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+ Visiting [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] thingswithwings is really wonderful, you guys, it was absolutely worth the all-day bus ride Friday. (Plus the endless buses gave me a chance to reread Eight Days of Luke, which as usual gave me all the Loki feelings.) So far I have snuggled the dog a lot, and we went to the farmer's market yesterday during a really epic thunderstorm, and we keep having impromptu vid parties, and I have eaten lots of delicious food. Last night we went out for dinner with [personal profile] livrelibre, with whom I bonded enthusiastically over Thor/Loki. Many of the delights of conventions, none of the crowds or panel scheduling!

+ Speaking of cons, I am now entirely ticketed for Dragon*Con, although at this point my D*C feelings are mostly logistics anxieties rather than actual excitement. Presumably by late August I will also have excitement! In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what sort of cosplay to do and whether it can fit in my duffle. (I ... kind of want to make myself a Thor costume chiefly out of duct tape. I could do that, right? PERHAPS.)

+ And of course today I watched the Henry IV part one Hollow Crown. OH GOSH I HAVE LOTS OF FEELINGS. The only real disappointment was the director's baffling decision to turn Hal's first soliloquy into a voiceover, which, WHY, I really wanted to watch Tom Hiddleston's face while he explained all his cunning lies. That aside, though, Hal was of course basically perfect, and that's really all I absorbed; I'd have to watch it again to have other thoughts, and obviously I do have plans to watch it again forthwith. Because HAL. *___*
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I hope we'll have a chance to meet up and squee about Loki at DragonCon. :)
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I love Eight Days of Luke. :)
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(also I tooootally approve of your duct tape costume, ftr.)
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I am indeedy! :D :D :D

(Also, slightly more together-ly than earlier, I am curious about your logistics anxieties?)
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I was really mad about that voiceover at first, but now I have THOUGHTS about it, and having rationalized it to myself I no longer mind. Um. IDK.
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So initially I was like, well, okay, I get why it would be a voiceover because it is actually a soliloquy -- UNLIKE THAT SPEECH THEY TURNED INTO A VOICEOVER IN RICHARD II >:( -- and I liked that we did see his face responding to the tavern and the street, and the common people montage happening in the context of that speech, but I was still kind of peeved about it. BUT THEN, Falstaff's Honour speech (which they put too early, but I liked it anyway) was a voiceover too, while Falstaff walked through the camp like Hal had walked through the tavern and street -- both of them actually out-of-place and where they should be at the same time -- and with the two speeches mirroring each other I was suddenly okay with both of them being voiceovers.