I caught myself thinking "I have so many things to tweet about, but I don't really want to limit myself to soundbites," and then remembered that I have a Dreamwidth, c'mon, self. So here are some things I was going to tweet about, in more than 140 characters:

i. I have completed 90% of my holiday shopping for my parents! As usual I have fifty gift ideas for my mum and very few for my dad, so I'll try to just locate some nice chocolate for my dad and not go on some sort of tea and mugs and earrings rampage for my mum. I also have wrapping paper! And I should find some nice things for my housemates, and Jessie & co's white elephant gift exchange, and ... maybe for some other people? Idk, my general policy is to get physical gifts for in-person friends and bang out a few giftfics for fandom friends generally, but I actually have a lot of friends in the area this year, and lots of nice wrapping paper. Only my parents' stuff was urgent, though, as I'm going to see them next week. This weekend, though, the tree! (I really love December, and festival-of-lights gift-giving style Christmas. I would like some snow, though, c'mon, let's get winter up in here.)

ii. I have a new laptop! The old kind of broken one (m key hasn't worked for aaages, lid will no longer close because it was winching off slowly) is called Methos, which was apparently a terrible idea, because it kept dying but never stayed dead. I think I'm calling the new one Frigga, and it will hopefully be a much better-behaved immortal until its time comes. I haven't set it up yet, though, because that really feels like a day-long task to transfer all my files and get my music in order and make sure it has the right browsers and useful programs like VLC &c. It is also going to have much better processing power than my current one, which means it is time for me to LEARN HOW TO VID. Seriously, I want to try this! So, vidding friends: anyone know what vidding program would be good? Keep in mind that I'm still on a Windows OS, so all the nice Mac-only programs are right out.

iii. Speaking of vids! The Aims vid project, in which vidders are making a vid to each song on said Vienna Teng album. The latest is The Breaking Light, a Pacific Rim vid by [personal profile] such_heights, which I knew was going to slay me going in, because anytime she vids a Vienna Teng song I basically become a sobbing mess. That it's also Pacific Rim just made everything 1000% betterworse.

iv. And speaking of Vienna Teng, I had this theory that the song Never Look Away is just one of those great songs that is applicable to basically any pairing one is currently having feels about. I was fairly sure of this when I was having lots of Thor/Loki feels about it, and now I am entirely sure of it, because I've started showing Housemate A due South and suddenly Never Look Away was this ridiculous amazing torrent of all my old Fraser/Kowalski feelings. So yeah! I am showing Housemate A due South! We're still only in first season, and I'm enjoying it immensely; it's been at least two, possibly three, years since I watched it last, and oh gosh I just love it so much, what a perfect show to watch in the drawing-in of winter.

v. I hear there is a meme going around where you suggest topics and then I post a response to one a day! I ... really don't have the wherewithal to be that diligent, but if you like, please do comment with a topic, anything you like, and I'll choose some to talk about!
Another Wednesday sans reading meme, because I'm still mid-King of Attolia; my reading time has mostly been on meal breaks at work. Nor do I have fic-reading to report, because I have instead been writing huge swathes of my Avengers fic. Apparently all I needed was the new Thor trailer! I did ~8000 words last Thursday, which finished up part three of the fic; I'm ~5500 into part four; and, uh, all told so far this fucker is ~38,000, which I just counted for the first time and now I'm wheezing slightly. Welcome to definitely the longest fic I've ever written! (I mean, not yet, but I'm halfway through part four of seven, so ... yeah, I'm definitely going to break 50k this time.) To be fair, [profile] filiabelialis is cowriting it with me; they're generating all the outlines and about 1/4 of the final written material, I think? Something like that. Anyway, this monster is not my fault alone, but it's finally picking up speed and I am so excited about it and hoping to have it up well in advance of Thor 2. (Not only because it's going to be Jossed, but because the new trailer is also giving me inexplicable Thor/Loki/Sif/Jane sedoretu feelings, revisions to these feelings pending what actually happens in the next movie. But oh gosh all the stuff I want to write.)

