It is before noon and I have already done all the grocery shopping and paid rent! I am well pleased, and also cradling a cup of tea so I don't end up faceplanting into the keyboard. I've been up for ages because I crashed at Amiel's after contra last night, and oh my god, contra continues absolutely amazing. I am pleasantly sore today, and maybe I should try to properly take up yoga so I don't end up stiff and tottery over the weekend.

Mostly I'm just absurdly happy: contra, and this weekend at the harbor there's some kind of exhibition of tall ships, and on the 4th Polaris and I are planning to watch Independence Day and 1776, as you do when you want the weirdest double feature, and to have a cookout in the back yard (where we will presumably meet some of the neighbors, because I doubt we're the only ones with this idea). And in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I love my housemates so much, see: aforementioned 4th of July plans, and the bit where when I got home today I found that K had left me the most adorable and terrifying gift ever. We're in season four of Babylon 5, and in ... celebration, or possibly to freak me out, K made a plushie Drakh Keeper, a tentacley alien neural parasite. It is SO CUTE, and buttons around one's neck! I plan to wear it like a scarf, and if I misbehave I will claim that the Drakh made me do it.

In other news, I just happily sailed through Runemarks by Joanne Harris, the basic premise of which is that Ragnarok happened five hundred years ago, Asgard fell, the gods are dead or imprisoned in various realms of the World Below, magic has been outlawed, and a dystopic Order reigns, so of course our fourteen-year-old magical heroine has to go on a quest to renew the world, and ... basically has a fantastic road trip with Loki. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. It occurs to me that I love most iterations of Loki not because he's played by Tom Hiddleston (because ... mostly he isn't, though I think in this he was) but because he is tricksy and saves the world a lot while loudly telling everyone that he's just in it for himself. (I may have imprinted on Howl from Howl's Moving Castle at an impressionable age.)

I also think I want to make a list of Books That Do Fun Interesting Things With Norse Mythology, but at the moment the list is limited to Runemarks, DWJ's Eight Days of Luke, and Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants. (American Gods doesn't make this cut cos it's about Norse mythology a bit but it's also about a hundred other things.) I am very much up for recommendations! Lots of Loki a bonus but not specifically required.
Wow, I have become genuinely the worst at regular posting. It isn't tumblr's fault (tumblr: dangerously convenient for all my staring-at-Loki's-face needs); mostly it's that I'm living with fannish people and hanging out in person with fannish people and &c &c, so instead of yelling at the internet about all my Avengers feelings, I've been doing the same in physical spaces.

In any case, stuff that's been happening:

+ Housemate K really loves to contra dance, but hasn't really been able to since moving in with us and losing regular access to a car. While I was off at WisCon she had a talk with Amiel about this which resulted in the realization that Amiel in fact does have a car, so ... last week? or two weeks ago now, K and I met up with Amiel and Emma and we all went to contra! I LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG. I had to sit out every other dance to keep my lungs from strangling me, and there were a few dances where I didn't pick up how to not crash into everyone until about halfway through, but I was better at it than I expected and I really want to do it every week. We'll see if it actually becomes a habit!

+ This last weekend we finally had our Gondor-warming, Tyler posse edition, and my North Carolina friends were also visiting. I think everyone had a fairly good time -- we went to Pride on Saturday, and demolished most of the tea and booze in the apartment, and played fandom Apples to Apples, and had low-key hangouts. Of course this all happened during what's been for me an astonishingly bad brain week (like, I keep panicking for no goddamn reason, and I'm hoping it's just worse-than-usual hormonal stuff and it'll abate soon) so I wasn't up to quite the quality of hosting I would've wanted. But it was still excellent to have everyone over; seriously I have so many good friends, I don't even know how this happened but it's wonderful.

