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ring in the new

Yuletide reveal time! I've just the one story: Taking In, Young Wizards. I am the water, and the waves, or Ronan Nolan's Ordeal. Just a short character sketch, but I am fond of it. Also I am a bit proud of myself for actually writing something reasonably short for once.

And happy new year! On this the advent of 2012, I have made a number of small resolutions, mostly along the lines of finishing various writing projects and making an effort to take better care of myself. That's just the usual nonsense, though; the important thing is that I am looking forward to this year so much. I am switching cities and moving in with my BFF, I am determined to expand my social circle in said city, I have two cons to go to (and I'll probably engage in the yearly debate with myself over whether to try for VividCon, and probably decide yet again to go next year) and a delightfully large number of my US friends to see. I fully expect this coming year to be challenging and sometimes exhausting and a bit scary, and also delightful and full of adventure and deeply rewarding. Bring it on, 2012, I'm armed with all the determined enthusiasm I have. Let's do this thing.
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Oh! I loved that, and I really, really dislike Ronan. I had it written down to rec not remembering reveals were today.
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It doesn't help that he's basically the scene-stealingest character in the worst book in the series.