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fic roundup

I ... am not going to do the fic year in review meme this year, because it asks such questions as what your favorite fic was, what your best fic was, what your sexiest fic was, &c &c, and it is not actually interesting if I just sit here typing SHATTER SHATTER SHATTER. Instead, have a quick fic roundup to end the year.

Advanced Covert Dating [Community, Troy/Abed(/Annie)]
Better Than A Win [Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley]
Buffy On Reruns In All the Hotels [Supernatural, girl!Dean]
Fall [Highlander, Methos/Alexa]
Fix [Demon's Lexicon, Nick/Alan]
Getting Somewhere [White Collar, Neal/Peter/El]
Missing the Train [due South, Fraser/Thatcher]
Shatter [Thor, Thor/Loki, FAVORITE OF FICS]
Sigyn (binding is not punishment) & Ragnarok (release tips the balance) [Thor, Darcy/Loki]
Slow Path [Doctor Who, kidfic]
Tom Riddle Will Take Your Soul (The Waking Dreams Remix) [Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny]

So that was ... eclectic. This year's themes seem to be, um, threesomes, brothers in love, and evil overlords, so -- most of that is par the course! (And if I wrote Thor/Loki/Darcy it would be all three of those things at once! Oh dear.) Half of these are for fandoms I'd never written before; as much as I love seizing upon one fandom and producing an enthusiastic outpouring of fic for it (see: 2009, due South), I also enjoyed having things to say about lots of different source material.

In the spirit of exciting fannish variety, my not-very-serious new year's resolution in fics to write/finish:

+ the untitled James/Lily/Remus/Sirius fic (~15,800 words and counting)

+ Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair, the Methos fic which I've been working on long enough that I now need to rewatch bits of Highlander in order to continue it (~25,000 words and maaaaybe a third done)

+ the untitled Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski AU, which I've also been working on long enough that I probably need to rewatch lots of due South, oh the hardship (~16,000 words, one fifth done, AHAHA)

+ the untitled Demon's Lexicon fic which is currently saved under 'market poly,' in which I ship basically EVERYTHING except Jamie/ladies (currently in its embryonic stages, a few paragraphs here and there)

+ The Family Business, a Dark Angel/Supernatural fusion that I do not, in actual fact, need to write (also still in its embryonic stages, and it can stay that way)

+ and all of the above is to be entirely discounted and ignored, because the actual thing I am working on is my novel (~10,000 words of notes, but mostly quite embryonic too)

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