I caught myself thinking "I have so many things to tweet about, but I don't really want to limit myself to soundbites," and then remembered that I have a Dreamwidth, c'mon, self. So here are some things I was going to tweet about, in more than 140 characters:

i. I have completed 90% of my holiday shopping for my parents! As usual I have fifty gift ideas for my mum and very few for my dad, so I'll try to just locate some nice chocolate for my dad and not go on some sort of tea and mugs and earrings rampage for my mum. I also have wrapping paper! And I should find some nice things for my housemates, and Jessie & co's white elephant gift exchange, and ... maybe for some other people? Idk, my general policy is to get physical gifts for in-person friends and bang out a few giftfics for fandom friends generally, but I actually have a lot of friends in the area this year, and lots of nice wrapping paper. Only my parents' stuff was urgent, though, as I'm going to see them next week. This weekend, though, the tree! (I really love December, and festival-of-lights gift-giving style Christmas. I would like some snow, though, c'mon, let's get winter up in here.)

ii. I have a new laptop! The old kind of broken one (m key hasn't worked for aaages, lid will no longer close because it was winching off slowly) is called Methos, which was apparently a terrible idea, because it kept dying but never stayed dead. I think I'm calling the new one Frigga, and it will hopefully be a much better-behaved immortal until its time comes. I haven't set it up yet, though, because that really feels like a day-long task to transfer all my files and get my music in order and make sure it has the right browsers and useful programs like VLC &c. It is also going to have much better processing power than my current one, which means it is time for me to LEARN HOW TO VID. Seriously, I want to try this! So, vidding friends: anyone know what vidding program would be good? Keep in mind that I'm still on a Windows OS, so all the nice Mac-only programs are right out.

iii. Speaking of vids! The Aims vid project, in which vidders are making a vid to each song on said Vienna Teng album. The latest is The Breaking Light, a Pacific Rim vid by [personal profile] such_heights, which I knew was going to slay me going in, because anytime she vids a Vienna Teng song I basically become a sobbing mess. That it's also Pacific Rim just made everything 1000% betterworse.

iv. And speaking of Vienna Teng, I had this theory that the song Never Look Away is just one of those great songs that is applicable to basically any pairing one is currently having feels about. I was fairly sure of this when I was having lots of Thor/Loki feels about it, and now I am entirely sure of it, because I've started showing Housemate A due South and suddenly Never Look Away was this ridiculous amazing torrent of all my old Fraser/Kowalski feelings. So yeah! I am showing Housemate A due South! We're still only in first season, and I'm enjoying it immensely; it's been at least two, possibly three, years since I watched it last, and oh gosh I just love it so much, what a perfect show to watch in the drawing-in of winter.

v. I hear there is a meme going around where you suggest topics and then I post a response to one a day! I ... really don't have the wherewithal to be that diligent, but if you like, please do comment with a topic, anything you like, and I'll choose some to talk about!
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( Nov. 29th, 2013 10:03 am)
Yesterday was lovely! We had Hanukkah food for lunch, and Thanksgiving food for dinner, and a silly lazy day in between, inventing new rules for dreidel (eat one of your coins every time you get nun! and that, kids, is how we ate two entire bags of gelt right after lunch), and making a found family vid show.

I thought it might be nice to reproduce the vid show here, so I've written up the playlist. I am not entirely happy with it as a found family show -- I tried to make it mostly gen, but there are some shippy vids; I've overrepresented a couple vidders and don't have any vids by several more whose vids I love; I wish it included things like Buffy and Sleepy Hollow and Star Trek, all of which I have lots of found family feelings for but couldn't find appropriate vids. So this is not prescriptive at all, and I would love additional recs.

16 found family vids under the cut! )
i. Got a Pottermore account last night! From the tragically limited selection of usernames it offered me, I'm StormScarlet127, which should be extremely easy to remember; I can't decide whether it sounds like I'm a particularly metal Gryffindor supporter or an Ororo/Wanda shipper.

ii. Naturally this vid exists: [personal profile] arefadedaway has made an Erik/Charles vid to Rolling in the Deep, and if you have Erik/Charles feelings, you should RUN NOT WALK to see it; it is pretty much exactly the vid I have been craving. It has footage from all four films, and it made me clutch my face a lot (which -- "I clutched my face" is basically my go-to shorthand for "it gave me ALL THE FEELINGS," but that's because things that give me feelings make me literally clutch my face) and I love it so much.

