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( Dec. 25th, 2012 06:02 pm)
First things first: Yuletide!! I received not one but TWO Babylon 5 fics this year, about which I am very pleased, because it means that my request and my lovely writers have upped the number of Londo/G'Kar fics on the internet, which is ... one of my sillier life goals, but even so.

In Vino Veritas, a slice of life with drunk Londo and long-suffering G'Kar on Centauri Prime. It is silly and serious and sweet by turns, and very much a Yuletide fic in the sense that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy first thing on Christmas morning.

In Flagrante, three times Londo and G'Kar were caught in the act: one happy, one angry, one sad. Each time is utterly charming, but because I am me and I love how hugely and tragically in love they are, the heart-punching last section is my favorite. Oh, and also there is tentacle porn, which is what Londo/G'Kar is for, really.

Meanwhile my recipient seems thrilled with my offering, so an excellent Yuletide all round! I haven't had time to read any other fic yet, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get through at least a good chunk of the archive in the next few days.

Most of the reason I haven't gone through any Yuletide fic besides my own yet is that I went out to see Les Mis today! Shenanigans ensued and, though I set out for a noon showing, I didn't actually get to watch it until 2:15. But it was totally worth switching theaters and waiting! I cried buckets and want to see it a thousand times.

Christmas Eve service was lovely, and Christmas morning was good too -- after the delight of Yuletide there was leisurely breakfast and the opening of presents. I got practicalish things, and some ornaments, and unexpectedly the first two seasons of Downton Abbey; I was not anticipating the number of gifts and may have to slightly rethink how much book space I'll have in my suitcase for the return journey, but this is an excellent problem to have.

Hope you're all having a lovely holiday/good Tuesday generally. <3
It is before noon and I have already done all the grocery shopping and paid rent! I am well pleased, and also cradling a cup of tea so I don't end up faceplanting into the keyboard. I've been up for ages because I crashed at Amiel's after contra last night, and oh my god, contra continues absolutely amazing. I am pleasantly sore today, and maybe I should try to properly take up yoga so I don't end up stiff and tottery over the weekend.

Mostly I'm just absurdly happy: contra, and this weekend at the harbor there's some kind of exhibition of tall ships, and on the 4th Polaris and I are planning to watch Independence Day and 1776, as you do when you want the weirdest double feature, and to have a cookout in the back yard (where we will presumably meet some of the neighbors, because I doubt we're the only ones with this idea). And in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love my housemates so much, see: aforementioned 4th of July plans, and the bit where when I got home today I found that K had left me the most adorable and terrifying gift ever. We're in season four of Babylon 5, and in ... celebration, or possibly to freak me out, K made a plushie Drakh Keeper, a tentacley alien neural parasite. It is SO CUTE, and buttons around one's neck! I plan to wear it like a scarf, and if I misbehave I will claim that the Drakh made me do it.

In other news, I just happily sailed through Runemarks by Joanne Harris, the basic premise of which is that Ragnarok happened five hundred years ago, Asgard fell, the gods are dead or imprisoned in various realms of the World Below, magic has been outlawed, and a dystopic Order reigns, so of course our fourteen-year-old magical heroine has to go on a quest to renew the world, and ... basically has a fantastic road trip with Loki. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. It occurs to me that I love most iterations of Loki not because he's played by Tom Hiddleston (because ... mostly he isn't, though I think in this he was) but because he is tricksy and saves the world a lot while loudly telling everyone that he's just in it for himself. (I may have imprinted on Howl from Howl's Moving Castle at an impressionable age.)

I also think I want to make a list of Books That Do Fun Interesting Things With Norse Mythology, but at the moment the list is limited to Runemarks, DWJ's Eight Days of Luke, and Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants. (American Gods doesn't make this cut cos it's about Norse mythology a bit but it's also about a hundred other things.) I am very much up for recommendations! Lots of Loki a bonus but not specifically required.
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( Apr. 18th, 2012 03:27 pm)
LIFE IS SO BUSY AND EXCITING. I suspect I have long since lost that wonderful ability I had in college to craft exciting narratives about the beauty of everyday life, so instead, in scattered list form, some things I have been up to lately:

+ Weekend with the Tyler posse! I suspect I should resurrect my Tyler posse tag, because everything these excellent humans do is a source of joy to me. At school they serenaded me outside my window and pulled me along on various adventures; this last weekend we went to a burlesque show and held a housewarming party for one of our number, in which the chief activities were tipsy Fandom Apples to Apples and a watching of Black Books for afters.

+ Probably not deserving of its own bullet-point, road-tripping with Amiel for Tyler posse shenanigans! I mention it mostly because the drive back was three hours of winding New England back roads and loud music to keep us awake, and it took maaaaybe half an hour before we started calling each other Dean and Sammy. ("My hair is too long to be Dean's," Amiel observed, as their hair was indeed at about four fluffy inches; "Well, mine's too short to be Sam's," I said.) NO REGRETS.

