A lot of lovely stuff has been going on lately! The new job continues excellent, and I have been spending lots of time with Amiel (we are rewatching Firefly, which I still love despite its numerous flaws), but apparently for Dreamwidth posting, Reading Wednesdays are basically my speed right now. Even if today is Thursday.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. This book ... reminded me a lot of Diana Wynne Jones, in weird ways, where adults are not to be trusted to keep you safe, and some of them are inhumanly evil, and being a child will not protect you; but it was less safe than most DWJ books are. I think I liked it? I think it's worth a reread, anyway, although the older I get, the less Gaiman's view of the universe feels anything like mine. The language was lovely and precise as usual, though, I do just straight-up enjoy Gaiman as a storyteller.

a love song for schrödinger by pathopharmacology, Night Vale, Cecil/Carlos. Baby's first Night Vale fic! And what a good one it was. I'm in the middle of several others, and it seems like fandom's Cecil runs a spectrum from sliiightly off to total eldritch abomination; this one features a Cecil who is slightly off, and it's lovely. Nothing much happens except for Carlos having a conversation with an angel and sort of ... settling in and loving Night Vale, and it's so great. I want a million fics like this to savor during the time between episodes.

Recruitment Practices by thingswithwings, Community/Night Vale. Cecil interviews Troy, Annie, and Abed for a morning show slot! Everyone is in-character and hilarious and weird! I just want to wrap this fic around me like a blanket, seriously, I think it's become an instant comfort read.

What are you currently reading?

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. Don't start yelling with joy yet, though, I'm only three chapters in, and all Gen has done so far is charm me utterly and hate horses a lot. I'm really liking it so far, though!

What do you think you'll read next?

Presumably The Queen of Attolia! And lots more Night Vale fic.

Obviously I'm all caught up on Night Vale now! WHAT A GREAT PODCAST. Polaris and I are also slowly and steadily making our way through Orphan Black, which remains completely phenomenal. And ... honestly all I've been doing lately, while not at work or hanging out with friends, is watching footage of Tom Hiddleston at ComicCon, snarling at my screen in despair. Seriously, at this point the only thing standing between me and a total RPF-writing breakdown is my stupid long Avengers fic.

Oh, and I saw Pacific Rim! I don't have any deep complicated thoughts about it; I love all the excited meta about Mako Mori, and also all the slightly angry meta about Amazing Sci-Fi Films That Could Have Been (this post of [personal profile] barometry's is especially great), but really what I've taken home from it is [a] IDRIS ELBA YOUR FACE IS THE BEST FACE and [b] wow, let's talk about all the fusions where characters from other fandoms are Jaeger copilots. Clint and Natasha! Sherlock and Joan! Troy and Abed! &c &c.
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( May. 22nd, 2013 12:38 pm)
Okay, I'm going to be at WisCon for the next five days (!!!) which means if I don't make this television post now, it's never going to get made. And so! TV I have watched & have feelings about!

Community, spoilers through the finale, shruggy but positive )

Doctor Who, spoilers through the finale, kind of ambivalent )

Elementary!! spoilers through the finale, unmitigated joy )

In addition to these, Polaris and I have also been watching Person of Interest, Polaris because a friend highly recommended it, me because now that astolat has moved on from Thor/Loki porn to Finch/Reese porn my life has been a barren wasteland and I wanted to be able to read her porn again. (I do things for good serious intellectual reasons.) We love it a whole lot?? We're only at the beginning of season two, and the beginning of season two hit me in the face with MACHINE FEELS, which will now live with my Fiiinch feels, and my John-Reese's-stupid-face feels, and my Caaaarter feels, and my ongoing dedication to Amy Acker and Enrico Colantoni. So uh that's been great? And I'd totally write the dystopia-with-robots AU, or the Batman AU, except I don't even need to.

