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( Oct. 4th, 2017 01:07 pm)
It's that time of year again! YAY YULETIDE. Letter beneath the cut. )
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( Jan. 1st, 2013 02:34 pm)
Oh hey, it's that time again! For Yuletide this year, I wrote just the one fic:

shape of the boundaries you leave behind. Demon's Lexicon, Alan/Sin. "Come on," Cynthia said, and pulled him upstairs. Alan went without protest, because Cynthia's warm hand in his was the only thing tethering him to the world. Everything else was dark and cold, killing cold.

Initially this fic was weirdly difficult to write, because though I ship Alan/Sin like burning, my Demon's Lexicon pairing of choice is ... everyone; I kept trying to dial back my earnest poly agenda, and the fic wasn't quite working. Then Olivia, who is the best beta ever and always knows what my story needs to do, told me gently that this story was allowed to have more Nick. And suddenly it worked! MORE NICK, is the moral of every Lexicon story.

I'm sad I didn't get through the whole archive before reveals; but I'm still trucking along, and enjoying myself immensely.
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( Dec. 25th, 2012 06:02 pm)
First things first: Yuletide!! I received not one but TWO Babylon 5 fics this year, about which I am very pleased, because it means that my request and my lovely writers have upped the number of Londo/G'Kar fics on the internet, which is ... one of my sillier life goals, but even so.

In Vino Veritas, a slice of life with drunk Londo and long-suffering G'Kar on Centauri Prime. It is silly and serious and sweet by turns, and very much a Yuletide fic in the sense that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy first thing on Christmas morning.

In Flagrante, three times Londo and G'Kar were caught in the act: one happy, one angry, one sad. Each time is utterly charming, but because I am me and I love how hugely and tragically in love they are, the heart-punching last section is my favorite. Oh, and also there is tentacle porn, which is what Londo/G'Kar is for, really.

Meanwhile my recipient seems thrilled with my offering, so an excellent Yuletide all round! I haven't had time to read any other fic yet, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get through at least a good chunk of the archive in the next few days.

Most of the reason I haven't gone through any Yuletide fic besides my own yet is that I went out to see Les Mis today! Shenanigans ensued and, though I set out for a noon showing, I didn't actually get to watch it until 2:15. But it was totally worth switching theaters and waiting! I cried buckets and want to see it a thousand times.

Christmas Eve service was lovely, and Christmas morning was good too -- after the delight of Yuletide there was leisurely breakfast and the opening of presents. I got practicalish things, and some ornaments, and unexpectedly the first two seasons of Downton Abbey; I was not anticipating the number of gifts and may have to slightly rethink how much book space I'll have in my suitcase for the return journey, but this is an excellent problem to have.

Hope you're all having a lovely holiday/good Tuesday generally. <3
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( Dec. 15th, 2012 03:17 pm)
I have posted the first 1000+ words of my Yuletide fic! It is nothing like done, but at the moment my BEARS feel more like ... bear cubs? Something like that. Manageable, anyway.

I have also decorated the tree, and helped various friends cook things for the holiday party this evening. I love this time of year a lot. :D
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( Nov. 2nd, 2012 05:39 pm)
My Yuletide assignment is PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL. I always get really excited about my Yuletide assignment, but this year I've been specifically asked to write delightful found-family narratives and some characters that I already ship like burning, so this year I am REALLY, REALLY EXCITED.

I just started rereading Cloud Atlas (with the vague plan to perhaps go to the theater, pay for another film starting at the same time, and then sneak into Cloud Atlas instead, because I really want to see it on a big screen, but I feel really squodgy about giving the film money? so a reread seemed in order) but I may throw it over for a thorough canon review of my assigned fandom.
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( Jan. 1st, 2012 12:28 pm)
Yuletide reveal time! I've just the one story: Taking In, Young Wizards. I am the water, and the waves, or Ronan Nolan's Ordeal. Just a short character sketch, but I am fond of it. Also I am a bit proud of myself for actually writing something reasonably short for once.

And happy new year! On this the advent of 2012, I have made a number of small resolutions, mostly along the lines of finishing various writing projects and making an effort to take better care of myself. That's just the usual nonsense, though; the important thing is that I am looking forward to this year so much. I am switching cities and moving in with my BFF, I am determined to expand my social circle in said city, I have two cons to go to (and I'll probably engage in the yearly debate with myself over whether to try for VividCon, and probably decide yet again to go next year) and a delightfully large number of my US friends to see. I fully expect this coming year to be challenging and sometimes exhausting and a bit scary, and also delightful and full of adventure and deeply rewarding. Bring it on, 2012, I'm armed with all the determined enthusiasm I have. Let's do this thing.
And this morning I have a Yuletide treat!

