i. WisCon this year was wonderful! as WisCon every year is wonderful. It felt particularly short this year, though (a situation exacerbated by [a] not arriving til Friday afternoon, [b] the vid party being on Saturday instead of Friday and thus cutting into Saturday lobbycon, and [c] increasing numbers of my friends being on panels; maybe one of these years I will be brave and go on a panel myself). The vid party was delightful, it was so so great to see old WisCon buddies and to meet new ones, the GOH speeches made me cry a bit, and next year I fully intend to arrive Thursday and give myself breathing room and really bask in the con.

ii. Relatedly I am reading NK Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy! Currently in the middle of the third one, still loving it, though nothing will be as id-satisfyingly perfect to me as Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was. (SO perfectly id-satisfying; I've been summarizing it to people on twitter as "court intrigues and captive gods and family drama," and there has been much sage nodding/laughing at me because why yes that IS a portrait of my id.) I ... also think they're really well-written and -plotted and all that good stuff, but I'm not sure I can recommend them as Perfect Books, because mostly they are just perfect to me.

iii. Other things that are a bit perfect to me: Maleficent! Mild spoilers, mostly pleased. )

iv. I also saw Days of Future Past, but that doesn't get a spoiler cut, since it can be summarized as "Quicksilver and Mystique were my favorite parts, it was fun I guess." Sorry, X-Men, I think I'm officially broken up with you :/ Not that I won't see any future films in that universe, but I don't have lots of fannish feelings about it right now.

v. Meanwhile, in my job in the barista AU, I am now a shift supervisor! This means getting up earlier, but also getting paid more and getting to go home earlier, and is for the most part really nice. (As I type this, one of the other shift supervisors is texting me to do a complicated schedule swap because he wants to play a show with his band on a day he has a closing shift. I'm living in a weird hipster fic, send help.)

iv. Polaris and I have spent some of the day researching animal shelters in the area! Perhaps next week we will get a cat or two, stay tuned :DDD
Despite it now being May, Massachusetts remains full of dismal grey rain. I really like this weather, within reason, but dammit, I'm supposed to be uncomfortably warm and slightly dazzled by sunlight right now, not feeling like a sad hibernating beastie. Because the weather won't get with the program, I think it's time for to list some things that are making me happy. (It may also be time for me to make a habit of this, maybe in a weekly way, to be good to myself.)

+ My job is really great! I like all my coworkers (even the slightly unfortunate seriously cishet white boy one, in large part because when all else fails we can talk about Lord of the Rings), and I like many of our regulars, and it's low-stress and happymaking and it may not be A Career but it makes some money and I actually like it, so I think on balance it's still a win.

+ [profile] filiabelalis is still the best sweetie, news at 11. My housemates and in fact all my local friends are really great; weekly D&D is the best (and made us all die a little laughing last week when a plot twist was revealed and [personal profile] songofsongs just thrashed around on the floor going "NOOOO" for five minutes straight); [personal profile] scribe is probably going to drag me to a number of womens' soccer games this season; my social life is just really good and fulfilling without being too overwhelming.

+ Avocados are in season! I mean, they're around all year but they're nice and fresh right now, and yes, they get their own bullet point, avocados are the food of the gods.

+ Captain America fandom is being wonderful! I'm going through fics quite slowly -- usually only about one a day, so tabs are definitely accumulating faster than I'm closing them. My latest favorite fic is your favorite ghost by augustbird; it's Steve/Bucky, and the official summary is It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home, but it got me where I lived at the line The worst part of having Bucky back is that he doesn't.

+ AGENTS OF SHIELD CONTINUES TO BE BAFFLINGLY GOOD?? Spoilers just love Skye so muuuuch. )

+ WISCON IS SO SOON! I hope this year I will be enough out of my dazed sad fog to do con properly, but even if I'm not as extroverted as I'd like, it's still my favorite time of year, and I'm looking forward so much to seeing those of you who are going <333
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( Apr. 15th, 2014 04:46 pm)
Happy Passover! Gondor is hosting a sedar tonight for our D&D group, though as far as I know we won't be holding it in character.

