I went to see Thor 2! I did not even go at midnight, but at the reasonable hour of 9 pm! And sdkhjgffg IT WAS SO GREAT.

Spoilers are a convergence. )

What I do know is that I need to see this film at least two more times and then write ... probably Loki/Thor/Jane fic with lots of Asgardian politics in. YEP.
+ THE FIC DRAFT IS DONE. It clocks in at 105k (...roughly 12k of which are porn), and it's off with Olivia right now, being beta'd. I feel really bizarre about this fic! I mean, I woke up today feeling really light and happy and excited because it's done, or done enough that I can actually think about anything else ever again, but -- among other things I've made myself emotionally compromised about Thor for life, so Thor 2 next week is going to be a difficulty. Amiel and I are going to the midnight premiere with a flask of mead, of course; and the funny thing is that, because we've only just made our fic deadline, if we post one a day starting Thursday it'll also be our fic-is-done-being-posted celebration. I really like the symmetry of that, and I also really like that it means this stupid fic is going to be like a bizarre week-long advent calendar countdown to Thor 2.

+ I have had so much wear out of my Thor dress lately! Obviously I wore it to NYCC, but I also wore it to a Halloween party Friday night and then to a come-dressed-in-your-costumes birthday party bowling session on Sunday. (Among the people bowling we had Kirk, Spock, Thor, Loki, and Martian Manhunter. Kirk and Spock took turns and were Team Enterprise; Thor and Loki were not a team. I did spectacularly well in the first game and spectacularly badly in the second, but in my defense there had been pizza and beer by then.) I am also working on Halloween, so ... gonna be barista!Thor. Looking forward to this kind of a lot.

- I got so excited about finishing the draft and having any free time again that I decided to get some finances in order and register for direct pay things! Then nothing would work in Chrome so I had to use Firefox, and one site worked after that but another refused to let me copy-paste anything into the email field, which ... is unfortunate, since I'm still doing ctrl+v every time I want to type the letter m. I'm putting this particular adulting shit on the backburner until I get a new laptop, but the latest in the ongoing laptop saga is that I got an email yesterday saying, sorry, your delivery has been delayed, we apologize for the inconvenience. At least this time they're not ... rescinding the product entirely? But this is fucking ridiculous.

+ On the other hand I finished the draft and I have any free time again! I also have very little work this week, which means I'm going to clear out the slush and catch up on tumblr and play lots of Dragon Age II and, assuming poor Housemate A actually gets home before midnight, make her play tons of Lego Marvel with me (seriously it is the BEST GAME EVER, like, Reed Richards literally turns into a giant tool, and HULK SMASH EVERYTHING, and the cut scenes with Doom and Loki are amazing). And I have plenty of time to do edits before posting, too! This week should be really pleasant.

Last weekend's New York adventures were such a good idea. Thursday evening was the Night Vale live show with [personal profile] oliviacirce, and it was SO GOOD. Cecil Baldwin's face is so great, and all their guest voices were delightful; I laughed so hard my belly hurt, and I hid in Olivia's shoulder from the scary parts, and I really hope they wide-release that episode sometime reasonably soon, because I want to yell with everyone about it! The cosplay was really great too: there were some hooded figures, a surprisingly large number of Scouts -- mostly from younger audience members who might actually be Scouts -- several Cecils with really impressive tattoos, and a super cute Carlos who did indeed have perfect hair. (I also spotted two Apache Trackers, one at the show and one at NYCC, but didn't collect myself in either instance in enough time to yell "WHAT AN ASSHOLE" after them.)

Comic Con was also pretty great! Went with [personal profile] polarisnorth, met up with [twitter.com profile] hazellazer and [twitter.com profile] nicoleanelle, though we didn't have the best time keeping track of one another; we did have some good hangouts and lunch and cosplay-spotting, though. I went as casual sundress Thor, and soon realized that this was a good costume in which to ask Loki cosplayers if I could give them a hug. Which was really interesting, actually! Everyone said yes, but most of the ones who were really into it, wanted to hug me back and talk &c, were being Lady Loki. I have no idea if this means anything! Some of them were also like "hey, thanks for asking," which ahhh oh god OF COURSE I WAS GONNA ASK. I think my favorite Loki encounter was one where Loki was this tiny lady in wearing Loki's end-of-Avengers costume, complete with chains and mask; she was the only one who hugged me like she was a super dangerous version of Loki, and the dude Thor she was with was really amused by it. All the Lokis were great, though! I didn't take pictures of most of them, because I didn't want to ask for a hug AND a photo, but one Lady Loki who'd made her own incredible costume did take a picture with me while we were out of the crowd crush.