+ Okay, this isn't actually something that's happening to me personally, but I was poking around Tom Hiddleston's wiki page, as one does, and I discovered that next year he's in a film where he and Tilda Swinton are vampires in love? And. I don't actually care whether it's completely stupid and terrible, Amiel and [personal profile] songofsongs and I have basically made a pact to go see it together and clutch each other a lot and wail, because for some reason the universe is giving us Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as vampires in love. But before that, the universe is also giving us Hiddleston's Prince Hal! And for that, [personal profile] oliviacirce is coming up, and she and Emma and I are going to watch it and clutch each other, and maybe wail a little but in slightly dignified ways. Friends for every Tom Hiddleston occasion!

...I think I just need to give up and resign myself to having a Hiddleston tag on DW too.
This has been a WEEK, but in the best possible way.

Monday: One of Polaris' local friends discovered ridiculous discount tickets for a Red Sox vs Mariners game, and invited me in on the plan to take Polaris to surprise baseball. My feelings about baseball are basically "I have no goddamn clue why you love this fandom so much, but I'm glad it brings you joy!" so I went with. Polaris attempted to explain the rules of baseball to me (in baseball's favor: actually comprehensible, unlike American football) and I cheered at the bits where the players hit the ball in exciting ways, and we talked about how the Avengers would behave if they went to a baseball game together. (I'm with Thor, by the way: "What is the purpose of this sport? Why this trickery and stealing of bases? The players should meet this contest head-on!") Anyway a good time was had by all.

Tuesday: Evening Avengers, third viewing, with Polaris, [personal profile] zeenell, and [ profile] psuedo_catalyst, with Mexican food and lots of fannish flailing for afters. I explained my absurd Avengers found family fic, and the latest request, via Nell, is for ace!Coulson, so that may now be a thing in my fic.

Wednesday: Amiel and Emma were over for the afternoon and evening; we made Housewarming-style pumpkin pie and watched Lilo & Stitch because Emma had never seen it and, well, it is always time for Lilo & Stitch. Misbehaving blue aliens! Found family! Cobra Bubbles! That movie is my happy place.

Thursday and Friday were mostly just hanging out with Emma and with Nell, and then Friday evening Amiel came by and we went road-tripping to see the Tyler Posse. Tyler Posse weekend was predictably glorious; we mostly just hung out and climbed trees and read bits of poetry and short stories, and on Saturday night we saw Avengers AGAIN because no one but Amiel and I had actually seen it, and oh my god I am so done seeing Avengers in the theatres. I also had an unexpected crying jag Saturday despite being in a really good mood, probably because I did way too much socializing this week although maybe also because I can't hold all my Loki feels, but -- today will be very chill, I am planning to do pretty much nothing except clean things and generally housewife, and when Polaris gets home watch lots of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and ... life is really good.
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( Apr. 18th, 2012 03:27 pm)
LIFE IS SO BUSY AND EXCITING. I suspect I have long since lost that wonderful ability I had in college to craft exciting narratives about the beauty of everyday life, so instead, in scattered list form, some things I have been up to lately:

+ Weekend with the Tyler posse! I suspect I should resurrect my Tyler posse tag, because everything these excellent humans do is a source of joy to me. At school they serenaded me outside my window and pulled me along on various adventures; this last weekend we went to a burlesque show and held a housewarming party for one of our number, in which the chief activities were tipsy Fandom Apples to Apples and a watching of Black Books for afters.

+ Probably not deserving of its own bullet-point, road-tripping with Amiel for Tyler posse shenanigans! I mention it mostly because the drive back was three hours of winding New England back roads and loud music to keep us awake, and it took maaaaybe half an hour before we started calling each other Dean and Sammy. ("My hair is too long to be Dean's," Amiel observed, as their hair was indeed at about four fluffy inches; "Well, mine's too short to be Sam's," I said.) NO REGRETS.

+ Monday was Paul Newman & Robert Redford Films With Polaris and Housemate K! Somehow I had gone through life without seeing either Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Sting? That has now been remedied! I spent a good portion of Butch Cassidy yelling "HOW IS THIS ON MY SCREEN" re: the OT3. Maybe I will see it again next time I am in the mood for threesomes and tragic last stands.