Meanwhile it's spring. The weather this week, as I understand it, is going to get miserably cold again, but at the moment we have the sort of blustering spring rain that makes me crave summer thunderstorms. I was walking home with my jeans and shoes soaking wet and I didn't even care, because summer is coming! At the cafe we're running through all our cold brew before noon and the poor ice machine can't keep up with demand, but all the customers are so happy, which is incredibly pleasant.

Mostly what I've been doing this week is having awful wrecking Winter Soldier feelings. I am not going to deny these feelings! (After Thor came out I spent this precious week going "Huh, what an interesting flash-in-the-pan investment I'm having! I'm sure it'll end soon," and this is the SAME LEVEL OF INTENSITY, by which I mean, lots.) I've read a post-film fic where a line of Natasha's made me tear up, and I've been making vids in my head and tearing up more because I just love Sam Wilson so much, and I really definitely cannot hold all these feels, so instead I'm reading Black Widow comics and feeling cranky about Hydra and trying to think of an action plot to hang my OT4 story on. (I'm also not going to make it 100k. I just. Nope. I'm hoping wistfully that it'll be under 50k instead, hahaha you fool it's never under 50k when you have this many feelings.)

I'm also. Hm. I'm having some complicated Bucky feelings? )

And I'm genuinely excited for new SHIELD /o\ I still think they haven't decided where they want to come down on the morality scale, but at least CAtWS made the question actually interesting, and I'm pretty psyched for the version of the show where these losers are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who the hell their allies are. WE SHALL SEE.
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( Dec. 21st, 2013 10:49 am)
i. Christmas tree! )

ii. Visiting my parents was, as usual, a weird mix between my increasing frustration with their tolerant amusement re: issues I feel strongly about (though they will at least actually listen and ask questions about queer stuff), and the ability they both have to make me cry laughing because they're ridiculous people. I also mailed myself a bunch of stuff that was still in their house (very important stuff! like Beanie Babies!) and brought up some of the remainder of my clothes and books. It felt like getting a lot of new stuff for the holidays, even though it was mostly old stuff, because brains are cool like that.

iii. I continue to be the sort of person who goes out for drinks with coworkers and dresses up to go to work holiday parties and things? The work holiday party was pretty delightful, actually! Nothing of note happened or anything, but I did stand around in a room full of people and talked to them for three hours without wishing I was somewhere else, and I enjoyed myself, so SUCCESS.

iv. I saw the Hobbit earlier this week! It held together a lot better than the first installment, I was only cranky with one bit they left out, and I continue planning the edits I want to do in order to make a Just The Book (+ maybe some other parts I like??) cut when all three films are out. I kind of wish I had more feelings, but instead I just keep having lots of Avengers feelings, and resurgent due South feelings as Housemate A and I make our way through season two, and that's a pretty comfortable place to be, fannishly.

v. I just really like this time of year. We had so much snow, and then most of it melted, and though I'd love to have snow for Christmas, this is really nice too. I'm spending good time with people, and there are so many lights everywhere in the city, and ... I'm happy right now. It feels important to catalogue when I'm doing okay, so yes: I've spent the morning wrapping presents, and I made bacon and eggs-in-a-basket for myself and Housemate A like a goddamn adult who can cook meals, and I'm about to start my second cup of tea, and I'm happy.
+ THE FIC DRAFT IS DONE. It clocks in at 105k (...roughly 12k of which are porn), and it's off with Olivia right now, being beta'd. I feel really bizarre about this fic! I mean, I woke up today feeling really light and happy and excited because it's done, or done enough that I can actually think about anything else ever again, but -- among other things I've made myself emotionally compromised about Thor for life, so Thor 2 next week is going to be a difficulty. Amiel and I are going to the midnight premiere with a flask of mead, of course; and the funny thing is that, because we've only just made our fic deadline, if we post one a day starting Thursday it'll also be our fic-is-done-being-posted celebration. I really like the symmetry of that, and I also really like that it means this stupid fic is going to be like a bizarre week-long advent calendar countdown to Thor 2.

