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2015-02-03 04:35 pm

snowman snowman

Boston is buried under several feet of snow! HAPPY WINTER. (I ... don't mean that too sarcastically, but I'd really love to get my serious snow December and January, not February and probably March.)

Things I am currently feeling fannish about:

+ Highlander, which I've been watching with [personal profile] thewrongkindofpc. We did the Methos watch, as one does, and had lots of messy feelings all over each other; then we made the mistake of watching the '80s movie and realizing how much we actually like Duncan MacLeod too! (Um. In comparison to Connor, and also for himself.) Spiraled into watching the pilot of the show, have now made a horrible pact to actually do a Complete Best Of rather than just a Methos watch.

+ Planeshift, ie our D&D campaign, which as of this last week is over! WE ALL SURVIVED. Last week we had a coronation and a wedding, and then a postmortem to ask Housemate A about plot threads and to tell the epilogues for our own characters. I'm a bit verklempt about the whole thing, and also need to write weird poly futurefic because of course I do.

+ Avatar and Korra! I'm watching Avatar with Amiel, and Korra with Coworker E, which is cool to do concurrently! I also have complicated feelings about the ending of Korra (which can be summarized with "I'm so glad they went there but I wanted TEXT, not word of god, I'd rather have a textual queer kiss with not enough buildup than almost enough buildup with the implication that queer kissing will happen soon"); but what a good good world. Maybe I will end up writing some Korrasami.

+ Uhhh so A and I are watching anime together? Right now we're in the middle of this gorgeously-animated super homoerotic high school swimming anime called Free! and there are apparently 7764 fics for it on the AO3 because the gods love me or at least have a weird sense of humor. Will I actually go down some sort of fic rabbit hole for a ridiculous sports anime? POSSIBLY.

+ Marvel as ever. I am SO BEHIND on my various Thor and Loki comics, oops, although the tumblr scans I keep catching look wonderful. I am all caught up on Agent Carter and am only hearing the echoes of the tumblr wank (where ... people are pulling the "if it's feminist how dare you say it's racist" thing or something?) but idk, all I know is that it's a Marvel show that's better than SHIELD and I ship Peggy/Angie like burning. (And also damn is it white.) I also accidentally outlined a whole post-Thor 2 fic with Amiel yesterday, as one does, and I have no idea who the audience for it is, because it's a Thor/Jane fic that is mostly political thriller and has weird incest overtones that never get resolved. OOPS.

+ The Silmarillion! Amiel and I are doing a readthrough together, assigning ourselves ~50 pages a week, and mostly having lots of Melkor feelings at each other. I'm considering also doing a Lord of the Rings reread alongside it; I like to do occasional rereads, and I think the last one was in 2009, so it's very much time. (And then maybe I will finally write the Frodo/Sam fic that's been struggling to get out since I was ten if only I could figure it out properly.)

Anyway, it's very nice to feel cozily polyfannish right now, but this month I intend to WRITE things about it.
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2014-11-17 04:49 pm

dragons, xenomorphs, other tales from the bestiary

i. Today is a Flight Rising open registration window! I have no idea what I'm doing over there besides HOARDING PRETTY DRAGONS; it kind of reminds me of Neopets only I already like it quite a bit more. I think I've already picked up most of my FR-playing friends by mentioning it on twitter, but just in case, I'm AriaWoods over there; feel free to hit me up!

ii. Amiel's birthday was this last week! Verity, very rightly, observed that basically the point of poly is to band together with one's SOs or metamours and sneakily plot nice gifts. So Verity and I baked Amiel a xenomorph cake. I say "Verity and I," but actually I mean I had the idea, we pooled ingredients, I was assistant while Verity baked and set everything up, and then at the eleventh hour when Verity had to run off to work, my friend Lauren stepped in and did most of the actual xenomorph cake-decorating. The end result was SO GREAT. Xenomorph cake photo beneath cut! )

iii. Uhhh did I mention how my D&D campaign is kind of my fandom? Now it is REALLY my fandom. We have a wiki and a kinkmeme and I just want to note for posterity that this is what happens when seven people with fannish urges keep getting together every Thursday night to create story together. SPONTANEOUS FANDOM.
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2014-10-28 12:29 pm

now we gotta run run run

Wow, this October has been SO GOOD to me! What a delightful month, A++ would absolutely Groundhog Day this whole month at least once more. I worked a lot (including learning to close, oh my god I am such a morning person, what a dumb misery closing is) and I was sick for a week solid, but everything was still so good!

Two(?) weekends ago, [ profile] flitephoto took most of the D&D group up to her grandparents' cabin on a lake in New York! We played board games and ate lots of tasty food and made s'mores around a bonfire (and sang rounds rather than telling ghost stories, at [personal profile] scribe's request and my deep happiness to comply); everyone but me jumped in the lake -- 60F, opposed to the 50F air outside it -- which I was exempted from because I still had a cold, though I did have my feet in the water and laugh at my screaming friends.

