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cheerful things in the time of dragons

i. I went to my cousin's wedding last week! It was ... well, I'm glad I went in the sense that I don't get to see my extended family that often, and there's always the possibility that whatever time it is might be the last time I see my grandma, so it was good to see them all! But, as I explained coherently once and much less coherently other times when trying to relay the feeling of that particular family gathering, I feel as though most of them definitely have inner lives, but they are inner lives I have no way of accessing or relating to, which means we do polite small talk and then have nowhere to connect and go forward from. I suppose this is fine! But it meant a lonely weekend; and when I heard that my friends and housemates were having good hangouts and adventures (and apparently breaking everything in the Shire in Lego Lord of the Rings) I felt so homesick, and then really happy? Because there is a place that is home! And I want to be here! And there are all these lovely people with whom I am really happy to be found family! So that's lovely.

(Of course there was also the wedding itself, which gave me the reminder -- that I hope I won't need too many more times -- that I might want to stay away from earnest straight het religious weddings? Like, the nice Presbyterian priest opened his mouth and one of the first things out was something like "We are gathered here for the purpose for which God created man and woman" and I wanted to NOPE NOPE NOPE off into the sunset like that one octopus gif. So, y'know. Whatever works for your ceremony! But I need to stop going to ones that make me feel like someone is firmly and politely slamming a door in my face.)

ii. No but I'm just really happy to be here? I had an entirely typical workday today, in that I got up, had breakfast, cheerfully made people coffee for most of the morning while chatting with the regulars, didn't have much time to talk with my coworkers even though many of them are awesome to hang out with (whee Sundays are BUSY), made my way through a bit more Temeraire over lunch, nabbed discount cider on the way home, hung out with A drinking said cider and nattering for hours before playing Dragon Age, and watched Elementary with both housemates. Like. I am happy? And my stresses feel like normal dealable-with non-world-ending stresses?? IT IS PRETTY GREAT.

iii. DRAGON AGE, GUYS. I played Loki the Bad Decision Blood Mage all the way to the end! He made SO MANY bad decisions! Like, he destroyed the Urn of Sacred Ashes with dragon's blood just because he was curious, and he killed Arl Eamon's wife with blood magic, and he killed a bunch of dwarfs for his golem army, and of course he took Morrigan's get out of sacrifice free by getting her pregnant with a vessel for the Archdemon deal. (Seriously though the romance with Morrigan was the BEST; they were both super terrible at emotions and cared wildly about each other and zero about anyone else and salkfdjkfdds.) The bestworst bit though was that I figured out partway through the game that Loki was going to use Alastair and discard him, but I didn't realize you could kill him, and I like him enough that I wasn't going to do it -- even though when we hit the Alastair-or-Loghain decision, I was going to take Loghain for reasons of backing Anora as queen -- but then Alastair said something about refusing to have a monster for a brother, and of course the only properly Loki thing to do was KILL HIM. I laughed hysterically and executed Alastair and then felt REALLY BAD about it.

Anyway, I also did this super bizarre run where I didn't even find Lilliana, didn't bother to take Sten, got betrayed by Zevran, left Wynn at the Tower, and killed Alastair, so ... I ended with Morrigan, Loghain, Oghren who I hadn't even bothered to get to know, and my dog (called Fenrir, natch). WORST PARTY. In any case I'm going through a second time now, with an elf rogue who is super into Doing The Right Thing And Saving Everyone (she is so doooomed, like she's going to take Morrigan's deal or let Alastair die), and I was going to romance Zev but now Lilliana is great too but ZEV and in conclusion I think I like this game a lot, because my second run with a different character is 1000% different. :D

iv. The Avengers fic: now officially longer than any one fic I have ever written except the Harry Potter Fic That Shall Not Be Named that I wrote from the ages of thirteen to fifteen (which clocked in at 130k). But yeah! It hit 50k! It's longer than the Doctor Who season projects! It's halfway done! Aahahal;sdkfd. Trucking along on part five, still going to do my best to have a complete full draft by the end of the month, oh godddd. \o/
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I feel the same way at so many het weddings! The worst was when the minister at my childhood friend's wedding did the whole sermon on Ephesians, which is so offensive I walked out of the class discussing it in college. I always wind up ranting it about it on Twitter during the reception. :)

And I have felt that way around relatives, too. I usually wind up talking about material goods like houses that they have.
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1. I totally spent 99.99% of my playthrough being BEST BROMANCE BUDDIES with Alistair bc I was still stuck in the "oh fuck this npc is mad at me i can't handle this" rut but then totally copped out and asked him to pretty please bone Morrigan instead of me because ffff hahahaahaha omg.

2. romancing zevran is totally worth it but on the other hand that motherfucker totally lied about being able to open literally any locks. >:(

3. DOWNLOAD THE AWAKENING EXPANSION IF YOU HAVEN'T YET, it's probably either super cheap now or it came with your Origins boxset, or at least it id on PC, I dunno how it works on Xbox bc Xbox is for heathens.