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I come from over the horizon

Another Wednesday sans reading meme, because I'm still mid-King of Attolia; my reading time has mostly been on meal breaks at work. Nor do I have fic-reading to report, because I have instead been writing huge swathes of my Avengers fic. Apparently all I needed was the new Thor trailer! I did ~8000 words last Thursday, which finished up part three of the fic; I'm ~5500 into part four; and, uh, all told so far this fucker is ~38,000, which I just counted for the first time and now I'm wheezing slightly. Welcome to definitely the longest fic I've ever written! (I mean, not yet, but I'm halfway through part four of seven, so ... yeah, I'm definitely going to break 50k this time.) To be fair, [profile] filiabelialis is cowriting it with me; they're generating all the outlines and about 1/4 of the final written material, I think? Something like that. Anyway, this monster is not my fault alone, but it's finally picking up speed and I am so excited about it and hoping to have it up well in advance of Thor 2. (Not only because it's going to be Jossed, but because the new trailer is also giving me inexplicable Thor/Loki/Sif/Jane sedoretu feelings, revisions to these feelings pending what actually happens in the next movie. But oh gosh all the stuff I want to write.)

I should also probably get a new computer this weekend. Or order one, anyway, because this poor laptop is now officially on its way out. The 'm' key hasn't been working for months (every single time I use it, I'm doing ctrl+v) but eh, whatever. And then two days ago, part of the back of the computer just ... warped outwards, twisty metal sticking out, plastic very unhappy; the screen is still working fine but the back of it keeps popping out, so I backed up all my files this morning, and yeah, new laptop this weekend. I am a Windows-using heathen and I'm perfectly fond of the Windows 7 OS, but if anyone has laptop models they particularly like, feel free to rec! I'm used to Dells, but they do have a tendency to bork in exciting ways, so other options are always good.

...oh god, that means I have to sort out all my tabs. THE HORROR.

Meantime, until it gives up the ghost, gonna write like the wind. It's ... really nice, discovering my brain is behaving enough again now that I just have this endless well of writing excitement again. :D
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I keep saying this so much that I sound like an evangelical nut at work, but: Windows Easy Transfer. Best thing ever.

Type "easy" at the Start Menu and it should be the first option. It'll move your data and settings automagically, and tell you what was installed on the old computer that you might want on the new one.

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We use HPs at work, but the business models are probably out of your range. (They're mostly out of my range, too.)

Generally, I'd say start with at least 4 GB of RAM (8 is better), and upgrade to an SSD if possible. It's probably an upgrade option on the Dells; ping me if they're more than $100 and I can talk about other options. Unless you're planning to go into vidding, most CPUs should cover you. (If you are going into vidding, check with a vidder; I'm not up on the current specs.)

(MicroCenter out on Mem Dr. usually has 120 GB SSDs for $60-100. They're actually pretty cool if you can get out there, but it's not terrifically accessible by mbta.)