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( Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:35 pm)
Boston is buried under several feet of snow! HAPPY WINTER. (I ... don't mean that too sarcastically, but I'd really love to get my serious snow December and January, not February and probably March.)

Things I am currently feeling fannish about:

+ Highlander, which I've been watching with [personal profile] thewrongkindofpc. We did the Methos watch, as one does, and had lots of messy feelings all over each other; then we made the mistake of watching the '80s movie and realizing how much we actually like Duncan MacLeod too! (Um. In comparison to Connor, and also for himself.) Spiraled into watching the pilot of the show, have now made a horrible pact to actually do a Complete Best Of rather than just a Methos watch.

+ Planeshift, ie our D&D campaign, which as of this last week is over! WE ALL SURVIVED. Last week we had a coronation and a wedding, and then a postmortem to ask Housemate A about plot threads and to tell the epilogues for our own characters. I'm a bit verklempt about the whole thing, and also need to write weird poly futurefic because of course I do.

+ Avatar and Korra! I'm watching Avatar with Amiel, and Korra with Coworker E, which is cool to do concurrently! I also have complicated feelings about the ending of Korra (which can be summarized with "I'm so glad they went there but I wanted TEXT, not word of god, I'd rather have a textual queer kiss with not enough buildup than almost enough buildup with the implication that queer kissing will happen soon"); but what a good good world. Maybe I will end up writing some Korrasami.

+ Uhhh so A and I are watching anime together? Right now we're in the middle of this gorgeously-animated super homoerotic high school swimming anime called Free! and there are apparently 7764 fics for it on the AO3 because the gods love me or at least have a weird sense of humor. Will I actually go down some sort of fic rabbit hole for a ridiculous sports anime? POSSIBLY.

+ Marvel as ever. I am SO BEHIND on my various Thor and Loki comics, oops, although the tumblr scans I keep catching look wonderful. I am all caught up on Agent Carter and am only hearing the echoes of the tumblr wank (where ... people are pulling the "if it's feminist how dare you say it's racist" thing or something?) but idk, all I know is that it's a Marvel show that's better than SHIELD and I ship Peggy/Angie like burning. (And also damn is it white.) I also accidentally outlined a whole post-Thor 2 fic with Amiel yesterday, as one does, and I have no idea who the audience for it is, because it's a Thor/Jane fic that is mostly political thriller and has weird incest overtones that never get resolved. OOPS.

+ The Silmarillion! Amiel and I are doing a readthrough together, assigning ourselves ~50 pages a week, and mostly having lots of Melkor feelings at each other. I'm considering also doing a Lord of the Rings reread alongside it; I like to do occasional rereads, and I think the last one was in 2009, so it's very much time. (And then maybe I will finally write the Frodo/Sam fic that's been struggling to get out since I was ten if only I could figure it out properly.)

Anyway, it's very nice to feel cozily polyfannish right now, but this month I intend to WRITE things about it.
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( Aug. 30th, 2011 08:50 pm)
i. In the next few days I am road-tripping with [ profile] 10littlebullets and [personal profile] srevans down to Dragon*Con, to meet up with [ profile] rayruz & all their various fandom friends. I am ridiculous excited, because making fannish friends at cons is one of my favorite hobbies; also, I fully intend to do my best to act like a sane and friendly fan at Mark Sheppard and Mary McDonnell. I am a wee bit stressed, not because I am worried I will do something embarrassing in front of famous people of whom I am fond, but because I am not entirely sure how I will deal with basically four days straight of crowds of this magnitude. And I am getting sensory overload just looking at the program PDF. I'm still fairly sure this will be an awesome time, though.

ii. Other things I am fairly sure of: the universe is definitely hilarious enough to send me my actual Pottermore invite over D*C weekend. Tumblr is driving me slowly mad with all its talk of wands and Sortings and &c; but I've waited thirteen years for my owl, so I guess I can wait a little longer. In fact I will happily wait until next week! I do not want to miss, say, a panel about Time Lord ethics just because I really want to know whether I'm actually a Ravenclaw or not.

iii. In between chipping away at my NOVEL (right now it is NOVEL, in allcaps, because that's how it sounds in my head), this week I rewatched Avatar: the Last Airbender. It was ... really interesting, to follow up with AtLA right after rereading Harry Potter. Seriously, I could make a chart. Aang is Harry, Katara is Hermione, Sokka is Ron, Roku and Sozin are Dumbledore and Grindelwald, presumably Zuko is Draco, &c -- and it's fun to see how the canon ships would have to shift, or how obviously all Draco needed was Uncle Iroh. But really, it makes me deeply appreciate how many stunningly awesome ladies Avatar has, and how it treats nearly everyone as redeemable. It also makes me want to write bewildering fic in which Hogwarts is a school for benders and Harry is the worst avatar ever.