Get What You Want [Whip It]
This is a wee Bliss/Pash fic, and utterly delightful! There's the derby team being encouraging, and jokes about hipsters, and Bliss making a typical spur-of-the-moment decision, and it makes me all fuzzy and happy.

In other news, in between my Yuletide reading, I ... seem to be watching Dark Angel. I've been meaning to for a while anyway, because one can never have too many post-apocalyptic Seattle cityscapes and girls with superpowers and canonical lesbians (whom the writing doesn't fail too often, though I still twitch occasionally, aaand we did have a dead lesbian a few episodes ago, but I'm pretty sure Original Cindy makes it) and it is kind of delightful! I am waiting for it to get awful in second season or something, but to be perfectly honest I might not even notice, because I just hit the season one episode with baby Jensen Ackles and temporarily lost all my critical thinking functions -- jury's still out whether this is because I've trained myself to see Jensen's face and shut down critical thinking skills so I don't try to reach through my computer and murder the episode writers, or because baby Jensen is just that fucking beautiful. Probably a bit of both!

Drifting off to sleep last night, I began idly wondering what a Dark Angel/Supernatural fusion would be like, but that thought is better cut off at the pass, because it would turn into an epic in which Dean and Sam and Jo and, fuck it, Cas and Gabriel and Ruby and Anna, all escape Manticore as children; Sam and Dean manage to stay together for a couple of years, and when they have to split up, Dean keeps moving, and Sam ends up being adopted by Bobby and pretending to live a normal life for a while. Obviously then they meet up again and go on the run, and Dean is obsessed with finding their other siblings, and Sam just wants to be ~normal~, and I'm not sure who's after them from Manticore, if it's John or Zachariah or what, but IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE I'M NOT WRITING IT.

In conclusion, baby Jensen Ackles.
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( Dec. 25th, 2011 11:35 am)
As usual, Christmas morning is a glorious explosion of joy thanks to the magic of Yuletide. Not only did I get my main Yuletide gift, but I have a treat yet to be revealed. Those go live ... tomorrow? Greatly looking forward to it, anyway.

Have done with sorrow [Demon's Lexicon]
This is Nick/Alan, post-series, and EVERYTHING THAT I WANT. (Seriously, I would have been happy with any of the fandoms that I asked, but I wanted DL fic most, and of all possible pairings, Nick/Alan most too. Finding exactly what one wants under the virtual tree is so great.) Nick's narrative voice is perfect, angry and half-articulate and viciously funny; it's lovely to see the Market a few years in the future, and the ways in which everyone hasn't stopped being damaged. My author is either someone on my rlist or someone who researched me but good after being assigned me, because this hits all my narrative kinks. I just want to read it a million times and bask.

My gifts under the proper tree were quite excellent too: I got a slew of Sandman, and two lovely thick Sherlock Holmes anthologies, and a truly alarming amount of chocolate. Also [personal profile] polarisnorth sent me these little guys (Sam, Dean, Cas, and Impala art charms); I plan to hang the boys on the tree and use the Impala as a keychain. So adorbs.

I would plan to use the rest of today to start sinking into the Yuletide archive, but actually I will be baking pies and watching Muppet Christmas Carol and Love Actually and the Doctor Who Christmas special. Perhaps I can sneak a bit of Yuletide between times.
It is Yuletide reveal time! I love Yuletide reveal time, because it means my flist is rife with awesome surprises. Meanwhile this entry is rife with things that are probably not very surprising.

My assignment: Aschesis, Young Wizards, Ronan & Darryl. The assignment itself made me giddy with joy, because while my recipient said she'd be happy with any story involving the two of them, what she really wanted was an exploration of what it meant for Ronan dealing with the consequences of Wizards at War in conjunction with Darryl the ex-autistic abdal, and -- someone was specifically asking me to write identity porn!! It was also great fun because while I love writing in the YW style, my comfort-zone POV characters are Nita and the local Seniors; writing snarky sullen Ronan while maintaining the essential optimism of the world was a lovely challenge.

My fic that wasn't assigned to me in any way but still happened and then grew into a goddamn novella because I apparently have a lot of unfinished business with this canon: No Second Coming, Dark is Rising, Will/Bran & the Drews. Apparently everyone has a lot of unfinished business with this canon, because I look at this fic's current hit count and then I have to go sit somewhere quietly for a while. I'm completely delighted with it, really; I wanted to give the characters their agency back, and I don't think there's anything cathartic in quite the same way as a fix-it fic. This one was nurtured to life and coherence by the combined efforts of [ profile] fahye, [ profile] schiarire, [personal profile] nextian, [personal profile] polarisnorth, and [personal profile] oliviacirce; if there's anyone else I threw a draft at in a panic and have forgotten to thank, just raise your hand and I will gladly add you to the list of praises.