All of this actually fails to be a rundown about what I'll be yelling about at WisCon, because what I'll be yelling about at WisCon is Avengers, as always. I don't think I need to do a Care & Feeding post, if only because I haven't done one in years past but have managed just fine, but: Amiel and I will be arriving tomorrow noon! If any of y'all are already in the area, hit us up and we'd be happy to do pre-con hangouts. :DDD
I feel sort of like I'm doing the mental equivalent of that Unfuck Your Habitat thing -- my physical habitat is super unfucked! I brush the cats, I sweep and dust! I'm really excited for warmer weather because soon I shall fling open all the windows and do a deep-clean of the apartment! -- but I keep feeling massively stressed. Some of it is stuff entirely outside my control, of course, but I'm getting better at identifying the stressors and taking care of those, one thing at a time.

For example, this morning I registered for WisCon and got a room! Right now the going plan is to room with my sweeties and [personal profile] such_heights, so exciiiiited. (I also bought a dessert ticket, because Jo Walton. ...I should perhaps read some of her stuff besides Among Others before the con.) I even called up the hotel and registered by phone, by speaking to another human being and everything, and it was okay. Somehow in the last five years I've become the sort of person who does not panic every time she needs to make a phone call, oh wow my endless relief.

Also, I have finally figured out the answer to my tumblr problem. (My tumblr problem, in this case, being that there is no way I can actually manage to keep up with it given the other more important commitments in my life and the fact that I don't have job that involves downtime in front of a computer.) The answer to my tumblr problem: don't even try to stay caught up! Just look at some stuff, reblog some stuff, wander off, and then go back to the new first page next time! It is less freeing than I want it to be, because I'm still a bit OCD about completing things, but this still seems like the wisest choice.

Meanwhile I have also been watching some TV? I'm very bad at keeping up with most of it! Plus Polaris and I are watching every Bond film ever (ALMOST DONE!) and I'm showing Housemate K all of Buffy (halfway through s2 now!) because she's never seen it. Even so, I have been watching:

Community! Spoilers do a quick overview of the season so far. )

Elementary! Spoilers mostly just gush about Lucy Liu. )

White Collar! Spoilers are mostly me nattering about whether Neal is sleeping with the Burkes yet. )

Also, the Buffy rewatch is DELIGHTFUL. Housemate K adores Spike and Dru intensely, as well she should; meanwhile I'm mostly just really excited to watch her reaction faces, as we're about ... three episodes from Innocence right now. GOOD TIMES.
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( Jan. 25th, 2013 12:11 pm)
Today I was ringing up a woman who gave her name as Annie. "Like the little orphan, I guess," this Annie said. "Actually," said I, "I associate that name with the character on Community; have you seen it?" She was familiar, she said, but only because her roommate watched it, so I explained a bit about Annie Edison, with great enthusiasm, while I got her change. "Okay, sold," Annie said. "I'll totally check it out." VICTORY!

Unrelated to Annie, a protip: if you don't deign to get off your fucking phone whilst ordering coffee, your barista may be smiling, but they will probably also be harboring warm fuzzy thoughts of totally murdering you right in the face.