Many lovely media things have been happening to me! Housemate A bought Diablo III, which we've been playing as a household and which is SO FUN; I'm getting better at understanding the appeal of pure hitting-things games. I managed to get my hands on Ancillary Sword just after finishing Ancillary Justice, which has spoiled me horribly -- I liked Justice but I LOVED Sword, and now I'm in agonies that I don't already have the next book. In lieu of that I'm reading Kelly Link's Monstrous Affections anthology; I picked it up at a bookstore event last week where I also got to meet Sarah Rees Brennan and say good socially acceptable things instead of just hissing "I SHIP THE RYVES BROTHERS" and running away with my signed books.

I saw Jennifer's Body with Amiel this last weekend; it is SO GOOD if you like a certain type of lady-centric horror movie, and was lovely after also watching Ginger Snaps and Alien Resurrection with them, because what is October if not for horror movies? I think perhaps Carrie is next! Also, totally taking recommendations for anyone's fav horror films, it can be horror movie time any time of year.

On actual Halloween I have several Halloween parties to go to, and then I am doing NaNo! Oh god. I skipped out on Yuletide this year, though I'm still on the pinch hit list and can do stocking stuffers if I want; but it's nice to only have one writing pressure. Anyway NaNo starts on Saturday! I'm signed up at the official site this year (under Aria Woods), mostly to have a handy place to keep track of word count, but if any of y'all are doing NaNo I'd be happy to befriend you over there! November is gonna be fun :)
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2014-07-15 05:40 pm

level up

i. My parents were in town ... last week? Two weeks ago? I am terrible at linear time! Anyway, it was a particularly pleasant visit -- we walked all around the city, and the next day drove out to Walden Pond, which has swiftly become one of the top reasons I regret not having a car; I would love to be able to drive out there on any free summer afternoon and have a swim. My parents' visit was also short, which was lovely; we had enough time to catch up and remember how fond we are of each other without much time to also remember all the ways we drive each other up the wall. A+ mini-vacation, would do again next year.

ii. The other night, our entire D&D group went on a LARP pub crawl/scavenger hunt around Camberville. It was kind of amazing?? I think we collectively walked five or six miles over the course of about five hours; we had several drinks, and several boffing weapon fights (though these were mostly with the elder gods of Chaos and Justice, instead of with opposing teams, so we died without losing our loot), and sang the Clash for fake diamonds, and solved riddles, and learned somewhere in the dead hours past midnight that our team had won. (TYRANNY!) It was an Experience, and one I'll happily repeat next year. So that's a completely ridiculous fun thing I can cross off my bucket list.

iii. [personal profile] verity showed me the first two episodes of s4 Teen Wolf on Friday. I ... may have to go back and watch 3b and then keep up. GODDAMMIT IT'S SUCH A TERRIBLE SHOW. There have to be good shows out right now, right? But somehow SHIELD was the thing I stayed caught up with these last few months; I'm a season behind on White Collar and a season behind on Orphan Black and whoa I should prioritize at least one of those over Teen Wolf. But, y'know, sometimes what you need is attractive young people wearing weird prosthetics and doing everything to a dubstep soundtrack! Teen Wolf it is.

iv. The apartment of Gondor has a cat!! She is a very recent acquisition, from this Saturday. The shelter basically begged us to take her, because she's a sweetie they all loved, but also kind of a problem cat: terrified of being there, liable to hiss and swipe at you if she gets overwhelmed, so she couldn't charm anyone into taking her. She's very curious, and very tiny (despite being about five years old), and after exploring the whole apartment she's mostly stayed under Polaris' bed, getting used to New Things. We're calling her Luthien, because obviously a cat in Gondor has to be called something Lord of the Rings-related and we liked that best.

Several cat pictures beneath the cut! )
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2014-05-01 02:30 pm

rabbit rabbit (or: being good to my brain)

Despite it now being May, Massachusetts remains full of dismal grey rain. I really like this weather, within reason, but dammit, I'm supposed to be uncomfortably warm and slightly dazzled by sunlight right now, not feeling like a sad hibernating beastie. Because the weather won't get with the program, I think it's time for to list some things that are making me happy. (It may also be time for me to make a habit of this, maybe in a weekly way, to be good to myself.)

+ My job is really great! I like all my coworkers (even the slightly unfortunate seriously cishet white boy one, in large part because when all else fails we can talk about Lord of the Rings), and I like many of our regulars, and it's low-stress and happymaking and it may not be A Career but it makes some money and I actually like it, so I think on balance it's still a win.

+ [profile] filiabelalis is still the best sweetie, news at 11. My housemates and in fact all my local friends are really great; weekly D&D is the best (and made us all die a little laughing last week when a plot twist was revealed and [personal profile] songofsongs just thrashed around on the floor going "NOOOO" for five minutes straight); [personal profile] scribe is probably going to drag me to a number of womens' soccer games this season; my social life is just really good and fulfilling without being too overwhelming.

