+ The other weekend Polaris and I had a few friends over to eat baked goods and nominally celebrate our belated birthdays. Tasty food was consumed! We are now the happy owners of several new books, fancy candles, and an Inspector Spacetime poster! We also cobbled together a DYI version of Cards Against Humanity, excising all the cards that were gender essentialist or potentially rapey, and adding several fandom cards. Perhaps the best submission of the evening was "[Frost giants] are a slippery slope that lead to [black holes]," which is such a great summary of Thor that Emma was an instant winner.

+ Last night Polaris and [livejournal.com profile] paper_tzipporah and I went to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, fortified with tiny bottles of booze, as one does. We started edging toward the back of the tiny theater when I noticed that the other people there seemed to be talking happily in the way one does at fangirl parties, so I asked them if they minded us sitting just behind them and heckling. "Of course not, that's what this movie is for!" was the general consensus; and then we all made Avengers jokes, and when I came back from my pre-film bathroom break everyone was talking the Hobbit, and of course the lovely people sitting in front of us turned out to be local fanpeople, and we all at least recognized one another's handles and/or fics to some degree, and it was DELIGHTFUL. The movie was great too, I guess? It was TERRIBLE, and full of incest and cartoon gore and gleeful joy at its own awfulness. We laughed the whole way through, and went out for cupcakes for afters. AN EXCELLENT EVENING, is what I'm saying here.

+ Work continues apace. Some days I am full of RAEG and some days I'm quite happy to be there, and goddamn, I can now make you any caffeinated drink you desire! The excellent thing about work is that standing up for eight hours is ... actually kind of good for my back? I utilize all my back muscles and don't hunch, anyway, so my posture is pretty great; that plus walking to and from work, and the occasional carrying of heavy things, means that I've got actual muscles and may be in good shape! Which is pleasing and exciting, and makes me like my body a whole lot even though I suspect I objectively look the same as I usually do. (I mean, the queer haircut helps too! The queer haircut is great every day.)

+ I seem to be reading Les Mis! I have read it once before, but that was in high school, and I recall doing a lot of skimming to get to what I thought was the Good Parts Version. This time I am not skimming! I read every word of how great M. Myriel is! I read all about the year 1817, and also every jerkass thing Fantine's horrible boyfriend said! It remains to be seen whether I will actually get through all of Waterloo; right now I'm in the middle of Valjean's crisis of conscience re: whether to reveal he's Jean Valjean. His cart is broken! His horse cannot be ridden! Everything is going wrong but STILL HE DOES THE RIGHT THING! I love this book a lot? I love Javert most of all, though; there may or may not soon be coming to a post near you all my really, really fervent Javert feelings. At the moment they mostly seem to be coming out as late-night tweets where I yell JAVEEEEERT, but I'll try to also cobble together something more articulate.

+ Avengers fic: one part complete, next three thoroughly outlined, Thor and Bruce currently making awkward spaghetti. :D


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