+ I have had so much wear out of my Thor dress lately! Obviously I wore it to NYCC, but I also wore it to a Halloween party Friday night and then to a come-dressed-in-your-costumes birthday party bowling session on Sunday. (Among the people bowling we had Kirk, Spock, Thor, Loki, and Martian Manhunter. Kirk and Spock took turns and were Team Enterprise; Thor and Loki were not a team. I did spectacularly well in the first game and spectacularly badly in the second, but in my defense there had been pizza and beer by then.) I am also working on Halloween, so ... gonna be barista!Thor. Looking forward to this kind of a lot.

- I got so excited about finishing the draft and having any free time again that I decided to get some finances in order and register for direct pay things! Then nothing would work in Chrome so I had to use Firefox, and one site worked after that but another refused to let me copy-paste anything into the email field, which ... is unfortunate, since I'm still doing ctrl+v every time I want to type the letter m. I'm putting this particular adulting shit on the backburner until I get a new laptop, but the latest in the ongoing laptop saga is that I got an email yesterday saying, sorry, your delivery has been delayed, we apologize for the inconvenience. At least this time they're not ... rescinding the product entirely? But this is fucking ridiculous.

+ On the other hand I finished the draft and I have any free time again! I also have very little work this week, which means I'm going to clear out the slush and catch up on tumblr and play lots of Dragon Age II and, assuming poor Housemate A actually gets home before midnight, make her play tons of Lego Marvel with me (seriously it is the BEST GAME EVER, like, Reed Richards literally turns into a giant tool, and HULK SMASH EVERYTHING, and the cut scenes with Doom and Loki are amazing). And I have plenty of time to do edits before posting, too! This week should be really pleasant.

A list of things that are currently making me really happy:

+ Housemate A continues phenomenal. She is a degree of tidy that makes me really happy -- we had a cleaning session with blasting music the other day -- and she brought home the most adorable geeky posters from Otakon. She also, of all horrors, bought an Xbox this weekend, as well as Dragon Age: Origins, so ... that's what we've been doing. A is doing a round as a city elf rogue, Polaris as a casteless dwarf rogue, and I have discovered that I have a really bad attention span for video games, so I am [a] a human mage (named Loki because fuck you of course I'm playing as Loki, GONNA BE A BLOOD MAGE JUST TRY TO STOP ME) and [b] a forest elf rogue and nothing else yet but I really also want to play a dwarf warrior maybe? Comparative gameplay!! Curious about how soon I will burn out and wander off, but so far it is a delight.

+ I finished The King of Attolia! I don't know if I feel fannish about the Queen's Thief books? although obviously I'd be happy to be talked into feeling fannish about them. I do know that somewhere in the third book Gen tipped over from "someone I enjoy reading about" to "someone I will clutch metaphorically to me screeching about how great they are" because I just ... am so easy for people who are heartclutchingly good at what they do while not liking themselves nor what they need to do very much, so sdkldsfjdfs. I suppose I should read A Conspiracy of Kings next, but, well, we've been mainlining Hornblower and I keep on having all these Thor/Loki feelings and then wishing astolat had written more fic, so OBVIOUSLY the solution is to reread His Majesty's Dragon. (I tapped out of those books at the beginning of Empire of Ivory last time for reasons of having a Thing about plagues, and specifically not wanting to read about them, but I think I'm going to give it another go.)

+ Work is SO GREAT, especially now that my boss has basically scheduled me opposite shifts as Difficult Coworker (because my boss: also really great). I don't have anything more substantial than that, just, I'm really enjoying my ridiculous life being a barista at an indie bookstore. Also I may have discovered that my ability to make good caffeinated drinks means I've become good at making mixed alcoholic drinks as well, although obviously this bears further investigation.