+ Avocados are in season! I mean, they're around all year but they're nice and fresh right now, and yes, they get their own bullet point, avocados are the food of the gods.

+ Captain America fandom is being wonderful! I'm going through fics quite slowly -- usually only about one a day, so tabs are definitely accumulating faster than I'm closing them. My latest favorite fic is your favorite ghost by augustbird; it's Steve/Bucky, and the official summary is It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home, but it got me where I lived at the line The worst part of having Bucky back is that he doesn't.

+ AGENTS OF SHIELD CONTINUES TO BE BAFFLINGLY GOOD?? Spoilers just love Skye so muuuuch. )

+ WISCON IS SO SOON! I hope this year I will be enough out of my dazed sad fog to do con properly, but even if I'm not as extroverted as I'd like, it's still my favorite time of year, and I'm looking forward so much to seeing those of you who are going <333
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2014-04-15 04:46 pm

light 'em up

Happy Passover! Gondor is hosting a sedar tonight for our D&D group, though as far as I know we won't be holding it in character.

Meanwhile it's spring. The weather this week, as I understand it, is going to get miserably cold again, but at the moment we have the sort of blustering spring rain that makes me crave summer thunderstorms. I was walking home with my jeans and shoes soaking wet and I didn't even care, because summer is coming! At the cafe we're running through all our cold brew before noon and the poor ice machine can't keep up with demand, but all the customers are so happy, which is incredibly pleasant.

Mostly what I've been doing this week is having awful wrecking Winter Soldier feelings. I am not going to deny these feelings! (After Thor came out I spent this precious week going "Huh, what an interesting flash-in-the-pan investment I'm having! I'm sure it'll end soon," and this is the SAME LEVEL OF INTENSITY, by which I mean, lots.) I've read a post-film fic where a line of Natasha's made me tear up, and I've been making vids in my head and tearing up more because I just love Sam Wilson so much, and I really definitely cannot hold all these feels, so instead I'm reading Black Widow comics and feeling cranky about Hydra and trying to think of an action plot to hang my OT4 story on. (I'm also not going to make it 100k. I just. Nope. I'm hoping wistfully that it'll be under 50k instead, hahaha you fool it's never under 50k when you have this many feelings.)

I'm also. Hm. I'm having some complicated Bucky feelings? )

And I'm genuinely excited for new SHIELD /o\ I still think they haven't decided where they want to come down on the morality scale, but at least CAtWS made the question actually interesting, and I'm pretty psyched for the version of the show where these losers are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who the hell their allies are. WE SHALL SEE.
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2014-03-09 11:36 am

this was going to be a general update but it turned into yelling about marvel things

*taps* Is this thing on? Yes? Good.

Fandom participation is a weird thing for me right now, because at the moment my main fandom is ... the D&D campaign that Housemate A is running? I hear that often D&D campaigns are kind of cracky and fragmented and, while lots of fun, not full of really coherent narrative or character arcs; but we're a group consisting entirely of people who are really fannish and care a lot about character relationships and plot threads and so on, so we've been doing it ... very fannish RPG style, I guess. Shipping things and finding songs to give each other feels! I keep on making vids in my head! THERE IS NO FOOTAGE. But it's a lot of what my brain has been up to.

I've also been watching Leverage for the first time; we're two episodes from the series finale now, and I don't want it to ennnnd, but I do want every single Hardison/Parker/Eliot and/or perfect found family team fic; totally taking recs! Also probably going to comb through the AO3 with great enthusiasm. Other than that I'm not watching much telly; Sleepy Hollow is between seasons, I've sort of peaced out of both Elementary and White Collar until I can watch the whole season in a go, I'm rewatching all of Community by showing it to a friend, and I can't quite bring myself to keep going because Troy, and ... well, okay, I have been watching SHIELD.

Seriously, of all the shows, SHIELD is the one I'm keeping up with. I don't even fucking know either, but I have a lot of THOUGHTS. Yelling about SHIELD; some positive stuff, but mostly wailing about how the show really has to fucking decide whether its main characters are the good guys or not. )

Okay, so perhaps besides the D&D campaign, Marvel is still my current fandom. Oh, and I've been reading the Agent of Asgard comics! They are SUCH tumblr fodder, but I'm really okay with that; it's kind of fun to feel squarely within the target demographic. Loki writes slashfic! Loki is always herself! Loki makes bizarre One Direction jokes! Hell yes I'm paying $3 every couple of weeks for this.

Relatedly, does anyone know if the Thor 2 deleted scenes & assorted other whatever special features are anywhere to be found? Amazon seems to have DVDs and Blu Rays and all that good stuff, but none of them list any actual special features! C'mon, Marvel, I'm trying really hard to give you money, just give me something in addition to the movie in exchange! I'll probably just keep compulsively checking amazon, but this is a little silly.
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2014-01-03 02:15 pm

starting the year off right

My new year so far:

+ I had very pleasant shifts at the cafe; good tips, several super nerdy interactions with customers (including a little girl who had a Doctor Who book and told me her favorite Doctor was "Nine and Ten AND Eleven!")