+ K and I spent pretty much all of yesterday watching Babylon 5. We got through EIGHT EPISODES. Only one more episode of first season to go! Let me tell you, internet, yesterday's eight episodes were all tragically barren and G'Kar-less, although they did have lots of good Londo and Delenn and Ivanova. I am looking forward so much to season two. I am also a bit tempted to start taking frantic notes and attempt to resume my meta rewatch, but my meta rewatch relied heavily on my ability to actually remember things that happen, and though bits of Londo and G'Kar's arc are stamped indelibly on my memory, it's been two years and the joy of this rewatch is in the discovery of things.

+ K & her girlfriend made really delicious chocolate chip cookies the other day. I'm now going to eat the last of them like a motherfucking adult.
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( Sep. 6th, 2011 01:59 pm)
Hello the internet! I am back from Dragon*Con, as caught up on my rlist as I can be bothered to be, and feeling completely dazed and flattened, although not actually ill (yet). I had an entirely fabulous time, and circumstances permitting I very much want to go again, though I don't think it will ever be the con of my heart -- far too terrifyingly crowded. That said, this was certainly one of the best weekends I've had in recent memory.

Con report! This is a highlights version rather than a blow-by-blow. Tom Felton, various Buffy shenanigans, Sylvester McCoy, the Yule Ball, and MARK SHEPPARD. )

So that was essentially my con! I loved the hotel we were staying in, because it looked like something out of Star Wars, and I loved the three-plus days of intense fannishness and all the enthusiasm, and I am so glad I went, and now I am going to sit quietly in a corner for a while until I am functional again.
This just in: fish sticks with custard actually taste amazing.

Discovery brought to you by last night's rewatch of Eleventh Hour in good company and with lots of good food, including aforementioned fish sticks. Technically the custard was more like pudding, but the gist is the same. And DELICIOUS.
So yesterday I saw this band! By which I mean [personal profile] themeletor and I took a road trip, collected [personal profile] oliviacirce along the way (and met up with [personal profile] were_duck too, but after the concert) and went to Chicago to see My Chemical Romance. These three ladies have been educating me in the ways of bandom for the past ... oh, few months? so I knew enough to be entertained by Mikey's sparklebass, and Frank's shirt that had an F on it (y'know, just in case he needed to remember his name or something?), and watch for the bits where Ray rocked guitar solos. I kind of knew what was going on! And could sing along to the songs! I can't actually say what the set list was, but that's probably because I was distracted by Gerard's faaaace. And by 'face' I mean 'pants.'

Um, basically I had an excellent time? I screamed myself hoarse and jumped around a lot, and for afters went dazedly to a diner to have breakfast at midnight, and Mel drove us back home like a goddamn superhero, and I went to bed at 4:30. So I have no idea what I am doing by being awake again now, and I am not sorry for being kind of inarticulate.

Time for hot cocoa and basking! That is the thing I do after concerts, I guess.
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( Dec. 4th, 2010 12:07 pm)
First proper snow of winter! insists we're only getting an estimated three inches, but at the bus stop this morning I would have guessed it was about five. Snow always puts me in a ridiculously good mood. And then I celebrate by listening to the Victoria's Secret instrumental music and lots of Sarah McLachlan. Shut up, it's great.

I've also been watching Lost Girl! I do not feel really fannish about it, but it's just so lovely and stupid and cute. Our two main characters are these great women who are BFFs and solve crime; I would ship them a lot except that there are also other good canonical femslash ships, and also a werewolf detective. A werewolf freaking detective. It's a lot of things I really love, like silly and nerdy and full of pretty people, and I think quality of life is improved by watching it.

Something I am feeling fannish about is Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Lexicon books, which I have finally, finally gotten around to reading. I'm in the middle of Demon's Covenant at the moment, and I am so ridiculously in love. The second I am done, I am tracking down all the fic! And then probably writing some! Because I ship EVERYTHING. (Well, not everything -- I mean, if there's Mae/Jamie I don't want to read it. But possibly my OTP is Nick/Alan. Shut up shut up I know.)

