i. WisCon this year was wonderful! as WisCon every year is wonderful. It felt particularly short this year, though (a situation exacerbated by [a] not arriving til Friday afternoon, [b] the vid party being on Saturday instead of Friday and thus cutting into Saturday lobbycon, and [c] increasing numbers of my friends being on panels; maybe one of these years I will be brave and go on a panel myself). The vid party was delightful, it was so so great to see old WisCon buddies and to meet new ones, the GOH speeches made me cry a bit, and next year I fully intend to arrive Thursday and give myself breathing room and really bask in the con.

ii. Relatedly I am reading NK Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy! Currently in the middle of the third one, still loving it, though nothing will be as id-satisfyingly perfect to me as Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was. (SO perfectly id-satisfying; I've been summarizing it to people on twitter as "court intrigues and captive gods and family drama," and there has been much sage nodding/laughing at me because why yes that IS a portrait of my id.) I ... also think they're really well-written and -plotted and all that good stuff, but I'm not sure I can recommend them as Perfect Books, because mostly they are just perfect to me.

iii. Other things that are a bit perfect to me: Maleficent! Mild spoilers, mostly pleased. )

iv. I also saw Days of Future Past, but that doesn't get a spoiler cut, since it can be summarized as "Quicksilver and Mystique were my favorite parts, it was fun I guess." Sorry, X-Men, I think I'm officially broken up with you :/ Not that I won't see any future films in that universe, but I don't have lots of fannish feelings about it right now.

v. Meanwhile, in my job in the barista AU, I am now a shift supervisor! This means getting up earlier, but also getting paid more and getting to go home earlier, and is for the most part really nice. (As I type this, one of the other shift supervisors is texting me to do a complicated schedule swap because he wants to play a show with his band on a day he has a closing shift. I'm living in a weird hipster fic, send help.)

iv. Polaris and I have spent some of the day researching animal shelters in the area! Perhaps next week we will get a cat or two, stay tuned :DDD
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( Jun. 4th, 2013 09:50 am)
So WisCon happened! As usual, it was absolutely lovely, although this year I went to fewer panels than I intended; on the other hand, much of the con involved me playing host to [personal profile] filia_belialis and [personal profile] such_heights, since it was their first time at WisCon. We had lots of meals together, and impromptu room parties, and it was delightful. (We may have officially called our room the Tom Hiddleston Recovery Unit, but there wasn't so much recovery as just lots of yelling about him/Tilda Swinton/the Avengers cast/the Doctor Who cast/&c. Also [personal profile] oliviacirce hid behind lots of imaginary pillars.)

The con in more detail, cut for length! )

I think this about covers it! Although in more serious news, usually I do WisCon and come out of it feeling energized, and pleased with myself, and like I've recharged for another year of normal things before it comes around again. Not so much this year! I was low-energy enough that I felt a bit like I needed twice the usual time to even sink properly into the con spirit and relax enough to enjoy myself. It was also a reminder of all the things I like, and something like a punch to the face about how I'm not doing the things I like, at least in my dumb not particularly rewarding day job. Which is really great, actually, in the sense that instead of feeling like an affirmation this year con felt like a wake-up call, to go out and try to make the rest of my life more like the stories I want it to be again.
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( May. 22nd, 2013 12:38 pm)
Okay, I'm going to be at WisCon for the next five days (!!!) which means if I don't make this television post now, it's never going to get made. And so! TV I have watched & have feelings about!

Community, spoilers through the finale, shruggy but positive )

Doctor Who, spoilers through the finale, kind of ambivalent )

Elementary!! spoilers through the finale, unmitigated joy )

In addition to these, Polaris and I have also been watching Person of Interest, Polaris because a friend highly recommended it, me because now that astolat has moved on from Thor/Loki porn to Finch/Reese porn my life has been a barren wasteland and I wanted to be able to read her porn again. (I do things for good serious intellectual reasons.) We love it a whole lot?? We're only at the beginning of season two, and the beginning of season two hit me in the face with MACHINE FEELS, which will now live with my Fiiinch feels, and my John-Reese's-stupid-face feels, and my Caaaarter feels, and my ongoing dedication to Amy Acker and Enrico Colantoni. So uh that's been great? And I'd totally write the dystopia-with-robots AU, or the Batman AU, except I don't even need to.

