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( Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:35 pm)
Boston is buried under several feet of snow! HAPPY WINTER. (I ... don't mean that too sarcastically, but I'd really love to get my serious snow December and January, not February and probably March.)

Things I am currently feeling fannish about:

+ Highlander, which I've been watching with [personal profile] thewrongkindofpc. We did the Methos watch, as one does, and had lots of messy feelings all over each other; then we made the mistake of watching the '80s movie and realizing how much we actually like Duncan MacLeod too! (Um. In comparison to Connor, and also for himself.) Spiraled into watching the pilot of the show, have now made a horrible pact to actually do a Complete Best Of rather than just a Methos watch.

+ Planeshift, ie our D&D campaign, which as of this last week is over! WE ALL SURVIVED. Last week we had a coronation and a wedding, and then a postmortem to ask Housemate A about plot threads and to tell the epilogues for our own characters. I'm a bit verklempt about the whole thing, and also need to write weird poly futurefic because of course I do.

+ Avatar and Korra! I'm watching Avatar with Amiel, and Korra with Coworker E, which is cool to do concurrently! I also have complicated feelings about the ending of Korra (which can be summarized with "I'm so glad they went there but I wanted TEXT, not word of god, I'd rather have a textual queer kiss with not enough buildup than almost enough buildup with the implication that queer kissing will happen soon"); but what a good good world. Maybe I will end up writing some Korrasami.

+ Uhhh so A and I are watching anime together? Right now we're in the middle of this gorgeously-animated super homoerotic high school swimming anime called Free! and there are apparently 7764 fics for it on the AO3 because the gods love me or at least have a weird sense of humor. Will I actually go down some sort of fic rabbit hole for a ridiculous sports anime? POSSIBLY.

+ Marvel as ever. I am SO BEHIND on my various Thor and Loki comics, oops, although the tumblr scans I keep catching look wonderful. I am all caught up on Agent Carter and am only hearing the echoes of the tumblr wank (where ... people are pulling the "if it's feminist how dare you say it's racist" thing or something?) but idk, all I know is that it's a Marvel show that's better than SHIELD and I ship Peggy/Angie like burning. (And also damn is it white.) I also accidentally outlined a whole post-Thor 2 fic with Amiel yesterday, as one does, and I have no idea who the audience for it is, because it's a Thor/Jane fic that is mostly political thriller and has weird incest overtones that never get resolved. OOPS.

+ The Silmarillion! Amiel and I are doing a readthrough together, assigning ourselves ~50 pages a week, and mostly having lots of Melkor feelings at each other. I'm considering also doing a Lord of the Rings reread alongside it; I like to do occasional rereads, and I think the last one was in 2009, so it's very much time. (And then maybe I will finally write the Frodo/Sam fic that's been struggling to get out since I was ten if only I could figure it out properly.)

Anyway, it's very nice to feel cozily polyfannish right now, but this month I intend to WRITE things about it.
December posting meme! Today's topic: the thing I most want to see in upcoming MCU films, for [personal profile] such_heights.

I ... feel like I have two different answers; one of them is about my ideal MCU films, and one of them is about what I can reasonably hope and expect to see in the future. Obviously there is some overlap! So I'm just going to go through upcoming films that I know are happening, be WILDLY OPTIMISTIC, and list some things I would love:

+ Heaps and heaps of well-done Natasha backstory! Like, ideally I want a Black Widow movie buuut obviously that is not in the cards, so instead I want lots of Natasha in Age of Ultron (and for those bits from the trailer that hint at backstory being done well), and lots of Natasha in Cap 3, and ... surprise Natasha in everything else?? LOTS OF NATASHA.

+ Uhhhh I am in mild despair about the Ant Man film but, let's be real, what I desire is a minimum of Hank Pym, and JAN PLEASE JUST GIVE ME JAN AND DON'T FRIDGE HER, and for most of the film to be about Jan and Scott Lang. ...A girl can dream.

+ A girl can also hope that Carol Danvers gets a casting like Katee Sackhoff or Katheryn Winnick, though I'm not wedded to either of these and I bet there are tons of excellent options out there. But I would be really into either of those!

+ I am trying to be restrained but seriously though I want a Thor 3 that's about Loki WRECKING EVERYTHING while being king (lolol I'm going to get literally Jossed about this in May) while Jane tries to save it with SCIENCE and becomes friends with Sif and they both have to help Thor with politics as well as hitting things and also ... everyone hangs out and Loki keeps being allllmost redeemable ...? Stop talking and write fic, Aria.

+ Tbh my most important want for any MCU film ever, though, is for the characters I love to have meaningful connections and hang out and be friends! This is a lot of the reason I really loved Winter Soldier; this is the reason that despite rolling my eyes a lot at the Age of Ultron trailer, I'm still way too optimistic about the movie because I adored the clip of the Avengers trying to lift Mjolnir. I want all the movies to be, at their core, like that.
Despite it now being May, Massachusetts remains full of dismal grey rain. I really like this weather, within reason, but dammit, I'm supposed to be uncomfortably warm and slightly dazzled by sunlight right now, not feeling like a sad hibernating beastie. Because the weather won't get with the program, I think it's time for to list some things that are making me happy. (It may also be time for me to make a habit of this, maybe in a weekly way, to be good to myself.)