Sundress Thor on the New York subway, holding a Starbucks mocha that says 'Nicole' on the side cos the barista wildly misheard me saying Thor; me with the really excellent Lady Loki, in what may be one of the best pictures of me ever. )

Then I stayed over with Olivia; she sat me down with booze and cupcakes and proceeded to tell me about One Direction for like three hours. In the morning before I left we went to brunch with [personal profile] mistresscurvy and one of her friends, and it would've been One Direction all the time except that I kept insistently talking about Tom Hiddleston while having a mimosa. I love New York vacation? and pretending to be an adult? and then talking about RPF at brunch.

I'm pretty happy now, is what I'm saying here! I have a movie night with friends tonight, and D&D tomorrow, and really kind flexible work hours that are letting me do the last bit of the Avengers fic in a fit of madness. (On the last part! 87,000 words and counting! Gonna try to be done over the weekend! WHEEEE.) I managed to order a new computer today, and I have lots of art from con to put up around the apartment, and ... some days are better than others, but it's good right now.
A list of things that are currently making me really happy:

+ Housemate A continues phenomenal. She is a degree of tidy that makes me really happy -- we had a cleaning session with blasting music the other day -- and she brought home the most adorable geeky posters from Otakon. She also, of all horrors, bought an Xbox this weekend, as well as Dragon Age: Origins, so ... that's what we've been doing. A is doing a round as a city elf rogue, Polaris as a casteless dwarf rogue, and I have discovered that I have a really bad attention span for video games, so I am [a] a human mage (named Loki because fuck you of course I'm playing as Loki, GONNA BE A BLOOD MAGE JUST TRY TO STOP ME) and [b] a forest elf rogue and nothing else yet but I really also want to play a dwarf warrior maybe? Comparative gameplay!! Curious about how soon I will burn out and wander off, but so far it is a delight.

+ I finished The King of Attolia! I don't know if I feel fannish about the Queen's Thief books? although obviously I'd be happy to be talked into feeling fannish about them. I do know that somewhere in the third book Gen tipped over from "someone I enjoy reading about" to "someone I will clutch metaphorically to me screeching about how great they are" because I just ... am so easy for people who are heartclutchingly good at what they do while not liking themselves nor what they need to do very much, so sdkldsfjdfs. I suppose I should read A Conspiracy of Kings next, but, well, we've been mainlining Hornblower and I keep on having all these Thor/Loki feelings and then wishing astolat had written more fic, so OBVIOUSLY the solution is to reread His Majesty's Dragon. (I tapped out of those books at the beginning of Empire of Ivory last time for reasons of having a Thing about plagues, and specifically not wanting to read about them, but I think I'm going to give it another go.)

+ Work is SO GREAT, especially now that my boss has basically scheduled me opposite shifts as Difficult Coworker (because my boss: also really great). I don't have anything more substantial than that, just, I'm really enjoying my ridiculous life being a barista at an indie bookstore. Also I may have discovered that my ability to make good caffeinated drinks means I've become good at making mixed alcoholic drinks as well, although obviously this bears further investigation.

+ At the end of the month my cousin is getting married! I'm excited to see my family, especially my parents and my grandma, and my cousin's fiance is excellent, and ahhh what am I going to wear, I haven't figured this out at all! My dad told me to spike my hair (and to ... wear a collar? I think he's confusing queers with punks; that or he knows something about my personal life that I have never ever told him) and generally dyke it up, because he is a delightful human sometimes. Eh, I will figure it out.

+ So many delightful things are happening this fall!! Dessa is here in September, and Vienna Teng is here in October, and excellent boss is giving me off those closing/following opening shifts so I can 100% make those concerts. She is also giving me off October 10-12th, which means I can [a] GO TO THE NIGHT VALE LIVE SHOW ([personal profile] oliviacirce: the best fucking wingman ever, with tickets for us both) and [b] go to Friday New York ComicCon if I fancy. Still debating whether it's worth $50, but if you are going to be at NYCC, let me know! Having people to hang out with would greatly up my incentive to go.