My Yuletide Treat that actually stayed Treat-length: The Demon's Fun Day Out at the Park with a Picnic, Demon's Lexicon, Nick & Alan. The title started as a joke on SRB's journal re: why Nick can't have nice things, and when [personal profile] innocentsmith linked to the conversation in her request letter, I was so charmed by the title and by the notion of a story in which nothing seriously bad happens to the characters that I wanted to write a little something. It still turned out sort of melancholy and longing rather than fluffy, but Nick and Alan both smile, which is like a happy ending.

I ... should probably start replying to all the lovely comments I've received. DAUNTING.
I am not sure how enthusiastic I can be right now, because I am still ragingly ill, but actually that is a perfectly good state in which to snuggle up in a bunch of blankets and read the whole Yuletide archive. Before I do that, though, I got a fic!

Well This Is Just Weird, Hark! A Vagrant, Holmes & Watsons
What it says on the tin, really! This fic is delightfully weird in a Beaton-esque, meta way: some Watsons go missing, and during their investigations Holmes and Watson discover something very strange. This fic made me laugh aloud, clearly knows its Holmes canon very well, and left me with a giant grin on my face. Also, let's be honest, deep down all I wanted for Yuletide was exactly this fandom and these characters, so I am one satisfied Aria.

Now it is time for ALL THE TEA and ALL THE ARCHIVE.
Tree is decorated, slightly experimental cookies are baked, mass was not attended because my head is full of cotton and disease (and also because Silent Night is all well and good when one is healthy, but right now I have I'm Not Okay going on loop through my head and it is perfect), and ... my final Yuletide word count for this year is 27,830 words.

Don't look at me like that. My actual assignment clocked in at over 10,000. And then another fic would not stop and ended up about 16,000. And then I wrote an actual Treat that was about 900. And lo, it was good, and I feel awesome, but oh my god my body hates me right now.

Archive to be read in the morning, with all the tea! I am optimistic this year, because so far the servers are being superheroes.
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( Dec. 18th, 2010 06:43 pm)

1. At Olivia's house, I discover I cannot get on the internet using my computer. That's okay! I have to write Yuletide anyway, and if I need the internet, I am allowed on Olivia's.
3. I dash about like a headless chicken of sheer terror, but manage to locate my external HD and copy all 19 goddamn pages of my fic without my computer shutting down on me.
4. I realize that, since Olivia is out right now, I can't mess about with my HD and her computer. I will try to reconstruct from the last remembered point and continue in googledocs?
5. I also realize that I won't be able to reuse my own computer until at least the 21st.

I am still shaking a bit with the massive fear of lost work. I mean, nothing is lost, but dammit, power cord! My last shitty laptop went through batteries like crazy, but the power cord lasted forver! BITTER.

ETA: On the other hand, this did not stop me from feverishly finishing the draft in googledocs, and it is now uploaded! Wow, so much less stressed suddenly. Also, I am sitting by a roaring fire and petting a ... strangely static-y cat, so life is good. Or much improved, anyway.
My Yuletide assignment is AMAZING this year. It's specific without being constraining, and will be both comfortable and hugely challenging to write.

Brb, now I just have to refresh myself on, oh, 1500 pages of canon? FUN TIMES. :D
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( Nov. 14th, 2010 12:56 pm)
It's that time of year again! I am ridiculously excited.

Hello, lovely Yuletide writer! )
I am full of so much glowy holiday spirit I don't know what to do with it! My giftfics this year are splendiferous. I only received the one Yuletide story, but that's all right, because i. I only wrote one and that's karmically sound; ii. I also have my due South Seekrit Santa; and iii. I would not trade in these fics for the world. They're just. Sdldfskd.

First, I opened my holiday card from [personal profile] wintercreek this morning; on the outside of the card is a charming little picture of two guys on a sleigh ride through a snowy woods, and on the inside is a holiday letter from Fraser and Ray. How wonderful is that? They told me about their impractical Christmas tree, and that Dief says 'hi'. I think I want letters from fictional characters all the time, because it's awesome beyond words. Thanks, [personal profile] wintercreek, it's absolutely wonderful. <3

And that was just the preliminaries!