+ My job is really great! I like all my coworkers (even the slightly unfortunate seriously cishet white boy one, in large part because when all else fails we can talk about Lord of the Rings), and I like many of our regulars, and it's low-stress and happymaking and it may not be A Career but it makes some money and I actually like it, so I think on balance it's still a win.

+ [profile] filiabelalis is still the best sweetie, news at 11. My housemates and in fact all my local friends are really great; weekly D&D is the best (and made us all die a little laughing last week when a plot twist was revealed and [personal profile] songofsongs just thrashed around on the floor going "NOOOO" for five minutes straight); [personal profile] scribe is probably going to drag me to a number of womens' soccer games this season; my social life is just really good and fulfilling without being too overwhelming.

+ Avocados are in season! I mean, they're around all year but they're nice and fresh right now, and yes, they get their own bullet point, avocados are the food of the gods.

+ Captain America fandom is being wonderful! I'm going through fics quite slowly -- usually only about one a day, so tabs are definitely accumulating faster than I'm closing them. My latest favorite fic is your favorite ghost by augustbird; it's Steve/Bucky, and the official summary is It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home, but it got me where I lived at the line The worst part of having Bucky back is that he doesn't.

+ AGENTS OF SHIELD CONTINUES TO BE BAFFLINGLY GOOD?? Spoilers just love Skye so muuuuch. )

+ WISCON IS SO SOON! I hope this year I will be enough out of my dazed sad fog to do con properly, but even if I'm not as extroverted as I'd like, it's still my favorite time of year, and I'm looking forward so much to seeing those of you who are going <333
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( Apr. 15th, 2014 04:46 pm)
Happy Passover! Gondor is hosting a sedar tonight for our D&D group, though as far as I know we won't be holding it in character.

Meanwhile it's spring. The weather this week, as I understand it, is going to get miserably cold again, but at the moment we have the sort of blustering spring rain that makes me crave summer thunderstorms. I was walking home with my jeans and shoes soaking wet and I didn't even care, because summer is coming! At the cafe we're running through all our cold brew before noon and the poor ice machine can't keep up with demand, but all the customers are so happy, which is incredibly pleasant.

Mostly what I've been doing this week is having awful wrecking Winter Soldier feelings. I am not going to deny these feelings! (After Thor came out I spent this precious week going "Huh, what an interesting flash-in-the-pan investment I'm having! I'm sure it'll end soon," and this is the SAME LEVEL OF INTENSITY, by which I mean, lots.) I've read a post-film fic where a line of Natasha's made me tear up, and I've been making vids in my head and tearing up more because I just love Sam Wilson so much, and I really definitely cannot hold all these feels, so instead I'm reading Black Widow comics and feeling cranky about Hydra and trying to think of an action plot to hang my OT4 story on. (I'm also not going to make it 100k. I just. Nope. I'm hoping wistfully that it'll be under 50k instead, hahaha you fool it's never under 50k when you have this many feelings.)

I'm also. Hm. I'm having some complicated Bucky feelings? )

And I'm genuinely excited for new SHIELD /o\ I still think they haven't decided where they want to come down on the morality scale, but at least CAtWS made the question actually interesting, and I'm pretty psyched for the version of the show where these losers are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who the hell their allies are. WE SHALL SEE.
So I saw Captain America 2 on opening night! And then I ... did not post about it, because it's been wall-to-wall houseguests all this week, but I did manage to see the movie a second time as well.

Spoilers are on your left. )

...Basically I just want to write long plotty OT4 fic now. Yep. :DDD
*taps* Is this thing on? Yes? Good.

Fandom participation is a weird thing for me right now, because at the moment my main fandom is ... the D&D campaign that Housemate A is running? I hear that often D&D campaigns are kind of cracky and fragmented and, while lots of fun, not full of really coherent narrative or character arcs; but we're a group consisting entirely of people who are really fannish and care a lot about character relationships and plot threads and so on, so we've been doing it ... very fannish RPG style, I guess. Shipping things and finding songs to give each other feels! I keep on making vids in my head! THERE IS NO FOOTAGE. But it's a lot of what my brain has been up to.

I've also been watching Leverage for the first time; we're two episodes from the series finale now, and I don't want it to ennnnd, but I do want every single Hardison/Parker/Eliot and/or perfect found family team fic; totally taking recs! Also probably going to comb through the AO3 with great enthusiasm. Other than that I'm not watching much telly; Sleepy Hollow is between seasons, I've sort of peaced out of both Elementary and White Collar until I can watch the whole season in a go, I'm rewatching all of Community by showing it to a friend, and I can't quite bring myself to keep going because Troy, and ... well, okay, I have been watching SHIELD.

