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december 1: AVENGERS FEELS

December posting meme! Today's topic: the thing I most want to see in upcoming MCU films, for [personal profile] such_heights.

I ... feel like I have two different answers; one of them is about my ideal MCU films, and one of them is about what I can reasonably hope and expect to see in the future. Obviously there is some overlap! So I'm just going to go through upcoming films that I know are happening, be WILDLY OPTIMISTIC, and list some things I would love:

+ Heaps and heaps of well-done Natasha backstory! Like, ideally I want a Black Widow movie buuut obviously that is not in the cards, so instead I want lots of Natasha in Age of Ultron (and for those bits from the trailer that hint at backstory being done well), and lots of Natasha in Cap 3, and ... surprise Natasha in everything else?? LOTS OF NATASHA.

+ Uhhhh I am in mild despair about the Ant Man film but, let's be real, what I desire is a minimum of Hank Pym, and JAN PLEASE JUST GIVE ME JAN AND DON'T FRIDGE HER, and for most of the film to be about Jan and Scott Lang. ...A girl can dream.

+ A girl can also hope that Carol Danvers gets a casting like Katee Sackhoff or Katheryn Winnick, though I'm not wedded to either of these and I bet there are tons of excellent options out there. But I would be really into either of those!

+ I am trying to be restrained but seriously though I want a Thor 3 that's about Loki WRECKING EVERYTHING while being king (lolol I'm going to get literally Jossed about this in May) while Jane tries to save it with SCIENCE and becomes friends with Sif and they both have to help Thor with politics as well as hitting things and also ... everyone hangs out and Loki keeps being allllmost redeemable ...? Stop talking and write fic, Aria.

+ Tbh my most important want for any MCU film ever, though, is for the characters I love to have meaningful connections and hang out and be friends! This is a lot of the reason I really loved Winter Soldier; this is the reason that despite rolling my eyes a lot at the Age of Ultron trailer, I'm still way too optimistic about the movie because I adored the clip of the Avengers trying to lift Mjolnir. I want all the movies to be, at their core, like that.

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