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sticky post: master fanworks list

Links on this page go to the Archive of Our Own; if the fic was originally posted elsewhere, I also provide mirror links to the pages on which they were first posted.

If you would like to create fanart, record podfic, do a translation, or remix any of my fic in whatever way, feel free to do so; you don't have to ask permission, though I would love to be linked to the finished product.


Bulletproof -- DW | AO3 -- Avengers -- April 2016
Gravity don't mean too much to me.

the mother we share -- DW | AO3 -- Thor & Loki -- March 2016
The way is long but you can make it easy on me.

Valinor (Let Me Go) -- DW | AO3 -- Lord of the Rings -- May 2016
Maybe this is a test.


#TeamJanet -- Darcy/Jan -- 2545 words -- December 2012
Darcy feels herself starting to get disappointed, but thirty seconds later she's tempted to find a sharpie and write #TeamJanet on her forehead as a reminder to herself to never ever make snap judgments, because apparently Janet can shoot electricity from her hands, and is therefore the coolest human Darcy has ever seen.

Conviction -- Thor/Loki -- 3949 words -- July 2012
Between one breath and the next, the spear is in Loki's hands, and before Thor can even finish speaking, Loki has pressed the spear's glowing point to Thor's chest, just above his heart.

Flying Monkeys, or Five Times Thor Engaged in Cultural Exchange -- Thor/everyone -- 5041 words -- June 2012
Thor wonders whether any of them know. He wonders if like tears without shame it is something Midgardians do not do, or if it is rare, like the tale of the Rings of Power, or if it is something that needs only be asked for as Thor asked Natasha to spar with him.

I know these bones as being mine -- Frigga -- 8492 words -- June 2013
"He is not our ward, Frigga, he is our son."

Midwinter -- Thor/Loki -- 6323 words -- November 2016
All Loki has to do is say yes, go, and Thor will leave, and perhaps for some time things will be painfully awkward but they will be safe. Loki does not even have to tell Thor he doesn't want it, does not have to make himself convincing. If he can just bring himself to say it --

Shatter [DW mirror] -- [podfic version] -- Thor/Loki -- 32209 words -- June 2011
"Loki," Odin says, heavy with disappointment and regret for all he has to raise his voice, "Odinson. I cast you out."

Sigyn (binding is not punishment) & Ragnarok (release tips the balance) -- [podfic version] -- Darcy/Loki -- 9966 words -- June & August 2011
A long time ago, when they were locked away, Loki promised they would escape at the end of the world.

Find a Home 'verse, cowritten by filiabelialis

Find a Home -- Thor/Loki -- 106,712 words -- November 2013
Loki lets his head fall back, a despairing smile baring his teeth. "What do you mean by home?"

the taste you were forever chasing -- Thor/Loki -- 4210 words -- January 2014
Thor has said that nothing of Loki frightens him away; but there is a difference between tolerance and love, and Loki can't afford to hope.


All That We Are [DW mirror] -- Leoben & Kara -- 2024 words -- August 2009
He wakes and stares into the dark and thinks that even if he understands the patterns he doesn't have to like them.

Patterns in the Blood [DW mirror] -- Kara/Leoben -- 2646 words -- March 2009
Kara had thought, in her infinite frakking stupidity, that maybe Leoben knew her, saw her, lavished such patient attention because there was something in her sorry life worth the cherishing.

This Is Not Our Fate [DW mirror] -- Kara & ensemble -- 4423 words -- July 2009
"Maybe you want to fix too much at once," she said. "Maybe you have to ... just like yourself before you start screwing around with other people."


Advanced Covert Dating -- Troy/Abed(/Annie) -- 1243 words -- December 2011
"Hey, Abed?" Annie said. "Are you and Troy having secret sex?"


Allow For Inflation [Yuletide archive mirror] -- Mitt/Maewen -- 1234 words -- December 2007
Maewen almost said something very stupid like 'oh but I shouldn't, you see, I'm waiting for someone' before it came to her that this might be part of her own little war, or part of that inflation Mitt was talking about.


No Second Coming -- [podfic version] -- Will/Bran, Drew family -- 16724 words -- December 2010
"But there's only me," Will said in sudden panic. "I have no one --" He stopped abruptly. "I must correct mistakes."

