A list of things that are currently making me really happy:

+ Housemate A continues phenomenal. She is a degree of tidy that makes me really happy -- we had a cleaning session with blasting music the other day -- and she brought home the most adorable geeky posters from Otakon. She also, of all horrors, bought an Xbox this weekend, as well as Dragon Age: Origins, so ... that's what we've been doing. A is doing a round as a city elf rogue, Polaris as a casteless dwarf rogue, and I have discovered that I have a really bad attention span for video games, so I am [a] a human mage (named Loki because fuck you of course I'm playing as Loki, GONNA BE A BLOOD MAGE JUST TRY TO STOP ME) and [b] a forest elf rogue and nothing else yet but I really also want to play a dwarf warrior maybe? Comparative gameplay!! Curious about how soon I will burn out and wander off, but so far it is a delight.

+ I finished The King of Attolia! I don't know if I feel fannish about the Queen's Thief books? although obviously I'd be happy to be talked into feeling fannish about them. I do know that somewhere in the third book Gen tipped over from "someone I enjoy reading about" to "someone I will clutch metaphorically to me screeching about how great they are" because I just ... am so easy for people who are heartclutchingly good at what they do while not liking themselves nor what they need to do very much, so sdkldsfjdfs. I suppose I should read A Conspiracy of Kings next, but, well, we've been mainlining Hornblower and I keep on having all these Thor/Loki feelings and then wishing astolat had written more fic, so OBVIOUSLY the solution is to reread His Majesty's Dragon. (I tapped out of those books at the beginning of Empire of Ivory last time for reasons of having a Thing about plagues, and specifically not wanting to read about them, but I think I'm going to give it another go.)

+ Work is SO GREAT, especially now that my boss has basically scheduled me opposite shifts as Difficult Coworker (because my boss: also really great). I don't have anything more substantial than that, just, I'm really enjoying my ridiculous life being a barista at an indie bookstore. Also I may have discovered that my ability to make good caffeinated drinks means I've become good at making mixed alcoholic drinks as well, although obviously this bears further investigation.

+ At the end of the month my cousin is getting married! I'm excited to see my family, especially my parents and my grandma, and my cousin's fiance is excellent, and ahhh what am I going to wear, I haven't figured this out at all! My dad told me to spike my hair (and to ... wear a collar? I think he's confusing queers with punks; that or he knows something about my personal life that I have never ever told him) and generally dyke it up, because he is a delightful human sometimes. Eh, I will figure it out.

+ So many delightful things are happening this fall!! Dessa is here in September, and Vienna Teng is here in October, and excellent boss is giving me off those closing/following opening shifts so I can 100% make those concerts. She is also giving me off October 10-12th, which means I can [a] GO TO THE NIGHT VALE LIVE SHOW ([personal profile] oliviacirce: the best fucking wingman ever, with tickets for us both) and [b] go to Friday New York ComicCon if I fancy. Still debating whether it's worth $50, but if you are going to be at NYCC, let me know! Having people to hang out with would greatly up my incentive to go.

+ I ... may have also been given off the close/open of November 7/8th for reasons of midnight Thor 2. HELL YES THIS GETS ITS OWN BULLET POINT. Okay, also in this bullet point I will say that my fic is trucking along nicely and I loooove it. Gonna be done in plenty of time for people to read it before Thor 2 Josses the hell out of it.

This list brought to you by, oh my god, this isn't even a list of things I'm being determinedly cheerful about, this is just genuinely how happy and excited about life I am today. :DDD
i. Even though it is Wednesday I am not going to do the proper meme! Things I have been reading: The Thief and The Queen of Attolia (I am now on The King of Attolia) which I've found charming and engaging, and I'm enjoying the political machinations! I'm reserving a proper review for when I've done all four, I think. I've also been reading [personal profile] thingswithwings' Welcome to Night Vale fic, all of it, indiscriminately, because it keeps hitting me in all the best places that the show does. The City Council recommends that you run, RUN, QUICKLY, READ THOSE FICS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

ii. Having seen Pacific Rim, Polaris and I decided that we needed more of Idris Elba's face posthaste, and we've started watching Luther. We keep checking in with each other to make sure neither of us need to tap out, because goddamn that show is intense and upsetting, but it is also so gooood. (Let's be real, though: I'm there 50% for Idris Elba's face, and 50% for Luther's relationship with Alice Morgan, oh my god Alice, what an embarrassment of riches of things I love in fictional relationship dynamics.)