+ Our D&D session last night was so great! Many shenanigans were had, and [personal profile] scribe's visiting BFF seemed to have a good time.

+ Amiel stayed over and as usual did that thing where they make amazing breakfast. So, due to snowstorm, instead of getting up at unreasonable hours to catch a bus to New York, I got up at perfectly reasonable hours and had snuggles and BACON.

+ It is the third bus I attempted to get a ticket for, but I'm on it and actively on my way to the couch con [personal profile] oliviacirce is hosting! By which I mean I'm sitting at the very front of the top level of the bus, watching the road go by below, listening to the Pacific Rim soundtrack and writing this on my phone and generally having a really good day.
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2013-10-04 08:31 pm

tv! and other stories

I have been watching some television! Specifically I have been watching SHIELD, Person of Interest, and Elementary.

SHIELD! Speculation and disgruntlement. )

Person of Interest! Cheerful but not deep. )

Elementary! Shruggy but willing. )

Besides watching television, I'm also in the middle of an excitingly busy couple of weeks. Last Tuesday was the Vienna Teng concert; I went with friends and met up with more friends and started crying nearly right out of the gate when she played Recessional as the very second song. Mostly she did the new album -- quite possibly everything off the new album except Never Look Away, which is a bit of a shame as it's my second-favorite from that one -- and the most gorgeous rendition of Gravity ever. I just. I can't express how much I love Vienna Teng.

(And then Housemate A, who couldn't concert-go with us because she has a work conference this week in Connecticut, sent us an increasingly hilarious series of texts which read "So my friend just informed me that Vienna Teng is playing at the casino I'm in tonight" followed by "Missed Vienna Teng's concert twice but I did get to play blackjack with her ^^" so I think someone is in for some serious excited interrogation when she gets home tomorrow.)

This next week I have a county fair tomorrow (COUNTY FAIR, I haven't gone to one of those since I was in my early teens, yaaay) and Night Vale in NYC Thursday night and then a Friday ticket to ComicCon, so adventures await! Amidst all this I am also trying to finish the damn Avengers fic (72k and counting; I have resigned myself to the fact that it's going to hit and surpass 100k, sigh) and having a slow ridiculous breakdown because of the increasing bits of Thor 2 footage. I will get it done! And have work and a social life and all such good things, yes.
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2013-08-29 09:43 am


This last weekend was really lovely. On Sunday Housemate A and Amiel and I all went down to the Common with A's slackline and did our best to wobble about between two trees; A can go four to eight steps consistently, but Amiel and I were only good enough to stand on the line for a couple of seconds before falling off. A lot of tourists came over while we were at it, and tried it too; most of them were surprised by how hard it was, probably because A makes it look relatively easy. It was lots of fun, anyway, and made my leg muscles do new bizarre things, which of course made seven hours of baristaing the next day mildly painful. Still! Want to try it again soon, preferably without a shift the following day.

We also went (as a group of five, hilariously enough) to see The World's End Sunday evening. It was ... I don't know what it was! I enjoyed it a lot, and laughed a lot, and unlike Shaun of the Dead (which I can never rewatch because dfl;dfkds zombies) I think I'll see it again, even if it never gets the same wear that Hot Fuzz does. That trilogy really likes rejecting ... organized sameness? I feel like there must be a better way to put that; though it also isn't big on punishing the people/beings/&c involved in the organized sameness. Which is cool! I hadn't picked up on that with just the first two to compare.

Real life is being mildly stressful; I have health insurance shenanigans to sort, which will probably involve the bureaucratic phone runaround, which -- well, I don't have full-on anxiety attacks when I have to talk on the phone with strangers anymore! I'll do it, though! And then set up the various appointments that insurance will give me! And those appointments will be so much less stressful than the initial phone calls. /o\

Organizing my real life also makes me think about organizing my online life, especially because I ... don't do fandom the way I used to. I think some of it has to do with the way I'm allotting my time, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have both long-distance from-fandom friends whose friendship isn't contingent upon us being currently in the same fandoms, and local fannish friends with whom I frequently have hours-long Avengers discussions or we find ourselves, over dinner, saying in unison "ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD." So at the moment fandom isn't filling any sort of isolation-from-community need. And I'm not in desperate need of any particular fic, either; I read the Avengers fic by authors I know I like, and am writing the Thor/Loki fic I want to see in the world, and Night Vale the show is fulfilling enough that I don't find myself in great need of fanworks. (Although, go go right now listen to [personal profile] thingswithwings' podfic Second Date, an episode-style recording that I have already failed to remember is not canon.) The point is, I am not entirely sure if I miss my fic-devouring ways, but I suspect I should get a Pinboard, and reorganize myself, and that I'll feel much more fandom-settled when I do this.

