Wow, I have become genuinely the worst at regular posting. It isn't tumblr's fault (tumblr: dangerously convenient for all my staring-at-Loki's-face needs); mostly it's that I'm living with fannish people and hanging out in person with fannish people and &c &c, so instead of yelling at the internet about all my Avengers feelings, I've been doing the same in physical spaces.

In any case, stuff that's been happening:

+ Housemate K really loves to contra dance, but hasn't really been able to since moving in with us and losing regular access to a car. While I was off at WisCon she had a talk with Amiel about this which resulted in the realization that Amiel in fact does have a car, so ... last week? or two weeks ago now, K and I met up with Amiel and Emma and we all went to contra! I LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG. I had to sit out every other dance to keep my lungs from strangling me, and there were a few dances where I didn't pick up how to not crash into everyone until about halfway through, but I was better at it than I expected and I really want to do it every week. We'll see if it actually becomes a habit!

+ This last weekend we finally had our Gondor-warming, Tyler posse edition, and my North Carolina friends were also visiting. I think everyone had a fairly good time -- we went to Pride on Saturday, and demolished most of the tea and booze in the apartment, and played fandom Apples to Apples, and had low-key hangouts. Of course this all happened during what's been for me an astonishingly bad brain week (like, I keep panicking for no goddamn reason, and I'm hoping it's just worse-than-usual hormonal stuff and it'll abate soon) so I wasn't up to quite the quality of hosting I would've wanted. But it was still excellent to have everyone over; seriously I have so many good friends, I don't even know how this happened but it's wonderful.

+ Okay, this isn't actually something that's happening to me personally, but I was poking around Tom Hiddleston's wiki page, as one does, and I discovered that next year he's in a film where he and Tilda Swinton are vampires in love? And. I don't actually care whether it's completely stupid and terrible, Amiel and [personal profile] songofsongs and I have basically made a pact to go see it together and clutch each other a lot and wail, because for some reason the universe is giving us Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as vampires in love. But before that, the universe is also giving us Hiddleston's Prince Hal! And for that, [personal profile] oliviacirce is coming up, and she and Emma and I are going to watch it and clutch each other, and maybe wail a little but in slightly dignified ways. Friends for every Tom Hiddleston occasion!

...I think I just need to give up and resign myself to having a Hiddleston tag on DW too.
This has been a WEEK, but in the best possible way.

Monday: One of Polaris' local friends discovered ridiculous discount tickets for a Red Sox vs Mariners game, and invited me in on the plan to take Polaris to surprise baseball. My feelings about baseball are basically "I have no goddamn clue why you love this fandom so much, but I'm glad it brings you joy!" so I went with. Polaris attempted to explain the rules of baseball to me (in baseball's favor: actually comprehensible, unlike American football) and I cheered at the bits where the players hit the ball in exciting ways, and we talked about how the Avengers would behave if they went to a baseball game together. (I'm with Thor, by the way: "What is the purpose of this sport? Why this trickery and stealing of bases? The players should meet this contest head-on!") Anyway a good time was had by all.

Tuesday: Evening Avengers, third viewing, with Polaris, [personal profile] zeenell, and [ profile] psuedo_catalyst, with Mexican food and lots of fannish flailing for afters. I explained my absurd Avengers found family fic, and the latest request, via Nell, is for ace!Coulson, so that may now be a thing in my fic.

Wednesday: Amiel and Emma were over for the afternoon and evening; we made Housewarming-style pumpkin pie and watched Lilo & Stitch because Emma had never seen it and, well, it is always time for Lilo & Stitch. Misbehaving blue aliens! Found family! Cobra Bubbles! That movie is my happy place.