All of this actually fails to be a rundown about what I'll be yelling about at WisCon, because what I'll be yelling about at WisCon is Avengers, as always. I don't think I need to do a Care & Feeding post, if only because I haven't done one in years past but have managed just fine, but: Amiel and I will be arriving tomorrow noon! If any of y'all are already in the area, hit us up and we'd be happy to do pre-con hangouts. :DDD
I feel sort of like I'm doing the mental equivalent of that Unfuck Your Habitat thing -- my physical habitat is super unfucked! I brush the cats, I sweep and dust! I'm really excited for warmer weather because soon I shall fling open all the windows and do a deep-clean of the apartment! -- but I keep feeling massively stressed. Some of it is stuff entirely outside my control, of course, but I'm getting better at identifying the stressors and taking care of those, one thing at a time.

For example, this morning I registered for WisCon and got a room! Right now the going plan is to room with my sweeties and [personal profile] such_heights, so exciiiiited. (I also bought a dessert ticket, because Jo Walton. ...I should perhaps read some of her stuff besides Among Others before the con.) I even called up the hotel and registered by phone, by speaking to another human being and everything, and it was okay. Somehow in the last five years I've become the sort of person who does not panic every time she needs to make a phone call, oh wow my endless relief.

Also, I have finally figured out the answer to my tumblr problem. (My tumblr problem, in this case, being that there is no way I can actually manage to keep up with it given the other more important commitments in my life and the fact that I don't have job that involves downtime in front of a computer.) The answer to my tumblr problem: don't even try to stay caught up! Just look at some stuff, reblog some stuff, wander off, and then go back to the new first page next time! It is less freeing than I want it to be, because I'm still a bit OCD about completing things, but this still seems like the wisest choice.

Meanwhile I have also been watching some TV? I'm very bad at keeping up with most of it! Plus Polaris and I are watching every Bond film ever (ALMOST DONE!) and I'm showing Housemate K all of Buffy (halfway through s2 now!) because she's never seen it. Even so, I have been watching:

Community! Spoilers do a quick overview of the season so far. )

Elementary! Spoilers mostly just gush about Lucy Liu. )

White Collar! Spoilers are mostly me nattering about whether Neal is sleeping with the Burkes yet. )

Also, the Buffy rewatch is DELIGHTFUL. Housemate K adores Spike and Dru intensely, as well she should; meanwhile I'm mostly just really excited to watch her reaction faces, as we're about ... three episodes from Innocence right now. GOOD TIMES.
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( May. 31st, 2012 03:14 pm)
Belatedly, a WisCon post! I keep putting it off because it's so damn hot out that my brain doesn't really want to string together articulate sentences; this post may therefore be a bit scattered. But I had a really good time -- it was fun showing Emma around, and getting to see all my WisCon buddies, and rediscovering that this con really is one of my happy places.

A rundown of the weekend, cut for length. )
i. skfdk everyone run do not walk to listen to the podfic of Shatter, read by [livejournal.com profile] cyranothe2nd who is basically my new hero -- she makes the fic sound so good, and also upped my fondness for Jane a lot. SO GOOD. I would listen to it like five times in a row except that it's three and a half hours long, and also, let's be honest, I basically have the fic memorized. I just love the podfic so much!

ii. WisCon! I'm going with Emma and am stupid excited to show off Madison to her; we'll be arriving early Friday afternoon (fingers crossed, our bus schedule keeps changing so it's entirely possible we won't turn up until about five in the evening) and staying through Monday, and I'm really excited to see everyone. WISCON BUDDIES I WILL SEE YOU SOON. \o/

There is no thing three! Maybe I will try to write some filthy Thor/Loki before I'm off on weekend adventures, idk, maybe I will just clean the house.
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( May. 30th, 2010 09:19 pm)
First, Remix reveals were today, so I can say that I wrote Dimensions in Space (The Perfect Fit Remix). It's basically the fic I've wanted to write about Mickey for years.

Second, WisCon's vid party was last night, and I have discovered lots of new excellent vids. The entire list of vids shown is here, compiled by the awesome [personal profile] damned_colonial; I do have a short list of recs, though:

*One Girl Revolution (multi): One in the awesome tradition of kickass small-screen women.
*I Enjoy Being a Girl (multi): And another, this one somewhat more tongue-in-cheek.
*The Other Love Quadrangle (BSG): I secretly suspect that Adama/Leoben, Adama/Roslin, Leoben/Kara, and Leoben/Roslin are EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER WANTED. Thanks for that, vid.
*I'll Be There For You (Black Books): This is everything that I love about Black Books, all wrapped up in happy music. <3
*Anything the Doctor Can Do... (Doctor Who): The Doctor and the Master keep trying to one-up one another. This is made 1000x better by the fact that John Barrowman is singing one half of the duet.
*I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes): This vid does not quite convince me I need to watch A2A, but it does give me fucking shivers. I was clutching my face by the end.

I basically recommend the entire six-hour playlist, though. :D