+ I ... may have also been given off the close/open of November 7/8th for reasons of midnight Thor 2. HELL YES THIS GETS ITS OWN BULLET POINT. Okay, also in this bullet point I will say that my fic is trucking along nicely and I loooove it. Gonna be done in plenty of time for people to read it before Thor 2 Josses the hell out of it.

This list brought to you by, oh my god, this isn't even a list of things I'm being determinedly cheerful about, this is just genuinely how happy and excited about life I am today. :DDD
i. Even though it is Wednesday I am not going to do the proper meme! Things I have been reading: The Thief and The Queen of Attolia (I am now on The King of Attolia) which I've found charming and engaging, and I'm enjoying the political machinations! I'm reserving a proper review for when I've done all four, I think. I've also been reading [personal profile] thingswithwings' Welcome to Night Vale fic, all of it, indiscriminately, because it keeps hitting me in all the best places that the show does. The City Council recommends that you run, RUN, QUICKLY, READ THOSE FICS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

ii. Having seen Pacific Rim, Polaris and I decided that we needed more of Idris Elba's face posthaste, and we've started watching Luther. We keep checking in with each other to make sure neither of us need to tap out, because goddamn that show is intense and upsetting, but it is also so gooood. (Let's be real, though: I'm there 50% for Idris Elba's face, and 50% for Luther's relationship with Alice Morgan, oh my god Alice, what an embarrassment of riches of things I love in fictional relationship dynamics.)

iii. THERE IS A NEW THOR TRAILER. Incoherent flailing? Also spoiler speculation, if you want to avoid potential spoilers. I have a lot of feeeeels. )
It is before noon and I have already done all the grocery shopping and paid rent! I am well pleased, and also cradling a cup of tea so I don't end up faceplanting into the keyboard. I've been up for ages because I crashed at Amiel's after contra last night, and oh my god, contra continues absolutely amazing. I am pleasantly sore today, and maybe I should try to properly take up yoga so I don't end up stiff and tottery over the weekend.

Mostly I'm just absurdly happy: contra, and this weekend at the harbor there's some kind of exhibition of tall ships, and on the 4th Polaris and I are planning to watch Independence Day and 1776, as you do when you want the weirdest double feature, and to have a cookout in the back yard (where we will presumably meet some of the neighbors, because I doubt we're the only ones with this idea). And in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love my housemates so much, see: aforementioned 4th of July plans, and the bit where when I got home today I found that K had left me the most adorable and terrifying gift ever. We're in season four of Babylon 5, and in ... celebration, or possibly to freak me out, K made a plushie Drakh Keeper, a tentacley alien neural parasite. It is SO CUTE, and buttons around one's neck! I plan to wear it like a scarf, and if I misbehave I will claim that the Drakh made me do it.

In other news, I just happily sailed through Runemarks by Joanne Harris, the basic premise of which is that Ragnarok happened five hundred years ago, Asgard fell, the gods are dead or imprisoned in various realms of the World Below, magic has been outlawed, and a dystopic Order reigns, so of course our fourteen-year-old magical heroine has to go on a quest to renew the world, and ... basically has a fantastic road trip with Loki. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. It occurs to me that I love most iterations of Loki not because he's played by Tom Hiddleston (because ... mostly he isn't, though I think in this he was) but because he is tricksy and saves the world a lot while loudly telling everyone that he's just in it for himself. (I may have imprinted on Howl from Howl's Moving Castle at an impressionable age.)

I also think I want to make a list of Books That Do Fun Interesting Things With Norse Mythology, but at the moment the list is limited to Runemarks, DWJ's Eight Days of Luke, and Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants. (American Gods doesn't make this cut cos it's about Norse mythology a bit but it's also about a hundred other things.) I am very much up for recommendations! Lots of Loki a bonus but not specifically required.
i. skfdk everyone run do not walk to listen to the podfic of Shatter, read by [livejournal.com profile] cyranothe2nd who is basically my new hero -- she makes the fic sound so good, and also upped my fondness for Jane a lot. SO GOOD. I would listen to it like five times in a row except that it's three and a half hours long, and also, let's be honest, I basically have the fic memorized. I just love the podfic so much!

ii. WisCon! I'm going with Emma and am stupid excited to show off Madison to her; we'll be arriving early Friday afternoon (fingers crossed, our bus schedule keeps changing so it's entirely possible we won't turn up until about five in the evening) and staying through Monday, and I'm really excited to see everyone. WISCON BUDDIES I WILL SEE YOU SOON. \o/