Speaking of the Thor/Loki fic I want to see in the world, it has just passed 47,000 words. We're ... about halfway through. I'd like to get it done by the end of September, just so I'll have it all posted before Thor 2 comes out (plus, uh, we have a lot of feelings about this universe and there are side stories where Steve takes Thor and Loki to art museums or Natasha and Sif hang out talking about feminist theory, it'd be cool to be able to post those before Thor 2 also, oh pipe dreams). That effectively means writing another 50k in a month, but ... I've done 50k in two weeks while on summer vacation, I can do 50k in a month while also having life obligations. Yes.
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2013-08-20 04:35 pm

hear the tumblers catch and click

A list of things that are currently making me really happy:

+ Housemate A continues phenomenal. She is a degree of tidy that makes me really happy -- we had a cleaning session with blasting music the other day -- and she brought home the most adorable geeky posters from Otakon. She also, of all horrors, bought an Xbox this weekend, as well as Dragon Age: Origins, so ... that's what we've been doing. A is doing a round as a city elf rogue, Polaris as a casteless dwarf rogue, and I have discovered that I have a really bad attention span for video games, so I am [a] a human mage (named Loki because fuck you of course I'm playing as Loki, GONNA BE A BLOOD MAGE JUST TRY TO STOP ME) and [b] a forest elf rogue and nothing else yet but I really also want to play a dwarf warrior maybe? Comparative gameplay!! Curious about how soon I will burn out and wander off, but so far it is a delight.

+ I finished The King of Attolia! I don't know if I feel fannish about the Queen's Thief books? although obviously I'd be happy to be talked into feeling fannish about them. I do know that somewhere in the third book Gen tipped over from "someone I enjoy reading about" to "someone I will clutch metaphorically to me screeching about how great they are" because I just ... am so easy for people who are heartclutchingly good at what they do while not liking themselves nor what they need to do very much, so sdkldsfjdfs. I suppose I should read A Conspiracy of Kings next, but, well, we've been mainlining Hornblower and I keep on having all these Thor/Loki feelings and then wishing astolat had written more fic, so OBVIOUSLY the solution is to reread His Majesty's Dragon. (I tapped out of those books at the beginning of Empire of Ivory last time for reasons of having a Thing about plagues, and specifically not wanting to read about them, but I think I'm going to give it another go.)

+ Work is SO GREAT, especially now that my boss has basically scheduled me opposite shifts as Difficult Coworker (because my boss: also really great). I don't have anything more substantial than that, just, I'm really enjoying my ridiculous life being a barista at an indie bookstore. Also I may have discovered that my ability to make good caffeinated drinks means I've become good at making mixed alcoholic drinks as well, although obviously this bears further investigation.

+ At the end of the month my cousin is getting married! I'm excited to see my family, especially my parents and my grandma, and my cousin's fiance is excellent, and ahhh what am I going to wear, I haven't figured this out at all! My dad told me to spike my hair (and to ... wear a collar? I think he's confusing queers with punks; that or he knows something about my personal life that I have never ever told him) and generally dyke it up, because he is a delightful human sometimes. Eh, I will figure it out.

+ So many delightful things are happening this fall!! Dessa is here in September, and Vienna Teng is here in October, and excellent boss is giving me off those closing/following opening shifts so I can 100% make those concerts. She is also giving me off October 10-12th, which means I can [a] GO TO THE NIGHT VALE LIVE SHOW ([personal profile] oliviacirce: the best fucking wingman ever, with tickets for us both) and [b] go to Friday New York ComicCon if I fancy. Still debating whether it's worth $50, but if you are going to be at NYCC, let me know! Having people to hang out with would greatly up my incentive to go.

+ I ... may have also been given off the close/open of November 7/8th for reasons of midnight Thor 2. HELL YES THIS GETS ITS OWN BULLET POINT. Okay, also in this bullet point I will say that my fic is trucking along nicely and I loooove it. Gonna be done in plenty of time for people to read it before Thor 2 Josses the hell out of it.

This list brought to you by, oh my god, this isn't even a list of things I'm being determinedly cheerful about, this is just genuinely how happy and excited about life I am today. :DDD
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2013-02-02 12:44 pm

x things make a post, &c

+ The other weekend Polaris and I had a few friends over to eat baked goods and nominally celebrate our belated birthdays. Tasty food was consumed! We are now the happy owners of several new books, fancy candles, and an Inspector Spacetime poster! We also cobbled together a DYI version of Cards Against Humanity, excising all the cards that were gender essentialist or potentially rapey, and adding several fandom cards. Perhaps the best submission of the evening was "[Frost giants] are a slippery slope that lead to [black holes]," which is such a great summary of Thor that Emma was an instant winner.