+ Monday was Paul Newman & Robert Redford Films With Polaris and Housemate K! Somehow I had gone through life without seeing either Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Sting? That has now been remedied! I spent a good portion of Butch Cassidy yelling "HOW IS THIS ON MY SCREEN" re: the OT3. Maybe I will see it again next time I am in the mood for threesomes and tragic last stands.

+ K and I spent pretty much all of yesterday watching Babylon 5. We got through EIGHT EPISODES. Only one more episode of first season to go! Let me tell you, internet, yesterday's eight episodes were all tragically barren and G'Kar-less, although they did have lots of good Londo and Delenn and Ivanova. I am looking forward so much to season two. I am also a bit tempted to start taking frantic notes and attempt to resume my meta rewatch, but my meta rewatch relied heavily on my ability to actually remember things that happen, and though bits of Londo and G'Kar's arc are stamped indelibly on my memory, it's been two years and the joy of this rewatch is in the discovery of things.

+ K & her girlfriend made really delicious chocolate chip cookies the other day. I'm now going to eat the last of them like a motherfucking adult.
Now that I am doing an idle Lex-Luthor-bits-of-Smallville watch, and unsurprisingly shipping Clark/Lex like burning, I have had the same conversation with a handful of friends. It goes something like this:

ME. And I love Lex! Oh my god, I love Lex! But Clark is, uh ...
FRIEND. Boring?
ME. Yeah! And this is becoming a pattern. Like, okay, take Highlander --
FRIEND. You love Methos, but Duncan is boring?
ME. ...Yes. Or Star Tr --
FRIEND. You love Spock and Kirk is boring!
ME. You are a mind-reader!

...although I have had this conversation with three separate friends, so in this case it's probably just that my friends know me. Anyway, it led me to imagine what would happen if I just eliminated the things that are boring, which incidentally leaves me with the mental image of Methos, Spock, and Lex Luthor in a room together. I am a little worried they would clean up nice and then take over the goddamn world.

Of course, then my brain took "What could possibly be more awesome than Methos, Spock, and Lex Luthor in a room together??" as a challenge, and I hereby submit for consideration the notion of Nyota Uhura, Kara Thrace, Zoe Washburne, Susan Ivanova, and Cordelia Naismith going on space adventures together. That is what is more awesome.
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( Aug. 30th, 2010 01:45 pm)
I think I have contracted some sort of disease of polyfannishness. I mean, I'm not actually complaining, but ... my usual fandom mode is total immersion. I am currently writing a ridiculously epic Highlander fic, simmering some due South, White Collar, Doctor Who, Dark is Rising, and possibly Avatar fics on the backburner, still meaning to go through that Babylon 5 rewatch because I love that show like mad, and, at the moment, tearing joyfully through Star Trek TOS. And this is leaving aside how I have to clean all the things, remember to feed myself, act like someone capable of normal human interaction with real live other people, and do the reading for my job. There is no way I can do total immersion in all the fandoms I actually want to. Maybe I could give up sleep?

I'm sure I'll figure it out. (I can stop watching TOS anytime I want to!!) In the meantime, I was seized with the sudden urge to make Post Secrets for characters, possibly because I am awful at having any fandom secrets myself. So I broke out Paint and Googleimages, and I made twelve secrets! I thought it might be fun to guess what character made any given secret; I think some of these are painfully obvious and some of them are weirdly unobvious, but I figure enough of you know how my brain works anyway.

Behind the cut: characters from Babylon 5, Doctor Who, due South, Highlander, Star Trek, and White Collar have secrets! They are probably things you already know, but don't tell them that. Last secret is perhaps mildly NSFW. )
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( Jul. 22nd, 2010 12:10 pm)
It is thunderstorming today! Quite reasonably, my desktop weather widget had a picture of lightning. I still stared at it in puzzlement for a good ten seconds, thinking, "It's ... cloudy with a chance of Quickenings?" /o\

And then, sitting down to work on my Highlander fic, I was quietly plot-outlining in my head when I was brought up short by sudden guilt. And it wasn't obligation guilt: I know enough about my writing process that I can prioritize a due South AU and a Babylon 5 rewatch and an Avatar season and &c &c as much as I want, but if I sit down and a Doctor Who fic comes out instead, that's what I'm damn well writing. So trying to write Highlander fic wasn't making me think, "Why am I doing this when I should be doing x instead?" but rather "Why am I writing Highlander fic at all?" and this brought me up short: I was feeling self-indulgent, and that apparently made me feel guilty. Uh, what? Fic-writing is for funsies and not profit, after all; it is by definition wonderfully self-indulgent. Apparently, the problem is that it's Highlander.