There is no thing three! Maybe I will try to write some filthy Thor/Loki before I'm off on weekend adventures, idk, maybe I will just clean the house.
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( Dec. 21st, 2011 01:41 pm)
It is pouring rain, which is not the midwinter snow I always desire but is still comfy sweater weather, and I have painted my nails gold, just cos. Today I think is a day to curl up and talk about fandom things!

i. HOBBIT TRAILER. I love everything about it! I love all the dwarves (distinctive enough that I have tried to resolve to learn which is which by the time the film comes out, although I'm fairly sure that as long as I can keep track of Thorin, Fili, Kili, Balin, and Bombur, I'll have my important bases covered). I love the clear determination to tell the dominoed events that culminate in Lord of the Rings, because that's apparently everything I've ever wanted from an expansion of the Hobbit; WHITE COUNCIL, PLZ. And I love Bilbo so, so much. I loved him more than anything when I was four, and I don't think I've ever managed to stop. This time next year I'm going to be a delighted sobbing mess of Hobbit emotions, I suspect.

ii. Four new Sherlock trailers, while we're on the subject of Martin Freeman In Everything. Despite having felt tetchy with Sherlock ever since Blind Banker was made of fail, I am quite willing to be excited. Mostly because cut for spoilery trailer things. )

iii. End of the year fandom meme! My ability to remember what fandoms are from what years is terrible at the best of times, but I'll give it a go. )

And now LUNCH. Also, I will attempt to not be too amused at everyone's alarm over the latest LJ debacle. Come to the Dreamwidth side, guys, it's nice here and you don't even need an invite code right now.
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( Oct. 5th, 2011 11:04 am)
All this Supernatural-watching is making me desperately want to reread the Demon's Lexicon books: like SPN, but in England, with fewer dudebros and dead women! Also, I am entertaining myself by imagining that on the weekends Alan Ryves, Dean Winchester, and Thor get together to commiserate about the towns their little brothers razed this week and to swap coping tips. Yep.

It was probably a terrible plan to watch Mystery Spot just before going to sleep. My dreams have been thankfully light on the creepy corpsey things (though there was a brief disturbing turn with rescuing a baby Voldemort during an exciting chase through the canals of Venice) but most of last night's dreams just repeated. themselves. over. and. over. VERY FUNNY, TRICKSTER GODS. (This is what I get for writing so much about Loki.) It also may have been a terrible plan to watch Mystery Spot generally, because I was already sold on Dean's codependence re: Sam, but I hadn't been sold on Sam's codependence re: Dean, and now I am just a wobbly mess of FEELINGS. My Supernatural-watching plans did not actually include this much faceclutching and emotional investment.

I like that season three has ACTUAL COLORS, though. And that Hollywood Babylon had meta on how horror films are supposed to be dark, you guys. But I'm with the studio exec that wanted jewel tones and saturation.

And now I will go interact with actual humans, who will expect discourse on subjects other than the ridic show I'm mainlining.
Thor deleted scenes! My god, it's like they left in all the Earth shenanigans and decided that Asgard and its beautiful scenery and Frigga having any lines at all and Loki's face were all less important than the Earth scenes! I ... do see how some of it was cut for pacing, but damn, nearly every deleted scene was a thing of joy and beauty forever.

More Loki scenes = WILD FLAILING. This is about half missing scene commentary and half me nattering on about character meta, because that's how I roll when I have new material for this film that I inexplicably have lots of feelings about. )

Brb, probably writing a billion more Loki fics. NOW WITH 100% MORE FRIGGA. And also additional Asgard sets!
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( Jul. 24th, 2011 09:58 am)
I saw Captain America last night! I also saw hilarious previews for some bewildering version of Three Musketeers where Orlando Bloom is evil, everything is steampunk, and D'Artagnan has an American accent, and for the new Spiderman, which has a weirdly Twilight aesthetic. But never mind that, Cap was more interesting.