+ At the end of the month my cousin is getting married! I'm excited to see my family, especially my parents and my grandma, and my cousin's fiance is excellent, and ahhh what am I going to wear, I haven't figured this out at all! My dad told me to spike my hair (and to ... wear a collar? I think he's confusing queers with punks; that or he knows something about my personal life that I have never ever told him) and generally dyke it up, because he is a delightful human sometimes. Eh, I will figure it out.

+ So many delightful things are happening this fall!! Dessa is here in September, and Vienna Teng is here in October, and excellent boss is giving me off those closing/following opening shifts so I can 100% make those concerts. She is also giving me off October 10-12th, which means I can [a] GO TO THE NIGHT VALE LIVE SHOW ([personal profile] oliviacirce: the best fucking wingman ever, with tickets for us both) and [b] go to Friday New York ComicCon if I fancy. Still debating whether it's worth $50, but if you are going to be at NYCC, let me know! Having people to hang out with would greatly up my incentive to go.

+ I ... may have also been given off the close/open of November 7/8th for reasons of midnight Thor 2. HELL YES THIS GETS ITS OWN BULLET POINT. Okay, also in this bullet point I will say that my fic is trucking along nicely and I loooove it. Gonna be done in plenty of time for people to read it before Thor 2 Josses the hell out of it.

This list brought to you by, oh my god, this isn't even a list of things I'm being determinedly cheerful about, this is just genuinely how happy and excited about life I am today. :DDD
What did you recently finish reading?

Tides by Betsy Cornwell. It was very sweet! It did fun things with selkie myths and had a nice engaging plot. I was ... somewhat less invested in the tale of selkie girl/earnest young scientist boy than I was in the backstory about selkie's also-selkie mum/earnest young scientist's grandmother, though; like, damn, we only get a couple of chapters for the story about the queer romance of a girl who keeps the lighthouse and longs to see the world with a gorgeous inquisitive being who nonetheless wants to bind her there? I am really glad we got that story even in short form! But I would have loved an entire novel about them, too.

What are you currently reading?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I will save my proper thoughts for when I'm done rather than about 2/3 of the way through, and will instead tell the story about how yesterday Neil Gaiman came by and bought coffee at the little cafe inside a bookstore where I work. "I'm reading Ocean at the End of the Lane!" I told him. "It's really lovely, but I was reading it while eating ..."

"Oh dear," he said. "The bit with the worm?"

"YES," I said. But he seemed pretty pleased about it, because of course he was. And I was pretty pleased about it too, because it's fun to watch someone be happy that their writing elicited the reaction they meant it to, but still. THAT BIT WITH THE WORM. :/

What do you think you'll read next?

Weeeell I have the ARC of a Malinda Lo book, and the Jo Walton still, and of course the Queen's Thief books. WE SHALL SEE.

I'll be honest, though, mostly I'm mainlining Welcome to Night Vale. What a good podcast!
Summer!! Everything is a riot of green, and the air feels thick, and we keep having blazing sunlight punctuated by torrents of rain. I'm sure by late June I'll be wailing about how I can't stand the heat -- and my sleep is already much more restless, seriously, my body hates heat -- but at the moment it feels like a lovely change. Plus I get to wear skirts and shorts and dresses and tank tops! Yeeeeah summer clothes.

Work feels much less stressful now that -- that it's summer, or identifiably the most stressful single thing in my life, I don't know. It feels very doable, which is nice! I've been entertaining myself by playing Marvel Bingo, otherwise known as the little ping of happiness I get when a customer's name is shared by a character. I've had Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Nick, Maria, James, Erik, Jane, and (Baldur) Thor, although bafflingly no Clints or Phils or Darcys yet. I've had Virginia and Margaret, along with lots of variations though none of them Peggy, and Elizabeth and variants though no Betty, and I'm not holding out for a Pepper even though there was that guy named Shark once.