I don't ... actually spend a lot of time at work imagining barista AUs, but the Avengers one would be so easy. Like, Nick Fury owns the coffee shop, obviously; I don't know what the coffee shop is called, because I can't think of any coffee-related puns with the word "shield" in them. Whatever. Coulson and Hill and Natasha run shifts; Clint has been there longer than Tasha, and got her hired, and watched starry-eyed while she got promoted, and may or may not be dating her. The other baristas are Steve, art student; Bruce, PhD student who works weekends; Janet, who hates the part where she has to get coffee for her asshole ex-boyfriend Hank every morning; Loki, who got Frigga in the high school divorce and needs this job to pay for college; and Thor, who got Odin in the divorce and could totally be a junior partner at dad's company but is rebelling in what Loki thinks is the most irritating way possible by working at the same stupid coffee shop. Tony, obviously, is that one regular who flirts with absolutely everyone (especially Natasha and Bruce) despite the fact that Pepper meets him there half the time. And I guess this coffee shop is near a school with a good science program, because Jane is obviously also there, and has recently become a regular in order to stare at Thor more frequently. (Darcy endorses this.) Uh so probs Reed Richards uses it as his local too, and ... probably the X-Men are around too; Charles and Erik play chess in the back room every day. And I'm going to stop now! But this AU would be SO EASY, whee.
Last night, after Polaris' and my second Avengers viewing, we held a small impromptu fanpeople party that over the course of the evening whittled itself down to me, Polaris, [livejournal.com profile] paper_tzipporah, and an impressive amount of wine. And then we had an absurd discussion about the characters from Community hanging out with the characters from Avengers; afaik there are no specific Avengers spoilers under the cut, but I have one anyway to be on the safe side. Click if you want to hear about ridiculous Avengers/Community crossovers! )

Anyway I still find this entertaining in the sober light of day, and so! That was an excerpt of my delightful evening.
I am all packed! (Well, almost all, I still have a few accusatory items sitting outside my suitcases.) My life does not pack neatly into a duffle as it ideally should, and I have sent a hilarious cavalcade of boxes up ahead of me, but mostly the packing has been good and not too consuming. I also found some successful button-down shirts! It is all terribly exciting, and oh my god, tomorrow I am moving in with my BFF and I will actually be near friends and found family and all of this is SO GREAT.

Of course this means I probably won't have internet time again for a while, so before I go off on real life adventures, some fannish things:

i. I am bad at announcing things when I run out of exciting polls, but Zoe won my tiny Fandom March Madness! When I did a vote-for-attractive-people poll last year, Gina Torres won that too, so I think the only conclusion to draw is that you guys remain in excellent taste.

ii. Um ... this week's Community. Spoilers feel bizarre about this episode. )

iii. And I saw Hunger Games! Spoilers actually much prefer the film to the book. )
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( Feb. 22nd, 2012 06:15 pm)
i. This week's White Collar: it's a good thing I care about the characters, because oh man I do not care about baseball. Tim DeKay's fanboy face is really great, though! And we are now approaching finale time anxiousness. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO.

ii. As everyone who cares about Community probably already knows, it returns March 15! I am way too ridiculously excited about it considering that I need to remember the show is not actually about Troy, Abed, and Annie's roleplay-heavy threesome adventures in their apartment. Whatever, I'm also excited for legitimate reasons such as I unconditionally love at least 85% of what that show does.

iii. I finally had a legit fucking nightmare about Supernatural. Apparently my mind can conjure a way of dragging Dean to Hell that's significantly more horrific than what the show gave us? Now that I'm awake I can't remember it very well, and I'm sort of fascinated by the wailing Bosch-esque horrors my mind conjured, but it wasn't very fun to wake up in the middle of the night gasping with terror.

iv. I still care about Sherlock? I'm trying to beat these feelings down to manageable levels by writing fic, but as I can't seem to decide whether I'm writing reunion fic or if the reunion bit is just an establishing shot so I can write about John's sexuality crisis and Sherlock kissing for science, my feelings continue at absurd levels.

v. BOMB GIRLS. It's a six-part (so far; it's been renewed for a second season) series about the women working a Canadian munitions factory in 1941. I noticed some corners of the internet being excited about it when it first started airing, but I waited to give it a go until I could watch it all at once, which turned out to be a good move; I couldn't stop. I love love love the characters, who are all complex and flawed and doing their best, and the women are fully-realized people in a way I would love to see on every show, and it's full of girl friendships and this amazing queer relationship that is currently all sorts of tragic but that I am holding out for endgame and ship SO HARD, and I just. Watch this show! Or if you have, talk with me about it! I am in starry-eyed love.
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( Dec. 8th, 2011 10:36 pm)
As usual, I am utterly charmed by Community's Christmas episode. <333