iii. Things I have discovered whilst writing Ragnarok: it's slightly absurd that Hel isn't a Marvel supervillainess. Seriously, she's perfect. (And she's also kind of Mazikeen, which does not make her any less perfect.) This week seems to be stories about awesome ladies and the supervillains who love them.
1. A DRAFT A DRAFT I FINISHED A FUCKING DRAFT. It is 32,000 goddamn words long. I ... am not quite sure what to do with myself while it is with the betas, but I am fairly sure the answer is "Be a productive member of society," not "Write Sif/Darcy fic."

2. There is apparently a wine that tastes like red velvet cupcakes? I am not at all sure how anyone has managed to create such a thing, but it does exist, and it is delightful. Alas I do not have proper red velvet cupcakes to eat while I drink it, but I am fairly sure I will be able to survive this sad lack.

3. Vid recs!

a. Set Fire to the Rain, a Thor/Loki vid that makes me laugh a lot but also gives me FEEEELINGS, because I am ridiculous. You should watch it because it is the most happy-making thing possible.

b. Along with the rest of my rlist, I am here to tell you to run, not walk, to watch The Price and to read the accompanying meta about manpain. I actually like the meta more than the vid, if only because it makes me think about things in depth rather than just wanting to PUNCH THE SCREEN. But the vid is also excellent, and a bit hilarious at the end.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2011 11:46 am)
Today there is NEW DOCTOR WHO. I am almost mad with joy and fear! In preparation, I think it is "Vienna Teng vids about how amazing Eleven era is" time! In descending order from makes-you-teary to sobbing-over-your-monitor:

1. Stray Italian Greyhound by [personal profile] kaydeefalls
2. Blue Caravan by [personal profile] such_heights
3. Lullaby for a Stormy Night by [personal profile] such_heights

Although, confession, at this point I've watched Lullaby so many times that I can actually see the whole thing now, albeit through tear-blurred eyes! Blue Caravan is the one that currently makes me sob.

And a unicorn chaser! Stuck to You by [livejournal.com profile] humansrsuperior. OT3, OT3!

I would post some more Softer Universe comics, but ... you guys have been amazing and linked them everywhere, it looks like, because my Photobucket account informed me tetchily that I should give it money or something because I'm about to max out this month's bandwidth. Whatever, Photobucket, I just won't touch you for a week.

Also, I probably shouldn't have had that cup of tea. My SHEER DOCTOR WHO EXCITEMENT has been augmented by caffeine! Send help.

I have always possessed a weird sort of envy for those entries on my flist that say "You guys are all fired for not telling me about [x]!" I'm not sure why; maybe it's a weird mix of delight that my own flist does tell me when cool stuff is happening, and envy that this person's flist usually does the same. Or maybe it's just a great sentence! Either way, I finally have the opportunity to use it.

You guys are all fired for not telling me about The Ship's Closet. I distinctly recall at least a solid two weeks at the end of August when I would talk about almost nothing but Star Trek TOS and Kirk/Spock, and somehow I didn't come across this! The Ship's Closet is a YouTube show by [livejournal.com profile] brittanyksduh; she goes through bits of TOS Trek, some of the films, and occasionally things Roddenberry has said, and analyzes them for Kirk/Spock. Now, some of the things she says seem self-evident to me, or she hammers a point home for slightly too long, but I will allow that this is because I have been queering the text for ages and she doesn't have to do a lot to convince me. She also has great comedic timing, made me repeatedly choke with laughter, chooses some excellent clips, and argued some points that I hadn't thought of before. Let's face it, my analysis was mostly limited to, "And then they exchanged another LOOK, it was AMAZING," whereas now the glass in Wrath of Khan is even more likely to get me to burst into tears, and all of Amok Time is even more likely to make me clutch at my face, because HANDS, guys, HANDS.

