aria: ([avengers] god of mischief)
valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2012-07-19 06:52 pm

what the hell is this fic

Um, so, I wrote a fic! It is about Loki being awful, and it probably fills my kink bingo 'mind control' square, so ... it is a fic that takes place in the Venn diagram overlap of these two things! Warnings, oh god, all the warnings for noncon (or at best extremely dubious consent), off-screen canon character death, and Avengers-era Loki being generally horrifying.

Conviction, Thor/Loki. Between one breath and the next, the spear is in Loki's hands, and before Thor can even finish speaking, Loki has pressed the spear's glowing point to Thor's chest, just above his heart.

I'll just ... go to fannish dinner hangouts now and leave this fic to fend for itself, shall I.

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