actual list, mostly for my own reference. Six fics in four fandoms. )
1. A DRAFT A DRAFT I FINISHED A FUCKING DRAFT. It is 32,000 goddamn words long. I ... am not quite sure what to do with myself while it is with the betas, but I am fairly sure the answer is "Be a productive member of society," not "Write Sif/Darcy fic."

2. There is apparently a wine that tastes like red velvet cupcakes? I am not at all sure how anyone has managed to create such a thing, but it does exist, and it is delightful. Alas I do not have proper red velvet cupcakes to eat while I drink it, but I am fairly sure I will be able to survive this sad lack.

3. Vid recs!

a. Set Fire to the Rain, a Thor/Loki vid that makes me laugh a lot but also gives me FEEEELINGS, because I am ridiculous. You should watch it because it is the most happy-making thing possible.

b. Along with the rest of my rlist, I am here to tell you to run, not walk, to watch The Price and to read the accompanying meta about manpain. I actually like the meta more than the vid, if only because it makes me think about things in depth rather than just wanting to PUNCH THE SCREEN. But the vid is also excellent, and a bit hilarious at the end.
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( Jun. 11th, 2011 06:53 pm)
Today in things that are awesome:

+ Writing Thor/Loki sex DURING A THUNDERSTORM. I have been waiting like a week for this, weather! Thank you for obliging. (Oh my god it is pouring. Gorgeous.)

+ [livejournal.com profile] inkasrain's podfic of [livejournal.com profile] astolat's *THOR* primer! The primer itself is pretty great -- it is about the "totally not at all Loki-centric plot of the movie" -- and the podfic is funny and charming beyond words.

+ Ouroboros by [personal profile] feverbeats: Heimdall/Loki, and so great I can't even really stand it. Or even really talk about why I love it? It gives me so many Loki feelings that I don't have any words left. But you should read it, because it is really, really great.
So this Loki fic that I'm writing. It is a little bit [personal profile] skipthedemon's fault, re: this thread, but it is mostly my fault, both for Loki being my character type to an absurd degree, and for the fact that I'm doing that thing, the thing where it is summer and I'm hiding indoors from the humidity and my mind latches onto this one thing I want to fix and story I want to tell and then WORDS, WORDS FOR WEEKS.

This is by way of saying that I've been writing this fic for two weeks now, and it's at 24,000 words. That's only half the daily output of the season projects, but it is more than enough of the daily output for NaNo, and also already 4000 words longer than anything else I've written barring the season projects. And it's not anywhere near done. I just -- god, I hope it comes in under 50,000 by a good margin?


I am so sorry I seem to have gone completely mad. Again.
1. Today I was running errands, which somehow included going to a bookstore for American Gods. (Any relationship between my desire to own this book and my recent ridiculous fandom infatuation with a warped Marvel version of a particular mythology is purely coincidental.) I also skulked about the YA section, as one does, and stumbled across a paperback reissue of Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness books. Let me tell you, internet, the covers were amazing; they were so Hip YA Paranormal Romance that I wanted to cry tears of joyous laughter. The Woman Who Rides Like A Man had, far and away, the best cover -- google images provides a rather small and grainy picture of it here -- but let me describe it to you:

Alanna is slender, sexy, pleasantly androgynous, and is wearing a cute shirt from Forever 21 or something. On each side she is flanked by a strapping young man, presumably Jon and George respectively. George has folded arms and what may or may not be a leather jacket, because he's the tough guy from the streets! Jon is a sensitive guy with a semi-open shirt, and bewilderingly, looks exactly like I picture him! The point is, guys, I am so glad I don't have these covers, and I also love them a whole lot.

2. I kind of posted on tumblr about this, but I also wanted to say it here, so. There is this lovely quote by McAvoy re: Erik/Charles:
"It is a little bit of a mini-tragedy that him and Magneto don’t, you know, have sex and become married and become best friends." [via Daily Telegraph]
So the thing about this is that I am totally delighted that McAvoy went there, and knew what he was playing. I'm delighted about that the same way I love that Sir Ian McKellen said something about how X3 should have started with a panning shot of Xavier and Magneto in bed together. It is, in every conceivable way, totally amazing and lovely that the actors playing these parts know to queer the hell out of their subtext.

But you know what? I'd really like it to be text. I'd like it if we could move past Bobby's unsubtle coming-out-to-his-family scene, and past Hank's "You didn't ask, so I didn't tell," and realize that X-Men really is a great place to damn well start textually queering our superheroes. Making Charles/Erik canon would come with its own fun set of problems, like the fact that Erik is ~evil~, but I don’t care because it would be such a great start.

(Still: BECOME MARRIED. That is a really charming quote.)

