i. I can't stop listening to Aims, Vienna Teng's new album. (Link goes to the soundcloud album stream she posted. Actual album comes out tomorrow!) Just want to listen to all of it on endless loop, particularly Level Up and Never Look Away. It is good fighting music, and being happy music. It's perfect as a ward against and an accompaniment to the onset of autumn; my brain doesn't know what to make of the cold, because in the general way of things fall and winter make me very happy, but last winter was the absolute worst and of course has attached sense memories, so ... we'll see how that goes. And listen to Vienna Teng on loop.

ii. Last week I went with a bunch of friends to see Dessa! IT WAS SO GREAT, of course it was; she played nearly everything I wanted her to, and I kept running into her in the bathroom because there was no proper backstage, so there was a lot of casual smiling acknowledgement while we washed our hands and I screamed internally. Also, quite by accident, friends I went with to the concert were my D&D group minus [personal profile] scribe, who was ... still out of the country, I think? Unsurprisingly these humans are excellent to hang out with whether or not we're slaying monsters and flirting with other monsters at the time.

iii. I just ... keep playing Dragon Age. Housemate A got Dragon Age 2 and everything! But my elf is nearly to the final battle and my dwarf is being the most hilariously best bros with Sten and I can't move on yet. (Also I got Wynne to ship my elf/Zevran; I'm not sure why I didn't get an achievement badge for that.) Polaris and I are considering whether when we run out of Dragon Age games we should try Mass Effect. I ... have the vague fannish osmosis feeling that it's good? I know some of you have played it! Please deliver unto me your Mass Effect feels, whatever they are; I would love opinions.

iv. Fic update: part five of eight complete! ONLY THREE LEFT. I'm starting to have this feeling like I'm hurtling shrieking towards the finish line, though mostly in a good way; I'm not sacrificing quality to time, it's only that I finally have my full complement of writing enthusiasm back. Getting it done is going to be a bit scary, though, because I want to have it all posted at the very last the day before Thor 2 comes out, which means I have to start posting it by very latest on Halloween, and I have to be done in time that Olivia can reasonably beta it, and ahhh. Current wordcount: 63,826. \o/
Things I have done today:

+ gazed starry-eyed upon White Collar
+ cleaned the house
+ done most of the online shopping I've been meaning to do
+ done a round of combing through job listings

Things I will do today:

+ go a second round of combing through job listings
+ stare blankly at my resume and feel sad
+ write about Frigga visiting with Norns
+ try to get Thor and Loki the hell off Asgard in under 10,000 words

Things I might do today:

+ phonetalk with my mother and be able to report actual adulthood happening
+ respond to some emails I keep forgetting about
+ figure out what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for this sleep shirt so that I can order it

...no, really, though, what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for that sleep shirt? Either even the small will fit me fairly loosely, or they somehow mixed up in and cm, in which case all the sizes are bewilderingly small. I look at that chart and all I can think of is Hiddleston yelling LOKI'D!
i. skfdk everyone run do not walk to listen to the podfic of Shatter, read by [livejournal.com profile] cyranothe2nd who is basically my new hero -- she makes the fic sound so good, and also upped my fondness for Jane a lot. SO GOOD. I would listen to it like five times in a row except that it's three and a half hours long, and also, let's be honest, I basically have the fic memorized. I just love the podfic so much!

ii. WisCon! I'm going with Emma and am stupid excited to show off Madison to her; we'll be arriving early Friday afternoon (fingers crossed, our bus schedule keeps changing so it's entirely possible we won't turn up until about five in the evening) and staying through Monday, and I'm really excited to see everyone. WISCON BUDDIES I WILL SEE YOU SOON. \o/

There is no thing three! Maybe I will try to write some filthy Thor/Loki before I'm off on weekend adventures, idk, maybe I will just clean the house.
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( Nov. 21st, 2011 05:35 pm)

Bad Night & Good Night
First Night & Last Night

I am infinitely charmed by Moffat's willingness to write and film fic for his own show. Because these are absolutely fanfiction: wacky improbable adventures are happening just off-screen, but the story at hand is about these people in the TARDIS having emotions at each other. IT GIVES ME SO MANY FEELINGS. Also I do believe I want fic of this fic.
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( Aug. 14th, 2011 11:25 am)
Joyful flailing! FIC OF MY FIC.