Seriously, of all the shows, SHIELD is the one I'm keeping up with. I don't even fucking know either, but I have a lot of THOUGHTS. Yelling about SHIELD; some positive stuff, but mostly wailing about how the show really has to fucking decide whether its main characters are the good guys or not. )

Okay, so perhaps besides the D&D campaign, Marvel is still my current fandom. Oh, and I've been reading the Agent of Asgard comics! They are SUCH tumblr fodder, but I'm really okay with that; it's kind of fun to feel squarely within the target demographic. Loki writes slashfic! Loki is always herself! Loki makes bizarre One Direction jokes! Hell yes I'm paying $3 every couple of weeks for this.

Relatedly, does anyone know if the Thor 2 deleted scenes & assorted other whatever special features are anywhere to be found? Amazon seems to have DVDs and Blu Rays and all that good stuff, but none of them list any actual special features! C'mon, Marvel, I'm trying really hard to give you money, just give me something in addition to the movie in exchange! I'll probably just keep compulsively checking amazon, but this is a little silly.
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( Oct. 4th, 2013 08:31 pm)
I have been watching some television! Specifically I have been watching SHIELD, Person of Interest, and Elementary.

SHIELD! Speculation and disgruntlement. )

Person of Interest! Cheerful but not deep. )

Elementary! Shruggy but willing. )

Besides watching television, I'm also in the middle of an excitingly busy couple of weeks. Last Tuesday was the Vienna Teng concert; I went with friends and met up with more friends and started crying nearly right out of the gate when she played Recessional as the very second song. Mostly she did the new album -- quite possibly everything off the new album except Never Look Away, which is a bit of a shame as it's my second-favorite from that one -- and the most gorgeous rendition of Gravity ever. I just. I can't express how much I love Vienna Teng.

(And then Housemate A, who couldn't concert-go with us because she has a work conference this week in Connecticut, sent us an increasingly hilarious series of texts which read "So my friend just informed me that Vienna Teng is playing at the casino I'm in tonight" followed by "Missed Vienna Teng's concert twice but I did get to play blackjack with her ^^" so I think someone is in for some serious excited interrogation when she gets home tomorrow.)

This next week I have a county fair tomorrow (COUNTY FAIR, I haven't gone to one of those since I was in my early teens, yaaay) and Night Vale in NYC Thursday night and then a Friday ticket to ComicCon, so adventures await! Amidst all this I am also trying to finish the damn Avengers fic (72k and counting; I have resigned myself to the fact that it's going to hit and surpass 100k, sigh) and having a slow ridiculous breakdown because of the increasing bits of Thor 2 footage. I will get it done! And have work and a social life and all such good things, yes.
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( Aug. 29th, 2013 09:43 am)
This last weekend was really lovely. On Sunday Housemate A and Amiel and I all went down to the Common with A's slackline and did our best to wobble about between two trees; A can go four to eight steps consistently, but Amiel and I were only good enough to stand on the line for a couple of seconds before falling off. A lot of tourists came over while we were at it, and tried it too; most of them were surprised by how hard it was, probably because A makes it look relatively easy. It was lots of fun, anyway, and made my leg muscles do new bizarre things, which of course made seven hours of baristaing the next day mildly painful. Still! Want to try it again soon, preferably without a shift the following day.

We also went (as a group of five, hilariously enough) to see The World's End Sunday evening. It was ... I don't know what it was! I enjoyed it a lot, and laughed a lot, and unlike Shaun of the Dead (which I can never rewatch because dfl;dfkds zombies) I think I'll see it again, even if it never gets the same wear that Hot Fuzz does. That trilogy really likes rejecting ... organized sameness? I feel like there must be a better way to put that; though it also isn't big on punishing the people/beings/&c involved in the organized sameness. Which is cool! I hadn't picked up on that with just the first two to compare.

Real life is being mildly stressful; I have health insurance shenanigans to sort, which will probably involve the bureaucratic phone runaround, which -- well, I don't have full-on anxiety attacks when I have to talk on the phone with strangers anymore! I'll do it, though! And then set up the various appointments that insurance will give me! And those appointments will be so much less stressful than the initial phone calls. /o\

Organizing my real life also makes me think about organizing my online life, especially because I ... don't do fandom the way I used to. I think some of it has to do with the way I'm allotting my time, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have both long-distance from-fandom friends whose friendship isn't contingent upon us being currently in the same fandoms, and local fannish friends with whom I frequently have hours-long Avengers discussions or we find ourselves, over dinner, saying in unison "ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD." So at the moment fandom isn't filling any sort of isolation-from-community need. And I'm not in desperate need of any particular fic, either; I read the Avengers fic by authors I know I like, and am writing the Thor/Loki fic I want to see in the world, and Night Vale the show is fulfilling enough that I don't find myself in great need of fanworks. (Although, go go right now listen to [personal profile] thingswithwings' podfic Second Date, an episode-style recording that I have already failed to remember is not canon.) The point is, I am not entirely sure if I miss my fic-devouring ways, but I suspect I should get a Pinboard, and reorganize myself, and that I'll feel much more fandom-settled when I do this.

