Hi, internet! The apartment of Gondor is spending the evening watching Mythbusters, and the combination of my delightful bizarre fannish feelings about this show + wine + an episode about superhero myths = us trying to figure out what the cast's superpowers would be.

Jamie: invulnerability
Adam: kinetic energy (sort of Gambit-style)
Tory: super speed
Kari: something ... cosmic, we did not really work this out but we wanted her to have alien superpowers and fly and stuff! (Ms Marvel style, more or less)
Grant: he has no super powers, but is basically low-budget Iron Man (with bonus Mythbusters narrator playing the part of JARVIS)

OTHER SUGGESTIONS WELCOME, THIS IS TOTALLY A SUPERPOWERED MYTHBUSTERS PARTY! For the ... however many of you care, I do not actually know how many of you care! But it is making the apartment of Gondor very happy.


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