+ Last night Polaris and [ profile] paper_tzipporah and I went to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, fortified with tiny bottles of booze, as one does. We started edging toward the back of the tiny theater when I noticed that the other people there seemed to be talking happily in the way one does at fangirl parties, so I asked them if they minded us sitting just behind them and heckling. "Of course not, that's what this movie is for!" was the general consensus; and then we all made Avengers jokes, and when I came back from my pre-film bathroom break everyone was talking the Hobbit, and of course the lovely people sitting in front of us turned out to be local fanpeople, and we all at least recognized one another's handles and/or fics to some degree, and it was DELIGHTFUL. The movie was great too, I guess? It was TERRIBLE, and full of incest and cartoon gore and gleeful joy at its own awfulness. We laughed the whole way through, and went out for cupcakes for afters. AN EXCELLENT EVENING, is what I'm saying here.

+ Work continues apace. Some days I am full of RAEG and some days I'm quite happy to be there, and goddamn, I can now make you any caffeinated drink you desire! The excellent thing about work is that standing up for eight hours is ... actually kind of good for my back? I utilize all my back muscles and don't hunch, anyway, so my posture is pretty great; that plus walking to and from work, and the occasional carrying of heavy things, means that I've got actual muscles and may be in good shape! Which is pleasing and exciting, and makes me like my body a whole lot even though I suspect I objectively look the same as I usually do. (I mean, the queer haircut helps too! The queer haircut is great every day.)

+ I seem to be reading Les Mis! I have read it once before, but that was in high school, and I recall doing a lot of skimming to get to what I thought was the Good Parts Version. This time I am not skimming! I read every word of how great M. Myriel is! I read all about the year 1817, and also every jerkass thing Fantine's horrible boyfriend said! It remains to be seen whether I will actually get through all of Waterloo; right now I'm in the middle of Valjean's crisis of conscience re: whether to reveal he's Jean Valjean. His cart is broken! His horse cannot be ridden! Everything is going wrong but STILL HE DOES THE RIGHT THING! I love this book a lot? I love Javert most of all, though; there may or may not soon be coming to a post near you all my really, really fervent Javert feelings. At the moment they mostly seem to be coming out as late-night tweets where I yell JAVEEEEERT, but I'll try to also cobble together something more articulate.

+ Avengers fic: one part complete, next three thoroughly outlined, Thor and Bruce currently making awkward spaghetti. :D
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2012-12-02 10:25 pm


Hi, internet! The apartment of Gondor is spending the evening watching Mythbusters, and the combination of my delightful bizarre fannish feelings about this show + wine + an episode about superhero myths = us trying to figure out what the cast's superpowers would be.

Jamie: invulnerability
Adam: kinetic energy (sort of Gambit-style)
Tory: super speed
Kari: something ... cosmic, we did not really work this out but we wanted her to have alien superpowers and fly and stuff! (Ms Marvel style, more or less)
Grant: he has no super powers, but is basically low-budget Iron Man (with bonus Mythbusters narrator playing the part of JARVIS)

OTHER SUGGESTIONS WELCOME, THIS IS TOTALLY A SUPERPOWERED MYTHBUSTERS PARTY! For the ... however many of you care, I do not actually know how many of you care! But it is making the apartment of Gondor very happy.
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2012-11-13 12:48 pm

determinedly fighting back against november

A list of excellent things in the past week:

+ The election!!! So happy, so relieved, so uselessly apologetic that North Carolina went red this time. I've been reading lots of smart articles about what the election turnout/results/&c mean for the country; I've also been reading and watching lots of Fox News and cohorts freaking the fuck out, and basking in the schadenfreude, because wow is that cathartic.

+ SNOW! It did not stick, but I love winter, I love it so, so much.

+ Cats! The apartment of Gondor is fostering Jessie's cats because her current living situation turned out to be not cat-friendly. The cats adjusted really quickly, and they are purring machines, and both of them are currently loafing on a couch, ahhh delightful furballs.

+ Haircut! I continue absurdly pleased with my short hair of queerness and joy. I tend to only spike it if I'm going to be leaving the house or have to otherwise make myself presentable, but I'm enjoying it both like that and in its natural fluffy state.

+ Job?? Last week I was hired conditional on my background check going through, but it ... hasn't yet, possibly because Hurricane Sandy fucked with databases or possibly just because bureaucracy. I called today to check and was assured I'm on the list of new hires, so I'm resigning myself to another potential week of limbo. But! assuming all continues well, I shall soon be gainfully employed in the actual city in which I live. It's work as a barista, because I'm an actual English major punchline, but Jessie and I realized that it means we (and [personal profile] feverbeats) will be living in a barista AU! So that's kind of delightful.
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2012-11-06 11:49 am


All the leaves are turning, and it's so cold at night now that I can't go outside without my first few breaths hitching into coughs. (Thank you, very mild asthma, you're my favorite.) I traditionally hate November because 'tis the season of brainbads hitting many of my friends, but -- winter is coming! I love long coats and hot drinks and SNOW, and skeletal branches against the sky that goes a very specific blue this time of year; and I love how I can take long walks without getting overheated, though sometimes warm enough to take off my outer layers, and I love the weird looks bundled-up passersby give my bare arms.