Seriously, I think Troy-Abed-Annie and Jeff-Shirley are some of the best possible character combinations. <3
Evidence of the fact that I have been having Exciting Adventures: radio internet silence! I will probably be properly around again sometime after Thanksgiving, at which point I will realize how many emails I almost certainly owe people. Presumably I will also start dithering about Yuletide. EXCITED ABOUT YULETIDE, GUYS. In the meantime, some disorganized bullet points:

+ I am, for inexplicable reasons, still watching Supernatural as it airs. I really need to stop, but on the other hand, Crowley. Also I own the same hairbrush as Becky the Fangirl. Uncomfortably small world!

+ This last week's Community was so great. I was starting to worry that I was only enjoying the more gimmicky episodes, because most of the day-in-the-life ones lately have been frustratingly mean-spirited, but this one filled me with joy and warm fuzzies. I am pretty sure I need all the Troy/Abed/Annie fic now.

+ In non-television news, I have an actual moving-to-Boston timeline now! It is not really precise, but "sometime in April" is a real thing that is happening rather than a vague resolution. I'll be moving in with [personal profile] polarisnorth, and it's an excellent location, and we're already drawing up Lists Of Apartment Things and generally doing lots of hilarious nesting, and I'm pretty sure we need an apartment tag. Presumably this will happen once our apartment has a name, and alas, we cannot call it the Avengers Mansion, as that's where [personal profile] filia_belialis and [personal profile] feverbeats and [livejournal.com profile] bluestalking live. But I will think of something!

And that's about it! Today I think is a day to write things, since I have left Boston, and [livejournal.com profile] rayruz is at an acting class for most of the day, so I have a bit of breathing room.
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( Oct. 14th, 2011 12:48 am)
i. COMMUNITY! Tonight's was so delightful! It took me a little while to ease into it and start laughing, because I sandwiched it in between two Supernatural episodes and there was some cognitive dissonance, but by halfway through I was laughing uncontrollably. (I also spent a good deal of episode going "ABED YOU HAVE TO SAVE THE TIMELINE," because I was understandably in all-or-nothing save-the-universe mindset, but that just added to the funny.) That was definitely the best of this new season, and probably in my top ten Community episodes period.

ii. Supernatural! I AM FUCKING CAUGHT UP. When I am awake and coherent I will probably make a request-for-fic-recs post; I suspect I will want some meta too, in that I want both clever arguments about ways the show is smart and frothing rage about the billion things the show does facepalmingly wrong. In the meantime, um, I -- am really surprised that I got through it! I genuinely wasn't expecting the things I liked to outweigh the things that made me angry, but the magic about doing it all in a go, and the magic of having had plenty of warning, meant that I really enjoyed it.

Actually, I think my dual reaction to the show can be encapsulated in the two times it made me tear up: once in Abandon All Hope, over Jo and Ellen, from SHEER RAGE; once in Swan Song, over Sam's flashbacks and his taking control back from Lucifer, from YAY ~FEELINGS~. I know the story of two white dudes saving the world and being sad about dead women is stupid and overdone and fuck off, where is my Jo and Ellen show already, but that didn't keep me from having faceclutchy feelings about Sam and Dean. (And about Castiel and Bobby and Ruby and Gabriel and Anna and Crowley and and and.) I guess the take-home message here is that, much like many of the other things I love, I will just be like "WOW you are intensely problematic! Now LET ME LOVE YOU."

Also, because this dam of feelings is screaming for fic, I -- well, first of all I will have to figure out if writing Dean Winchester from the inside is an exercise in futility and fuck words like 'futility' anyway. But once I have done that, the point is that I am hilariously bad at giving canon the finger, so I think I might compromise and fork an AU off the beginning of season seven, so I can, y'know, still have Cas around and not worry about this Leviathan nonsense.

