aria: ([avengers] thor)
valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2012-06-20 05:29 pm


Today it has been exactly one year since I posted Shatter! Uh, nearly-coincidentally, today I have another fic. It is much shorter (only 5000 words! YAY) but it is still about my Asgard bros feelings because, y'know, me. It exists in the main because I have LOTS OF THOUGHTS ABOUT THOR, and also about how Comic Relief Thor is charming in small doses but my god there is so much more to say about him. And so!

Flying Monkeys, or Five Times Thor Engaged in Cultural Exchange, Thor/Jane, Thor/everyone! Thor wonders whether any of them know. He wonders if like tears without shame it is something Midgardians do not do, or if it is rare, like the tale of the Rings of Power, or if it is something that needs only be asked for as Thor asked Natasha to spar with him.

What it says on the tin! With bonus orgy! And there is nary a Loki in sight.

/flees for fannish dinner hangouts

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