Speaking of the Thor/Loki fic I want to see in the world, it has just passed 47,000 words. We're ... about halfway through. I'd like to get it done by the end of September, just so I'll have it all posted before Thor 2 comes out (plus, uh, we have a lot of feelings about this universe and there are side stories where Steve takes Thor and Loki to art museums or Natasha and Sif hang out talking about feminist theory, it'd be cool to be able to post those before Thor 2 also, oh pipe dreams). That effectively means writing another 50k in a month, but ... I've done 50k in two weeks while on summer vacation, I can do 50k in a month while also having life obligations. Yes.
Another Wednesday sans reading meme, because I'm still mid-King of Attolia; my reading time has mostly been on meal breaks at work. Nor do I have fic-reading to report, because I have instead been writing huge swathes of my Avengers fic. Apparently all I needed was the new Thor trailer! I did ~8000 words last Thursday, which finished up part three of the fic; I'm ~5500 into part four; and, uh, all told so far this fucker is ~38,000, which I just counted for the first time and now I'm wheezing slightly. Welcome to definitely the longest fic I've ever written! (I mean, not yet, but I'm halfway through part four of seven, so ... yeah, I'm definitely going to break 50k this time.) To be fair, [profile] filiabelialis is cowriting it with me; they're generating all the outlines and about 1/4 of the final written material, I think? Something like that. Anyway, this monster is not my fault alone, but it's finally picking up speed and I am so excited about it and hoping to have it up well in advance of Thor 2. (Not only because it's going to be Jossed, but because the new trailer is also giving me inexplicable Thor/Loki/Sif/Jane sedoretu feelings, revisions to these feelings pending what actually happens in the next movie. But oh gosh all the stuff I want to write.)

I should also probably get a new computer this weekend. Or order one, anyway, because this poor laptop is now officially on its way out. The 'm' key hasn't been working for months (every single time I use it, I'm doing ctrl+v) but eh, whatever. And then two days ago, part of the back of the computer just ... warped outwards, twisty metal sticking out, plastic very unhappy; the screen is still working fine but the back of it keeps popping out, so I backed up all my files this morning, and yeah, new laptop this weekend. I am a Windows-using heathen and I'm perfectly fond of the Windows 7 OS, but if anyone has laptop models they particularly like, feel free to rec! I'm used to Dells, but they do have a tendency to bork in exciting ways, so other options are always good.

...oh god, that means I have to sort out all my tabs. THE HORROR.

Meantime, until it gives up the ghost, gonna write like the wind. It's ... really nice, discovering my brain is behaving enough again now that I just have this endless well of writing excitement again. :D
What did you recently finish reading?

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson. IT WAS SO GREAT. I loved how casually queer it was, not just in the sense that m/m and f/f relationships were normal and uncommented upon, but also in the sense that in the place of a love triangle there are three people who all love each other a whole lot in various different ways, and try to take care of each other and respect each other's decisions. I loved a lot of the worldbuilding (particularly the semi-sentient city, I'm so easy for sentient cities!); a few of the plotlines, like the one where the main character realizes that her rival at school is actually lovely and it's too bad they haven't been friends, were on the predictable side -- but even when I did guess some things, they felt well-executed and satisfying, and for the most part everything was unexpected enough to keep me guessing. This book is good, also, both as its own thing and as a Gilgamesh retelling; I was compelled to go look up a summary of Gilgamesh after I'd finished (since I hadn't read the epic in ... five years?) and was impressed all over again, because the thematic things Johnson pulled are really, really great. I'm buying this one forthwith, in fact; it will definitely hold up on rereads.

Outsider Perspective by Neery, Person of Interest, Finch/Reese. I can go either way on amnesia fics, although I'm kind of a sucker for them if they're done well, and this one is indeed! Finch and Reese, of course, assume that [a] they are dating and that [b] something really weird is going on, what the hell is with all the fake IDs? It's funny, and the characterization is sound; it also takes time to deal with the fallout once they have their memories back. And, like a bizarre number of PoI fics, it made me tear up at the end, because ... idk, I guess I'm just really a sucker for intense caring D/s and John Reese getting nice things.

What are you currently reading?

Tides by Betsy Cornwell. I looked over an early draft of this one in college! It is much better now, as I expected; it's charming and engaging, and I like everyone a lot, and it does fun things with selkie mythology.

What do you think you'll read next?

WELL. I just started working at a bookstore! There are discount and free books everywhere! My to-read pile is therefore already kind of alarming. The short list, though, is Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane, and after that possibly the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, since I read the first one in middle school and have roughly zero memory of it besides that it was good, and because Polaris thinks I'd really enjoy them.