Three From the Track -- [podfic version] -- Merriman, Drew family -- 2272 words -- December 2009
Merriman could be wrong. He'd been wrong before. He'd been wrong at Camlann.


The Demon's Fun Day Out at the Park with a Picnic -- Nick & Alan -- 947 words -- December 2010
"If you could be anywhere," Alan said quietly over the radio, in that hopeful voice he got on those rare occasions that he tried to engage Nick in games to pass the time in the car, "where would you be?"

Fix [DW mirror] -- Nick/Alan -- 2906 words -- April 2011
"What's stronger," Nick said, "a demon's mark or a magician's mark?"

shape of the boundaries you leave behind -- Alan/Sin -- 3299 words -- December 2012
"Come on," Cynthia said, and pulled him upstairs. Alan went without protest, because Cynthia's warm hand in his was the only thing tethering him to the world. Everything else was dark and cold, killing cold.


after me comes the flood [DW mirror] -- Doctor/Master -- 11641 words -- March 2010
He's had to choose between the universe and the Master before.

Dimensions in Space (The Perfect Fit Remix) -- Mickey/Rose -- 1827 words -- May 2010
Maybe every alternate reality fits together like a vastly complicated jigsaw puzzle, with Ricky and Jake and no Rose in one, with Mickey and Rose and no Jake in another.

Doctor Who Season Four [LJ mirror] -- Doctor/Master, Martha, Jack -- 50527 words -- July 2007
He makes the Doctor's life hell and in return the Doctor endlessly forgives him, and it creates a sort of hungry feedback loop; each of them trying to break the other in the way they know best.

Doctor Who Season Five [LJ mirror] -- Doctor/Master, Donna, Martha, Jack -- 50416 words -- July 2008
Five minutes and no luck later, with the treacherous false dusk of an oncoming storm gathering in around her and ashes starting to cling to the red varnish on her nails, Donna's annoyed enough to straighten and dust herself off, turning for home.

East of the Sun & West of the Moon [DW mirror] -- Rose/human!Doctor -- 3775 words -- July 2008
It's the wind, she tells herself, just the wind and the Doctor's hand is too warm and they're not running.

fear of the dark [DW mirror] -- Doctor/Master -- 2238 words -- June 2008
Fairytale in Gallifreyan is one small inflection from warning.

Manifesto [DW mirror] -- [DVD commentary] -- Doctor/Martha -- 1959 words -- June 2007
Lie because you like it.

Mastery [DW mirror] -- Doctor/Master -- 3146 words -- June 2007
He looks out over his dominion, and he thinks it beautiful.

the naming of things [DW mirror] -- [DVD commentary] -- Koschei/Theta -- 13028 words -- August 2008
If he's the strong one, and he stays, it must be for Theta Sigma's benefit.

Slow Path [DW mirror] -- Eleven, Amy & Rory -- 1703 words -- April 2011
Jessie Pond Williams has the most amazing friend in the whole universe.

Storm [DW mirror] -- Doctor/human!Doctor -- 1777 words -- November 2008
John Smith, he writes in Donna's English.

Wonders of the Universe [DW mirror] -- Doctor/Martha -- 1475 words -- November 2008
"Doctor," Martha calls, "I think someone just gave me alien email spam."


House of Three -- Cullen/Inquisitor/Josephine -- 15190 words -- November 2016
"Here's the Orlaisian part," the Inquisitor says. "Assuming you're both amenable, I'd like to try relationships with both of you, with your full knowledge and consent."
"Oh," says Cullen. "That is ... terribly Orlaisian, yes."


Carry On [LJ mirror] -- Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser -- 8287 words -- October 2009
What's worse than a dead best friend? A dead best friend who sits in your armchair going on about unfinished business and giving you worried looks.

Dawn [DSSS archive mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 8285 words -- December 2009
"I never thought I'd be doing the good cop side of the good cop-bad cop routine, is all," Ray said, and glanced sidelong at Fraser. "You're probably right. It's good. You're kinda smart about this whole parenting deal."

Follow Without Pride [LJ mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 4885 words -- October 2009
"But you're pissed off when he does stuff like that?" Ray wanted to know. "When he doesn't listen and almost gets killed?"