Anyway. Fear not, D*C compatriots, I am conversant in many fandoms! It will not be all ridiculous fusions all the time! Just some of the time.
1. The Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel miniseries seems to be officially confirmed! I am so, so excited to see our kids' legacy and the shape of that world in a hundred years.

2. Secret wall art is real!! Here is a whole gallery of it. I am so excited for the next time I end up in a hotel now, although I assume that not every hotel will have awesomeness lurking on the walls.

3. (Link text is spoilery for DeKay's opinions on plot matters.) A quote from this interview with Tim DeKay:
"To me, [Neal and Peter] like each other. They've admitted they are friends and they care about each other more than just professionally. But I think if both of them completely trust each other, like a love story where two people haven't gotten together in a romantic comedy series, if they completely trust each other than those two will have gotten in bed and we don't quite want that yet. We want to hold that as long as we can."
Let's go through this again, shall we? If they trust each other completely they'll sleep together and we don't want that YET. There has to be a word for that sublime moment when subtext becomes text, and no, Word of Gay is not the phrase I am searching for, although the meaning is very close.
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 03:35 pm)
I have jobs to search for! I have reading to do! (I have Methos fic to write and a Babylon 5 rewatch to continue, and let's not even talk about the plotty Doctor Who fic, kink bingo, or the due South AU.) But what am I doing?

I am outlining a goddamn fourth season of Avatar.

Don't expect 50k in two weeks, okay? Also, I hate you all.

PS: Stuck to You, the Amy/Rory/Eleven vid I have been waiting for all my life! Go watch it, it's awesome.
Miles and years behind everyone else, I have just mainlined Avatar: the Last Airbender. HI, TINY AWESOME SHOW OF MY HEART.

Behind this cut there is LOTS OF JOY. )
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( Jul. 9th, 2010 10:10 am)

Occasionally I have incredibly vivid dreams. This one is full of excruciating detail and lots of absurdity, but since I woke up about an hour ago and I still remember the whole thing, I think I am going to record it for myself.

Cut for length and dream inanity/absurdity. In which Aria goes to the opera, wears a top hat, and discovers that Highlander is awkwardly taking over her brain. )

Enough of that nonsense. Time for some s3 Avatar over breakfast!
1. In the past forty-eight hours or so I have seen so many fireworks. Bless the USA's national excuse to make lots of pretty explosions.

2. Explaining Doctor Who: the Big Bang is awesome. It really does explain all the timey-wimey stuff in the finale! I went in mildly curious and came out impressed, because I was fairly sure I understood all the crazy, twisty stuff Moffat did, but that article brought up and then explained things I hadn't even noticed.

3. I spent the entire first half of this year wondering where the hell my ability to write like a fiend had gone. Part of the answer, of course, was that I was channeling my writing energy into hoarding college memories; the other part of the answer, apparently, was that I was waiting for Methos. He is my freaking kryptonite. I will drop everything to write him. He has five thousand years of potential untapped backstory! He's sarcastic! He is full of twisty complex motivations and lies to everyone, even himself! He is kinky about swords! My god, it's like every day is my birthday.

4. Because the internet has been exploding with talk about it (and also because [personal profile] nextian and [personal profile] anekdot explained at some length all the reasons I would love it) I have started, finally, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Reason #4493 I hate James Cameron: fuck you, I just want to say 'Avatar' and have people know what I'm talking about. Fewer blue people, more flying bison! Or is it buffalo?) I am now exactly halfway through first season, and I love it. Good people doing good things! Positivity and laughter in the face of adversity! My strange fascination with earthbending! FLYING BISON!! And I am told that it only gets better.

5. I celebrated the 4th of July by going to see Toy Story 3. MY NOSTALGIC LOVE, LET ME SHOW YOU IT. Spoilers are strawberry-scented. )