So I've only been working on this fic, on and off, since the last HP movie came out. Never say I don't eventually finish my beloved old WIPs.

Geometry of the Impossible, Remus/Sirius/James/Lily
"I don't think Lily nor James would be very happy if I did his courting for him," Remus said. He saw that Sirius' face was fixed into blank patience, and had a flash of desire to snarl and go for Sirius' throat, because he might at least understand that. "Look. There are comical farces written around your idea, and I'm not terribly keen on having Lily fall for me instead --"

Please enjoy 21k of Teenage Werewolf Disaster :DDD
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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:02 pm)
So ... of all the things to bang out the day after finishing my Harry Potter reread, I wasn't really expecting this. I am fairly sure it should be subtitled "A Vindication of Ginny Weasley," or perhaps "Reasons to Ship Harry/Ginny, Haters to the Left," or perhaps even "In Other News, Aria Is Still Easy For Evil Overlords."

In any case, it is a remix of [personal profile] feverbeats' Tom Riddle Is a Stupid Vampire. My version is a bit longer -- because, as usual, I can't really write short things, but hell yes this one came in under 4000 words -- and it is:

Tom Riddle Will Take Your Soul (The Waking Dreams Remix), Tom/Ginny, Harry/Ginny. Pour your heart out to a Horcrux, and it will pour itself out to you.
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( Feb. 14th, 2011 06:45 pm)
Happy Valentine's Day! Today I am celebrating by eating some of the (frankly alarmingly large amount of) ice cream we have stockpiled in the freezer, remembering and appreciating that I have friends who love me, and giving a little something back. Here are a truly ridiculous number of kissing ficlets for your reading pleasure. (NB: I couldn't get to everyone's prompts, and for that I am sorry! I got to as many as I could, though, and I hope you'll enjoy some of those I did write.)

For [ profile] northeto: Sinclair/Delenn, Babylon 5 )

For [personal profile] polarisnorth: Giles/Remus, Buffy/Harry Potter )

For [personal profile] jolly_utter: Carmilla/Laura, Carmilla )

For [personal profile] filia_belialis: Doctor/Master, Doctor Who )

For [personal profile] skipthedemon: Doctor/River, Doctor Who )

For [personal profile] mergatrude: Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, due South )

For [personal profile] icepixie: Fraser/Thatcher, due South )

For [personal profile] gehayi: Methos/Alexa, Highlander )

For [personal profile] sophia_sol: Methos/Kronos, Highlander )

For [community profile] kinglets: Edmund/Caspian, Narnia )

For [personal profile] epershand: Clark/Lex, Smallville )

For [personal profile] innocentsmith: Geoffrey/Ellen/Oliver, Slings & Arrows )

For [personal profile] china_shop: Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, White Collar )
The latest in SurveyFail: Ogi Ogas' journal is either flocked or baleeted. I'm now kind of sad I didn't stay up all night reading frantically through all the threads, because they were for the most part extremely intelligent and articulate and a lot of the things that make me really love fandom. Despite the threads' vanishment, though, I am in an extremely good mood, both because of fandom at large's awesome right now and because, how surprising, writing sex apparently puts me in a good mood. (And does not make me feel crushingly guilty! Yes, under the happiness for fandom I may still be seething a little about some of those survey questions.) Which brings me to my second point!

I have, as [personal profile] feverbeats coined it, a Your Kink Is Okay Meme, with commentporn requests. I haven't done all of them; still to be filled out are the requests Nacio/Oliver Wolf, keys, belonging or, alternately, Thom/Roger; Fraser/Kowalski, handcuffs; Albus/Gellert, crossdressing; Fraser/Kowalski, climbing equipment; sexswapped Blackcest, presumably with whichever Black family members you'd like; Theta/Simm!Master; and Sirius/dom!Remus, collar, orgasm denial, and if everyone does not head over and do that one I will be, um, a sad puppy, because I have heretofore undiscovered depths of glee for that prompt. I list these both as an IOU note to self and also because, if anyone else fancies any of these, this does not have to just be a See Aria Write Porny Things party. Feel free to write some yourself! Also feel free to go back and add more, although I can't promise to fill any out promptly; I'm coming down the summer vacation home stretch and am beginning to have some real-life social engagements (and packing!) to attend to.

