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yuletide reveal!

Oh hey, it's that time again! For Yuletide this year, I wrote just the one fic:

shape of the boundaries you leave behind. Demon's Lexicon, Alan/Sin. "Come on," Cynthia said, and pulled him upstairs. Alan went without protest, because Cynthia's warm hand in his was the only thing tethering him to the world. Everything else was dark and cold, killing cold.

Initially this fic was weirdly difficult to write, because though I ship Alan/Sin like burning, my Demon's Lexicon pairing of choice is ... everyone; I kept trying to dial back my earnest poly agenda, and the fic wasn't quite working. Then Olivia, who is the best beta ever and always knows what my story needs to do, told me gently that this story was allowed to have more Nick. And suddenly it worked! MORE NICK, is the moral of every Lexicon story.

I'm sad I didn't get through the whole archive before reveals; but I'm still trucking along, and enjoying myself immensely.
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You say the sweetest things! Also that is TOTALLY the moral of every Lexicon story. ♥
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as a VERY happy recipient and alan!fangirl, can i just say that i'm 100000% onboard with this idea? please write a thousand of lexicon fics :D
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...this sounds like the best idea ever and i want ALL OF IT. especially the part where he's one being lied to, for once, because it's going to be tragic and hilarious at once (can't even be angry, duder! eat your own medicine! love, everybody), and, shdfldsdlfks.

(i don't really have specific pairing feelings for demon's noun, except that some permutation of alan/cynthia should exist. MORE LOVE FOR EVERYBODY, all i'm saying :D).

yes pleaaaaaaaaase <3