I may finally have a second job that will stop me burning through my savings, but it's at the hovering point between accepting the job offer and my background check going through, so even though I know intellectually that I'll be hired by the end of the week, it seems unreal right now; and I don't have my hours yet, so I can't collapse the actual shape my life will take from the various possibilities. (I did offer to start working anytime after 4 AM, so I could potentially have a workday that gets out a little after noon, and have whole glorious half-days for errands and writing and time with Amiel when they have early days. I know I'll spend the rest of the month hating myself before I adjust.)

I'm also going to have Emma cut off all my hair this weekend -- proper all of it, I'm angling for a pixie cut with a potential for spiking. Why? Because my hair is a fluffball I can never figure out how to do interesting things with; because it always gets in the way when I'm kissing someone; because my default sartorial choices are in the casual-cute-femme range and I'd like to be a bit more visibly queer; because, fuck it, CHANGE THINGS UP, who cares if it's the wrong time of year for a haircut, more cute hats & scarves for me!

This entry actually brought to you by my blind election terror. I voted! absentee in North Carolina! I deeply and sincerely hope it goes blue again this time! The apartment of Gondor is probably going to dig down this evening with booze & blanket forts and check the news on the internet as it rolls in. All recommendations for news sites with streaming video most welcome, by the way.
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2012-10-30 12:22 am


We are all quite safe and still with power! Jessie and I even braved the torrential downpour to drive across town (fifteen minutes, slow speeds, limited visibility and some wind but otherwise quite safe) to visit Amiel and Emma for baking and birthday celebrations. The highlight of the evening was perhaps the moment at which we realized that, in the dark, the rain was basically horizontal, and like rational adults we threw off most of our clothes and went out to dance on the fire escape.

So this entry is mostly to record that! But also to check in and to say the apartment of Gondor is doing okay. :)
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2012-10-04 11:51 am

fannish & seasonal happiness

I am ... spectacularly bad at having an internet presence! I mean, I reblog things on tumblr, but most of the time I'm not generating my own content and I treat it much more as a squee repository than any kind of blog, so in my head it doesn't count. In any case, hello! It is fall! I love this time of year because rather than throwing on a t-shirt and shorts in a desultory fashion and laying around wilting in the heat, I am wandering around in sweeping coats through autumn mists and planning actual outfits with layers and enjoying the turning of the leaves and consuming all the pumpkin products and generally adoring this season. Meanwhile, on the fannish front:

+ Doctor Who! Having now seen all of Amy's arc, I still think they fell down a bit in the middle with season six, but in the end they did right by her and by Rory, and I got a bit teary. I think I'll be tracking down lots of coda fic, and I may eventually compile a recs list, but at the moment, here is the first coda fic my face saw: Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don't Wait Around by [personal profile] lizbee; highly recommended, made me feel much better about this whole Amy-being-gone nonsense.

+ Warehouse 13! Oh my gosh Warehouse 13, this silly SyFy (nooo it still pains me to type that) show that I've been mainlining over the past few weeks. I'm all caught up now, of course just as the half-season finale aired, so everything is naturally terrible and dire to hook you into coming back in April. In any case, Warehouse 13 is for the most part truly lovely; it has canon queers and lots of ladies (who consistently talk about plot things) and I have actual hopes for a canon endgame f/f ship and it's possibly hands-down the best show about found family I have ever seen. Actually this post by [personal profile] thingswithwings talks with more eloquence and enthusiasm about this show than I possibly could. I just love it so.

+ Avengers! Not that ... any new exciting Avengers things have happened (although I am greatly enjoying the steady influx of Thor 2 set pictures) but my stupid fic continues apace; besides all the bits that are written out of order, I have nearly 10,000 chronological words and Thor and Loki have still yet to get the fuck off Asgard, so I've resigned myself to the fact that this fic is going to be a monster. Meanwhile the always-lovely Emma volunteered to make me a Thor sundress, for which we went fabric-shopping yesterday, so for Halloween I'm going to be Thor, with Emma along as my Loki. (Housemate K, meanwhile, is going to attempt to make me a paper-mache helmet. I expect it will look quite stupid but K is in fact a crafts wizard, so we shall see.)

+ Polaris and I are watching Veronica Mars! I haven't watched VMars since college, and I forgot how much I adore it. I ... also forgot how much I ship Veronica/Lilly and any iteration of Veronica/Logan/Weevil, so possibly after this rewatch I will be on the hunt for good fic.

Today, hangouts with Sares! Tonight, contra with Tyler posse! Life is ... pretty good, guys.
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2012-08-08 01:41 pm

current fandom stuff

Re: the Hobbit: I ... am really not that thrilled it's three movies now! MORE is not necessarily BETTER, and I legitimately just want a lovingly filmed version of the book that was my actual favorite thing when I was five. Two films, excellent, no need to leave anything out! Three films, I am suddenly concerned about pacing issues and what they will add and ... ahh, I don't know. I am still quite fond of Peter Jackson, but like many directors/showrunners/other wildly successful creative people, he kind of needs someone to tell him when to stop.