3. My Loki AU That Will Not End has just broken 20,000 words. I have given up estimating how long it's going to be. In fact, I have given up on the notion of free will entirely, because I am fairly sure I am just here as a vessel to Loki's storytelling whims. I regret nothiiiiing.
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( Jun. 5th, 2011 08:33 pm)
Amelia: oooohhhh loki do not drink your sorrows
Amelia: never a good plan
Aria: by which I mean the worst ones
Amelia: also, please don't tell me he does the liquid nitrogen thing while drunk
Aria: ...okay, I won't tell you, then
Amelia: alcohol + chemistry experiments = BADBADNOBAD
Aria: no one taught loki science safety
Amelia: he was too pretty for safety goggles. they didn't match his horned helmet

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( Jun. 5th, 2011 12:30 pm)
I think it is time to admit that this is not a week-long whirlwind romance, and Thor is indeed my new pet fandom. All the signs are there: I keep refreshing the kinkmeme, and the loki tag on tumblr; I have downloaded fanmixes and tracked down comics (can we talk about HOW COMPLETELY ADORABLE KID!LOKI IS); I went to see the movie a third damn time, this time with some friends.

[Actually, an aside: after said third viewing, a conversation with my friend C illustrating a fundamental difference in our approach to this film:

ME. Loki is complex and damaged and weirdly beautiful and he makes my heart hurt!
HER. That's cool; I just want to rub my face all over Thor's abs.]

Anyway, my point is, I have fallen hilariously hard. The good fic is still frustratingly difficult to find, but it is good fun to be on the ground floor of an explosion of fannish enthusiasm nonetheless. And, maybe because good fic is still a bit thin in the ground, and possibly just because I have ALL THE LOKI FEELINGS, the fic I am writing has just, um, broken 10,000 words. And I am maybe halfway done. Maaaaybe.

Also, good fic thin on the ground does not mean good fic impossible to find, and so, insta-rec: Dominion by [archiveofourown.org profile] astolat; throne!sex, or, how to write perfect Thor/Loki in 500 words or less.
I ... may be using my new-found (newly re-found?), intense Doctor Who enthusiasm to plot a Time War fic with [personal profile] filia_belialis. We have 4000 words of notes. I am starting to think nervously that my goal should be to make the finished product under 50,000 words, even though it feels like Southern summer and my brain is going "Season project time, omg, season project time!!" Braaaain.

Now this post is interesting! Which is important, because today's 3w4dw question does not have a thrilling answer.

3. Do you use other blogging sites? Why or why not?

Well, apart from these specific DW posts, I still crosspost all my content to LJ, and I still follow a few communities there, although at this point most of my fandom interaction has moved to dreamwidth. I ... keep telling myself to get a tumblr to more conveniently follow the half-dozen tumblrs I seem to be stalking now? But I am not sure if that counts as a blogging site even if you 'reblog' things there. UNLESS YOU DON'T, man, I am uncool in the ways of most parts of the internet.

The rest of the days. )
I plan to actually be productive today, but first -- the WIP meme! Happily I organize them by fandom or I would never find anything.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

(Carmilla) alternate ending
(DL) the magician's mark
(dS) Burning Down the House
(dS) Neutral Zone
(dS) The Windhover
(DW) mad Ten
(DW) Such Deliberate Disguises
(DW) The Care and Feeding of Your Atomic Bomb
(HL) Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair
(HL-SV) A Business Proposition
(HL-WC) fusion fic
(HL-YW) Gathering
(HSM) Even If We're Miles (and Miles and Miles) Apart
(Narnia) queer Edmund
(Narnia) The Möbius Queen
(Narnia-YW) Wardrobe
(SV) Break
(Twilight) oh godddddd WHAT
(WC) ot3 fic!

In conclusion, I want to cross Smallville and Young Wizards over with everything (except each other) and yes, I do have both a High School Musical fic and a Twilight fic. In my defense they're both about queering the fuck out of the texts.

Also, IDK, there may have been a bit in the meme that got edited out in repetition about how you're allowed to ask what any of the fics are about? You can absolutely do that bit; we all know I am ridiculous and like to talk about my writing.
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( Dec. 8th, 2010 10:29 am)
Things I am doing instead of writing my Yuletide:

+ writing post-Covenant Nick/Alan
+ writing an odd Highlander/Young Wizards crossover in which Nita is trying to figure out whether she needs to stop the Gathering, and also is having tea with Methos
+ reading more Vorkosigan books
+ talking about absurd Killjoys/RocknRolla fusion fic with [personal profile] feverbeats

Things I am not doing instead of writing my Yuletide:

+ packing

I still love my Yuletide! And I am over word count, so that isn't an issue. I just have this absurd notion that my Yuletide needs plot, and the plot is being rather shy. Ah well. How goes everyone else's Yuletide writing?