Spoilers! This is a weird patchwork reaction post made of IM conversations, paragraphing, getting sidetracked by Thor shoutouts, my general feelings of AWW STEVE, and a drinking game. )

And then there was the AVENGERS TRAILER. I ... didn't actually realize how excited I was about this (or maybe how Loki-deprived, idk) until the trailer started playing, and I started shaking. Seriously, I was sitting there in the theatre VIBRATING WITH JOY and slowly chewing through my lip so I didn't start making obnoxious or obscene noises. I don't really have anything spoilery to say, I'm just really fucking excited. WHEN IS MAY 2012.

In conclusion, though, know what I would absolutely watch? A film in which Sif decides, screw this boys' club, I'm going to Midgard and being useful, and when she gets there she runs into Natasha, and they train together and teach each other tricks, and Sif can't quite get a read on Natasha but is pretty delighted regardless. Meanwhile, Pepper notices this and uses her CEO powers to get them a nice place to do all this, and coordinates the effort to intercept intelligence about where their skills might be useful. Jane can be there for SCIENCE, of, y'know, the handwavey Marvel variety, and Darcy does all their tech stuff. Also, Peggy was frozen or something, handwaaave, and now she's around to do the intel when Pepper's too busy with her million other responsibilities, and when Pepper's free, Peggy goes on missions with Sif and Natasha. They can still fight Loki, I guess; maybe in this universe Loki is Doom's evil girlfriend, and they're the big bads, although if we're going outside the Marvel Studios' properties with Doom, I move that Emma and Mystique are also around, either fighting or causing crime. THAT IS THE FILM I WANT TO SEE.

I'm still pretty excited about Avengers, though.
+ The response I've already got to the Loki fic is making me clutch my face with glee. It is magical to be in an active fandom. (It is also magical to know there are lots of people who share my Loki FEELINGS.) Now I just have to convince myself that not everything needs a plot, and that it is okay if I write Sif/Darcy without apology. I also have to convince myself that I am capable of writing Tony Stark, but this may, in fact, be a lie.

+ Speaking of Starks, I have the first episode of Game of Thrones sitting on my computer. Taunting me. Daring me to watch it, even though I have an inner voice wailing that I shouldn't dare watch it without reading the books first. Shut up, little voice, you coped with True Blood, you can cope with this. (Oh HBO, why you gotta keep half-seducing me into watching bits of your shows.)

+ I cannot stop listening to the gay mutant disco love song from the First Class credits. It has become the soundtrack in my mind. I am having such a strange relationship with First Class fandom! Like, on the one hand Erik/Charles is my pairing type FOREVER, and I am so, so glad that it has suddenly become fandom's thing du jour. On the other hand, the more I think about the film the more issues I have with a bunch of its basic structures and assumptions, and navigating unknown fic is a minefield of avoiding Holocaust-related hurt/comfort or the assumption that Charles is actually a good and correct person, oh god how many times have I hit the back button. On the mutant (haha) third hand, a lot of excellent writers and people I know are doing so, so right by it, and so I keep reading fic, and feeling mildly bewildered, and listening to the gay mutant disco love song yet again.

+ I went to see Midnight in Paris yesterday. It is unutterably charming, you guys. I have a low tolerance for Woody Allen films, but this one was great. I originally went to see it on the promise of Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald, and he was indeed pretty delightful (although oh god he had an American accent, cognitive dissonance, WHAT IS HAPPENING) but the best part was actually Ernest Hemingway, who had me basically rolling in my seat laughing. If you like jokes about 1920s writers, watch the hell out of this.

+ I seem to be rereading American Gods; this is great fun, because I get to clutch my face and cackle when it talks about Shadow's cellmate Low Key and his scarred smile, and also I keep going, "Oh, ODIN," when no one is in the room. But I think I should warn you all: don't read Neil Gaiman late at night. Just don't do it. I used to know this, but last night I foolishly forgot, and for my transgression I dreamed that I was Shadow and had to talk with Laura while she was a half-decayed corpse; I was pretty chill about this, but there was SCREAMING INSIDE, believe me. Why you gotta do this, brain? I would have taken Aziraphale and Crowley over this. I would've taken Loki over this! Oh well. In conclusion, Neil Gaiman, late nights, no. I imagine this applies even harder if the reading in question is Sandman.

