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dragons, xenomorphs, other tales from the bestiary

i. Today is a Flight Rising open registration window! I have no idea what I'm doing over there besides HOARDING PRETTY DRAGONS; it kind of reminds me of Neopets only I already like it quite a bit more. I think I've already picked up most of my FR-playing friends by mentioning it on twitter, but just in case, I'm AriaWoods over there; feel free to hit me up!

ii. Amiel's birthday was this last week! Verity, very rightly, observed that basically the point of poly is to band together with one's SOs or metamours and sneakily plot nice gifts. So Verity and I baked Amiel a xenomorph cake. I say "Verity and I," but actually I mean I had the idea, we pooled ingredients, I was assistant while Verity baked and set everything up, and then at the eleventh hour when Verity had to run off to work, my friend Lauren stepped in and did most of the actual xenomorph cake-decorating. The end result was SO GREAT.

iii. Uhhh did I mention how my D&D campaign is kind of my fandom? Now it is REALLY my fandom. We have a wiki and a kinkmeme and I just want to note for posterity that this is what happens when seven people with fannish urges keep getting together every Thursday night to create story together. SPONTANEOUS FANDOM.
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Here are dragons I'm giving to friends ho join FR today:

Want one?

(A couple sold while I was at work, but I haven't had a chance to see which yet.)
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She's all yours. I sent a CR.
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