aria: ([firefly] happy kaylee)
valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2012-11-13 12:48 pm

determinedly fighting back against november

A list of excellent things in the past week:

+ The election!!! So happy, so relieved, so uselessly apologetic that North Carolina went red this time. I've been reading lots of smart articles about what the election turnout/results/&c mean for the country; I've also been reading and watching lots of Fox News and cohorts freaking the fuck out, and basking in the schadenfreude, because wow is that cathartic.

+ SNOW! It did not stick, but I love winter, I love it so, so much.

+ Cats! The apartment of Gondor is fostering Jessie's cats because her current living situation turned out to be not cat-friendly. The cats adjusted really quickly, and they are purring machines, and both of them are currently loafing on a couch, ahhh delightful furballs.

+ Haircut! I continue absurdly pleased with my short hair of queerness and joy. I tend to only spike it if I'm going to be leaving the house or have to otherwise make myself presentable, but I'm enjoying it both like that and in its natural fluffy state.

+ Job?? Last week I was hired conditional on my background check going through, but it ... hasn't yet, possibly because Hurricane Sandy fucked with databases or possibly just because bureaucracy. I called today to check and was assured I'm on the list of new hires, so I'm resigning myself to another potential week of limbo. But! assuming all continues well, I shall soon be gainfully employed in the actual city in which I live. It's work as a barista, because I'm an actual English major punchline, but Jessie and I realized that it means we (and [personal profile] feverbeats) will be living in a barista AU! So that's kind of delightful.

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