What did you recently finish reading?

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson. IT WAS SO GREAT. I loved how casually queer it was, not just in the sense that m/m and f/f relationships were normal and uncommented upon, but also in the sense that in the place of a love triangle there are three people who all love each other a whole lot in various different ways, and try to take care of each other and respect each other's decisions. I loved a lot of the worldbuilding (particularly the semi-sentient city, I'm so easy for sentient cities!); a few of the plotlines, like the one where the main character realizes that her rival at school is actually lovely and it's too bad they haven't been friends, were on the predictable side -- but even when I did guess some things, they felt well-executed and satisfying, and for the most part everything was unexpected enough to keep me guessing. This book is good, also, both as its own thing and as a Gilgamesh retelling; I was compelled to go look up a summary of Gilgamesh after I'd finished (since I hadn't read the epic in ... five years?) and was impressed all over again, because the thematic things Johnson pulled are really, really great. I'm buying this one forthwith, in fact; it will definitely hold up on rereads.

Outsider Perspective by Neery, Person of Interest, Finch/Reese. I can go either way on amnesia fics, although I'm kind of a sucker for them if they're done well, and this one is indeed! Finch and Reese, of course, assume that [a] they are dating and that [b] something really weird is going on, what the hell is with all the fake IDs? It's funny, and the characterization is sound; it also takes time to deal with the fallout once they have their memories back. And, like a bizarre number of PoI fics, it made me tear up at the end, because ... idk, I guess I'm just really a sucker for intense caring D/s and John Reese getting nice things.

What are you currently reading?

Tides by Betsy Cornwell. I looked over an early draft of this one in college! It is much better now, as I expected; it's charming and engaging, and I like everyone a lot, and it does fun things with selkie mythology.

What do you think you'll read next?

WELL. I just started working at a bookstore! There are discount and free books everywhere! My to-read pile is therefore already kind of alarming. The short list, though, is Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane, and after that possibly the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, since I read the first one in middle school and have roughly zero memory of it besides that it was good, and because Polaris thinks I'd really enjoy them.

Also, I have been watching some television! (Some of it is TERRIBLE. For some reason for instance I'm still watching Teen Wolf! What a stupid show, how I love it.) Fortunately I don't have thoughts about Teen Wolf, but I do have thoughts about several other things:

Warehouse 13! Spoilers for the last few episodes of this season; some squee, not much spec, a bit of talk about cancer. )

Avengers! Specifically, I watched the two-part opener of Avengers Assemble, and ... I have the vague idea that the internet is unenthused? I'd be curious to hear why; I'm not thrilled by the fact that there is literally one lady so far, but otherwise I find it unobjectionable! Honestly as long as I love Thor and I love Natasha (which I do in this iteration so far!) and I don't actively want to punch anyone in the face, we're doing okay. (Ftr in EMH I actively wanted to punch like ... half the cast in the face the whole time, but T'Challa and Jan and Carol and Hulk and Hawkeye were so unrelentingly great that it was okay.) I do find it interesting, though, that the recent Avengers shows -- and also the movie, tbh -- are really interested in having the Avengers fight each other a lot! Like, omg guys who would win?? And I don't know why that seems to be a focus/something the creators think we're clearly interested in? (Which I guess says something about who their assumed audience is?) I'm trying to remember how much, say, X-Men Evolution had the team fighting each other vs just hanging out in the mansion being bros, and I think the ratio was a lot better, and I want me some of that! Sure, Hulk and Thor can beat each other up, that's clearly their version of hanging out being bros, but I also want a billion scenes of everyone going out for burgers. Yep.
I am ... spectacularly bad at having an internet presence! I mean, I reblog things on tumblr, but most of the time I'm not generating my own content and I treat it much more as a squee repository than any kind of blog, so in my head it doesn't count. In any case, hello! It is fall! I love this time of year because rather than throwing on a t-shirt and shorts in a desultory fashion and laying around wilting in the heat, I am wandering around in sweeping coats through autumn mists and planning actual outfits with layers and enjoying the turning of the leaves and consuming all the pumpkin products and generally adoring this season. Meanwhile, on the fannish front:

+ Doctor Who! Having now seen all of Amy's arc, I still think they fell down a bit in the middle with season six, but in the end they did right by her and by Rory, and I got a bit teary. I think I'll be tracking down lots of coda fic, and I may eventually compile a recs list, but at the moment, here is the first coda fic my face saw: Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don't Wait Around by [personal profile] lizbee; highly recommended, made me feel much better about this whole Amy-being-gone nonsense.

+ Warehouse 13! Oh my gosh Warehouse 13, this silly SyFy (nooo it still pains me to type that) show that I've been mainlining over the past few weeks. I'm all caught up now, of course just as the half-season finale aired, so everything is naturally terrible and dire to hook you into coming back in April. In any case, Warehouse 13 is for the most part truly lovely; it has canon queers and lots of ladies (who consistently talk about plot things) and I have actual hopes for a canon endgame f/f ship and it's possibly hands-down the best show about found family I have ever seen. Actually this post by [personal profile] thingswithwings talks with more eloquence and enthusiasm about this show than I possibly could. I just love it so.

+ Avengers! Not that ... any new exciting Avengers things have happened (although I am greatly enjoying the steady influx of Thor 2 set pictures) but my stupid fic continues apace; besides all the bits that are written out of order, I have nearly 10,000 chronological words and Thor and Loki have still yet to get the fuck off Asgard, so I've resigned myself to the fact that this fic is going to be a monster. Meanwhile the always-lovely Emma volunteered to make me a Thor sundress, for which we went fabric-shopping yesterday, so for Halloween I'm going to be Thor, with Emma along as my Loki. (Housemate K, meanwhile, is going to attempt to make me a paper-mache helmet. I expect it will look quite stupid but K is in fact a crafts wizard, so we shall see.)

+ Polaris and I are watching Veronica Mars! I haven't watched VMars since college, and I forgot how much I adore it. I ... also forgot how much I ship Veronica/Lilly and any iteration of Veronica/Logan/Weevil, so possibly after this rewatch I will be on the hunt for good fic.

Today, hangouts with Sares! Tonight, contra with Tyler posse! Life is ... pretty good, guys.


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