Cut for length; on fannish guilt, comparative 90s shows, active fandoms, and id-fic. )

Obviously the solution is to just write my ridiculous Highlander id-fic, not least because enthusiastic self-indulgence usually produces the best fannish writing. But I still feel weird and apologetic about it. OWN IT, SELF, OWN IT LIKE ALL THE OTHER AWESOME RUBBISH YOU LOVE.
Having now done my August-apartment-searching duty for the day, and having now confirmed that I am officially moved into my summer sublet (THROWING A QUIET PARTY HERE OH MY GOD) I can pretend I've been a grown-up, and I can rebel with internet!

Let me tell you something, internet. I am terrible at being polyfannish. I get hugely overinvested in my fandoms, you see. When I fall in love with something, I need to read all the meta, and all the fic, and make sure I know all the character histories and stupid things the creators have said, &c &c. Doctor Who cured me of this somewhat, because being in Doctor Who fandom is a bit like being polyfannish already; being a fan of One is not like being a fan of Seven is not like being a fan of Ten, and there is no canon. But wow does it make my brain feel confused to be deeply invested in more than one universe at a time. And I don't think that "Write a fic in which Fraser, who happens to be Immortal, hangs out with Methos in 2258 on Babylon 5, where they have a run-in with the Doctor" is actually the solution, as weirdly coherent as that fusion would be. Actually, I think the real solution is to just remind myself that I can't give 110% of my fannish enthusiasm to each of these fandoms, because I don't have whatever 110x4% is to give.

I do, however, have a polyfannish post to offer. Thanks to a combination of listening to lots of music on bus rides + a recent post by [ profile] sophia_sol, I have realized that I have a hell of a lot of unmade fanvids in my head. Will they ever be made? I hope not; if I ever learn to vid I will need a time-turner for real. But I want to have this list, just in case.

15 hypothetical vids, sorted by fandom. )
I guess I was wrong about not having internet! I'm still a nomad, though. I am just an exceptionally wired nomad.

1. I love Feminist Hulk so damn much that I am beginning to be tempted to get a twitter. I mostly have not done so already because I'm not much good at short things, and I don't really have enough free time for these newfangled fripperies anyway, and I get really easily addicted to shiny things. So I don't know! Those of you whose lives I follow anyway, do you have one? do you recommend that I join your twitter cult? if I did, would I get cool updates on your life that I can't get from Dreamwidth? Feminist Hulk alone cannot tip me to the tweet side, but it is possible you can.

2. I have managed to get my hot little hands on Babylon 5: The Gathering and the first bit of season one. Um. It was already madness to do episode meta on all of due South; there is no way I should do it for B5. Feel free to point and laugh if when I do a Gathering post this evening. /o\

3. KINK BINGO. I have been eyeing [community profile] kink_bingo for about, mm, two years now, and not signed up because, IDK, I was doing things like Doctor Who season projects and due South commentary and Cliche Bingo. (The last of which, incidentally, I ended up writing Fraser/Kowalski bondage porn for anyway.) So this year, I actually signed up. My card! & um lots of talk of tentacles even though I do not have a tentacles square. )
Last useless spam of the day, I promise! My god, I really need to start packing.

BUT FIRST: Brokeback Babylon. You know that Brokeback to the Future vid from ages ago? And how everyone else did one too? THAT'S THE LONDO/G'KAR ONE. And, uh, possibly my favourite thing about it is that ... not that much is really out of context. WIN.
Know what I'm doing instead of packing? I'm reading all the G'Kar/Londo fic on the AO3. I haven't come across any tentacle porn yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time, considering the probable Venn diagram of Centauri biology and fandom sensibilities. Possibly someone needs to save me from myself.

To save this post from pointlessness (too laaaate) it is time for a poll, because I am genuinely curious as to how many of you know how much of what I'm talking about when I start nattering on about various fannish things. (I am not necessarily asking if you are fannishly involved yourself, nor even if you have seen the shows in question, just if you are not lost when I start talking about them.)

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 51

I know what you're talking about when you start going on about ...

View Answers

Babylon 5
24 (47.1%)

Doctor Who
44 (86.3%)

due South
40 (78.4%)

i. Link o' the day, courtesy of seeing it in the National Gallery and having a good laugh with my parents, Giovanni Emo, by Bellini. "He looks emo!" my mum said, and though I am sad that Signore Giovanni doesn't come with scenester bangs, it's still hilarious.

ii. Hair is cut! Car is mostly unpacked! Room is a complete mess, but I am studiously ignoring it and instead doing my best to mainline the rest of Babylon 5 before I abscond for WisCon. Here's what I'm discovering, to my horror: I think I want to do watchalong meta commentary. For the whole thing. I just love it so much, and am so thinky about it, that I want an excuse to watch it again. And I don't yet know if I have a ficcing urge, but I definitely have a fannish urge, which during the summer -- or possibly for a much more extended period, now that I'm done with school unless and until I want a graduate degree -- also manifests as a write-lots-of-meta urge. Ahhhh.

iii. Relatedly, the clearest sign I am getting dangerously fannish about something: a poll!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20


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16 (80.0%)

4 (20.0%)

Who is your favourite character? (I was kind and gave you ticky boxes because choosing only one would be cruel.)