Forty-Five Years [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 889 words -- June 2009
Ray's never going to get used to it, but it's the good kind of not-getting-used-to, like how he's never going to get used to waking up spooning Fraser.

Katabasis [DW mirror] -- [podfic version] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 17027 words -- April 2009
"I talked to your dad, I went through this place called the Borderland, I had a boat ride, I fed a wolf a doughnut, and I told stories for your soul," Ray interrupted. "This does not mean you are not insane."

The Love Song of S. Raymond Kowalski [LJ mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 4953 words -- May 2009
Ray dared to smush his experimental hair down in hats in Canada, dared to eat everything Fraser gave him including the freaky bark tea, dared ... dared to let Fraser turn his world inside out and meet his eyes afterward.

Magnetic [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio -- 20867 words -- March 2009
Ray remembered something about that from high school science class, something about how magnets with the same charge couldn't get near each other, but high school science had been wrong, because Ray was the one pinging off the walls over here, while Fraser and Vecchio were just standing there, easy as anything.

Magnificent Mile [DSSS archive mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 4553 words -- December 2009
"When it's dark," Ray said, "and cold, and the sun is never, ever coming back, we light candles. We light candles and we, we huddle up, we create warmth, and I do this every day, Fraser."

Missing the Train -- Fraser/Thatcher -- 689 words -- February 2011
Sometimes, Meg Thatcher reasoned, a kiss could only happen in a certain place under a particular set of circumstances.

Name It [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 3694 words -- June 2009
"Needed that, huh," Ray said, simple words not even masquerading as a question.

No Cocoon [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 2662 words -- March 2009
He found himself echoing the familiarity, leaning towards this new Ray, figuring out the mysteries and the differences not with intellect alone but with determined physicality.

Saturday [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio -- 1169 words -- July 2009
The weekend starts at about 7 AM, because it's just Ray's luck that he has to be living with a chronic early riser and another guy who is understandably kind of an insomniac after spending a year as a mob boss.

Signs of Affection [LJ mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio -- 5775 words -- August 2009
Even Fraser had agreed, if a little resignedly, and Ray had felt like total crap for asking Fraser to bluff and mislead and prevaricate and anything else short of outright lying, even though he knew Fraser did it all the time. It was different if Ray and Vecchio were asking him to.

A State of Being (In Five Steps, With Flowchart) [LJ mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 2824 words -- November 2009
Ray always did things backwards with Fraser. Out of order, upside-down, hanging off rooftops, putting the sled before the Dief, all that good stuff.

Undercover [DW mirror] -- Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio -- 12504 words -- October 2009
If Ray got stuck on a case, he'd start to call the Yellowknife line, and his hands would shake badly enough he'd have to punch the couch a few times to calm down. He always ended up calling Vecchio instead.

You Are My True North -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 180 words -- February 2010
I saw this card that wasn't pink and it said what I was thinking so I got it and I did stupid stick figures on the front because sometimes words don't work so good, and this is all I got.


Testing [DW mirror] -- River -- 2554 words -- July 2005
There is no getting better. There is only getting different.


Better Than A Win -- Aziraphale/Crowley -- 1200 words -- December 2011
Aziraphale would have missed (or perhaps deliberately ignored) the nuance of together, but Crowley was a man-shaped being of the world, and knew what was being asked. "We've been around since -- for a while," he said. "But it's not like that."

Chocolatl [DW mirror] -- Aziraphale & Crowley -- 1159 words -- December 2004
It was perfectly acceptable to take credit for his work when he knew it was a job well done.

Falling Rain -- Aziraphale/Crowley -- 7642 words -- November 2003
"This whole flood business," Aziraphale said thoughtfully. "You know, drowning all the wicked. You know our jobs. You're supposed to encourage wickedness. So, er, I suppose you've done a spectacularly good job."

Saunter [DW mirror] -- Aziraphale/Crowley -- 1461 words -- June 2005
There is nothing to do but feel out of sorts, disjointed and slightly askew from the world, and watch as Aziraphale absently eats the apple, the world's hundred millionth apple, symbolic of nothing at all.