Also, I have been watching some television! (Some of it is TERRIBLE. For some reason for instance I'm still watching Teen Wolf! What a stupid show, how I love it.) Fortunately I don't have thoughts about Teen Wolf, but I do have thoughts about several other things:

Warehouse 13! Spoilers for the last few episodes of this season; some squee, not much spec, a bit of talk about cancer. )

Avengers! Specifically, I watched the two-part opener of Avengers Assemble, and ... I have the vague idea that the internet is unenthused? I'd be curious to hear why; I'm not thrilled by the fact that there is literally one lady so far, but otherwise I find it unobjectionable! Honestly as long as I love Thor and I love Natasha (which I do in this iteration so far!) and I don't actively want to punch anyone in the face, we're doing okay. (Ftr in EMH I actively wanted to punch like ... half the cast in the face the whole time, but T'Challa and Jan and Carol and Hulk and Hawkeye were so unrelentingly great that it was okay.) I do find it interesting, though, that the recent Avengers shows -- and also the movie, tbh -- are really interested in having the Avengers fight each other a lot! Like, omg guys who would win?? And I don't know why that seems to be a focus/something the creators think we're clearly interested in? (Which I guess says something about who their assumed audience is?) I'm trying to remember how much, say, X-Men Evolution had the team fighting each other vs just hanging out in the mansion being bros, and I think the ratio was a lot better, and I want me some of that! Sure, Hulk and Thor can beat each other up, that's clearly their version of hanging out being bros, but I also want a billion scenes of everyone going out for burgers. Yep.
Summer!! Everything is a riot of green, and the air feels thick, and we keep having blazing sunlight punctuated by torrents of rain. I'm sure by late June I'll be wailing about how I can't stand the heat -- and my sleep is already much more restless, seriously, my body hates heat -- but at the moment it feels like a lovely change. Plus I get to wear skirts and shorts and dresses and tank tops! Yeeeeah summer clothes.

Work feels much less stressful now that -- that it's summer, or identifiably the most stressful single thing in my life, I don't know. It feels very doable, which is nice! I've been entertaining myself by playing Marvel Bingo, otherwise known as the little ping of happiness I get when a customer's name is shared by a character. I've had Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Nick, Maria, James, Erik, Jane, and (Baldur) Thor, although bafflingly no Clints or Phils or Darcys yet. I've had Virginia and Margaret, along with lots of variations though none of them Peggy, and Elizabeth and variants though no Betty, and I'm not holding out for a Pepper even though there was that guy named Shark once.

Baldur Thor is no longer my very favorite, though, because last week I rung up a woman named Laufey. I now will not rest until I've collected the entire Norse pantheon!! (Terrible life choices.)

I've finally stopped dithering about and showing Housemate K the Angel/Buffy crossover episodes from the first two seasons of Angel, and we've officially embarked upon season six. I'm gonna ... very judiciously edit, for my own self-care, although I think the only one we're actually tapping out of entirely is Hell's Bells. Possibly we'll do Once More With Feeling tonight! And meanwhile I've given up on basically all other tv except Elementary and Warehouse 13 with Polaris, because PERFECT SHOWS ARE PERFECT, or at least mostly perfect, and if I need a break from Buffy I might do judicious rewatches.

Also WisCon is in three weeks! I feel a little bit like I'm carefully pulling myself from one nice thing to the next -- post-work telly-watching with K! adventures with [personal profile] scribe this coming Friday! out-of-town friend visiting next weekend! WISCONNN -- but I also feel like that's okay right now, and a lot better than I was doing, and honestly if I have a series of bright points to head towards, that feels much nicer than the tired determined slog.
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( Jan. 25th, 2013 12:11 pm)
Today I was ringing up a woman who gave her name as Annie. "Like the little orphan, I guess," this Annie said. "Actually," said I, "I associate that name with the character on Community; have you seen it?" She was familiar, she said, but only because her roommate watched it, so I explained a bit about Annie Edison, with great enthusiasm, while I got her change. "Okay, sold," Annie said. "I'll totally check it out." VICTORY!

Unrelated to Annie, a protip: if you don't deign to get off your fucking phone whilst ordering coffee, your barista may be smiling, but they will probably also be harboring warm fuzzy thoughts of totally murdering you right in the face.