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7 (41.2%)

11 (64.7%)

Geoffrey Sinclair
2 (11.8%)

John Sheridan
2 (11.8%)

2 (11.8%)

6 (35.3%)

Londo Mollari
10 (58.8%)

Lyta Alexander
1 (5.9%)

Michael Garibaldi
4 (23.5%)

Marcus Cole
3 (17.6%)

1 (5.9%)

Susan Ivanova
12 (70.6%)

Stephen Franklin
1 (5.9%)

Talia Winters
0 (0.0%)

Vir Cotto
8 (47.1%)

Zack Allen
0 (0.0%)

someone you have not met from fifth season
2 (11.8%)

someone you forgot to mention who is the best side character ever (to be explained in comments)
1 (5.9%)

I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW. :D (Except not about s5. Except for the part where I ship Londo/G'Kar every waking moment now. WHAT.)
LOLWHUT. I just hit an episode in Babylon 5 where a scary, scary interrogator had a strangely familiar voice. "He sounds like the guy who played the philosophical Bolt brother in Red White or Blue!" I said to myself, and lo, IMDb says that it's the same guy. I am starting to think that Fraser got off really easy. Yikes, interrogator guy.

Apparently I can play mid-90s awesome TV show bingo? IDEK.
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( Mar. 26th, 2010 01:42 pm)
Today I bought my copy of A Wizard of Mars! I'm only about fifty pages in, but it's already made me do things like look up the domesticated fauna of Barsoom (because I hit page 12 and immediately went "What the hell is a thoat?"); it is also, I suddenly realized, the first Young Wizards book that has come out since I was in high school. I'm having the strange experience of reading about Kit's history class tribulations and remembering, This is what I was like as a teenager, and I just -- I love it. These books have my heart.

I finished the third season of Babylon 5 last night. I am now quietly FLIPPING OUT because I need to know what happens next; I am also, somewhat to my alarm, beginning to think about the show in what I recognize to be my fannish patterns. I want to write Sheridan/Delenn ficlets! I am wondering how much Londo/G'Kar fic is out there and whether any of it is as complex and awesome as it could conceivably be! (I may have just caved and looked at the pairing stats on the AO3; there are in fact 25 Londo/G'Kar fics, but more to the point there is a Delenn/Sheridan/Sinclair fic!! Shut up, I know that logistically it would never work, I want it anyway. Ohgod there is Lyta/Kosh fic! I need to close this browser window now.) I want to work out if any of the events in the show are fixed points in time, what would happen if the Doctor turned up on the station, and most importantly how exactly Gallifrey-Vorlon political relations work. I DON'T NEED ANOTHER FANDOM. But I think it may already be too late.

Perhaps relatedly, at least while I'm on the subject of fandom life choices, I signed up for Remix Redux 8. I have never done a remix challenge before but I've wanted to for years. (Fandoms I have enough fic written in to qualify for: two guesses, and they both start with the letter D.) So I have that and my due South big bang this next month!

I have no graceful way to end this entry, so here is a picture of Ambassador Kosh. He does not have a pancake on his head, because Vorlons do not eat pancakes.
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( Mar. 24th, 2010 07:25 pm)
Two unrelated happy things:

i. OH MY GOD WHAT, THESE PHOTOS!! I cannot believe I have somehow missed seeing this before! It's a bunch of pictures of Stephen Colbert at the winter Olympics; he rides a moose! he waves a Canadian flag! he hangs out with Johnny Weir! he wears a Mountie uniform! HE WEARS A MOUNTIE UNIFORM WHILE RIDING A MOOSE. I think important parts of my brain just broke from the awesome.

ii. Three years ago, I started watching Babylon 5, really loved it, got through the first three seasons, and then stopped because the semester had ended and I no longer had access to my friend's DVDs. We started rewatching them together at the beginning of this semester; I've now borrowed her complete season three and, because my week is scheduled in a kind of wacky and awesome way, I'm ... pretty much mainlining the entire season tonight. I'm sure I'll sleep eventually?

Cut for ... vague spoilers, possibly? Mostly it got long. )

I am not actually ready to have real discussions about this show yet! But apparently I needed to get my joy out there. Also I am curious if anyone knows what I'm going on about or if I'm talking excitedly into a void. (If I am talking into a void? I don't know if the show jumps space sharks at some point, and the alien prosthetics are occasionally hilarious, and the special effects are low-budget early-90s, but WATCH THIS SHOW, IT IS GREAT.)