iii. THERE IS A NEW THOR TRAILER. Incoherent flailing? Also spoiler speculation, if you want to avoid potential spoilers. I have a lot of feeeeels. )
A lot of lovely stuff has been going on lately! The new job continues excellent, and I have been spending lots of time with Amiel (we are rewatching Firefly, which I still love despite its numerous flaws), but apparently for Dreamwidth posting, Reading Wednesdays are basically my speed right now. Even if today is Thursday.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. This book ... reminded me a lot of Diana Wynne Jones, in weird ways, where adults are not to be trusted to keep you safe, and some of them are inhumanly evil, and being a child will not protect you; but it was less safe than most DWJ books are. I think I liked it? I think it's worth a reread, anyway, although the older I get, the less Gaiman's view of the universe feels anything like mine. The language was lovely and precise as usual, though, I do just straight-up enjoy Gaiman as a storyteller.

a love song for schrödinger by pathopharmacology, Night Vale, Cecil/Carlos. Baby's first Night Vale fic! And what a good one it was. I'm in the middle of several others, and it seems like fandom's Cecil runs a spectrum from sliiightly off to total eldritch abomination; this one features a Cecil who is slightly off, and it's lovely. Nothing much happens except for Carlos having a conversation with an angel and sort of ... settling in and loving Night Vale, and it's so great. I want a million fics like this to savor during the time between episodes.

Recruitment Practices by thingswithwings, Community/Night Vale. Cecil interviews Troy, Annie, and Abed for a morning show slot! Everyone is in-character and hilarious and weird! I just want to wrap this fic around me like a blanket, seriously, I think it's become an instant comfort read.

What are you currently reading?

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. Don't start yelling with joy yet, though, I'm only three chapters in, and all Gen has done so far is charm me utterly and hate horses a lot. I'm really liking it so far, though!

What do you think you'll read next?

Presumably The Queen of Attolia! And lots more Night Vale fic.

Obviously I'm all caught up on Night Vale now! WHAT A GREAT PODCAST. Polaris and I are also slowly and steadily making our way through Orphan Black, which remains completely phenomenal. And ... honestly all I've been doing lately, while not at work or hanging out with friends, is watching footage of Tom Hiddleston at ComicCon, snarling at my screen in despair. Seriously, at this point the only thing standing between me and a total RPF-writing breakdown is my stupid long Avengers fic.

Oh, and I saw Pacific Rim! I don't have any deep complicated thoughts about it; I love all the excited meta about Mako Mori, and also all the slightly angry meta about Amazing Sci-Fi Films That Could Have Been (this post of [personal profile] barometry's is especially great), but really what I've taken home from it is [a] IDRIS ELBA YOUR FACE IS THE BEST FACE and [b] wow, let's talk about all the fusions where characters from other fandoms are Jaeger copilots. Clint and Natasha! Sherlock and Joan! Troy and Abed! &c &c.
What did you recently finish reading?

Tides by Betsy Cornwell. It was very sweet! It did fun things with selkie myths and had a nice engaging plot. I was ... somewhat less invested in the tale of selkie girl/earnest young scientist boy than I was in the backstory about selkie's also-selkie mum/earnest young scientist's grandmother, though; like, damn, we only get a couple of chapters for the story about the queer romance of a girl who keeps the lighthouse and longs to see the world with a gorgeous inquisitive being who nonetheless wants to bind her there? I am really glad we got that story even in short form! But I would have loved an entire novel about them, too.

What are you currently reading?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I will save my proper thoughts for when I'm done rather than about 2/3 of the way through, and will instead tell the story about how yesterday Neil Gaiman came by and bought coffee at the little cafe inside a bookstore where I work. "I'm reading Ocean at the End of the Lane!" I told him. "It's really lovely, but I was reading it while eating ..."

"Oh dear," he said. "The bit with the worm?"

"YES," I said. But he seemed pretty pleased about it, because of course he was. And I was pretty pleased about it too, because it's fun to watch someone be happy that their writing elicited the reaction they meant it to, but still. THAT BIT WITH THE WORM. :/

What do you think you'll read next?

Weeeell I have the ARC of a Malinda Lo book, and the Jo Walton still, and of course the Queen's Thief books. WE SHALL SEE.

I'll be honest, though, mostly I'm mainlining Welcome to Night Vale. What a good podcast!
What did you recently finish reading?