Baldur Thor is no longer my very favorite, though, because last week I rung up a woman named Laufey. I now will not rest until I've collected the entire Norse pantheon!! (Terrible life choices.)

I've finally stopped dithering about and showing Housemate K the Angel/Buffy crossover episodes from the first two seasons of Angel, and we've officially embarked upon season six. I'm gonna ... very judiciously edit, for my own self-care, although I think the only one we're actually tapping out of entirely is Hell's Bells. Possibly we'll do Once More With Feeling tonight! And meanwhile I've given up on basically all other tv except Elementary and Warehouse 13 with Polaris, because PERFECT SHOWS ARE PERFECT, or at least mostly perfect, and if I need a break from Buffy I might do judicious rewatches.

Also WisCon is in three weeks! I feel a little bit like I'm carefully pulling myself from one nice thing to the next -- post-work telly-watching with K! adventures with [personal profile] scribe this coming Friday! out-of-town friend visiting next weekend! WISCONNN -- but I also feel like that's okay right now, and a lot better than I was doing, and honestly if I have a series of bright points to head towards, that feels much nicer than the tired determined slog.
+ The other weekend Polaris and I had a few friends over to eat baked goods and nominally celebrate our belated birthdays. Tasty food was consumed! We are now the happy owners of several new books, fancy candles, and an Inspector Spacetime poster! We also cobbled together a DYI version of Cards Against Humanity, excising all the cards that were gender essentialist or potentially rapey, and adding several fandom cards. Perhaps the best submission of the evening was "[Frost giants] are a slippery slope that lead to [black holes]," which is such a great summary of Thor that Emma was an instant winner.

+ Last night Polaris and [livejournal.com profile] paper_tzipporah and I went to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, fortified with tiny bottles of booze, as one does. We started edging toward the back of the tiny theater when I noticed that the other people there seemed to be talking happily in the way one does at fangirl parties, so I asked them if they minded us sitting just behind them and heckling. "Of course not, that's what this movie is for!" was the general consensus; and then we all made Avengers jokes, and when I came back from my pre-film bathroom break everyone was talking the Hobbit, and of course the lovely people sitting in front of us turned out to be local fanpeople, and we all at least recognized one another's handles and/or fics to some degree, and it was DELIGHTFUL. The movie was great too, I guess? It was TERRIBLE, and full of incest and cartoon gore and gleeful joy at its own awfulness. We laughed the whole way through, and went out for cupcakes for afters. AN EXCELLENT EVENING, is what I'm saying here.

+ Work continues apace. Some days I am full of RAEG and some days I'm quite happy to be there, and goddamn, I can now make you any caffeinated drink you desire! The excellent thing about work is that standing up for eight hours is ... actually kind of good for my back? I utilize all my back muscles and don't hunch, anyway, so my posture is pretty great; that plus walking to and from work, and the occasional carrying of heavy things, means that I've got actual muscles and may be in good shape! Which is pleasing and exciting, and makes me like my body a whole lot even though I suspect I objectively look the same as I usually do. (I mean, the queer haircut helps too! The queer haircut is great every day.)

+ I seem to be reading Les Mis! I have read it once before, but that was in high school, and I recall doing a lot of skimming to get to what I thought was the Good Parts Version. This time I am not skimming! I read every word of how great M. Myriel is! I read all about the year 1817, and also every jerkass thing Fantine's horrible boyfriend said! It remains to be seen whether I will actually get through all of Waterloo; right now I'm in the middle of Valjean's crisis of conscience re: whether to reveal he's Jean Valjean. His cart is broken! His horse cannot be ridden! Everything is going wrong but STILL HE DOES THE RIGHT THING! I love this book a lot? I love Javert most of all, though; there may or may not soon be coming to a post near you all my really, really fervent Javert feelings. At the moment they mostly seem to be coming out as late-night tweets where I yell JAVEEEEERT, but I'll try to also cobble together something more articulate.