My Yuletide: But Rather Darkness Visible [Doctor Who/Young Wizards]
How do I love this story? Let me count the ways. Let's start with the one where it's a Doctor Who/Young Wizards crossover. I strongly suspect that whoever wrote this story either has me friended or follows me (so HEY THERE, ANON, I LOVE YOU) because how long have I been nattering on about how I need to write exactly this? Of course I was never going to, and now someone has, for me, better than I could've! The mythological blending is perfect, there are Shakespeare metaphors and of course a Star Wars joke, and both Dairine and Ten are absolutely pitch-perfect. I can't stop beaming.

My dSSS: loquacious (loh-KWEY-shuhs) [due South]
Fraser/Kowalski established-relationship fic, post-series. I am completely in love with this Ray; Fraser feels somehow incidental to the story, which I love, because there's a point in the narrative where Stella tells Ray that the Mountie's been good for him, and spectacularly misses the point. What I really love about it, though, is that each section header starts with a long word that Ray then uses sometime in that section, which -- I was not previously aware how easy I am for Ray making beautiful paragraphs! I really am. And the ending is whipped cream topping off the awesomecake.

Now with that metaphor I'm off to have breakfast with the folks. The Archive is slow like a very slow thing right now from all the Yuletide traffic, so I'm going to give it a rest for a few hours (during which I might even come up with some sort of attack plan for how I'll organize my read-through); and of course there's the rest of dSSS to read. Plus the physical present exchange with my parents.

I'm an extremely happy Aria! I hope all of your Yuletides/other holiday practices/normal days are going wonderfully too.
+ I am signed up for Yuletide! I offered ten fandoms, and apparently both previous years I have only offered five. Either I am gaining fannish confidence or it's just that all of Canadian fandom is kind of obscure. (I am guessing the latter.) I see a few people have already put up their letters, but it is still perfectly kosher to wait until assignments go out, right?

- I am breaking up with Flash Forward. And no, it's not because CKR was only there for five minutes and also evil blah blah I am very tired of that, although it didn't help. It's more how they've had sexuality fail and racefail now, and when I discover that Eastwick is a lot better for my blood pressure than any other show airing on a US tv channel right now, I think it's time to step away from the television.

+/- Bits of my flist are starting to talk about Bitching Party. I am full of so much yearning jealousy! I am hesitant to tell myself "there is always next year" because, while I won't be in school, I'll still be halfway across the country and hopefully gainfully employed. But that's what requesting time off ahead of time is for, right? Ahhh entering the stage of my life where I can conceivably be fannish in a mobile way! Anyway. There's always next year. And I am going to WisCon, so that's all right.

+ SO MUCH TO WRITE. Those of you who have foolishly volunteered to look at the F/K/V AU? I'm probably going to stop dithering and send the first part out tonight. Whee writing.
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( Nov. 4th, 2009 11:07 pm)
+ Yuletide signups are open! I am probably not going to sit down and properly sign up until this weekend, because there are so many delicious shiny fandoms to choose from and I want to do a thorough job. (And not actually think about how I'll be signed up for this, and due South Seekrit Santa, and Eyai Yuletide.)

+ A Wizard of Mars has a release date & awesome cover art! I think I have already resigned myself to never actually writing the Adventures of Dairine & the Tenth Doctor, so I am content to be delighted with a definite release date. Perhaps I will reread my Young Wizards books over winter break?

+ Things I did not expect when I started watching Eastwick: that Joanna would kind of end up being my little black dress. Eastwick 1x07; I may be losing my ability to actually be critical of this show, because I really unironically like it. ) The preview for next episode makes me nervous, but the previews for tomorrow's Flash Forward are distracting me from worrying. PG and CKR are legit almost on my screen at the same time, guys! This is funnier than it should be. Perhaps Paul can finally join the I'm Evil And Then Die Club?

Yeah, I should sleep.
Yuletide nominations:

Diane Duane - Young Wizards series
My Life as a Dog (tv)
Slings and Arrows
Susan Cooper - Dark Is Rising series
Whip It (movie)

IS THERE PERHAPS A PATTERN HERE. (And do I desperately want Bliss/Pash fic? Why yes I do! Bliss/Pash is the new Jess/Jules, guys.) There are a million and one fandoms I will actually end up reading for Yuletide, but the Young Wizards and Slings & Arrows fics are always uniformly fantastic, and all the others are ones in which I want to read lots of uniformly fantastic fic, and I think if required to I could cheerfully write for any of them.

In I-really-hope-is-unrelated news, I don't think I should be listening to Hugh Dillon's new album so soon after watching High School Musical. I have been playing Reel to Reel on loop, and every time I do, my mind conjures without prompting a big technicolor vision of Hugh Dillon and Paul Gross singing and dancing to it in sparkly top hats while CKR plays the piano.

I really -- I don't know, but I'm going to watch Eastwick now.