This has put me in a very good mood, compounded by the fact that we've just had a blizzard blow through, the world is gorgeous, and I have barely crawled out of bed all day. My mum called a little while ago to find out how much snow had come through; I ended up telling her that we've had about six inches and that I was watching someone explain the Kirk/Spock love story to me. I don't know if she thought this was a perfectly normal way to spend my evening because she knows me or because Kirk/Spock is self-evident, but either way, I'm ridiculously happy right now.
I have been watching a truly awful amount of Smallville. It's not even as though I started out watching for Lex and stayed for something else (although if I were to stay for something else, it would be for Chloe and, to my surprise, Lois); no, I've been watching truly awful amounts of Smallville just for good Lex episodes. I didn't really realize the depths to which I'd sunk until I looked in the mirror yesterday and discovered that I'd absently put on a blue shirt and a red jacket. Today, with resignation, it's a red shirt and blue plaid flannel, hell yeah I own blue plaid flannel. I am sad I do not have any absurd purple shirts.

My point is, I think I can officially add Smallville to the List of Things I Am Ridiculously Overinvested In. I am still resisting the urge to actually just break down and genuinely watch ALL THE LEX (it wouldn't be too hard; I have perfected the art of skipping through episodes in search of Lex and of avoiding Lana almost entirely -- see also Reasons I Hate Season Six) but so far I have found it more expedient to just track down lots of vids. Say what you like about the plot, but this show's visuals are often completely gorgeous.

Therefore: vids! Seven vids under the cut. That's seven ones. And that's TERRIBLE. But not as terrible as Lex stealing forty cakes. )

There are also two vids that don't exist (to the best of my knowledge) but really, really should. The first one is a vid to Handlebars; I know that nothing can top the Tenth Doctor version, but I really, really want the one about Lex (and Clark) becoming awful people. It would be all fast cars and Warrior Angel comics and saving each other and LuthorCorp experiments and stumbling through tunnels and nuclear missiles! And it would probably make me cry. It would be great.

The second one is ... kind of cracky? It's to Jessie's Girl, and is about how Clark and Lex use Lana as a proxy. Did I mention how angry I am that they use Lana as a proxy? And all the musical bridges of the song would be Lana nearly killing Lionel and faking her death and generally getting her goddamn agency back.

Yeah, the vids-in-my-head folder is getting pretty full.
This being polyfannish thing is still disconcerting. I am just not used to being excited about five things at once, but I suspect that this is my brain's way of coping with the fact that it suddenly has all this free space that is not taken up by juggling classes. Also, I am pleased to report that working through my guilt re: indulging in Highlander now means that I am completely unapologetic about Smallville! I'll probably move on to something else in a few days, but in the meantime:

i. My haphazard and arbitrary Smallville watch hit Shattered/Asylum from season three last night. I spent a lot of it clutching my face and crying a little. Yeah, that's right! LEX LUTHOR GIVES ME FEELINGS.

ii. I discovered this fic, Demarcation, which [a] is about identity politics, we all know how easy I am for identity politics, and [b] reminded me that actually Clark is an alien. I like Clark about fifty times better now! Shut up, my kinks are totally okay.

iii. The Clark/Lex Bad Romance vid; I don't know if I've linked it before, but it is what is to blame for this inexplicable Smallville watch in the first place. Unfortunately I still haven't managed to discover the context for most of the clips. Wiki episode summaries are not helpful, because apparently wikipedia seems to believe that I want to know about actual arc plots, when in actual fact what I want from my summaries is "The one where Lex is compulsively playing piano and bleeding all over everything" or "The one where Clark catches a bullet like a goddamn inch from Lex's face" or "The one with wacky airplane stunts and FLYING oh my god." I would probably watch quite a few more episodes if they had honest summaries like "Clark and Lex eyefuck a lot and then Lex bleeds on things." Because that is the show I have been watching!

...To be honest, I suspect I am doing fandom backwards. I am mostly going through the shows that are Slash's Greatest Hits out of anthropological fascination (and also because, did I mention, Spock and Methos and Lex!) but my wide-eyed enthusiasm is perhaps slightly outdated.
Earlier tonight there was a fangirl gathering to watch some Star Trek. (When I say fangirl, though, I mean it included two good-natured fanboys, one of whom happily joined our discussion re: the attractiveness of Zach Quinto.) It was a night entirely of TOS viewing, and, my god, I really love it. This is unsurprising, considering how much I love old school Doctor Who, but I think I have a different absurdity threshold for every show I watch, and I have now hit and moved past my Star Trek one. YAY.