Thursday and Friday were mostly just hanging out with Emma and with Nell, and then Friday evening Amiel came by and we went road-tripping to see the Tyler Posse. Tyler Posse weekend was predictably glorious; we mostly just hung out and climbed trees and read bits of poetry and short stories, and on Saturday night we saw Avengers AGAIN because no one but Amiel and I had actually seen it, and oh my god I am so done seeing Avengers in the theatres. I also had an unexpected crying jag Saturday despite being in a really good mood, probably because I did way too much socializing this week although maybe also because I can't hold all my Loki feels, but -- today will be very chill, I am planning to do pretty much nothing except clean things and generally housewife, and when Polaris gets home watch lots of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and ... life is really good.
Last night, after Polaris' and my second Avengers viewing, we held a small impromptu fanpeople party that over the course of the evening whittled itself down to me, Polaris, [ profile] paper_tzipporah, and an impressive amount of wine. And then we had an absurd discussion about the characters from Community hanging out with the characters from Avengers; afaik there are no specific Avengers spoilers under the cut, but I have one anyway to be on the safe side. Click if you want to hear about ridiculous Avengers/Community crossovers! )

Anyway I still find this entertaining in the sober light of day, and so! That was an excerpt of my delightful evening.
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( Apr. 18th, 2012 03:27 pm)
LIFE IS SO BUSY AND EXCITING. I suspect I have long since lost that wonderful ability I had in college to craft exciting narratives about the beauty of everyday life, so instead, in scattered list form, some things I have been up to lately:

+ Weekend with the Tyler posse! I suspect I should resurrect my Tyler posse tag, because everything these excellent humans do is a source of joy to me. At school they serenaded me outside my window and pulled me along on various adventures; this last weekend we went to a burlesque show and held a housewarming party for one of our number, in which the chief activities were tipsy Fandom Apples to Apples and a watching of Black Books for afters.

+ Probably not deserving of its own bullet-point, road-tripping with Amiel for Tyler posse shenanigans! I mention it mostly because the drive back was three hours of winding New England back roads and loud music to keep us awake, and it took maaaaybe half an hour before we started calling each other Dean and Sammy. ("My hair is too long to be Dean's," Amiel observed, as their hair was indeed at about four fluffy inches; "Well, mine's too short to be Sam's," I said.) NO REGRETS.

+ Monday was Paul Newman & Robert Redford Films With Polaris and Housemate K! Somehow I had gone through life without seeing either Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Sting? That has now been remedied! I spent a good portion of Butch Cassidy yelling "HOW IS THIS ON MY SCREEN" re: the OT3. Maybe I will see it again next time I am in the mood for threesomes and tragic last stands.

+ K and I spent pretty much all of yesterday watching Babylon 5. We got through EIGHT EPISODES. Only one more episode of first season to go! Let me tell you, internet, yesterday's eight episodes were all tragically barren and G'Kar-less, although they did have lots of good Londo and Delenn and Ivanova. I am looking forward so much to season two. I am also a bit tempted to start taking frantic notes and attempt to resume my meta rewatch, but my meta rewatch relied heavily on my ability to actually remember things that happen, and though bits of Londo and G'Kar's arc are stamped indelibly on my memory, it's been two years and the joy of this rewatch is in the discovery of things.

+ K & her girlfriend made really delicious chocolate chip cookies the other day. I'm now going to eat the last of them like a motherfucking adult.
I am all packed! (Well, almost all, I still have a few accusatory items sitting outside my suitcases.) My life does not pack neatly into a duffle as it ideally should, and I have sent a hilarious cavalcade of boxes up ahead of me, but mostly the packing has been good and not too consuming. I also found some successful button-down shirts! It is all terribly exciting, and oh my god, tomorrow I am moving in with my BFF and I will actually be near friends and found family and all of this is SO GREAT.

Of course this means I probably won't have internet time again for a while, so before I go off on real life adventures, some fannish things:

i. I am bad at announcing things when I run out of exciting polls, but Zoe won my tiny Fandom March Madness! When I did a vote-for-attractive-people poll last year, Gina Torres won that too, so I think the only conclusion to draw is that you guys remain in excellent taste.

ii. Um ... this week's Community. Spoilers feel bizarre about this episode. )

iii. And I saw Hunger Games! Spoilers actually much prefer the film to the book. )