Re: Beasts of the Southern Wild: SO GOOD, YOU GUYS, SO GOOD. I don't have anything particularly coherent or spoilery to say, just that I loved it lots and Hushpuppy is the best six-year-old in the entire universe, and possibly also if you're going to see it you should 'ware shakycam if that sort of thing is an issue. But really just. SO GOOD. (And for afters Amiel and I snuck into the middle of The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Experience the next theater over, and spent about five minutes in silent hysterical laughter at Batman and Bane doing DEEP DRAMATIC GRAVELLY VOICES at each other before we snuck back out again to get dinner. Good times!)

Re: Teen Wolf: I ADMIT IT I SUCCUMBED. Enough people whose opinions I find interesting had started to talk about it, so I gave the first few episodes a go, and probably would have stopped except that Polaris follows a lot of the same people I do and was also curious. We watched season one together, a few episodes a night; it was all good silly fun, and then one evening we were cooking dinner or something and started wailing "STIIIILES" at each other. Now I am soldiering forward and enduring the HORRIBLE PAIN of season two alone because [a] I cannot stop or wait and [b] this way I can warn Polaris of the trauma to come. I keep legitimately screaming at the screen! I am SO INVESTED. I have no idea how this happened, but Teen Wolf is a DISEASE, the main symptoms of which seem to be CAPSLOCK IN EMPHASIS and anguished wails of "STIIIILES."

Re: Avengers: ahahdslkfsjkf okay so this fic I am writing. It is my long Avengers found family fic, of course, because I absolutely have to write that; having batted it around with various people, I've narrowed it down from being about absolutely everyone to ... still being about everyone, I guess, but entirely from Thor's POV. This will be an exciting journey! in which Thor and I figure out how the hell to deal with lots of fraught emotions when Thor doesn't have the vocabulary for most of them. Hopefully it will be fun and rewarding and full of unreliable narration and will not drive me totally up the wall! Meantime it's at about 5000 words right now, we haven't even begun to leave Asgard yet, and Amiel laughs at me whenever I venture the hope that this fic will come in under 50,000. Ahaha. Haha.
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2012-07-05 02:26 pm

imbuing days with meaning

sdkdsfk my Fourth of July was amaaazing. Polaris and I made delicious burgers and watched 1776 over cake, singing along with all the songs and mouthing along with the dialogue; in the evening I met up with Emma and Amiel, and we went to see fireworks along the river. It was hands-down the best fireworks show I've ever seen, not only because the finale was quite literally breathtaking, but also because just after the fireworks started there was an absolute deluge of rain, so my glasses smeared the fireworks too bright to see and I laughed until I cried a little.

I'm also going on travel adventures to see [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros tomorrow, which I am absurdly excited about, so today's my day of quiet sandwiched in between lovely things.
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2012-06-29 11:33 am

joy & norse mythology (possibly related)

It is before noon and I have already done all the grocery shopping and paid rent! I am well pleased, and also cradling a cup of tea so I don't end up faceplanting into the keyboard. I've been up for ages because I crashed at Amiel's after contra last night, and oh my god, contra continues absolutely amazing. I am pleasantly sore today, and maybe I should try to properly take up yoga so I don't end up stiff and tottery over the weekend.

Mostly I'm just absurdly happy: contra, and this weekend at the harbor there's some kind of exhibition of tall ships, and on the 4th Polaris and I are planning to watch Independence Day and 1776, as you do when you want the weirdest double feature, and to have a cookout in the back yard (where we will presumably meet some of the neighbors, because I doubt we're the only ones with this idea). And in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love my housemates so much, see: aforementioned 4th of July plans, and the bit where when I got home today I found that K had left me the most adorable and terrifying gift ever. We're in season four of Babylon 5, and in ... celebration, or possibly to freak me out, K made a plushie Drakh Keeper, a tentacley alien neural parasite. It is SO CUTE, and buttons around one's neck! I plan to wear it like a scarf, and if I misbehave I will claim that the Drakh made me do it.

In other news, I just happily sailed through Runemarks by Joanne Harris, the basic premise of which is that Ragnarok happened five hundred years ago, Asgard fell, the gods are dead or imprisoned in various realms of the World Below, magic has been outlawed, and a dystopic Order reigns, so of course our fourteen-year-old magical heroine has to go on a quest to renew the world, and ... basically has a fantastic road trip with Loki. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. It occurs to me that I love most iterations of Loki not because he's played by Tom Hiddleston (because ... mostly he isn't, though I think in this he was) but because he is tricksy and saves the world a lot while loudly telling everyone that he's just in it for himself. (I may have imprinted on Howl from Howl's Moving Castle at an impressionable age.)

I also think I want to make a list of Books That Do Fun Interesting Things With Norse Mythology, but at the moment the list is limited to Runemarks, DWJ's Eight Days of Luke, and Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants. (American Gods doesn't make this cut cos it's about Norse mythology a bit but it's also about a hundred other things.) I am very much up for recommendations! Lots of Loki a bonus but not specifically required.