I don't ... actually spend a lot of time at work imagining barista AUs, but the Avengers one would be so easy. Like, Nick Fury owns the coffee shop, obviously; I don't know what the coffee shop is called, because I can't think of any coffee-related puns with the word "shield" in them. Whatever. Coulson and Hill and Natasha run shifts; Clint has been there longer than Tasha, and got her hired, and watched starry-eyed while she got promoted, and may or may not be dating her. The other baristas are Steve, art student; Bruce, PhD student who works weekends; Janet, who hates the part where she has to get coffee for her asshole ex-boyfriend Hank every morning; Loki, who got Frigga in the high school divorce and needs this job to pay for college; and Thor, who got Odin in the divorce and could totally be a junior partner at dad's company but is rebelling in what Loki thinks is the most irritating way possible by working at the same stupid coffee shop. Tony, obviously, is that one regular who flirts with absolutely everyone (especially Natasha and Bruce) despite the fact that Pepper meets him there half the time. And I guess this coffee shop is near a school with a good science program, because Jane is obviously also there, and has recently become a regular in order to stare at Thor more frequently. (Darcy endorses this.) Uh so probs Reed Richards uses it as his local too, and ... probably the X-Men are around too; Charles and Erik play chess in the back room every day. And I'm going to stop now! But this AU would be SO EASY, whee.
I am still alive?? Perhaps my new year's resolution should have been "Have any online presence at all that is not twitter;" twitter, it turns out, is really easy to keep up with when you have a smartphone, and also stupidly early mornings during which most sane people are still asleep and not posting. I realize it's perfectly acceptable to not be on tumblr all the time, and only update my DW a couple times a month, but ... idk, I haven't been on tumblr since early December, I don't even know what the shape of Hobbit fandom is like! (I hear tell there is no standardized pairingsmush, though, so we can now witness that pinnacle of the pairingsmush trend, Thorbo Bagginshield. That, or my friends have been making stuff up to make me laugh.) In not-tumblr spaces, fannish feelings I have had:

+ Les Mis! Ever since teching Les Mis in high school I've had lots of feeeelings about it, and seeing the film made me really want to reread the book, which I also haven't done since high school. Seeing the film did ... not give me an excess of Valjean/Javert feelings, except inasmuch as I always have a lot of those; I haven't gone questing for fic, but The Drowning Sky, a lovely AU fic, somehow fell into my lap anyway, and I need roughly ten billion more fics of that vein.

+ Avengers, per usual. Part one of the stupid long post-Avengers fic is done, part two has ... really ill-advised makeouts and a ten-page outline, I'm beginning to be worried that [a] it will end up being 100,000 words long and [b] I won't finish it in time to not be jossed by Thor 2. (I know I won't be finished in time for Iron Man 3, but that's okay.)

+ FESTIVIDS. Unfortunately my internet has been so slow that it almost entirely refuses to stream vids, sooo my actual watching of things may have to wait until there is reveal and signed downloads. ALAS. Seriously I'm so excited about all the Earth's Mightiest Heroes vids I haven't been able to see yet.

+ WHITE COLLAR. I am currently keeping up with, um, I think the current roster of telly is something like Castle, Elementary, Scandal, Revenge, and obviously Doctor Who and Community when they return, but between all the real-life things I have going on, I've been really terrible at keeping up with them. White Collar? YES GOOD WATCHING RIGHT NOW, show of my heart! Brief cheerful spoilery reaction to this week's episode. )

That's about it. But in case you were wondering, internet, fuuuuuck it's cold in Boston right now.
I am ... spectacularly bad at having an internet presence! I mean, I reblog things on tumblr, but most of the time I'm not generating my own content and I treat it much more as a squee repository than any kind of blog, so in my head it doesn't count. In any case, hello! It is fall! I love this time of year because rather than throwing on a t-shirt and shorts in a desultory fashion and laying around wilting in the heat, I am wandering around in sweeping coats through autumn mists and planning actual outfits with layers and enjoying the turning of the leaves and consuming all the pumpkin products and generally adoring this season. Meanwhile, on the fannish front:

+ Doctor Who! Having now seen all of Amy's arc, I still think they fell down a bit in the middle with season six, but in the end they did right by her and by Rory, and I got a bit teary. I think I'll be tracking down lots of coda fic, and I may eventually compile a recs list, but at the moment, here is the first coda fic my face saw: Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don't Wait Around by [personal profile] lizbee; highly recommended, made me feel much better about this whole Amy-being-gone nonsense.

+ Warehouse 13! Oh my gosh Warehouse 13, this silly SyFy (nooo it still pains me to type that) show that I've been mainlining over the past few weeks. I'm all caught up now, of course just as the half-season finale aired, so everything is naturally terrible and dire to hook you into coming back in April. In any case, Warehouse 13 is for the most part truly lovely; it has canon queers and lots of ladies (who consistently talk about plot things) and I have actual hopes for a canon endgame f/f ship and it's possibly hands-down the best show about found family I have ever seen. Actually this post by [personal profile] thingswithwings talks with more eloquence and enthusiasm about this show than I possibly could. I just love it so.

+ Avengers! Not that ... any new exciting Avengers things have happened (although I am greatly enjoying the steady influx of Thor 2 set pictures) but my stupid fic continues apace; besides all the bits that are written out of order, I have nearly 10,000 chronological words and Thor and Loki have still yet to get the fuck off Asgard, so I've resigned myself to the fact that this fic is going to be a monster. Meanwhile the always-lovely Emma volunteered to make me a Thor sundress, for which we went fabric-shopping yesterday, so for Halloween I'm going to be Thor, with Emma along as my Loki. (Housemate K, meanwhile, is going to attempt to make me a paper-mache helmet. I expect it will look quite stupid but K is in fact a crafts wizard, so we shall see.)

