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tv! and other stories

I have been watching some television! Specifically I have been watching SHIELD, Person of Interest, and Elementary.

SHIELD! I ... am going to keep watching, because I'm constantly hungry for more MCU canon, but oh man. I can only remotely stand Agent Bland Whitedude (Ward??) when he's in a scene with Skye, which I guess will make the show almost certainly shipping them not too painful to watch. But I really don't care about him! And the scientists are okay I guess, but I liked them better in Pacific Rim. And I'm super excited about Melinda May but she exists mostly in potential right now. And -- okay, the actual problem is that the very premise of the show posits that SHIELD are the good guys, and yikes, no. I like Coulson fine as a secondary character, but they had him drug one of his own agents, and look, I don't like Ward much, but I didn't really laugh either. Meanwhile I really like Skye, but I'm terrified that Rising Tide is going to end up being a front for Hydra or something, and it will turn out that Skye was being naive and idealistic and being used, poor silly thing, now let these government agents who Know Best clean things up for you.

That said, I liked the second episode a lot while it was happening! And I did many ridiculous joyscreams during the tag with Nick Fury. But I think what that mostly tells me is that I want a series of hilarious shorts in which Nick Fury makes judgy faces at the Avengers and SHIELD agents and aliens and whatever, team Nick Fury's hilarious judgy face.

Person of Interest! I've only seen the first ep of this season -- we're waiting until Housemate A gets back from a work conference to watch it with her -- but I like it so far! I'm not head-over-heels thrilled about Shaw being a regular in practice because I don't know how that's going to work yet, but I really like it in theory and enjoyed having her around! I like how Finch and Reese continue to be married, yes good, carry on. I'm SO EXCITED about Carter and Elias having an understanding, ahhhh, EXCITED FOR A CARTER PLOT, I am always excited for Carter's face but her plots have been so upsetting! So I am very pleased. And completely delighted at Root being a regular, dsklsdkjfds the scary adventures of Root and the Machine, SOMEONE HOLD ME.

This has become one of my charming comfort shows, is what I'm saying here.

Elementary! I ... was very eh on the first episode, actually; I'm way over fat jokes at not-fat Mycroft, mostly? Also I feel like they weirdly underutilized London, although that may have been intentional, idk. I did like the second episode a lot, because I just want to draw sparkly hearts around Sherlock and Joan's friendship, and also because I know fuckall about math so I just enjoyed what a bizarre convoluted Holmesian plot that one had.

So I guess also comfort show? I was mostly just so blown away by last season, I'm probably over-impatient for them to hit their stride again with the new one.

Besides watching television, I'm also in the middle of an excitingly busy couple of weeks. Last Tuesday was the Vienna Teng concert; I went with friends and met up with more friends and started crying nearly right out of the gate when she played Recessional as the very second song. Mostly she did the new album -- quite possibly everything off the new album except Never Look Away, which is a bit of a shame as it's my second-favorite from that one -- and the most gorgeous rendition of Gravity ever. I just. I can't express how much I love Vienna Teng.

(And then Housemate A, who couldn't concert-go with us because she has a work conference this week in Connecticut, sent us an increasingly hilarious series of texts which read "So my friend just informed me that Vienna Teng is playing at the casino I'm in tonight" followed by "Missed Vienna Teng's concert twice but I did get to play blackjack with her ^^" so I think someone is in for some serious excited interrogation when she gets home tomorrow.)

This next week I have a county fair tomorrow (COUNTY FAIR, I haven't gone to one of those since I was in my early teens, yaaay) and Night Vale in NYC Thursday night and then a Friday ticket to ComicCon, so adventures await! Amidst all this I am also trying to finish the damn Avengers fic (72k and counting; I have resigned myself to the fact that it's going to hit and surpass 100k, sigh) and having a slow ridiculous breakdown because of the increasing bits of Thor 2 footage. I will get it done! And have work and a social life and all such good things, yes.

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