Silvertongue (a lie for a lie) by [archiveofourown.org profile] inkasrain: It's a lie, and he probably knows it. Still, she thinks it's a good one. A post-script to Ragnarok, in which Darcy watches the battle and tells Loki a lie of her own. I ... am fairly sure apocalyptic deathfic shouldn't make me grin all over my face, but THIS DOES.
+ Last night [personal profile] oliviacirce and I actually made some Pietas on the Beach. Let me tell you, internet, they are disgusting and delicious, and they got us really, really drunk. I do not recommend them at all, but I would totally drink them at all the fannish parties.

+ Olivia and I also watched the newest iteration of film Jane Eyre, this one starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. We both pretty much adored it; it made me desperately want to reread the book, which I haven't read since high school, because this Jane had a wonderful inner life and I want to know her thoughts. Olivia and I also agree that Michael Fassbender was weirdly perfect and very beautiful, and we may hate him a little, because he's really not the sort of dude one wants to have an actorcrush on.

+ My laptop does not believe in connecting to the internet in Olivia's apartment, for whatever stupid reason, so in order to do internet things I have to borrow hers. I am amassing a collection of tabs and emailing them to myself for safekeeping, which will be terribly exciting in a few days. In the meantime, one bit of figurative tab-closing: The Boy Who Lived Forever, Lev Grossman's article on fandom. I am fairly impressed by how well he covers the basics without ever falling into the typical fallacies, and I am particularly pleased with how he doesn't put forward any idiotic theories on why women write slash, and instead lets them actually speak for themselves. It's definitely worth a read.

+ I am -- really happy right now, I think. It is very much a living-in-the-now sort of happiness; I have no idea what I am going to be up to anytime soon, except writing writing writing, but my nearly-done vacation has been delightful. Navel-gazing later, perhaps -- right now it is time to order in dinner and eat too many cupcakes and brainstorm Thor fic and just be.
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( Jun. 13th, 2011 02:28 pm)
Also: A Softer Universe, tumblr repository for the Doctor Who Softer World remixes I've been doing, mostly because I compulsively organize things. New ones will also be posted here, for those of you who don't care about tumblr.
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( May. 23rd, 2011 07:54 pm)
Ooh Mr. Loki: A Fan Fiction! Spoilers: not actually a fanfic, just a parody of Kate Beaton's Mr. Darcy comic.

In other news I am fairly sure I don't have a new fandom, despite the fact that, um, I have a Loki icon and a Thor tag and have been trawling tumblr and reaction posts and the kinkmeme. I shouldn't have a Thor tag anyway, I should have a Loki tag. I think Loki lights up the same areas of delight in my brain that Methos does, actually. Obviously Methos and Loki need to hang out, viciously scheming and turning on a dime and sounding entirely reasonable and deep down just wanting to be loved. But I won't write it because it's too ridiculous for words.
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( May. 8th, 2011 12:00 pm)
Link du jour: Day of the Moon meta, with some lovely insights into River and a few particularly good beginning theories.

Pirate episode was a bit rubbish; still intrigued by the arc plot; very much looking forward to Gaiman's episode. Mostly I am not worrying overmuch about Who, and am instead having fun gallivanting about before my friends graduate.
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( May. 3rd, 2011 08:56 pm)
Okay, guys, I caved. I have a tumblr now! Tumblrs are cool.

I am thedaisiestdaisy cos, um, naturally my tumblr will be an oldschool Doctor Who reference about joy and optimism. As you do. Those of you with tumblrs, tell me what they are! Rec your favorites! And if someone has mysteriously started following you on tumblr, it is perhaps me!