+ Polaris and I are watching Veronica Mars! I haven't watched VMars since college, and I forgot how much I adore it. I ... also forgot how much I ship Veronica/Lilly and any iteration of Veronica/Logan/Weevil, so possibly after this rewatch I will be on the hunt for good fic.

Today, hangouts with Sares! Tonight, contra with Tyler posse! Life is ... pretty good, guys.
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( Sep. 5th, 2012 12:43 pm)
+ Back from Dragon*Con! It was loads of fun; particular highlights included seeing fan buddies from far-off climes, witnessing [personal profile] tenlittlebullets' Simm!Master dancing with a Loki at the Heroes & Villains Ball, and the perfection of the panel with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. If I never have to be in crowds like that until next year's con, though, I will be very happy about it.

+ Stupidly exhausted. The weekend away was fun but not very recharge-y, and I have about a million obligations right now, and mostly I want to just sleep and write Avengers fic and never change out of this stupid oversized t-shirt I got at con which features a '60s Journey Into Mystery cover image with Thor and Loki being ridiculous.

+ I watched the Elementary pilot! I am ... weirdly having trouble reading it as a Holmes adaptation? Like, aside from their names and the thing with the bees, there was very little that pinged me as uniquely Holmesian. Which is not to say I didn't like it, because in fact I did! It was really refreshing to watch a Holmes who is making an actual effort to not be an asshole despite not doing social interaction in ways most other people do, and I like them both as characters and am intrigued by their dynamic, and yep, probably giving it a watch, as I'm not committed to too many shows at the moment and this one looks like an enjoyable procedural.

+ White Collar continues lovely this season! I ADORED last week's and was only normal levels of charmed by this one, but sfdkjsdfkjfds seriously show of my heart.

+ And Doctor Who is back! I ... man, I am so neutral about Who at this point. Mostly I feel like Moff really loves his cool set pieces but is content to let the character stuff happen off screen, and obvs Matt and Karen and Arthur are doing lovely things with what they're given, but they're not being given much. Probably I will end up writing Amy Pond frustration fic.
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( Aug. 8th, 2012 01:41 pm)
Re: the Hobbit: I ... am really not that thrilled it's three movies now! MORE is not necessarily BETTER, and I legitimately just want a lovingly filmed version of the book that was my actual favorite thing when I was five. Two films, excellent, no need to leave anything out! Three films, I am suddenly concerned about pacing issues and what they will add and ... ahh, I don't know. I am still quite fond of Peter Jackson, but like many directors/showrunners/other wildly successful creative people, he kind of needs someone to tell him when to stop.

Re: Beasts of the Southern Wild: SO GOOD, YOU GUYS, SO GOOD. I don't have anything particularly coherent or spoilery to say, just that I loved it lots and Hushpuppy is the best six-year-old in the entire universe, and possibly also if you're going to see it you should 'ware shakycam if that sort of thing is an issue. But really just. SO GOOD. (And for afters Amiel and I snuck into the middle of The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Experience the next theater over, and spent about five minutes in silent hysterical laughter at Batman and Bane doing DEEP DRAMATIC GRAVELLY VOICES at each other before we snuck back out again to get dinner. Good times!)

Re: Teen Wolf: I ADMIT IT I SUCCUMBED. Enough people whose opinions I find interesting had started to talk about it, so I gave the first few episodes a go, and probably would have stopped except that Polaris follows a lot of the same people I do and was also curious. We watched season one together, a few episodes a night; it was all good silly fun, and then one evening we were cooking dinner or something and started wailing "STIIIILES" at each other. Now I am soldiering forward and enduring the HORRIBLE PAIN of season two alone because [a] I cannot stop or wait and [b] this way I can warn Polaris of the trauma to come. I keep legitimately screaming at the screen! I am SO INVESTED. I have no idea how this happened, but Teen Wolf is a DISEASE, the main symptoms of which seem to be CAPSLOCK IN EMPHASIS and anguished wails of "STIIIILES."

