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three happy things

+ Today we went on wine-tasting adventures around the finger lakes! There was much delicious wine, some of which we bought, and ice cream in between vineyards. fsdjds I love going on vacation, and also [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros remain basically the best.

+ I have figured out my bingo line! It is five different fandoms! It's all potential fics I have lots of feelings about! This is all absurdly exciting. Oh gosh, so much fic to write. :D

+ So I may have mentioned at various points that I have lots of feelings and general love for the Demon's Lexicon trilogy. Tragically I don't think I ever made proper reaction posts when I read them for the first time -- seriously, I read the Demon's Surrender all in one day, and afterwards made a post mentioning that I'd read it and saying something about how most of my feelings wanted to be expressed in complicated plotty poly fic -- but ... maybe at some point I will do (another) reread and talk about why these books are kind of a perfect storm of things I love. In the meantime, though, I've been compiling a links & general recs list, for my own benefit and to give to various friends after foisting the books upon them, so I thought I'd post it here too.

canonical short stories

The Arundel Tomb
Backstory concerning Daniel, Marie, and Olivia. Gave me a tragic OT3.

All the Way Back Where We Started From
Narrated by Laura the magician, who has a very dim view of Black Arthur. I adore this one because it has an appearance by pre-Nick Hnikarr, and let me tell you, it's a damn good thing he came to love Alan.

Sorcerer and Stone
Backstory for Gerald. I wasn't in danger of having a thing for Gerald while reading the books, and then this story happened.

Nick's First Word
In which toddler Nick learns to speak to please Alan. Possibly my favorite of all Sarah's short stories.

Quiet in the House
In which Gerald is horrifying and an old lady has an encounter with demons.

The Coward with a Kiss
Narrated by Jamie's first boyfriend Mark. Of all the short stories I find this one the most difficult, because instead of epic backstory and horror, it's a bunch of baby queers being awful to each other. And also Nick, but he's always awful.

Nick and Jamie Go to the Movies
Set during Demon's Covenant. The only bit of Jamie POV that we get! (Fun fact: we get something from the POV of every main character except Alan. Needs more Alan!) This one is adorable and absurd, much like Jamie himself.

some ridiculous extras from Sarah's tumblr

First Dates
In which Sarah speculates about what the first Nick/Mae date would be like, and the first Sin/Alan one. Nick is monosyllabic, Alan charms everything, and both of these are hilariously perfect.

Jamie Writing Poetry
What it says on the tin! Jamie is terrible at poetry. I love his poems SO MUCH.

Demon's Surrender cut scenes
Also what it says on the tin! I am stunningly sad these were cut, because there's a lovely Sin/Alan moment, Anzu has lots of ~feelings~ at Sin, there are Nick/Sin makeouts, and my personal favorite, Anzu kisses Nick while in Alan's body. I CAN'T.

uncanonical fic stories

maybe, this time by thornsmoke
Nick/Alan, pre-series. In which Nick is fourteen and has trouble with the concept of crushes. This fic is bizarre in that I'm not sure if I believe Alan would let Nick kiss him while still pretending Nick's human, but the whole thing is so eerily well-executed that I really like it anyway.

The Demon's Price by yhlee
Gen, between Lexicon and Covenant. In which Nick is a bit bewildered about found family but finds he doesn't mind, and also there is pie. Possibly the most unapologetically fluffy fic on this list.

in from the cold by auctorial
Gen, between Lexicon and Covenant. Not fluffy. A really excellent bridge between the two books, though, about Nick and Alan really trying and terribly failing to adjust to the world now that Nick has all his memories back.

Unnatural mother by antediluvian
Gen, during Covenant. A story about Annabel Crawford; it gives me shivers and breaks my heart.

This Would Be A Good Time by bluestalking
Nick/Alan, between Covenant and Surrender. What I love most about this fic is that it takes all the implications of Nick being a demon and doesn't give them easy outs or endings. Or wait, maybe what I love most about this fic is communication during sex. BOTH.

Taking the Trouble to Practice by Colourofsaying
Nick/Jamie, between Covenant and Surrender. In which Jamie babbles a lot and still tops the hell out of Nick while they rehearse how they're going to behave around Celeste's Circle. The amazing thing about this fic is that I constantly forget it's not canon, because it's kind of perfect.

Have done with sorrow by auctorial
Nick/Alan, post-Surrender. This fic breaks up Alan and Sin, which bewilders my poly self, but other than that it is perfect. This has possibly the most accurately funny Nick voice of any of these fics, and also dancing at the Market, and a really good grasp of Alan. I may be slightly biased about this one, though, because it was my Yuletide fic this past year and is in fact tailored to me.

Fever Blossoms by oliviacirce
Mae/Sin/Alan/Nick, post-Surrender. This is basically a happy coda, and includes a really clever and delightful coming out, and found family, and I just love it a whole lot.

Ode to Jamie Crawford by cosmogyral
The "at least you're not Jamie" song, hilarious and very much worth a listen.
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Ooh, wine-tasting adventures!?! And only a week ahead of me.

Seneca, probably? I know of a few ice cream places that have wine-flavored ice cream around there. Then again, you might have just been going out for regular ice cream. :D