Theatrical Sins: A Play in Three Acts [DW mirror] -- Aziraphale/Crowley -- 2283 words -- November 2004
"What did you do?" Crowley asked in horror, the first time he saw Aziraphale after sleeping away most of the nineteenth century.

When in Rome [DW mirror] -- Aziraphale & Crowley -- 1446 words -- September 2003
"I've met this wonderful fellow by the name of Dennis the Short, and he's decided to bring things a bit more up-to-date, give important things the importance they deserve, you know."


as disastrous as to lose [DW mirror] -- Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius -- 4398 words -- August 2009
She wants connection before she dies. That can't be too much to ask.

Geometry of the Impossible -- Remus/Sirius/James/Lily -- 21053 words -- July 2017
"I don't think Lily nor James would be very happy if I did his courting for him," Remus said. He saw that Sirius' face was fixed into blank patience, and had a flash of desire to snarl and go for Sirius' throat, because he might at least understand that. "Look. There are comical farces written around your idea, and I'm not terribly keen on having Lily fall for me instead --"

Moon Nights -- Remus -- 1008 words -- June 2004
This way, fighting silent, Remus can keep the moment of changing.

Several Ways to Apologize [DW mirror] -- Remus/Sirius -- 3333 words -- July 2009
"The thing is, though," Sirius said, addressing the scarlet draperies, "Moony's not going to give me legumes and yell. He's too nice."

Summer Colours -- MWPP -- 1358 words -- December 2004
Rilke instructs him to be independent, and Remus is starting to think this is a very good idea.

Tom Riddle Will Take Your Soul (The Waking Dreams Remix) [DW mirror] -- Tom/Ginny, Harry/Ginny -- 3559 words -- August 2011
Pour your heart out to a Horcrux, and it will pour itself out to you.


All That Remains [DW mirror] -- Methos -- 2048 words -- July 2010
They always ask eventually.

calamity of so long life [DW mirror] -- Duncan/Methos -- 3067 words -- June 2010
I love a good apocalypse.

Fall -- Methos/Alexa -- 608 words -- February 2011
This journey was for her, in all its particulars, and he would be whatever she needed him to be.

Fiction [DW mirror] -- [podfic version] -- Duncan/Methos -- 5562 words -- September 2010
"Oh God, you found Carolyn's book," Duncan said, sounding at least five hundred times less mortified than Methos had hoped.


And This Time I'll Remember [Yuletide archive mirror] -- Nicholas/Danny -- 2859 words -- December 2008
Nicholas Angel knew it was going to be a bad day when he woke up on Christmas Eve face-to-face with a dead body.


Deduction [DW mirror] -- Gene -- 1230 words -- June 2007
DI Tyler is like a gift from God, although Gene allows that if this is true, God's one sick bastard.

Oh You Pretty Things [DW mirror] -- Sam/Gene -- 7744 words -- December 2008
"Today," Sam told the mirror, "I'm going to work through the gender issues I didn't even know I had."

Quicksand [DW mirror] -- Sam -- 1995 words -- August 2009
There has to be limits to what the mind can do. Grit on Annie's palms, all the air knocked out of him when Gene slams him into a wall, cigarette smoke and the sticky drink rings on the tables at the Arms. Limits.


Controllable Things [DW mirror] -- Arthur/Merlin -- 1514 words -- October 2008
You hold him and you don't even like him that much but he belongs here and it is your right and without him you would be dead.


Nor Love So Sweet [Yuletide archive mirror] -- Lucy/Rilian -- 6016 words -- December 2007
"I'm sure happiness is much nicer once you've been sad first and can appreciate it," Lucy said finally.


Better Than An Absent God -- Gwinna & Merineth -- 1202 words -- October 2016
For the first time she realizes how stupid her question has always been, was Dyr a paladin, as though that alone would give her any real insight. "What was she like?" Merineth whispers.

Collision -- Dusk/Gwinna/Aja/Zeth -- 2383 words -- October 2015
Gwinna is not very good at liking people.

the edge in your affection broke my skin -- Rai/Nyka/Nyka -- 4903 words -- November 2016
"I'm your real brother," Nyka says.