...I realize the next episode airs tomorrow. I am staying the hell away from the bulk of fandom, because I have sat on the sidelines with popcorn for years and I'm not about to stop that now.
i. My mother, on Community: "So when are Troy and Abed actually going to start dating?" This from the woman who loves both Life on Mars and White Collar, but thinks that Sam/Gene and the OT3 are far-fetched notions. Hey, Community writers! My het-centric mum thinks it should be canon Troy/Abed time!

ii. After ... roughly six years of a quiet internal will-I-won't-I and laughing at the fandom from afar, I ... appear to be watching Supernatural. I am watching it in a way where I am vetting episodes via wiki summary, and mostly watching the arc-plot stuff or the episodes with guest stars I like, and it is entirely possible that I will hit "Can't do this, too many dead women," sooner rather than later but on the other hand I watched all of s1 Game of Thrones. In any case, this television viewing brought to you by Dragon*Con, or more specifically Becca and Pali's two-hour late-night pitch about a show of, yeah, problematic stuff, but also codependency and moral ambiguity and other stupid things I love. And also Mark Sheppard's face. MARK SHEPPARD, WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT SO MANY SEASONS FOR YOUR FACE.

iii. I'm not actually sure I have a third television thing! But it seems asymmetrical otherwise. Eh, it's okay, I should be devoting more energy to writing than to watching things anyway.
Not to squee anyone's harsh, because wow, AVOS-style delicious, wow, but:

1. INSPECTOR SPACETIME. There is a TV Tropes page, a forum for creating the canon, and even some tumblr confessions. I LOVE FANDOM SO MUCH. Also I ship Inspector/Sergeant, obvs.

2. POTTERMORE, fucking finally. I am still noodling about in Chapter One, mostly because wow that site has way too much traffic, but I would like to be friends with you guys? Please tell me who you are! Then I will feel less lonely and more like I am Doing It Right. Meanwhile I'm StormScarlet127, a name I still secretly believe means I am an Ororo/Wanda shipper.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2011 10:28 pm)

That is all.
I have finally caught up on Community! I watched most of it a while ago, before getting sitcommed out and stopping. (Not to mention that I occasionally get intense contact embarrassment from Britta. I know you're trying so hard, but stop being on my side!) But ... idk, I think I mostly just wanted to get to the stop-motion Christmas episode, and it's not like it's very difficult to be a completist when every episode is twenty minutes long.

Anyway, um, along the way I managed to get massively emotionally invested, although mostly in Abed and Troy. (If anyone asks, since I am given to believe that it is A Thing in certain sections of the fandom, I am on Team Jeff/Britta Because They Deserve Each Other, and Team Annie/Someone Preferably Female and Awesome For Her. I'd be on Team Annie/Britta except that I think Britta's hipster gay acceptance would slowly destroy Annie. ANYWAY.) But I really just want to watch the Troy and Abed Show! I am so happy that, at least from where I'm standing, there is nothing inherently "haha we're not gay NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT" in their epic BFF relationship. They love each other! They love each other and it's canon and not used as a weapon or a punchline! I may keep getting a little starry-eyed about this. I'm pretty sure that on onscreen romance with kissing between them isn't going to happen, but I'm also pretty sure that if did, everyone else's reactions would be the punchline.

Also, how much do I love Abed? A lot. He is such a nerd, and he is no good at people except for those times when he really, really is, and he is so meta I can hardly stand it, and sometimes I find him kind of attractive? which is weird, idk, I just want to hug him a lot. Has anyone written the fic where Abed literally breaks the fourth wall? I know he looks at it a lot, but he's never properly destroyed it.

In conclusion, like most of my entries about shows I'm watching but haven't put much serious thought into, I expect it's only mildly coherent. Also, Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas made me cry. Legit cry actual tears because I may be a bit emotionally invested in Abed.

(Also it is WHITE COLLAR NIGHT. I have been rubbish at blogging about White Collar, but I am pretty excited for this one.)