I should also probably get a new computer this weekend. Or order one, anyway, because this poor laptop is now officially on its way out. The 'm' key hasn't been working for months (every single time I use it, I'm doing ctrl+v) but eh, whatever. And then two days ago, part of the back of the computer just ... warped outwards, twisty metal sticking out, plastic very unhappy; the screen is still working fine but the back of it keeps popping out, so I backed up all my files this morning, and yeah, new laptop this weekend. I am a Windows-using heathen and I'm perfectly fond of the Windows 7 OS, but if anyone has laptop models they particularly like, feel free to rec! I'm used to Dells, but they do have a tendency to bork in exciting ways, so other options are always good.

...oh god, that means I have to sort out all my tabs. THE HORROR.

Meantime, until it gives up the ghost, gonna write like the wind. It's ... really nice, discovering my brain is behaving enough again now that I just have this endless well of writing excitement again. :D
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( Nov. 20th, 2012 09:55 pm)
So a lot is going on all at once right now -- my sweetheart has major surgery tomorrow! I just started a new job! and ... probably some other things, but the confluence of these two events, and particularly everything about the former one, is enough to be going on with -- and I could really do with a pick-me-up.

Specifically: music! Rec me happy songs? Songs that cheer you up, make you walk with purpose when you listen to them, make you smile? I really want to make a playlist to listen to on loop to get through things, but off the top of my head I only have two songs. (For the curious: Surface of the Sun by the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir; Starships by Nikki Minaj. The first one is and has been a comfort to me for at least three years, and the second is just full of joy and SPACESHIPS.) So yes! I would love all your musical recommendations -- just title and artist is fine, I can track them down myself via YouTube/iTunes/&c.
For reasons passing understanding (or, really, because [livejournal.com profile] filia_belialis texted me to ask if I had a twitter yet, and Amelia possesses EVIL MIND POWERS or something) I have a twitter now! Twitter is cool! Twitter is probably only cool like bowties are cool.

In any case, I am [twitter.com profile] dearmelee (for reasons, mostly that both daisiestdaisy and every variation on aria that I liked were already taken) and I would like to be twitter buddies, or whatever it is that you kids do on twitter. Tell me who you are!
Now that I am caught up the show, it is time to bask in the fic! But the thing about Supernatural fandom is that it is prolific; I'm having to really fine-tune tag queries on the AO3, I have no idea where to even start on LJ, and, well, delicious isn't really a font of helpfulness these days. Therefore, this is officially a shameless plea for Supernatural fic recs post!

Obviously if you know anything off the top of your head that must be read, by all means rec it! But I figure talking about the sort of things I'm looking for might be helpful. So:

+ Sam/Dean. Hit me with all the fic about them being psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other. I honestly don't care when it takes place, how compliant with all of canon it is (although I don't think I want anything from before the end of second season, unless it's a specific episode tag and un-Jossed), whether or not they're allowed to have nice things, any of it. All I really need here is well-written epic codependency.

+ Dean/Cas! I ... am honestly not sure what I want from my Dean/Cas, so hit me with your favorites. My only hard rule is that the narrative also likes Sam. (Not, necessarily, is nice to him, because when is any narrative nice to Sam; I just don't want to read anything that hates him.) I suspect I would also be especially easy for anything that explores Dean and Castiel's weird twisty power dynamics, but really I'm up for anything.

+ FIC ABOUT LADIES. Give me all your fixes and reclamations of Jo and Ellen! All the subversive things you can think of about Mary or Ruby or Bela or Anna or, hell, Lisa or Cassie or Madison or I don't even care, LADIES. Ladies saving the world and giving the refrigerator the finger and not having their narratives end with those boys.

+ Angels! I would love anything that messes about with the mythology; I would happily take Good Omens or American Gods or Murder Mysteries crossovers. (Or even crossovers with things Neil Gaiman hasn't touched, as presumably those must exist too.) I would love more with Anna; I am fairly sure I need fic about Gabriel like air, oh my god Gabriel. I don't care about demons quite as much, but give me good Crowley and I am so there. None of this has to be gen, either; even though I do have specific Sam/Dean and Dean/Cas wishes, I'm basically there for any ship done well.