I guess the point of this post is that I have hilarious, ridiculous taste. Just to prove it beyond reasonable doubt, have a link to the University of Oregon all-male a cappella group On the Rocks performing Bad Romance. With dance routines. It is amazing, and watching it makes me grin hard enough to make my face hurt.
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( Oct. 24th, 2010 07:48 pm)
Yesterday [personal profile] anekdot and I went to a Josh Ritter concert. I went because Sares has astonishingly good taste in concerts I will enjoy despite having only listened to a fraction of the artist in question's music (see also: Andrew Bird) and my god, it was phenomenal. Josh Ritter has the patter of a stoned teenager musing on life at three in the morning, and somehow he still managed to have the entire audience eating out of his hand. I was completely charmed and entertained and am now quite a bit in love with his music.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, upon arriving back on campus, I joined the Tyler posse and we watched episodes of Black Books and drank wine from mugs because we are just that classy. I can tell you right now that few things in the entire goddamn universe are more wonderful and hilarious than watching Grapes of Wrath with friends while taking a sip every time Bernard does and also quite a few times he doesn't.

I spent most of today reading in bed. Sometimes I pretend to have loftier life goals, but this is pretty much as good as it gets.
Yesterday was amazing. I spent all of it with [personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] themeletor, having fabulous fangirl shenanigans: we went to the farmer's market; I listened happily to bandom squee and in return flailed about Star Trek (over the course of the day, our conversations included quite a few variations on "they are not the hell your whales!" and I'm pretty sure at one point we recited large bits of Shatner on the Mount); they introduced me to Horatio Hornblower, and I discovered to my mild shock that when Jamie Bamber uses his actual accent and is more of a woobie than I can actually cope with, I start to find him genuinely attractive; and then we went on our road trip to see an Adam Lambert concert!

I mostly went for the fangirl shenanigans and because of course if Adam Lambert was readily available of course I was going to see a concert, but I pretty much expected we'd be too far away to see properly, and that I would enjoy the songs I liked, but that was only about half of them. HA HA LITTLE DID I KNOW. We were close enough to the stage to see fairly well -- not individual-features close, but nearly -- and my god does that man have stage presence. (No one is surprised. :D) To my astonishment, the songs that I usually like were great but the songs I usually skip (I think most notably Soaked) were fucking phenomenal; there was much clutching of hands among our fangirl trio. The best bit, though was when ... man, I don't even remember which song it was, I was thoroughly distracted -- Adam broke out the cane and danced with it. I move that he does this all the time.

Today I woke up covered in glitter, mostly because the absurd silver eyeshadow I put on yesterday now yearns to be freeee, so that was hilarious. I am completely exhausted, and I am fairly sure I have no voice, thanks to yelling along with songs for two hours and last night's ambient cigarette smoke. I managed to croak a goodbye to Mel when she left this morning, but I am fairly sure that all I would like to do today is sit quietly with a cup of tea and bask.

In conclusion: the most fucking amazing and absurd Adam Lambert fanart I have ever seen EVER, now with bonus fic, oh my god, I want to cover this fandom with sparkles and love. And then get tea and watch Star Trek. Mmm.
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( Aug. 4th, 2010 08:42 pm)
Today: Prop 8 was overturned, as I'm sure you all already know, judging from the happyflailing going around my corner of the internet. (I think this is my favourite newslink, if only for the picture of all the happy screaming people.) Of course it's now just going to bump its way up to the Supreme Court, but, honestly, it's about damn time.

Yesterday: I spent an afternoon of wit and tomfoolery, succinctly described by [personal profile] oliviacirce here and by [personal profile] sasha_feather here, but I see now that they are both locked. If you are on their lists, yay! If not, suffice it to say that I suggested performing exorcisms with possums, getting turkeys high before cooking them, and fulfilled my weekly quota of saying quotable things.

I also showed Olivia Comes a Horseman/Revelation 6:8, and because we watch shows in delightfully similar ways, we clutched at each other and yelled a lot about ex-boyfriends and then speculated at length about Methos' kinks. I have not converted her to the Ways of Highlander, but I am fairly sure I have converted her to the Ways of Methos, and that is all I can ever ask.