Re: Avengers: ahahdslkfsjkf okay so this fic I am writing. It is my long Avengers found family fic, of course, because I absolutely have to write that; having batted it around with various people, I've narrowed it down from being about absolutely everyone to ... still being about everyone, I guess, but entirely from Thor's POV. This will be an exciting journey! in which Thor and I figure out how the hell to deal with lots of fraught emotions when Thor doesn't have the vocabulary for most of them. Hopefully it will be fun and rewarding and full of unreliable narration and will not drive me totally up the wall! Meantime it's at about 5000 words right now, we haven't even begun to leave Asgard yet, and Amiel laughs at me whenever I venture the hope that this fic will come in under 50,000. Ahaha. Haha.
Wow, so I just had the sort of hilarious detailed dream I often have just before waking up. In it ... well, first there was a bit about seals in a swimming pool, but I don't remember that part very well. What I do remember is dreaming that I'd been sent a link alerting me that someone had reposted Shatter without asking me. Said someone had an LJ that screams "teenage girl new to the internet" complete with tiiiny font sizes in varying colors. I shrugged and figured I'd just ask them to, y'know, provide a link instead of having the whole fic copied, and then I realized that they were in fact pretending it was theirs. This has never happened! I was not entirely sure what to do! I did discover that in their header notes their thank-you was to Cassandra Claire, she taught me everything I know about writing ;) which amused me greatly. What a comedian, subconscious. It turned out that the fic also wasn't a straight-up copy-paste of Shatter; it was full of bizarre, accidentally awesome kennings, and there was one bit where the writing was formatted not in paragraphs but in a weird fractured way that had clearly taken a lot of html. As I drifted out of sleep I urgently wanted to let the plagiarizing teenage girl know that she could straight-up claim it was a remix and I'd be cool with that.

Anyway, the moral of this story is: next time, bizarre awesome kennings.
So the other day, Amiel posited to me that, if there's one thing Loki and all the Avengers can actually agree on, it's that Lady Gaga is awesome. HAHA YES OBVIOUSLY, I said in great delight, and we left it at that, until last night when Amiel sent me possibly the greatest ever series of text messages:

Amiel: Re: the Lady Gaga headcanon I said earlier -- Fury doesn't get it. Until someone shows him one of the music videos. Then he decides okay, I kinda like that.
Aria: TELL ME.
Amiel: Emma had the genius suggestion that Bruce loves "Born This Way" and no one makes the obvious comment that he, uh, wasn't. Might be about the Hulk, to Bruce.
Amiel: And Steve works out to "Just Dance" (and takes a Tonyish sort of motivation from it if he overthinks it).
Amiel: I can't decide if Clint or Coulson has "You and I" as their favorite. But if it's Coulson, Clint likes "Alejandro" but will belt "Teeth" with no shame.
Amiel: Tony's favorite is "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" because *sigh*, Tony.
Amiel: Natasha likes "Paparazzi," mostly because of the music video.
Amiel: Thor's I don't know! Help me with it. I know he likes a lot of her songs. I think he loves "Born This Way" and "Edge of Glory."
Aria: I think "Edge of Glory" sounds right!
Amiel: Loki -- no one knows his favorite because he tells different people different ones. He tells Tony "Bad Romance" because that's what Tony expects. Because Thor is subtle about NOTHING, including hickeys etc, Loki quietly tells Steve his favorite is "I Like It Rough" because it makes Steve make a worried face. He tells Thor "Poker Face" or "Monster," depending on what upsets him more. I'll let you guess his actual favorite, though I know what it is.
Aria: Ok, I'll be a bit silly & guess "Marry the Night."
Amiel: Good god, you got it right.
Aria: IT MADE SENSE! But I am still hilariously pleased.
This has been a WEEK, but in the best possible way.

Monday: One of Polaris' local friends discovered ridiculous discount tickets for a Red Sox vs Mariners game, and invited me in on the plan to take Polaris to surprise baseball. My feelings about baseball are basically "I have no goddamn clue why you love this fandom so much, but I'm glad it brings you joy!" so I went with. Polaris attempted to explain the rules of baseball to me (in baseball's favor: actually comprehensible, unlike American football) and I cheered at the bits where the players hit the ball in exciting ways, and we talked about how the Avengers would behave if they went to a baseball game together. (I'm with Thor, by the way: "What is the purpose of this sport? Why this trickery and stealing of bases? The players should meet this contest head-on!") Anyway a good time was had by all.

Tuesday: Evening Avengers, third viewing, with Polaris, [personal profile] zeenell, and [ profile] psuedo_catalyst, with Mexican food and lots of fannish flailing for afters. I explained my absurd Avengers found family fic, and the latest request, via Nell, is for ace!Coulson, so that may now be a thing in my fic.

Wednesday: Amiel and Emma were over for the afternoon and evening; we made Housewarming-style pumpkin pie and watched Lilo & Stitch because Emma had never seen it and, well, it is always time for Lilo & Stitch. Misbehaving blue aliens! Found family! Cobra Bubbles! That movie is my happy place.

Thursday and Friday were mostly just hanging out with Emma and with Nell, and then Friday evening Amiel came by and we went road-tripping to see the Tyler Posse. Tyler Posse weekend was predictably glorious; we mostly just hung out and climbed trees and read bits of poetry and short stories, and on Saturday night we saw Avengers AGAIN because no one but Amiel and I had actually seen it, and oh my god I am so done seeing Avengers in the theatres. I also had an unexpected crying jag Saturday despite being in a really good mood, probably because I did way too much socializing this week although maybe also because I can't hold all my Loki feels, but -- today will be very chill, I am planning to do pretty much nothing except clean things and generally housewife, and when Polaris gets home watch lots of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and ... life is really good.