+ TEAM FREE WILL. Membership not limited to Sam, Dean, Cas, and I guess Bobby, either; I would love fic written mid-season that wildly theorizes, or AUs about what could have happened, all that good stuff. Other favorites for Team Free Will are Jo, Ellen, Gabriel, Anna, and Crowley. God, wouldn't have a season about all of their world-saving adventures have been great? Anyway! Maybe there will be fic that provides at least some elements of that.

+ And this is not fic, but if you know of any particularly tasty meta on any aspect of the show, I am so there.

Hopefully the above narrows it down some, and I didn't actually just say "Give me every well-written fic this fandom has ever written," buuut it is entirely possible that I did. In any case, all recs greatly appreciated, and I might even come back and leave you excited flaily comments about the fics in question. Have at it!
For no particular reason I have lapsed back into watching TOS Trek. (Maybe the reason was that I suddenly realized Abed would make an awesome Vulcan? That is the only reason I can think of short of my brain just suddenly going, "Okay, hilarious 60s sci-fi time!") And from there it is but a short slide into seeking out all the Kirk/Spock fic. I am not very surprised I am all over Kirk/Spock -- it's got aliens, telepathy, snark, inarticulateness about feelings, and an epic history of friendship, so it is pretty much my ship kryptonite -- but I have discovered some weird difficulties in the course of seeking it out.

It is so, so much easier to find well-written AOS fic than it is to find well-written TOS fic. But this is a problem! AOS!Kirk/Spock is TOS!Kirk/Spock minus epic friendship plus Uhura. And ... well, the more TOS I see, the more bewildered I am the film went the Spock/Uhura route (not least because I apparently have a side gig watching the old films and shipping Scotty/Uhura like burning) but, this said, I really don't want to sacrifice Uhura to the Gods of Slash, because she's too awesome for that. The entirely excellent compromise is Kirk/Spock/Uhura, which is fine, but at that point they have rejected the ghosts of TOS, and that is not the dynamic I'm craving.

Hilariously enough, when I'm reading AOS fic, everyone is definitely AOS Kirk and Spock and Uhura and Scotty et al, and same with TOS fic -- but Bones is always just Bones. I can flicker back and forth between their faces, but the tone and expression are always the same. Karl Urban, I take off my metaphorical hat to you.

Anyway, TOS Kirk/Spock! A lot of it is seriously delightful. A lot of it, by which I mean the fic from zines way back in the day that their authors have obligingly posted online, is delightful for anthropological reasons -- I just read a fic, for instance, in which Spock spends a lot of time agonizing over/analyzing his feelings, and realizes that he thinks of Jim as a friend in the sense that he is a comrade-in-arms and maybe something more, and I was sitting there going, "Spock, t'hy'la is in your vocabulary, why don't -- WAIT" and realized that the fic's publication date was 1979, the same year Roddenberry coined the term in the movie novelization. Dude. Guys, I read fic that is older than t'hy'la. *___*

(Reading TOS Kirk/Spock has an element of don't-think-about-pink-elephants to it, though. There is nothing quite like coming upon a sex scene and going "DON'T REMEMBER THAT IT'S WILLIAM SHATNER." Oh, Chris Pine, if only you were as interchangeable with Shatner in my head as Urban is with DeForest Kelley. My life would be much less full of horror.)

Lastly: this still! The one of Kirk clutching at Spock while they are no inches apart! And I think Spock is about to meld with Kirk or something? It crops up in vids a lot. But I do not know which episode it is from! Can anyone tell me? I would very much like to know.
A question: what is the general protocol for the original things that are written for NaNoWriMo? Do we hoard them jealously in the faint hope that we may one day publish them? Do we post them proudly for the world to see? I mean, I am not even properly signed up for NaNo because I am in the hoarding camp, but I will probably be throwing my novel at people in emails, and I am at least in theory interested in seeing other people's work too. I ... realize that if there was a question, I have in fact lost it in the shuffle. Uh, basically, what is the kosher writing distribution here?

And a meme: Comment with a fandom and I will tell you my

› favorite character
› least favorite character
› prettiest character
› character I wanna marry
› favorite pairing
› favorite episode
› unpopular opinion
I have lately (and by "lately" I mean "at various points over the last year or so") been absently tracking down and rewatching favorite childhood films. Among other things, I have discovered that [a] The Lion King is still totally awesome and [b] lots of those childhood films, especially the live action ones, make me cry. Large bits throughout Matilda made me tear up. The end of Homeward Bound made me sob! My inner child is totally bewildered, but apparently my inner child took for granted that the animals would get home or that movie narratives totally understood me and also, obviously, my brain would give me superpowers.