+ ...I am really tempted to watch a trio of Xena episodes in which, wiki tells me, Xena is Odin's most feared Valkyrie, Gabrielle hangs out with Brunhilda, Xena helps Beowulf defeat Grendel and ends up married to Hrothgar, and then there is girlkissing. On the other hand, if I try to watch it I might actually start laughing too hard to see.
Apparently I have decided that it is time for Thor Softer World remixes. (There is in fact a really lovely tumblr, A Softer Asgard, to which I will probably be submitting a few of these.) But, um, mostly this is a demonstration of how patience is a virtue -- a few of these are made with high-quality caps from trailers, but the majority are from a telesync and fairly rubbish. Trailers, why you gotta have almost no Loki?

Anyway. 10 Thor Softer World comics under the cut! Some of them are quite silly, and some of them are quite sad, and all of them are spoilery. )
[personal profile] songofsongs: we are seeing loki tomorrow
[personal profile] aria: hahaha
[personal profile] aria: LOKI
[personal profile] aria: that is the actual name of the film
[personal profile] songofsongs: IT'S TRUE
[personal profile] songofsongs: we have a plan. it involves several different ways this is gonna play out
[personal profile] songofsongs: on the one hand, no one will be in the theatre because it is a tues and late in the running of the movie
[personal profile] songofsongs: in which case CONSTANT SCREEN-CALLING
[personal profile] aria: do you have anything planned?
[personal profile] songofsongs: not yet! but I want to!
[personal profile] aria: omg obvs you have to yell CONVENIENT ODINSLEEP
[personal profile] songofsongs: wanna yell something at convenient odin!sleep
[personal profile] songofsongs: ...
[personal profile] aria: slkfsjdfsjsdfjdfs
[personal profile] songofsongs: OH GOD
[personal profile] aria: WHAT ARE WE
[personal profile] songofsongs: EVERYTHING AWESOME
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( Jun. 11th, 2011 06:53 pm)
Today in things that are awesome:

+ Writing Thor/Loki sex DURING A THUNDERSTORM. I have been waiting like a week for this, weather! Thank you for obliging. (Oh my god it is pouring. Gorgeous.)

+ [livejournal.com profile] inkasrain's podfic of [livejournal.com profile] astolat's *THOR* primer! The primer itself is pretty great -- it is about the "totally not at all Loki-centric plot of the movie" -- and the podfic is funny and charming beyond words.

+ Ouroboros by [personal profile] feverbeats: Heimdall/Loki, and so great I can't even really stand it. Or even really talk about why I love it? It gives me so many Loki feelings that I don't have any words left. But you should read it, because it is really, really great.
So this Loki fic that I'm writing. It is a little bit [personal profile] skipthedemon's fault, re: this thread, but it is mostly my fault, both for Loki being my character type to an absurd degree, and for the fact that I'm doing that thing, the thing where it is summer and I'm hiding indoors from the humidity and my mind latches onto this one thing I want to fix and story I want to tell and then WORDS, WORDS FOR WEEKS.

This is by way of saying that I've been writing this fic for two weeks now, and it's at 24,000 words. That's only half the daily output of the season projects, but it is more than enough of the daily output for NaNo, and also already 4000 words longer than anything else I've written barring the season projects. And it's not anywhere near done. I just -- god, I hope it comes in under 50,000 by a good margin?


I am so sorry I seem to have gone completely mad. Again.
1. Today I was running errands, which somehow included going to a bookstore for American Gods. (Any relationship between my desire to own this book and my recent ridiculous fandom infatuation with a warped Marvel version of a particular mythology is purely coincidental.) I also skulked about the YA section, as one does, and stumbled across a paperback reissue of Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness books. Let me tell you, internet, the covers were amazing; they were so Hip YA Paranormal Romance that I wanted to cry tears of joyous laughter. The Woman Who Rides Like A Man had, far and away, the best cover -- google images provides a rather small and grainy picture of it here -- but let me describe it to you:

Alanna is slender, sexy, pleasantly androgynous, and is wearing a cute shirt from Forever 21 or something. On each side she is flanked by a strapping young man, presumably Jon and George respectively. George has folded arms and what may or may not be a leather jacket, because he's the tough guy from the streets! Jon is a sensitive guy with a semi-open shirt, and bewilderingly, looks exactly like I picture him! The point is, guys, I am so glad I don't have these covers, and I also love them a whole lot.