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson. IT WAS SO GREAT. I loved how casually queer it was, not just in the sense that m/m and f/f relationships were normal and uncommented upon, but also in the sense that in the place of a love triangle there are three people who all love each other a whole lot in various different ways, and try to take care of each other and respect each other's decisions. I loved a lot of the worldbuilding (particularly the semi-sentient city, I'm so easy for sentient cities!); a few of the plotlines, like the one where the main character realizes that her rival at school is actually lovely and it's too bad they haven't been friends, were on the predictable side -- but even when I did guess some things, they felt well-executed and satisfying, and for the most part everything was unexpected enough to keep me guessing. This book is good, also, both as its own thing and as a Gilgamesh retelling; I was compelled to go look up a summary of Gilgamesh after I'd finished (since I hadn't read the epic in ... five years?) and was impressed all over again, because the thematic things Johnson pulled are really, really great. I'm buying this one forthwith, in fact; it will definitely hold up on rereads.

Outsider Perspective by Neery, Person of Interest, Finch/Reese. I can go either way on amnesia fics, although I'm kind of a sucker for them if they're done well, and this one is indeed! Finch and Reese, of course, assume that [a] they are dating and that [b] something really weird is going on, what the hell is with all the fake IDs? It's funny, and the characterization is sound; it also takes time to deal with the fallout once they have their memories back. And, like a bizarre number of PoI fics, it made me tear up at the end, because ... idk, I guess I'm just really a sucker for intense caring D/s and John Reese getting nice things.

What are you currently reading?

Tides by Betsy Cornwell. I looked over an early draft of this one in college! It is much better now, as I expected; it's charming and engaging, and I like everyone a lot, and it does fun things with selkie mythology.

What do you think you'll read next?

WELL. I just started working at a bookstore! There are discount and free books everywhere! My to-read pile is therefore already kind of alarming. The short list, though, is Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane, and after that possibly the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, since I read the first one in middle school and have roughly zero memory of it besides that it was good, and because Polaris thinks I'd really enjoy them.

Also, I have been watching some television! (Some of it is TERRIBLE. For some reason for instance I'm still watching Teen Wolf! What a stupid show, how I love it.) Fortunately I don't have thoughts about Teen Wolf, but I do have thoughts about several other things:

Warehouse 13! Spoilers for the last few episodes of this season; some squee, not much spec, a bit of talk about cancer. )

Avengers! Specifically, I watched the two-part opener of Avengers Assemble, and ... I have the vague idea that the internet is unenthused? I'd be curious to hear why; I'm not thrilled by the fact that there is literally one lady so far, but otherwise I find it unobjectionable! Honestly as long as I love Thor and I love Natasha (which I do in this iteration so far!) and I don't actively want to punch anyone in the face, we're doing okay. (Ftr in EMH I actively wanted to punch like ... half the cast in the face the whole time, but T'Challa and Jan and Carol and Hulk and Hawkeye were so unrelentingly great that it was okay.) I do find it interesting, though, that the recent Avengers shows -- and also the movie, tbh -- are really interested in having the Avengers fight each other a lot! Like, omg guys who would win?? And I don't know why that seems to be a focus/something the creators think we're clearly interested in? (Which I guess says something about who their assumed audience is?) I'm trying to remember how much, say, X-Men Evolution had the team fighting each other vs just hanging out in the mansion being bros, and I think the ratio was a lot better, and I want me some of that! Sure, Hulk and Thor can beat each other up, that's clearly their version of hanging out being bros, but I also want a billion scenes of everyone going out for burgers. Yep.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2013 01:57 pm)
I want to actually keep track of what I'm reading? Both because I think it'd be great to have a record of what I thought of a book at the time, and also to keep me on task so that I actually get things read! (For purposes of this meme fic is totally fair game.) And so, Reading Wednesday!

What did you recently finish reading?

Les Miserables! Or ... okay, I have a confession, which is that I got totally stuck in the last hundred pages. When Javert died, that was all my favorite characters dead, except for Jean Valjean, stuck in one of his really martyr-y phases. And there comes a certain point that you want to punch everyone in the face so much that you stop! But I loved Eponine and Gavroche and Grantaire and Javert so much, and I'm glad I finally sat down and gave the Brick a read; I've been meaning to since I teched the musical in high school, so go me.

What are you currently reading?

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson. This book has been going around my reading page, and seriously, the recs had me at "Post-apocalyptic retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh." I'm not very far yet! But it is REALLY GOOD so far.

What do you think you'll read next?

Either Jo Walton's Lifelode, since I acquired it at WisCon, or Tides by Betsy Cornwell; she was a friend in college, and I proofed an early draft but haven't actually seen it since, so I'm very excited about that one.