The point is, though, that when I was a kid, the only goddamn movie in the world that made me cry was The Land Before Time, when Littlefoot's mother dies. (You all cried. Don't lie.) I was always mildly embarrassed and totally bewildered when my parents cried at movies, especially at happy endings. But now ... I really love crying at things. I am working through how to phrase that without sounding odd? I think it's something about how I want to function as a sane adult, which means that occasionally I also want to bawl my eyes out because it's the end of Toy Story 3, and know that it's a good emotional outlet. I love good emotional outlets! It probably comes down to how I'd much rather cry because I've been emotionally touched than just because I'm stressed about something.

Some things that make me cry:

+ Vienna Teng songs (City Hall, Grandmother Song, & Lullaby for a Stormy Night)
+ vids to Vienna Teng songs (Lullaby for a Stormy Night, Doctor Who, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)
+ most vids about awesome ladies being awesome (most consistently One Girl Revolution)
+ many films! Lilo & Stitch (anyone says "ohana means family" and I run for the tissues); Homeward Bound (the endiiiing); Return of the King (it's the Grey Havens! quick, run for the tissues!); Toy Story 3 (the endiiiiiiing, I COULDN'T EVEN SEE); Star Trek reboot (the first five minutes! and now that I have watched lots of TOS, I start crying at the end too, oh self).

So ... does anyone else do this? And by 'this' I mean either cry at any of these things also, or actively keep track of go-to things to cry to because emotional outlets are great. (Honestly I just like keeping lists of things that elicit emotional states. For instance, I also have a mental list of Hottest Things Ever, although eventually it'll need more on it than just a lieutenant colonel is being beaten. Strangely I don't have a mental list of Things That Always Make Me Happy, although the answer to that one might be "due South." Hm.)
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What are your favourite stories/fandoms/&c that take place in The Future? I mean things that are specifically in the future as in undated or set obviously after 2010; therefore things like 1984 or 2001: A Space Odyssey are out, but everything from Star Trek to The Road to, god help us, 2012 are in, but if you really want to tell me you like 2012, you'd better be prepared to really sell me.

(And yes, this is for a reason! It is a crossover fic reason. If this in any way informs what comes to mind, all the better.)
I guess I was wrong about not having internet! I'm still a nomad, though. I am just an exceptionally wired nomad.

1. I love Feminist Hulk so damn much that I am beginning to be tempted to get a twitter. I mostly have not done so already because I'm not much good at short things, and I don't really have enough free time for these newfangled fripperies anyway, and I get really easily addicted to shiny things. So I don't know! Those of you whose lives I follow anyway, do you have one? do you recommend that I join your twitter cult? if I did, would I get cool updates on your life that I can't get from Dreamwidth? Feminist Hulk alone cannot tip me to the tweet side, but it is possible you can.

2. I have managed to get my hot little hands on Babylon 5: The Gathering and the first bit of season one. Um. It was already madness to do episode meta on all of due South; there is no way I should do it for B5. Feel free to point and laugh if when I do a Gathering post this evening. /o\

3. KINK BINGO. I have been eyeing [community profile] kink_bingo for about, mm, two years now, and not signed up because, IDK, I was doing things like Doctor Who season projects and due South commentary and Cliche Bingo. (The last of which, incidentally, I ended up writing Fraser/Kowalski bondage porn for anyway.) So this year, I actually signed up. My card! & um lots of talk of tentacles even though I do not have a tentacles square. )
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( Mar. 28th, 2010 10:35 am)
Hah, wow. I haven't been online at all in days; nor have I done any homework in days. This is because I've been far too busy going to every possible panel at my college's sci-fi/fantasy/&c con, and going to a cabaret show and its afterparty and being mildly amazed that I actually got out of bed this morning, and generally having an excellent time! So if world-shaking things have happened on the internets, I am blissfully unaware.

