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valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2014-05-01 02:30 pm

rabbit rabbit (or: being good to my brain)

Despite it now being May, Massachusetts remains full of dismal grey rain. I really like this weather, within reason, but dammit, I'm supposed to be uncomfortably warm and slightly dazzled by sunlight right now, not feeling like a sad hibernating beastie. Because the weather won't get with the program, I think it's time for to list some things that are making me happy. (It may also be time for me to make a habit of this, maybe in a weekly way, to be good to myself.)

+ My job is really great! I like all my coworkers (even the slightly unfortunate seriously cishet white boy one, in large part because when all else fails we can talk about Lord of the Rings), and I like many of our regulars, and it's low-stress and happymaking and it may not be A Career but it makes some money and I actually like it, so I think on balance it's still a win.

+ [profile] filiabelalis is still the best sweetie, news at 11. My housemates and in fact all my local friends are really great; weekly D&D is the best (and made us all die a little laughing last week when a plot twist was revealed and [personal profile] songofsongs just thrashed around on the floor going "NOOOO" for five minutes straight); [personal profile] scribe is probably going to drag me to a number of womens' soccer games this season; my social life is just really good and fulfilling without being too overwhelming.

+ Avocados are in season! I mean, they're around all year but they're nice and fresh right now, and yes, they get their own bullet point, avocados are the food of the gods.

+ Captain America fandom is being wonderful! I'm going through fics quite slowly -- usually only about one a day, so tabs are definitely accumulating faster than I'm closing them. My latest favorite fic is your favorite ghost by augustbird; it's Steve/Bucky, and the official summary is It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home, but it got me where I lived at the line The worst part of having Bucky back is that he doesn't.

+ AGENTS OF SHIELD CONTINUES TO BE BAFFLINGLY GOOD?? In large part I think it's because the show is finally what it always wanted to be -- a found family team against the world -- and the Hydra plot gave it the breathing room to do that. (I love love love the scene in the latest episode where Maria Hill point-blank tells Coulson that he can go after Ward and Garret if he wants, but it's not official, there is no SHIELD, this is his personal vendetta and he's going to live with that; though I sort of wish someone would call him on the fact that he's been operating like a vigilante all along, dang, Phil.) The show seems to have finally given up on their irritatingly drawn-out Don't Trust May thing, and Coulson has got his head out of his ass regarding her too, and yay, Mom and Dad aren't fighting anymore! MORE MELINDA MAY PLEASE, ALWAYS. I also like all the characters enough now that I'm actually invested in everyone's emotional lives -- and retroactively I'm happy that it took this long for the show to get here, because even if some of the early eps were ehhh, we also have stuff like the one where Ward and Fitz went on a mission together and kinda bonded, so when there's a scene like Fitz just BREAKING DOWN when they learn Ward is Hydra, it works! And gosh, I love the Ward is Hydra twist, I love it with intense passion, I love that he has a villain speech deconstructing his own square-jawed manpainy Agent Bland cover, I love that he tries to emotionally seduce Skye with his ~dark past~, I love that instead of drawing this out they let Skye figure it out and be FUCKING AWESOME, oh my god I kept screamlaughing with horrified joy during the scene where Skye calls him a Nazi and then doesn't let him die, not because she has any feelings for him besides RAGE but because she's a good person (!!!!). I am still really worried that they're gonna pull some sort of boring redemption arc, but right now I am enjoying it.

+ WISCON IS SO SOON! I hope this year I will be enough out of my dazed sad fog to do con properly, but even if I'm not as extroverted as I'd like, it's still my favorite time of year, and I'm looking forward so much to seeing those of you who are going <333

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