Tragically, the number of TOS episodes I have seen still remains only three: Devil in the Dark, City on the Edge of Forever, and of course Amok Time. These are the things I have learned so far: lava monsters are, in fact, always cute; Kirk and Spock are incapable of standing more than no feet apart, which is something I very much approve of in a pairing; you hardly need crackfic because the show does it for you (Theodore Sturgeon, I know almost nothing about you, but I salute you for the original Aliens Made Them Do It, even though technically there was no doing it); there are so many mindmelds, oh my god mindmeeeeelds; and, if you don't fridge the woman, Hitler will win. (This is not to say that I didn't love City on the Edge of Forever! I kind of did. I am all about Spock in civvies. I just also kind of hate Harlan Ellison.)

Anyway, um. For those of you who care about TOS, do you have any recommendations? I already have The Naked Time, Mirror Mirror, and The Trouble With Tribbles on my mental queue, but I am so open to suggestions. Especially suggestions that have lots of Spock in them.

In conclusion, LINKS:

+ Fighting Gravity, ST XI fic that I ... kind of forgot was AU part way through, even though "Spock resigns from Starfleet, goes home to rebuild New Vulcan, and ends up essentially homeless on Earth before Jim runs into him five years later" is pretty damn AU. My rec is, perhaps, completely absurd considering that the fic has in excess of 2000 hit counts, but it is SO GREAT. It has lots of Spock Prime, and excellent Jo McCoy and Winona Kirk and Uhura, and exactly the Jim I want at all times, and ~defying fate~, and tasty irony, and tasty popcorn, and accidentally drunk Spock, and mindmeeeelds. In conclusion I want fifty billion more fics like it, but then I would never sleep again, because I would have too many excellent epics to read.

+ Tik Tok, a TOS vid that is full of great timing, the normal amount of inappropriate Kirk/Spock groping, a really great showcasing of just how gloriously absurd TOS is, and, wow, quite a lot of drinking. Warning: the goddamn song will get stuck in your head FOREVER.

In real conclusion: rec me episodes! Because what I really need in my life is even more really ridiculous telly.
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( Aug. 13th, 2010 12:51 pm)
I have a weird fondness for Friday the 13ths! They always seem to be full of awesome. For instance:

i. My moving stress has been greatly reduced by a potential bed! Ugh, furniture. If I could, I would renounce all material possessions. Except for my laptop, which is basically a part of my brain. And my books, because, books.

ii. Still on that notion of Cumberbatch!Master: a manip for your enjoyment. It mostly works, but I have spent too much time staring at John Simm's hands to not be a little freaked out to see them disembodied from John Simm's face. Also, I suspect that Cumberbatch!Master wouldn't have laser.

iii. On the Prowl, a VVC vid that is fascinating me. I ... don't necessarily recommend it, because I don't know where anyone's line is. (In short, warning/enticement: it's 3+ minutes of pretty boys being hurt in increasingly graphic ways.) It's an amazing observation of fandom, and fandom's enjoyment of these scenes, and it's definitely something of which I'm culpable -- if "culpable" is even the right word; I'm going back and forth on whether it's a reclamation or if it's just as goddamn creepy as it is in Women's Work.

It's especially interesting to me because I was raised in a household where any media that had a high rating for sex was totally okay, and any media with a high rating for violence was totally not. (The reasoning explained to me by my father, in summary: "It's not okay that we live in a society where two men walking down the street holding guns is acceptable, and two men walking down the street holding hands isn't.") I deeply approve of this philosophy, but it necessarily means that it took me until my involvement in media fandom to even stumble across the concept that there could actually be overlap in the Venn diagram of sex and violence. I still really notice it -- I think it would pretty much take an act of god to get me desensitized to violence -- but I was still amazed when I watched this vid and discovered that my line isn't until the three minute mark. Only thirty seconds of that footage make me uncomfortable.

Now I'm really curious where everyone else's lines are.
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( Aug. 5th, 2010 07:26 pm)
So there's that 20 Days of Vids meme going around? And I adore it, because it is giving me yet more vids to watch; I have only slowly and insidiously amassed fandoms that are frequently vidded, so it's only sometime in the last few months that I've become really addicted to watching vids, which means that I am now hoarding them with great delight and enthusiasm. I do have quite a few, but I'm not sure if I'm actually capable of doing the meme -- I mean, for one thing, it actually assumes some sort of variety to my vid-watching habits. And I can tell you right now that, for the most part, they can be divided into three fairly neat categories:

[2] omg this ship
[3] wow I will never get tired of watching this character's awesome face

(Okay, there is also [4] I never noticed that about the show before and I want to HAVE THIS VID'S CLEVER BABIES but that makes me sound slightly less shallow somehow.)