My college's con is a lot more book fandom than my own experience at WisCon was last year; a lot of that probably has to do with the guests. I don't think all three of them have been in a panel at the same time, but in the last few days I've seen a lot of Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville and Jane Yolen, so I posit that the guest list has something to do with the tone. I do not mind at all, because, oh my god, my inner ten-year-old is hanging out with Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville and Jane Yolen!! It is just a bit weird to be harkening back to the time when my fannish experience was less media-based.

That said, I had a couple of friends dress up as Ten and Simm!Master (and when I saw them in costume together unexpectedly for the first time, I may have COLLAPSED WITH JOY); we collectively ran into a Fourth Doctor from a neighboring college; she was awesome and invited us to her con, luring us there with the promise of Doctor Who panels. There are probably pictures, but [personal profile] songofsongs has all of them.

I think the real point of this post, though, is a Doctor Who-related question that was brought up at one of the panels, namely, if the Doctor spontaneously turned up and asked you to drop everything and go away with him, would you? The majority of the room did raise their hand, and to my mild alarm I was among them, but I really am curious now. It would be the worst awesomest idea ever, but I would still do it! And I want to know who else would. I am a bit brokenhearted, because it just occurred to me that I currenly have no poll-posting cabilities, so I cannot actually poll you guys about this, but: talk to me! Would you go with the Doctor? Why? Why not? If so which one(s)? (Mine are probably Two, Three, Five, and Ten, not that this would save me. I would not go with Six or Eight, oh my god.)

Ahhh, I need to run to another Tamora Pierce panel. :D
i. I believe that in order to be properly fannish about due South, on this day the eleventh of March we're supposed to post Sgt. Frobisher's butchering of the St. Crispin's Day speech. But I don't like butchering Shakespeare even in the name of comedy, so: happy Fraser & Kowalski sledding into the sunset day!

ii. Spring break has officially started for me! I'm not hopping a plane until Saturday, though, so I fully intend to spend my next day or so of freedom writing (finishing??) my End of Time fic. And then I can spend spring break making sure I do not have to default on my due South big bang! in between making life plans. YAY.

iii. Assuming I get everything else done in a timely manner, I am strongly considering writing White Collar fic during the bleak gap before second season. In the spirit of this, a question, namely: what do you think are the classics (as in, "Kate always did love the classics"), ie those secret messages/heist strategies/&c that are fun and trope-y? So far my list is write secret messages using lemon juice and no one's dead until you've found the body, but that is a set of bullet points, not a list. Ideas?

(If you answer this question by linking to TV Tropes, I will sic the Cthulhu in my icon at you. I'm so serious.)
i. Link o' the day: What About, a multifandom vid about women being awesome. As sometimes happens when I watch things about women being awesome, I started crying for reals, because I'm kind of a nutcase.

ii. In other reasons I am kind of a nutcase, this Hark! A Vagrant! strip is a really good depiction of my day:

I'm most of the way through Breaking Dawn, guys. I can't put it down. It's so crushingly terrible. It's full of so many creepy things that I deeply disagree with! I'm so sad we ever got Jacob's POV because it's 1000x more entertaining than Bella's! The less spoken about the demonbaby pregnancy the better! BELLA IS THE ~*BESTEST VAMPIRE EVER*~! It's like they put crack in the pages. I can't wait to see the poor actors do all these scenes when they get to adapting this one for film. I can absolve myself of my shame by writing filthy Jacob/Edward porn, right? Right?

[On that note: I'm probably asking in the wrong place, because I expect most of you are kind of judging me for Twilight-talk already, but does anyone know where there's good fic? Any good fic at all? The AO3 is giving me nothing, and I'd like me some Jacob/Edward! Alice/Bella! Awkward cross-species OT3 fic! Carlisle/anyone! Just ... anything that fucks with canon, basically. And I can't write it all myself. Help?]

iii. White Collar is back tonight! It was not actually exciting enough to deserve cut text. :( STEP IT UP, WHITE COLLAR. Needs moar Elizabeth, I think. Actually, I just want the whole show to be like 1x08: subtext & trust & El!! Next episode looks promising, anyway.

iv. I absolutely have an essay due tomorrow that I have barely started writing! I can't tell if my complete failure to be stressed about this is faith in my writing abilities, sheer hubris, or really epic senioritis. All three? Anyway, I'm probably not sleeping much tonight.
Question time!