Brb, reblogging EVERYTHING.
My entire contribution to talking about the royal wedding is, a day late, a link to two photos of the Doctor at the wedding. I'm sure they're photoshopped, but they really charmed me.

And since I missed yesterday's, two meme questions today.

5. [What do you do] when you're not on the computer?

Since I'm interning at a literary agency and write a lot generally, even a lot of my offline time, as it were, is still spent on the computer. I read lots of books (outside, lately, now the weather's turned nice) and go on walks if it's not too humid. I go out with friends on the weekend, usually for drinks (I have not yet been coerced into dancing, even though some of my friends contra dance, because I have zero coordination); sometimes I stay in with friends and we marathon Doctor Who or decide it's spontaneous cosplay time or just snugglepile-for-hours time. My offline life is not staggeringly exciting, but it is quite nice.

6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?

I ... don't really know how to answer this one, actually. I've very likely already covered the things I want people to know, either in my 'about' stickpost or in entries generally. So instead let's just throw out some random factoids that probably don't come up often.

I love fruit but dislike fruit-flavored candy. I am very much a cat person. If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to teleport. I often think it would be fun to have a pet dragon. I like werewolves better than vampires. Without making any particular effort, and sometimes accidentally when I'm tired, I imitate the writing styles of CS Lewis, Diana Wynne Jones, or Susan Cooper. I'm afraid of heights, which doesn't stop me hiking steep places but does stop me climbing trees. And when I played the "Which Doctor would you be suited to travel with?" game, I always had the sneaking suspicion that I'd drive Five up the wall and make Ten very uncomfortable, so I'd better just go with Seven -- I think I love Eleven so much because he's my new answer and we'd probably get on very well.

The rest of the days. )
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( Apr. 15th, 2011 10:56 am)
Why is everyone on my rlist not shrieking about this? So far I have only seen one excited post, and that is ridiculous considering how many of us care about Doctor Who. But perhaps not everyone has seen it? So it is linking time!

Link: Q&A Transcript for the the Doctor Who NYC Primer screening! It is in fact technically spoiler-free; we mostly learn that Karen is on Team Fez and Matt is on Team Stetson, and that Moffat is still as evil as ever, and that Alex knows more than everyone else.

Excited flailing: an excerpt of the transcript, potentially spoilery Master business. )
1. It is 81°F here. It's basically dark out and still this warm! Oh my god, why do I live in the South, I miss New England, I think something must be broken in me.

2. Fic rec: Zenith, a Star Trek high school AU. It's also a ... fusion, I guess, of Twilight. Wait, don't run away! It's great, honestly. I mean, yes, it's basically the plot of Twilight, only with aliens instead of vampires and a plot all the way through, but Jim Kirk is the best Bella ever, and Spock couldn't be a stalker even if he tried really hard. There's also time travel, the premise actually makes sense when Spock explains everything, and nothing is better than teenage Sulu and Chekov running Riverside's GSA and watching for crop circles. Well, almost nothing. Gaila as Alice pretty much takes it.

3. So there was a Doctor Who Comic Relief special today! (Handily up on YouTube, here and here.) Cut for spoilers! HOW WAS THAT SO GREAT. ) ...I think sometimes I am shallow. Just maybe. But oh Doctor Who! Also, rubbish, Easter is late this year and I do not approve of it being back so late. Grumble.
It is 74°F here. Seriously. I am in cute summer clothes! I have already started the debate in my head about whether I should cut my hair to above my shoulders, say fuck it and chop most of it off, or actually let it properly grow out for the first time in years, and I didn't expect to start this debate until, say, April or May. I have vague plans to make a milkshake and go sit out on the porch later! It actually feels like my ideal early-summer day, except that the trees are all still bare and the pleasant breeze is making last year's dead leaves skitter along the road, so the whole day also has an air of complete surreality.