And White Collar happened! Not with Olivia, I mean, just in general. I do not have insightful or spoilery things to say, but I do want to state for the record that I LOVE MOZZIE. Oh Moz. <3

Lastly, a link: this comic summarizing Christopher Nolan films. MY DEAD WIIIIFE. (The Momento panel makes me laugh until I cry.)
Went to a wedding last night; had a fantastic time; had to actively refrain from doing Eleven's stupid flail-arms-wildly-above-head dance.

Speaking of Eleven, and how I am still married to the idea that Benedict Cumberbatch should play the Master, I even have some photographic evidence for my argument, namely this picture of both of them with Moffat. All three of them look hilariously awkward, but -- look at Smith and Cumberbatch's strange, strange faces! It is MEANT TO BE, I say.

(Aside: further wiki tabs now open for the purposes of Methos fic include crucifixion and a map of the Roman Empire circa 117 AD. Oh self. Get a new favourite character, one who hopefully doesn't require research on death by crucifixion.)
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( Jun. 17th, 2010 03:26 pm)
Overslept. Compensated by emailing another potential apartment and then taking a leaf out of [personal profile] sasha_feather's book and going for a long walk. My walk inevitably turned into an indie movie where I sat on a swing in a little park and listened to Vienna Teng's Lullaby for a Stormy Night, Marian Call's Good Old Girl, and the Headstones' Supersmart, which seemed like a logical progression at the time.

Speaking of music, I am rather fond of the music video to Adam Lambert's If I Had You. It's like Adam raided Tim Burton's costuming department and then crashed one of the Twilight sets and HAD A RAVE. I approve!

Meanwhile, the internet seems to be Made of Fail this week. I have nothing to add to the discussions that a lot of you haven't already said much more eloquently, but I did want to link to [personal profile] deepad's On Wiscon because it [a] is hilarious and [b] made my brain work.

Mostly, though, I just want to curl up and do more of my stupid Highlander rewatch. I'm accidentally compiling a picspam. It is essentially lots of Methos getting threatened with swords, and sometimes painting houses. (Somewhere, stage left, Londo Mollari wants to know if I still love him. Maybe I'd love you more if you and G'Kar painted houses, Londo.)
Yesterday [personal profile] oliviacirce and I frosted about a hundred tiny cupcakes and watched Tennant's Hamlet. My soul is soothed and contented.

Today I woke up with a raging cold, and if my head feels sufficiently uncottony, I'll be apartment-hunting. In the meanwhile, though, this is a comfort-fic-and-telly day. This also means it is a meme day, because I am sufficiently ill that I can mess around guilt-free! Therefore:

Give me a fandom, and I'll give you

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I would shag anytime:
6. The character I'd want to be like:
7. The character I'd slap:
8. A pairing that I love:
9. A pairing that I despise:
10. Favorite character:
11. My five favorite things about the fandom:
12. My five least favorite things about the fandom:
13. My five favorite characters:
14. My five least favorite characters:
15. My five favorite pairings:
16. My five least favorite pairings:
17. The character I am most like:
18. My deep, dark fandom secret:
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( Mar. 28th, 2010 10:35 am)
Hah, wow. I haven't been online at all in days; nor have I done any homework in days. This is because I've been far too busy going to every possible panel at my college's sci-fi/fantasy/&c con, and going to a cabaret show and its afterparty and being mildly amazed that I actually got out of bed this morning, and generally having an excellent time! So if world-shaking things have happened on the internets, I am blissfully unaware.

My college's con is a lot more book fandom than my own experience at WisCon was last year; a lot of that probably has to do with the guests. I don't think all three of them have been in a panel at the same time, but in the last few days I've seen a lot of Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville and Jane Yolen, so I posit that the guest list has something to do with the tone. I do not mind at all, because, oh my god, my inner ten-year-old is hanging out with Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville and Jane Yolen!! It is just a bit weird to be harkening back to the time when my fannish experience was less media-based.