I have been, very slowly, writing my show premise for the create-your-own-TV-show meme that's been going around. It is very fun! I feel extremely self-indulgent! And I have hit a sudden casting roadblock. In my vague desperation, I've been wandering around and grabbing my friends at random, demanding, "So I've got a Callum Keith Rennie character who's sort of a combination of Duck and Uncle Johnny! He needs a male love interest! WHO THE HELL DO I CAST?"

Now I'm grabbing the internet and asking this question! (By the way, the answer is not Paul Gross. Because he's the third season villain. *cough*) Two of the more emphatic answers I've received so far have been Hugh Dillon and Joe Flanigan, but those both seem really, really self-indulgent, so I don't know. Throw random actors at me! Be self-indulgent yourself! There has to be someone out there who is right for this.
Although by some miracle I have trained myself out of reaching November and going into full-on procrastination mode, it is still November and this means that I am being mostly responsible but still flirting with the idea of procrastination.

In the spirit of this, I should be using my hour-before-bed free time to, say, work on fic or perhaps catch up on Merlin and SJA and maybe Flashpoint. Instead I find myself rereading all the due South fic I have bookmarked, listening to a lot more Barenaked Ladies than is perhaps healthy, and steadily losing my internal battle to not rewatch Stargate Atlantis. This is how it goes in my head:

+ He's an emotionally inarticulate guy with a failed marriage, funny hair, and mad skills with a gun! He's a snippy Canadian scientist with a genius IQ and very few people skills! Together, they fight Wraith!!
+ RONON. Enough said.
+ The first time I watched it, it was literally one of the first TV shows I'd sat down to watch in a remotely fannish way, and although I certainly enjoyed it I was mostly watching it as Something To Do With Friends and it didn't particularly speak to me. Now I think of it and the idea of writing John Sheppard makes me go weak in the knees, okay.
+ I can probably find all the good fic and meta in about 0.5 seconds: go after the old due South stuff and work forwards!

+ I can probably find all the good fic and meta in about 0.5 seconds. My life would disappear!
+ It's not -- uh, it's really not that good? Obviously I would be in it for the fandom, and I am starting to get spoiled and like shows where I can just watch the show without getting a headache. (First Michael plotline, end of s2: I WANT TO BEAT EVERYONE WITH CLUEBATS. For example.)
+ Did I mention that the idea of writing John Sheppard makes me go weak in the knees? I think the only real question here is, how many fic projects do I need? (I understand that this may be only my own personal con.)

The fact that I am even mentioning any of this means I am tipping dangerously close to just caving and doing a (possibly selective, Best Of, Watch Rodney Do Awesome Things) rewatch, and I am about 80% sure that this is a thinly veiled ploy to get someone to talk me into it. On the other hand, this should probably be a project for the new year.

On the mutant third hand I really desperately want to write improbable Fraser/Ray/John/Rodney fic, but shhh.
Has the Groundhog's Day plot been done in due South fic? Y'know, the one where someone has to live the same day over and over and over until they get it right?

(I ask this specifically because ghost!Fraser somewhat distresses me and I think that once I finish writing that fic, I would like to write one where Ray gets to save Fraser from dying and I get to use that fun plot at the same time. I do also ask because I love that plot and if it's been done in dS I want to read it for the sake of reading it, too.)
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( Sep. 23rd, 2009 04:00 pm)
A few things that have been percolating in my brain:

i. I'm writing a fic with ghost!Fraser haunting Kowalski, which is fun in a slightly horrible way, but as always when I write things that distress me I'm simultaneously tossing around other fic ideas in my head (ie at this juncture ones where Fraser is not dead). The idea-in-the-shower du jour is a due South/Young Wizards fusion, because if anyone in the universe is the posterchild for a YW-style wizard, it's Benton Fraser. I think it could be a genuinely fun and weird and engaging story, too -- he first comes to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father, of course, and because I think it would be brilliantly hilarious, obviously Welsh and Vecchio are the Chicago area's Advisory wizards. I'd probably age Fraser way down to being in his late teens so that he can still do his action-hero thing, and maybe Kowalski can be a teenage wizard too, and likes to go to Vecchio's house and yell at him when he's stressed out about his current assignment. Obviously Frannie cannot appear in this story because she would be stunningly indistinguishable from Carmela. Anyway, that's for another day, when I am not writing upsetting things about Fraser being a ghost.