This said, since it is also a See Aria Write Porny Things party, here are the prompts I actually filled:

Fraser/Rodney, handcuffs & Sheppard/Kowalski, puddlejumper sex -- these of course take place in the same universe, which is a universe that just yesterday I had decided I should not touch with a ten-foot pole, because now I have an awkward crossover OT4 on my hands and I am absolutely going to have to write more of this universe at some later point.

Remus/Sirius, crossdressing -- because obviously the world needs more Sirius Black in a skirt and eyeliner! Or, as [community profile] kinglets rather more articulately put it: busting gender paradigms is hot important hot AND important. \o/

Martha/Rose, bondage, a bomb -- which is also almost certainly part of a larger story, that fic I mentioned ages ago name of The Care and Feeding of Your Atomic Bomb, which is Martha/Rose in Pete's World with bonus human!Ten, and I am kind of motivated to write it again. Although at some later point.

And finally, because it is neither silly comment-ficcy nor Part Of Something Larger, something I like well enough on its own to have actually posted it at the fic journal: high on a stage be placed to the view -- Geoffrey/Darren and a line-through of R&G Are Dead whilst they're at university, because I suspect at this point that the Slings & Arrows fandom has only one singular bit of fanon, and that fanon is "Geoffrey and Darren, R&G Are Dead, university" and who am I to argue with that? My god, I want to write Darren ALL THE TIME.

Instead, because I am on a roll, I'm going to run off and write some more of the monster F/K/V which does, in fact, have a looming deadline.
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( Aug. 28th, 2009 11:36 pm)
I have committed another Cliche Bingo fic, because I figure I should complete at least one line before the round ends on Monday. (Last up: the 'androids and robots' square. Cylon!Kara and human!Leoben ahoy. :D) Tonight, however, we have the 'doppelgangers, clones, and evil doubles' square, and because Cliche Bingo has already done things like make me commit Harry Potter fic, it has gone ALL THE WAY and made me commit Remus/Tonks fic.

Sort of.

This was me trying like hell to make the Remus/Tonks in HBP not cause me to stab my own eyes out, so that should probably be fair warning about how I feel about (the handling of) the pairing. I have, barely, accomplished this with the application of genuinely depressed!Tonks, background Remus/Sirius, and general bleakness. That said, I am quite pleased with it.

I also have no idea where I could possibly link it out, because I think anyone who genuinely ships Remus/Tonks and likes their marital bliss and adorable child would probably hate me for this. Yay!

as disastrous as to lose. She wants connection before she dies. That can't be too much to ask.

I mostly blame this indirectly on [personal profile] feverbeats, because he has been going on about how Harry Potter is kind of his one true fandom, and deep down I have an inner fifteen-year-old who wants to just write Sirius/Remus fic all the time because that is baby's first OTP, and if I actually know how to write kisses now, why am I not writing Remus/Sirius kisses all the time?? This is more or less one last indulegence.

So, for the fairly fabulous [community profile] cliche_bingo prompt 'woke up in bed together' I give you Several Ways to Apologize, in which Sirius Black does, indeed, find several ways to apologize for that hilarious thing he did that one time in sixth year that upset Snape. Y'know, that thing. Features legumes, some Padfoot POV, Peter with an actual speaking role, and naked Remus. Okay, I guess I still like this fandom after all.

ii. (which is related to i.)

[personal profile] aria: Sirius Black's narrative voice: still easy after five years without. O.O
[personal profile] polarisnorth: That doesn't actually surprise me. Sirius is pretty much the first of many characters of his type that you've fangirled over the years.
[personal profile] polarisnorth: RayK is only the latest.
[personal profile] aria: ...yeah, I am kind of eyeing it going "This is easy because it is sixteen-year-old British!Ray with ~magic~."
[personal profile] polarisnorth: ... have you written the crossover prompt yet?
[personal profile] polarisnorth: Because.
[personal profile] polarisnorth: That would be hilarious.
[personal profile] aria: dsddsfdfslkljdfs OH MY GOD

YEAH GUESS WHAT I'M GOING TO BE WRITING TOMORROW. But not right now because now I am sleeping.