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In an effort to become an actual human with an internet presence and hobbies and other good things, I'm blocking out time during each day to get some writing done! And, in a stunning twist, when I do this, I actually get things written! Today's offering is about Frigga, because as we all know I will never ever be over this stupid Asgardian family.

I know these bones as being mine, Frigga, young Loki and Thor. "He is not our ward, Frigga, he is our son."

It turns out I have a LOT of feelings about Frigga! Team many scenes of Frigga in Thor 2.
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Yes! It's amazing how blocking out time produces actual results!

I'm trying to juggle online social presence, online coursework, and professional fiction writing. tumblr's been the loser so far.

But remember that femdom pirate story I was telling you about? IT SOLD. THE ANTHOLOGY COMES OUT NEXT MONTH.

Indira Varma, Jack Davenport, collaring, and pegging. You KNOW you want it!