aria: (Default)
valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2014-12-25 11:37 am

merry happy

Haha perhaps I will do more of the December posting meme in January...

Happy Christmas/Yuletide/Thursday! I am having a quiet day at home with Verity; so far we have exchanged gifts (frying pan for her, art of my D&D character for me!!!) and watched some vids and snuggled. Holiday gifting has been spread out a lot for me this year: a white elephant swap at J's house a few weeks ago, roomie gift exchange when both of them get back at the end of this week. I think I like having a slow lingering December like this.

Started this post while Verity was in the shower, but now she's back, sitting on a couch and blowing bubbles in order to taunt the cat, so, yep, that's how I'm spending Christmas. Up soon: my birthday, possibly posts about the third Hobbit and the Korra finale. I hope everyone's having a good day <333

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