I am suddenly in possession of all the Vorkosigan Saga through Civil Campaign, and I'm wicked excited about that, but I find myself instead devouring The Pervocracy. (I suspect that pretty soon I'm going to break down and just read everything tagged 'cosmocking' because -- well, I have been known to take abandoned Cosmo magazines from airport lounges for that very purpose, but she does it much more clearly and articulately.) I have also embarked on the ridiculous project of Netflix-streaming vampire films recommended to me by Amelia. So far I've just watched The Vampire Lovers, which is an adaptation of Carmilla starring Doctor Who's Queen of Atlantis and the goddamn Rani, and ... holy crap, the wiki file of the poster genuinely has the tagline taste the deadly passion of the BLOOD-NYMPHS! It's just as awful and amazing as it sounds, and I seriously can't even think about it without grinning all over the place.

Um, basically, life is good. VAMPIRES! MILKSHAKES! &c &c.
So last September/October, I watched a truly alarming amount of Smallville. I still genuinely love the first three seasons, and there are good ... bits ... of later ones, too. (Except for sixth season, which needs to be punched in the face.) I was only watching for Lex, though, and when he left and Chloe definitely was never going to be Lois, I didn't bother to keep going. I did read a ton of fic, and I have a slightly suspicious number of Superman comics on my bookshelf now, but for the most part I went on to other things.

This is all by way of saying that I am still STUPID EXCITED about some casting spoilers. First we have Lex back for the finale, and I honestly don't care if they screw everything up and Lex is flat-out eeevil or anything, I am still full of sparkly joy. Second we have THIS THIS DEAR GOD THIS. Not only is that picture goddamn adorable (I want to ruffle his haaair; how so perfect, casting?) but it also means that ... I may have to watch bits of season ten? I am strangely okay with this.

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( Feb. 7th, 2011 01:04 pm)
Activities that seem like a good idea whilst laid up with a head cold: watching Hot Fuzz; watching endless clips of the Daily Show. Activities that are in fact a terrible idea whilst laid up with a head cold: see above. The endless laughter is actively dangerous, but somehow, the hacking cough didn't actually stop me watching.

In other news, Good Omens is being made into a miniseries? Or at least people are claiming that Pratchett has said this? I don't think I'm counting it as official until Gaiman talks about it on his blog, but it's mildly exciting anyway. I assume it'll be made by the BBC, and I assume the fandom is going to be disgruntled with anyone they cast; my only real hope is that their Aziraphale isn't young and thin and pretty, because I am way over that fanart. (Actually, my Aziraphale and Crowley look quite a bit like this, so anyone along those lines, assuming they also did the acting bit well, would delight me.) Of course now I want to play the Cast Good Omens Using BBC Actors game, but ... so far all I've got is Caitlin Blackwood as Pepper, because that would be goddamn adorable. And if I could nab Laura Fraser of a decade ago, I'd have her play Anathema Device. Maybe she can be Agnes Nutter instead? I don't know! I'd quite like a lot of delightful people I've never heard of.
Because I like to (preemptively?) announce the ridiculous things I am into: I seem to be getting genuinely, properly fannish about Narnia. This is as weird and surreal to me as it would be if I suddenly became properly fannish about Lord of the Rings, because ... IDK, these are the fandoms of my heart, and they give me FEELINGS, and it seems weird to mess about with them.

But I do know why this is happening! I adopt active fandoms for one of two reasons: [a] they are lovely and delightful, and the things that I don't like aren't worth bothering about too much, and the things that I love are worth elaborating on, so I just want to keep playing in the world; or [b] the things I love are worth elaborating on, but the things I don't like are worth FIXING, and I am damn well going to do something about it. (So due South is in the former category, and Doctor Who is often in the latter -- but not this last season, hence me not really generating fic.) The things that I love but am not actively fannish about, meanwhile, are either [c] delightful and complete enough in themselves that I will enjoy them and leave them be, or [d] a bit like the category b material, only the things that need fixing are too damn big. And Narnia has always sort of been in this last category for me.