Dissect the Suppositions [DW mirror] -- John Druitt/James Watson -- 4233 words -- August 2010
Night after night, I poured my insights out to you, never knowing that the target of my manhunt was the man who dissected my suppositions.


high on a stage be placed to the view [DW mirror] -- [podfic version] -- Geoffrey/Darren -- 1340 words -- September 2009
"A flying start," says Darren in a snap of contempt, and Geoffrey feels a jolting little thrill, because they have this down, they already have it perfectly in tune; of course the irony of playing Guildenstern is lost on Darren, but the irony of playing Rosencrantz off him had been lost to Geoffrey until these three words.

If We Shadows [DW mirror] -- Geoffrey -- 1773 words -- January 2009
Geoffrey is an instrument of words; he knows words can move a whole mass of bodies to laughter, to a collective gasp, to unashamed tears. But it's an aesthetic, words to create something beautiful, and suddenly, Ellen says, Ellen says ...


Like This [DW mirror] -- Sheppard/McKay -- 4962 words -- January 2007
John Sheppard doesn't need anyone. He never really has, either. It's a thing.


Buffy On Reruns In All the Hotels -- girl!Dean -- 1071 words -- October 2011
The things that go bump in the night go bump in the daytime too. A perky cheerleader who saves the day isn't any kind of role model.


Getting Somewhere -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth -- 1199 words -- February 2011
"So," Neal said. "Has Peter caught on yet?"


Aschesis -- [podfic version] -- Ronan & Darryl -- 10213 words -- December 2010
"Ronan," the Lone Power said softly. "Didn't He leave you out? You gave your life, and He abandoned you. What good are you without Him?"

Not Enough [DW mirror] -- Tom/Carl -- 5502 words -- February 2006
Cold, he thought detachedly. The only really cold thing is interstellar space.

Taking In -- [podfic version] -- Ronan -- 2341 words -- December 2011
I am the water, and the waves.

Terminus [DW mirror] -- [podfic version] -- Tom/Carl, Kit/Nita -- 8526 words -- December 2008
"RING RING!" yelled Peach, who was obviously in one of her moods. "The future is calling!"


500 Kilometers (& A Caboose) [LJ mirror] -- due South/My Life as a Dog -- Fraser/Kowalski, Eric, Johnny, Zoƫ, AJ -- 3572 words -- August 2009
For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Benton Fraser is in a caboose, playing table hockey and being soundly beaten by a twelve-year-old boy.

And Count Myself a King of Infinite Space [DW mirror] -- [DVD commentary] -- [podfic version] -- Hard Core Logo/Slings & Arrows -- Geoffrey & Billy -- 5710 words -- July 2009
Despite the music, despite the obvious patchwork lie that makes up the final cut, there is something raw and honest about this damn film, something -- something Geoffrey overused and abused, applied with indiscriminate disaster to his own life, something Shakespearean.

Life on Earth [DW mirror] -- [DVD commentary] -- Doctor Who/Life On Mars -- Sam & the Doctor -- 3374 words -- July 2007
He dreams that Maya is inside a metal sphere, a Death Star the size of a football.

One Continuous Singular Incident in the Life of Faith Lehane [DW mirror] -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who -- Faith & the Doctor -- 4143 words -- November 2008
"Damn, Doc. And here I thought you had me around for no particular reason."

pretty maids all in a row [DW mirror] -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Secret Garden -- Mary, Colin, Dickon -- 5584 words -- November 2008
"Teacakes, Mary? I do believe your Baital is what we here might call a vampire. Have you heard the word before?"


five first kisses -- multifandom -- 2103 words -- May 2008
Hamlet/the Master; Dumbledore/Grindelwald; Nathan Petrelli/Sirius Black; Miguel/Tulio; Tom/Carl.

six pairing generator ficlets -- Doctor Who -- 2444 words -- July 2008
The Master (Ainley)/Lucy Saxon/technology; the Rani/Owen Harper/trapped; River Song/the Master (Ainley)/abandoned; Romana II/John Hart/those who are lost; Tenth Doctor/Ace McShane/no looking back; the Valeyard/the TARDIS/an unexpected swim.


If you remember that I wrote something that you can't find here, and you want to reread it, just email me, ariastar at gmail; chances are I still have it on my hard drive.

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