That said, I had a couple of friends dress up as Ten and Simm!Master (and when I saw them in costume together unexpectedly for the first time, I may have COLLAPSED WITH JOY); we collectively ran into a Fourth Doctor from a neighboring college; she was awesome and invited us to her con, luring us there with the promise of Doctor Who panels. There are probably pictures, but [personal profile] songofsongs has all of them.

I think the real point of this post, though, is a Doctor Who-related question that was brought up at one of the panels, namely, if the Doctor spontaneously turned up and asked you to drop everything and go away with him, would you? The majority of the room did raise their hand, and to my mild alarm I was among them, but I really am curious now. It would be the worst awesomest idea ever, but I would still do it! And I want to know who else would. I am a bit brokenhearted, because it just occurred to me that I currenly have no poll-posting cabilities, so I cannot actually poll you guys about this, but: talk to me! Would you go with the Doctor? Why? Why not? If so which one(s)? (Mine are probably Two, Three, Five, and Ten, not that this would save me. I would not go with Six or Eight, oh my god.)

Ahhh, I need to run to another Tamora Pierce panel. :D
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( Jan. 18th, 2010 09:36 am)
Things have been absolutely mad for the past few days; [ profile] rayruz and I helped [ profile] inanimategrace move a dorm room's worth of stuff through various locales in and around Philadelphia, which is officially my least favourite city to drive in ever even if I only had to sit shotgun and navigate. Since returning home I have been in a Babylon 5-watching coma and getting nothing done, but I am slowly recovering.

While I was away from the internet, interesting & important things have been happening! Here is a quick link roundup, in roughly descending order of importance:

i. A good list of donation links for Haiti; I'm sure everyone's already seen it, but it can't hurt to signal-boost some more. The entire fandom mobilization makes me glow. I should probably shuffle belatedly over to the bidding, but in the meantime I've been using the cell texting option; bless technology, guys.

ii. The majority of slashers identify as queer! I am not sure how accurate those results actually are, but as [personal profile] melannen says in the post, so far there is nothing better or more comprehensive. Anyway, I am really happy to see this, because while I suspected that the "slashers are all straight white housewives" notion was probably outdated, it's nice to have a few numbers besides my own flist/rlist demographics.

iii. Festivids Masterlist! I love getting a whole influx of new vids at once, and I am hoping that at reveal time there will be tasty downloads. Everything here is really hugely great, and I haven't gone through them all, but I am particularly enamored of Here It Goes Back Again [Back to the Future] & tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow [Slings & Arrows].

iv. DIAMOND OCEANS. I mean, it's possible that Uranus &/or Neptune could have diamond oceans. This concept is just so vastly bogglingly awesome that I keep staring at the article in sheer joy.

v. The view out my window. even promises more snow this week! Time for me to break out the Victoria's Secret incidental music and the Narnia soundtrack and go trudging gleefully through the snow.

+ Despite still being only about 60% of a functional Aria, I've done all the work I needed to do. (Except the reading for the racefail class, but that's, um, my self-prescribed naptime tomorrow. :D?) Basically I am a ninja of accomplishment.

+ My pants are starting to fit again! Now let's see if I can make them fit for real by going back to the gym when I am at least 90% of a functional Aria instead of, say, just subsisting on soup and ginger ale.

+ I am suddenly wildly excited for the due South Seekrit Santa. (Have I mentioned that I love how it's spelled "seekrit"? Best fandom ever alkdfkkdsfjs.) I have been asked to write a story I did not know I desperately wanted to write until I was asked, but wow, I desperately want to write it.

+ I have yet more new Hugh Dillon music. Did I just say best fandom ever? I mean it. Best. fandom. ever.

+ There is another Sherlock Holmes trailer. I could continue this masquerade of insisting that I will be watching this film behind my hands, but let's be honest, I've spent the last few weeks unironically enjoying the High School Musicals and Eastwick and the Plan. I have no taste. More importantly, THEY'VE BEEN FLIRTING LIKE THIS FOR HOURS. I don't care how much weirdass gothica steampunk supernatural whatchamahoozit aesthetic this film has, it also apparently has the Holmes/Watson subtext turned up to eleven.

