Things I have done today:

+ gazed starry-eyed upon White Collar
+ cleaned the house
+ done most of the online shopping I've been meaning to do
+ done a round of combing through job listings

Things I will do today:

+ go a second round of combing through job listings
+ stare blankly at my resume and feel sad
+ write about Frigga visiting with Norns
+ try to get Thor and Loki the hell off Asgard in under 10,000 words

Things I might do today:

+ phonetalk with my mother and be able to report actual adulthood happening
+ respond to some emails I keep forgetting about
+ figure out what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for this sleep shirt so that I can order it, really, though, what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for that sleep shirt? Either even the small will fit me fairly loosely, or they somehow mixed up in and cm, in which case all the sizes are bewilderingly small. I look at that chart and all I can think of is Hiddleston yelling LOKI'D!
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( Feb. 10th, 2011 09:49 pm)
I have realized that my to-do list for the foreseeable future looks a lot like:

+ read the rest of the Vorkosigan Saga
+ read lots of Patrick O'Brian
+ read various manuscripts for my internship
+ write languishing WIPs
+ write slightly-less-languishing original fiction

All I'm saying is, if I unexpectedly disappear, it's probably because I have DROWNED IN WORDS.

In extremely related news, I've decided that I obviously don't have nearly enough writing to do already! Because I'd really like to write some Valentine's Day ficlets. Comment here with a pairing (from any fandom you know I know/write) and I will write them having a (first) kiss. I won't reply in comments; it'll all go up in one post on the 14th. But I think this would be fun! Have at it. :D
Aria's summer to-do list, divided into three sections, all of it hopefully at least a tad realistic. )

I am hoping that I will at least accomplish all of the things in the real life to do list (even the girlfriend one and the cooking one, because a girl can dream); I am hoping I will accomplish at least half of the things in the to write list; and I sort of hope that, out of my to-watch list, the only one I will make any real effort on will be Babylon 5, because I would honestly rather sacrifice that list to the other two than the reverse.
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( Dec. 4th, 2009 10:32 pm)
By Saturday the twelfth I will have completed 90% of my work and can hopefully stop feeling as though there's a meltdown imminent. In the meantime, though, Aria's five ways to briefly unwind from academic stress:

1. The tried-and-true scouring of the internet for entertaining things. Some current favourites: *Hark! A Vagrant; *Autocomplete Me; *Muppets Studio; *ADORABLE BBC Doctor Who Christmas indent; *A priest, a rabbi, and an ATA user walk into a bar ...; *New Moon parody that ships Edward/Jacob. I never pretended to have taste.

2. Hoarding little bottles of girly drinks and attempting to write porn. Caution: don't try this on week nights or your future self will hate you.

3. Watching comfort telly. See re: my previous statement about having no taste; my comfort telly ranges from "Anything with Paul Gross in, provided I don't have to hide behind my hands too often" to "Scenes from the High School Musicals" to "I think I need to watch a lieutenant colonel is being beaten for the twentieth time."

4. Going to the gym and biking or running until there's no room at all for worrying and cataloguing everything I still need to do, and the only thing left is if I can get my body to behave, I can get my mind to behave too. I run longer on loud Hugh Dillon music than I do with anything else, but YMMV.

5. Sleeping. Sleeping as much as I possibly can.

I notice that when I'm stressed out I tend to spend as much time alone as possible, but I think that's fairly healthy; this way I don't take out my stress on my friends, and I have the time to just settle into myself and center. What do you guys do to reduce stress? I'm very much in keeping-the-panic-at-bay mode and I'm always up for more calming and happy-making.


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