This makes for joyous vid-watching, but it doesn't necessarily make for joyous meme-answering. Therefore, in lieu of the meme, I'm just going to give a boatload of enthusiastic vid recs.

34 vids: Buffyverse, Doctor Who, due South, Highlander, multifandom, Stargate Atlantis, White Collar, & some miscellaneous additional vids. )

It occurs to me also that I am posting these right before VividCon kicks off. Quite a few of my friends will be at VVC. (I am a wee bit jealous and am starting to plot going next year.) Have fun, guys! :D
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( Jul. 29th, 2010 03:54 pm)
The problem with going out and getting things done is that I now have a backlog of things I want to talk about! Anyway, the best thing I have discovered recently: Six Things from History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly. Dazzlingly glittering pyramids! Technicolor Parthenon! Sneaky historical clothing! It makes me want to write all the fic warms my geeky heart.

My currently-open wikipedia tabs are pretty great. What do the deluge myth, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the University of Paris have in common? Three guesses, and the first two don't count. I am now tempted to click the 'random article' link and then make myself write Methos fic about it, actually. Trying it, the first article that comes up is on Beryl Davis. I have never heard of Beryl Davis before, but apparently she was a singer during WWII and knew both Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra. The fic writes itself. I could do this for hours.

More importantly, though, because I have talked through my shame for loving Highlander (no more shame! yay id show! \o/) I think it is high time that I recced some fic. Alphabetically and with enthusiasm:

Adam and Joe by [livejournal.com profile] genteelrebel, Methos/Joe & Duncan/Methos. I don't actually know where to begin talking about this one, because it is kind of amazing in its scope: it's a recounting of Methos' life from 1986 to 1998. In certain ways, this fic is downright evil. It blends canon so seamlessly, turns it into such a coherent emotional arc, and explains Methos so damn well, that it is threatening to rewrite all the personal canon in my head. It has a pretty unique and fairly creepy (but awesome, so awesome, and about as kinky as I have never known I always wanted) take of Methos and Duncan's relationship, complete with a really different interpretation of the Double Quickening than is the norm. It also has an OC I am quite a bit in love with, and an actually happy ending for Cassandra. And Joe is the best Joe ever; I want to take him home and keep him. Caveats for this being one of those deliciously long fics (we're talking in excess of sixty chapters here) that are probably best savored over the space of a week or so.

Brothers and Other Strangers by Valentin, Duncan/Methos. After Bordeaux, Methos takes avoidance to really impressive new levels. (On reflection, Methos-with-amnesia is a weirdly more common fandom trope than one might expect.) I love this one because I love stories about Adam Pierson the defense mechanism. Caveats for the usual frustrating treatment of Cassandra and a, ah, early-2000s website background. Can't do much about the former, but setting a blank page style should fix the latter.

The Fourth Son by Lanna Michaels. This is everything I have ever wanted in a fic about Methos and Kronos, and it's just them talking for a few pages. I spent most of it clawing at my face with joy anyway. But then, I can be a bit strange about Methos and Kronos. (Didn't I say? Id show. Also, pairing type. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.)

Sacred Trust by Lanning, Duncan/Methos. All my favourite fics are necessarily ones that I think understand Methos, but this one really gets it; there's such a depth and intricacy to the bits of Methos' past we do see that I've been many things suddenly starts to make sense as a concept. This is another one of those fics that I find difficult to separate from canon; of course this is the true story of Darius' Light Quickening, and of course the Watchers are terrified of this particular Immortal, and &c. Caveats for length, a narrative that is quite angry with Duncan, actually, and for the general unpleasantness of Methos' past.

And lastly, a vid: Commercial for Levi by Gianduja Kiss, wherein she was actually awesome enough to put my Theory of Methos' Boyfriends into vid form. (By which I mean that it feels like she reached straight into my head, not that she actually knows me from, heh, Adam, and did it with any particular intent.) Actually, hell, this is a blanket rec, just watch everything this woman has ever vidded. It's all fabulous.
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 03:35 pm)
I have jobs to search for! I have reading to do! (I have Methos fic to write and a Babylon 5 rewatch to continue, and let's not even talk about the plotty Doctor Who fic, kink bingo, or the due South AU.) But what am I doing?