2. I kind of posted on tumblr about this, but I also wanted to say it here, so. There is this lovely quote by McAvoy re: Erik/Charles:
"It is a little bit of a mini-tragedy that him and Magneto don’t, you know, have sex and become married and become best friends." [via Daily Telegraph]
So the thing about this is that I am totally delighted that McAvoy went there, and knew what he was playing. I'm delighted about that the same way I love that Sir Ian McKellen said something about how X3 should have started with a panning shot of Xavier and Magneto in bed together. It is, in every conceivable way, totally amazing and lovely that the actors playing these parts know to queer the hell out of their subtext.

But you know what? I'd really like it to be text. I'd like it if we could move past Bobby's unsubtle coming-out-to-his-family scene, and past Hank's "You didn't ask, so I didn't tell," and realize that X-Men really is a great place to damn well start textually queering our superheroes. Making Charles/Erik canon would come with its own fun set of problems, like the fact that Erik is ~evil~, but I don’t care because it would be such a great start.

(Still: BECOME MARRIED. That is a really charming quote.)

3. My Loki AU That Will Not End has just broken 20,000 words. I have given up estimating how long it's going to be. In fact, I have given up on the notion of free will entirely, because I am fairly sure I am just here as a vessel to Loki's storytelling whims. I regret nothiiiiing.
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( Jun. 5th, 2011 08:33 pm)
Amelia: oooohhhh loki do not drink your sorrows
Amelia: never a good plan
Aria: by which I mean the worst ones
Amelia: also, please don't tell me he does the liquid nitrogen thing while drunk
Aria: ...okay, I won't tell you, then
Amelia: alcohol + chemistry experiments = BADBADNOBAD
Aria: no one taught loki science safety
Amelia: he was too pretty for safety goggles. they didn't match his horned helmet

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( Jun. 5th, 2011 12:30 pm)
I think it is time to admit that this is not a week-long whirlwind romance, and Thor is indeed my new pet fandom. All the signs are there: I keep refreshing the kinkmeme, and the loki tag on tumblr; I have downloaded fanmixes and tracked down comics (can we talk about HOW COMPLETELY ADORABLE KID!LOKI IS); I went to see the movie a third damn time, this time with some friends.

[Actually, an aside: after said third viewing, a conversation with my friend C illustrating a fundamental difference in our approach to this film:

ME. Loki is complex and damaged and weirdly beautiful and he makes my heart hurt!
HER. That's cool; I just want to rub my face all over Thor's abs.]

Anyway, my point is, I have fallen hilariously hard. The good fic is still frustratingly difficult to find, but it is good fun to be on the ground floor of an explosion of fannish enthusiasm nonetheless. And, maybe because good fic is still a bit thin in the ground, and possibly just because I have ALL THE LOKI FEELINGS, the fic I am writing has just, um, broken 10,000 words. And I am maybe halfway done. Maaaaybe.

Also, good fic thin on the ground does not mean good fic impossible to find, and so, insta-rec: Dominion by [archiveofourown.org profile] astolat; throne!sex, or, how to write perfect Thor/Loki in 500 words or less.
While a lot of my flist is excitedly posting about going to WisCon, I ... went to see Thor again.

It's actually really hard to watch when one is watching for the express purpose of following Loki's arc and motivations. I spent a lot of the film wide-eyed and clutching my face. (I really need to stop falling in love with the villains. They always come back, which is great, but they never catch a break either.) Now I have more than enough in my head to Write A Fic! I hope that by announcing this, I will either do that thing where I feel accomplished enough for just announcing it that I leave it be, or that I write it quickly and move on.

Also, what the hell, RECS TIME.

+ Myth and Legend by [livejournal.com profile] bagheera_san: Lex/Loki. It would seem ironic, the trickster wanting revenge for a lie, but Lex understands perfectly. Some crimes are unforgivable between father and son. And some beings offend merely by existing. I don't know about you guys but I want a billion Lex/Loki fics now. No one is surprised that I love this one.

+ The Incestuous Elephant in the Room by [livejournal.com profile] quiddative: Thor/Loki. "While Thor and I respect the customs here on Earth, you have to understand that we have been raised under completely different social conducts." Five times Thor and Loki horrified the other Avengers, and one time the Avengers shrugged and dealt with it. This is hilarious.

+ The Later Edda: Lokisaga by [archiveofourown.org profile] bluestalking: Loki gen. Loki’s reaction to this was bad, as he never liked a lie he did not contrive himself. Thor retold as Loki's story in Old Norse prose in translation. This understands Loki so well, and also fixes the ending, and I love it a lot.