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Fic! Marauders sedoretu fic, in fact

So I've only been working on this fic, on and off, since the last HP movie came out. Never say I don't eventually finish my beloved old WIPs.

Geometry of the Impossible, Remus/Sirius/James/Lily
"I don't think Lily nor James would be very happy if I did his courting for him," Remus said. He saw that Sirius' face was fixed into blank patience, and had a flash of desire to snarl and go for Sirius' throat, because he might at least understand that. "Look. There are comical farces written around your idea, and I'm not terribly keen on having Lily fall for me instead --"

Please enjoy 21k of Teenage Werewolf Disaster :DDD
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It has been a long time since I've read a fic from you (you were a formative influence on my teenaged Doctor Who years) and I am very excited!
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Oh gosh, you give me hope for the WIP I've been intermittently feeding since 2010. (It's closer to finished than it has ever been before! All it's missing is a climax and everything that would justify the climax, whatever it turns out to be. Um.)