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valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2012-11-06 11:49 am


All the leaves are turning, and it's so cold at night now that I can't go outside without my first few breaths hitching into coughs. (Thank you, very mild asthma, you're my favorite.) I traditionally hate November because 'tis the season of brainbads hitting many of my friends, but -- winter is coming! I love long coats and hot drinks and SNOW, and skeletal branches against the sky that goes a very specific blue this time of year; and I love how I can take long walks without getting overheated, though sometimes warm enough to take off my outer layers, and I love the weird looks bundled-up passersby give my bare arms.

I may finally have a second job that will stop me burning through my savings, but it's at the hovering point between accepting the job offer and my background check going through, so even though I know intellectually that I'll be hired by the end of the week, it seems unreal right now; and I don't have my hours yet, so I can't collapse the actual shape my life will take from the various possibilities. (I did offer to start working anytime after 4 AM, so I could potentially have a workday that gets out a little after noon, and have whole glorious half-days for errands and writing and time with Amiel when they have early days. I know I'll spend the rest of the month hating myself before I adjust.)

I'm also going to have Emma cut off all my hair this weekend -- proper all of it, I'm angling for a pixie cut with a potential for spiking. Why? Because my hair is a fluffball I can never figure out how to do interesting things with; because it always gets in the way when I'm kissing someone; because my default sartorial choices are in the casual-cute-femme range and I'd like to be a bit more visibly queer; because, fuck it, CHANGE THINGS UP, who cares if it's the wrong time of year for a haircut, more cute hats & scarves for me!

This entry actually brought to you by my blind election terror. I voted! absentee in North Carolina! I deeply and sincerely hope it goes blue again this time! The apartment of Gondor is probably going to dig down this evening with booze & blanket forts and check the news on the internet as it rolls in. All recommendations for news sites with streaming video most welcome, by the way.

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