+ Avengers fic: one part complete, next three thoroughly outlined, Thor and Bruce currently making awkward spaghetti. :D
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( Jan. 25th, 2013 12:11 pm)
Today I was ringing up a woman who gave her name as Annie. "Like the little orphan, I guess," this Annie said. "Actually," said I, "I associate that name with the character on Community; have you seen it?" She was familiar, she said, but only because her roommate watched it, so I explained a bit about Annie Edison, with great enthusiasm, while I got her change. "Okay, sold," Annie said. "I'll totally check it out." VICTORY!

Unrelated to Annie, a protip: if you don't deign to get off your fucking phone whilst ordering coffee, your barista may be smiling, but they will probably also be harboring warm fuzzy thoughts of totally murdering you right in the face.

I don't ... actually spend a lot of time at work imagining barista AUs, but the Avengers one would be so easy. Like, Nick Fury owns the coffee shop, obviously; I don't know what the coffee shop is called, because I can't think of any coffee-related puns with the word "shield" in them. Whatever. Coulson and Hill and Natasha run shifts; Clint has been there longer than Tasha, and got her hired, and watched starry-eyed while she got promoted, and may or may not be dating her. The other baristas are Steve, art student; Bruce, PhD student who works weekends; Janet, who hates the part where she has to get coffee for her asshole ex-boyfriend Hank every morning; Loki, who got Frigga in the high school divorce and needs this job to pay for college; and Thor, who got Odin in the divorce and could totally be a junior partner at dad's company but is rebelling in what Loki thinks is the most irritating way possible by working at the same stupid coffee shop. Tony, obviously, is that one regular who flirts with absolutely everyone (especially Natasha and Bruce) despite the fact that Pepper meets him there half the time. And I guess this coffee shop is near a school with a good science program, because Jane is obviously also there, and has recently become a regular in order to stare at Thor more frequently. (Darcy endorses this.) Uh so probs Reed Richards uses it as his local too, and ... probably the X-Men are around too; Charles and Erik play chess in the back room every day. And I'm going to stop now! But this AU would be SO EASY, whee.
Yesterday at work:

ME: Hey, can I run to the bathroom?
SHIFT SUPERVISOR: Okay, but show me the meaning of haste.
ME [belatedly, after returning]: I'm not Shadowfax, you know.
SS: You will be!
ME: Oookay, Gandalf.

(We have several shift supervisors, actually, but the above dude is one of my favorites. He has an endless collection of classy vests, constantly listens to the Scissor Sisters when he's in the break room, makes good nerd jokes, and reminds me, both in looks and general attitude, of Grant from Mythbusters, if Grant was ... really good at fast coffee-related multitasking instead of robots, I guess.)

Three more days of work and then a week of holidays!! Meanwhile I ... am still not done with Yuletide, but that's totally okay, I'm technically in under deadline and I absolutely believe in my ability to get it done between work and visiting my sweeties and going on movie outings and &c. Yep. BEARS.

In other news, between everything that I have to get done, I have not been on Tumblr in ... almost a week? Something like that. It's kind of great, actually! Smeagol is freeeeeee~
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( Dec. 7th, 2012 01:19 pm)
The newest hire at the coffee shop is an adorably beautiful dude who looks like a younger Neal Caffrey with a Superman curl on his forehead, so let's call him Clark for future reference, since I will probably talk about him again! An excerpt of the conversation we had today after I clocked out:

ME. You know the show White Collar?
HIM. Yes!
ME. You look a bit like the guy who plays Neal Caffrey.
HIM. [lighting up] That's such a flattering thing to say! He's gorgeous! What's his name again?
ME. Matt Bomer.
HIM. Right! You know he's gay?
ME. Yep.
HIM. And I think he's married, but I might still have a chance with him!
ME. Do you want a chance with him?
HIM. Oh yeah.
US. [queer solidarity fistbump]


Seriously, though, work: doesn't feel very long, only mildly stressful sometimes, despite the early days I have decent amounts of energy afterwards and am getting so much done, and on the whole my coworkers are a delight. Pleased.