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valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2014-12-27 04:11 pm


My birthday this year has been very weird! I intended to have a leisurely morning, go for hot chocolate and the Into the Woods film, and grab birthday drinks with Verity after. Instead I woke up, was promptly ill, grabbed a heating pad, and went back to bed until 2. I'm feeling loads better now, though, and I will still see Verity today, albeit when she swings by my apartment to give me a hug, because I am not going for drinks today. And then I'll probably go see evening Into the Woods after all! So today is fine, just ... weird.

It did make me realize, though, that on this the anniversary of my birth I have ... become an adult who can take care of herself? I absolutely wished someone else was home to bring me water and pet my head soothingly, but I have kept myself hydrated and fed and rested! I know this is a little silly; it's not the first time I've done this. But it's about a larger pattern. When I was visiting my parents last week, telling them about my job, and my sweeties, and how the roomies and I are going to start looking for a new apartment soon, and the various creative projects I'm working on, I realized that the flavor of seeking advice and approval wasn't there any longer. I am (family cell plan excepted) a financially independent human! I don't really need my parents' help! (Okay, except with taxes.) I ... really need to make a doctor's appointment! But I do feel like I've leveled up, in a way I haven't since college, and thank goodness, it was about time to stop feeling like I was muddling about and start to feel like I'm properly managing. Adulthood!

I will now use my adulthood to go to the movies and probably cry all over everything, the way I always do at musicals. Yes good.

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