+ And, of course, my perennial Wednesday night joy, Eastwick! Storytime with Uncle Badtouch! goddd I love Roxie. )
Haha dear god today in things I never want to do again: drive a car, for the first time in a year, at night on unfamiliar roads in a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. I am alive and not too many people even tailed me, but that is seriously not an experience I want to repeat.

Today in things I do want to do again: watch the Star Trek film! which is what I in fact just did do again, and why I was out driving at night in a rainstorm. I have to say, though, upon a rewatch I am very happy for the Spock/Uhura shippers and the Kirk/Bones shippers and the OT3-ers and any other shippers that I haven't yet seen come out of the woodwork, and me personally I am there for pretty much any crew combination you want to give me, but honestly? I just want more Kirk/Spock. (Including recs! I have been too lazy to track down almost any fic, but I think I want some now.)

Now I am going to watch the thunderstorm. :D
I am back from WisCon! My flights were lovely and on time and other good things. (Traveling through O'Hare? was awesome when I was a tiny child and liked the moving walkway with all the lights; was painfully annoying as a teenager when I had to navigate the airport myself and discovered that Chicago can sometimes be a black hole of delays; is now awesome again because I can entertain myself during takeoff and landing critically scanning the suburbs for a suitable house for Fraser and the Rays. Hey, how do you entertain yourself on airplanes?) If I start thinking about Prop 8 I will probably end up crying into my pillow while listening to Vienna Teng's City Hall, so instead I am gritting my teeth and trying not to hate all systems of justice and government and instead loving Iowa from afar.

Some orders of business:

i. I got a new glasses prescription, although not new frames, and I can now SEE!, but since I can SEE! I in fact have to sit with my laptop perched on the very edge of my knees so I don't go cross-eyed before I adjust. I also got my hair cut, because the Southern summer has descended with appropriate swampiness and also just because I like having short hair. I know, pics or it didn't happen, but [a] I didn't take a 'before' picture because my camera's out of batteries, and [b] if you really need to see what I look like with a few inches chopped off, wait for a locked post, kiddos.

ii. Along with some new clothes and a general sense of thinky well-being, I have brought home from WisCon plotbunnies and motivation. So here is a WIP list! It is a special WIP list, though, because it is [a] interactive! and [b] not a list of Things Wot I Have Unfinished On My Computer, but rather a somewhat shorter list of Things Wot I Actually Intend To Finish Writing This Summer. List: 7 WIPs. )

Besides this I have a number of other due South fics, a crossover with BSG, a tale of Oliver's Romeo and Juliet, a Buffy fic, a Good Omens fic, and a few more things I am interested enough in that I will want to try writing them, but these seven are the ones I Really Want To Finish Soon.

Anyway, the interactive part is the part where, possibly just to keep my brain from collapsing under the indecision, but also because I am curious, which ones are all of you interested in?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

Aria should write:

View Answers

01. The Dark Is Rising; No Second Coming
8 (61.5%)

02. Doctor Who; The Care and Feeding of Your Atomic Bomb
5 (38.5%)

03. due South; Burning Down the House
11 (84.6%)

04. due South; Detective Vecchio's Memos to Self
11 (84.6%)

05. due South; The Windhover
8 (61.5%)

06. due South; untitled s2 AU
8 (61.5%)

07. Tintin; untitled
4 (30.8%)

Aria can suddenly ONLY WRITE ONE, and it should be:

View Answers

01. The Dark Is Rising; No Second Coming
0 (0.0%)

02. Doctor Who; The Care and Feeding of Your Atomic Bomb
0 (0.0%)

03. due South; Burning Down the House
6 (46.2%)

04. due South; Detective Vecchio's Memos to Self
3 (23.1%)

05. due South; The Windhover
2 (15.4%)

06. due South; untitled s2 AU
1 (7.7%)

07. Tintin; untitled
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iii. due South rewatch probably to resume ... in the next few days? Real life is suddenly happening, but that should not deter me overmuch.