The thing that is skewing it dangerously from [d] to [b] is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader film, because it flipped the FIX FIX FIX switch in my brain. Now I am unfortunately applying it to everything, from theology/philosophy to timelines to worldbuilding. HELP.

Brb, off to keep reading Carpetbaggers and stare at Edmund watch Prince Caspian. /o\
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( Dec. 16th, 2010 10:50 pm)
Re: delicious shutting down, I am mildly heartbroken because it warms my fuzzy organizational heart, and massively heartbroken because [a] it's such a lovely convenient way to find fic by specifics like pairing! and [b] I'll be honest, one of my favorite features was the ability to plug in the URL for one of my fics and see the notes people had made on it. However, all is not lost! I've seen these links around, but I figured I'd signal-boost: go here to export your own delicious bookmarks so at least you won't lose years' accumulation of favorite fics, and go here for some encouraging brainstorming on the subject of a possible fan-friendly delicious clone.

Re: other things I am doing to cheer myself up, at the moment I am eating chocolate, as you do, and watching Narnia films, ostensibly in preparation for seeing Dawn Treader sometime in the next few days. The funny thing is that I have to be sure to really make time to watch the Narnia movies, because I am so FEELINGS FEELINGS FEELINGS about them. Seriously, I cry all the way through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Why? I'm not even sure! I sort of waffle between whether Lewis or Tolkien is responsible for my first really fannish whatever, because I made my mum endlessly reread The Hobbit to me when I was four and I had a hilarious Elven Mary Sue when I was ten (alas, she never made it to paper, but she was BFFs with Frodo and had a romance with Faramir and Eowyn's son, it was awesome); on the other hand, I actually remember having ~theories~ about the Narnia books when they were first being read to me, and I still vividly recall the sheer joyful anticipation of a week in first grade when my family had ordered the BBC Narnia series and I could watch them ALL THE TIME, and I believed in Aslan so, so much. Basically what this means is that when I watch these new films and they are all pure and earnest and Aslan resurrects triumphantly as the dawn breaks behind him, I am damn well going to happily cry all over everything.

Do -- do any of you get all FEELINGS FEELINGS FEELINGS about Narnia? Surely this is at least somewhat a shared experience.

I have always possessed a weird sort of envy for those entries on my flist that say "You guys are all fired for not telling me about [x]!" I'm not sure why; maybe it's a weird mix of delight that my own flist does tell me when cool stuff is happening, and envy that this person's flist usually does the same. Or maybe it's just a great sentence! Either way, I finally have the opportunity to use it.

You guys are all fired for not telling me about The Ship's Closet. I distinctly recall at least a solid two weeks at the end of August when I would talk about almost nothing but Star Trek TOS and Kirk/Spock, and somehow I didn't come across this! The Ship's Closet is a YouTube show by [livejournal.com profile] brittanyksduh; she goes through bits of TOS Trek, some of the films, and occasionally things Roddenberry has said, and analyzes them for Kirk/Spock. Now, some of the things she says seem self-evident to me, or she hammers a point home for slightly too long, but I will allow that this is because I have been queering the text for ages and she doesn't have to do a lot to convince me. She also has great comedic timing, made me repeatedly choke with laughter, chooses some excellent clips, and argued some points that I hadn't thought of before. Let's face it, my analysis was mostly limited to, "And then they exchanged another LOOK, it was AMAZING," whereas now the glass in Wrath of Khan is even more likely to get me to burst into tears, and all of Amok Time is even more likely to make me clutch at my face, because HANDS, guys, HANDS.

This has put me in a very good mood, compounded by the fact that we've just had a blizzard blow through, the world is gorgeous, and I have barely crawled out of bed all day. My mum called a little while ago to find out how much snow had come through; I ended up telling her that we've had about six inches and that I was watching someone explain the Kirk/Spock love story to me. I don't know if she thought this was a perfectly normal way to spend my evening because she knows me or because Kirk/Spock is self-evident, but either way, I'm ridiculously happy right now.