I am outlining a goddamn fourth season of Avatar.

Don't expect 50k in two weeks, okay? Also, I hate you all.

PS: Stuck to You, the Amy/Rory/Eleven vid I have been waiting for all my life! Go watch it, it's awesome.
Real life processing post coming at some point when my brain and my body are actually in the same place long enough that I can do it without flipping out. In the meantime, This Is Why I'll Never Be An Adult more or less sums it up. It didn't actually occur to me that I had this cycle, but when I started typing up my explanation of the ways in which mine differs, it ... doesn't. Huh.

I am currently in the middle of a "clean all the things?" moment, but I need to keep metaphorically cleaning or actual dire things will happen. I am taking, like, a half hour to REBEL WITH INTERNET, though. So, some related fannish things:

1. Stonehenge Apocalypse is pretty hilariously awful, guys. I am not willing to ever rewatch it without the aid of alcohol, I do not think the poor people of Vancouver should ever be made to do British accents, and a small flat bit in the countryside outside Vancouver does not look remotely like Salisbury Plain (made even more painfully evident by an almost back-to-back watching of Pandorica Opens) -- but I now know that Peter Wingfield can act for reals, not because they gave him anything good, but because his body language was completely different.

2. Somehow this did not satisfy me (or scare me off), as I appear to be doing a bit of Canadian Actor Bingo, like I did last summer -- only last summer, it was by way of Callum and therefore (mostly) Toronto Bingo, whereas if I follow Peter Wingfield around, it appears to be Vancouver Bingo. I'm now watching this cute and incredibly short-lived show called Queen of Swords; I have no way of knowing if it's objectively any good, because they had me at "Basically it's Zorro, only Zorro is a gorgeous intelligent kickass woman." Goddamn. And the main villain of the piece is played by Valentine Pelka, who is Kronos -- and I knew Kronos was attractive, in an evil sort of way, but without the scar and with the addition of a goatee, he looks really freakishly like a young Roger Delgado, be still my heart. And Peter Wingfield waltzes into town as an adorable doctor who has been traumatized by the Napoleonic Wars, and although his name is Robert Helm, I keep on being convinced that his name is supposed to be Benjamin Adams, because he is clearly Methos in disguise.

3. A vid rec! Unbelievable, a Highlander vid for which you ... probably need the context of the show to fully appreciate. I spent about the first minute giggling, because Duncan's hypocrisy is transparent and funny, right? I spent the second minute going "...huh." And I spent the last minute making the same faces as Methos, because 178 confirmed kills, sdfklfdjfd. It makes me go YES YES EXACTLY and is great.

4. New tag. /o\
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( May. 30th, 2010 09:19 pm)
First, Remix reveals were today, so I can say that I wrote Dimensions in Space (The Perfect Fit Remix). It's basically the fic I've wanted to write about Mickey for years.

Second, WisCon's vid party was last night, and I have discovered lots of new excellent vids. The entire list of vids shown is here, compiled by the awesome [personal profile] damned_colonial; I do have a short list of recs, though:

*One Girl Revolution (multi): One in the awesome tradition of kickass small-screen women.
*I Enjoy Being a Girl (multi): And another, this one somewhat more tongue-in-cheek.
*The Other Love Quadrangle (BSG): I secretly suspect that Adama/Leoben, Adama/Roslin, Leoben/Kara, and Leoben/Roslin are EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER WANTED. Thanks for that, vid.
*I'll Be There For You (Black Books): This is everything that I love about Black Books, all wrapped up in happy music. <3
*Anything the Doctor Can Do... (Doctor Who): The Doctor and the Master keep trying to one-up one another. This is made 1000x better by the fact that John Barrowman is singing one half of the duet.
*I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes): This vid does not quite convince me I need to watch A2A, but it does give me fucking shivers. I was clutching my face by the end.

I basically recommend the entire six-hour playlist, though. :D
Last useless spam of the day, I promise! My god, I really need to start packing.

BUT FIRST: Brokeback Babylon. You know that Brokeback to the Future vid from ages ago? And how everyone else did one too? THAT'S THE LONDO/G'KAR ONE. And, uh, possibly my favourite thing about it is that ... not that much is really out of context. WIN.