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Have I ... have I really not posted a non-D&D fic since 2014?? APPARENTLY SO. Okay then! Today I break that terrible drought with Dragon Age fic -- because, while I understand that coding poly into the Dragon Age games would be an IMMENSE pain, I treat them like dating sims and I feel personally affronted that I cannot date several of my favorite romanceable options at once! I feel so affronted that I wrote ... 15k about it.

House of Three, Cullen/Inquisitor/Josephine.

"Here's the Orlaisian part," the Inquisitor says. "Assuming you're both amenable, I'd like to try relationships with both of you, with your full knowledge and consent."

"Oh," says Cullen. "That is ... terribly Orlaisian, yes."

For my lovely friend Sheila, whose Inquisitor characterization I didn't really end up using but whose enthusiasm for this OT3 convinced me that I had at least an audience of one for my self-indulgence. Thanks, hon <333

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