ii. Slightly relatedly, I am way too excited about Eastwick airing tonight. Ask me about how I love horrible tasteless silly things! Seriously, I pretend to have taste sometimes, but for whatever reason I caved and watched High School Musical for the first time ever yesterday, and really loved it in a hiding-behind-my-hands going "why god why" way, so ... I think my excitement about Eastwick is a related animal. Of tastelessness.

iii. And in news that is hopefully unrelated to my tastelessness, what I have been more seriously percolating in my brain is the idea of getting a tattoo. This has lots to do with various of my friends going "DO IT" and even more to do with the fact that I recently realized that since I was about nine I've had the same answer to the "What would you get if you got a tattoo?" question, which means I am obviously pretty damn sure of the design. (The Elvish script of the One Ring poem around my ankle, to be specific. Because -- pretty, unobtrusive, and the Lord of the Rings was my fannish place before I even had one, and will always be really important in a way that doesn't have much to do with my various mayfly-attention-span fandom enthusiasms.) This of course means the new questions are not of the are you sure/wouldn't you regret it/&c variety, but instead questions like, "Aria, tattoos are pretty expensive, aren't you supposed to be worrying about funds for grad school?" and "Aria, don't you hate, say, needles and pain and introducing foreign substances to your body, which by the way includes ink?" I believe those are the pressing questions. THOUGHTS PLZ.
Callum mini-interview! He's all fidgety and hides behind his hand and doesn't want to be called a sex symbol and deflects questions about whether playing fucked-up people fucks him up and then he becomes slightly less nervous when he gets to MAKE FUN OF PAUL GROSS'S HAIR. I I can't even.

But I am not giving him his own tag.

Also: I am writing Remus/Tonks fic, although it is for the doppelgangers, clones, and evil doubles square on my Cliche Bingo card, so ... when I say Remus/Tonks fic I don't think I actually mean fic that any real Remus/Tonks shipper would like? And I am wondering if there is any Harry Potter fic place from which I can link "emotionally damaged people making bad decisions and not really being in love" fic when it is finished. Help? Mocking of my ability to actually focus on one thing at a time also accepted.
Kicking off the blog's inaugural fandom post with wingfic is kind of weird (particularly because except in special cases I don't really get the intrinsic appeal), but what the hell: I think it is very important that I rec Lift, because in my determined read-through of the entirety of [community profile] ds_flashfiction's archive, I've hit the Reality vs Whimsy DS Match and am very much in love. Lift is about Ray Kowalski waking up with wings, except in this one they're there instead of his actual arms and are actually a horrible impediment; it's also a Ray/Ray fic that turns into a Fraser/Ray/Ray one partway through, which is how I am discovering I really like my OT3.

Tangentially, I am in the midst of a DILEMMA. It is not a very terrible dilemma, because it is about ... how I will waste my time watching tv ... but it goes: I had this wonderful plan wherein I would get out of school and promptly spend my first week or so of relative freedom mainlining a rewatch of due South. I want to do this [a] because I love dS but I suspect I do not give Vecchio enough of that love, and also there is something horribly wrong with a world in which I can quote all of Mountie on the Bounty but none of Call of the Wild, and [b] because then I can take Really Epic Notes (probably to be inflicted shared here) and consequently finish any of the roughly ten due South WIPs I have lying around. On the other hand, the stupid Star Trek film has filled me with Star Trek love, and I have seen about a total of zero Star Trek ever -- so I am equally tempted to go track down all of TOS on YouTube. Me & silly sci-fi are good buddies, and possibly I am not a very good geek if I only know the vaguest things about Star Trek. Also, [personal profile] wintercreek was kind of evil and linked me to a site which includes historical notes with some of the oldest known slash; it should be unsurprising that this phrase turns my knees weak with joy.

So what is better, Epic Due South Rewatching or Epic Star Trek First Watching?? IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.