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( Jul. 9th, 2012 06:40 pm)
+ Today we went on wine-tasting adventures around the finger lakes! There was much delicious wine, some of which we bought, and ice cream in between vineyards. fsdjds I love going on vacation, and also [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros remain basically the best.

+ I have figured out my bingo line! It is five different fandoms! It's all potential fics I have lots of feelings about! This is all absurdly exciting. Oh gosh, so much fic to write. :D

+ So I may have mentioned at various points that I have lots of feelings and general love for the Demon's Lexicon trilogy. Tragically I don't think I ever made proper reaction posts when I read them for the first time -- seriously, I read the Demon's Surrender all in one day, and afterwards made a post mentioning that I'd read it and saying something about how most of my feelings wanted to be expressed in complicated plotty poly fic -- but ... maybe at some point I will do (another) reread and talk about why these books are kind of a perfect storm of things I love. In the meantime, though, I've been compiling a links & general recs list, for my own benefit and to give to various friends after foisting the books upon them, so I thought I'd post it here too.

Demon's Lexicon recs: canonical short stories, various canon extras, excellent fic; SPOILERS, oh my goodness, don't even click this if you don't want to be spoiled. )
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( Jun. 22nd, 2010 02:25 pm)
Today is a working on my fics for [community profile] kink_bingo day! So far, though, that mostly means laughing at the picture on the wiki entry for virginity/celibacy (Merlin & a unicorn!! <3) and making a list of all the postage stamps and line-as-one-fics I want to do. This is less than helpful, so I am taking a leaf from [personal profile] oliviacirce's book (and, in fact, a lot of the text from her post) and asking for any prompts/suggestions you guys might have. Open brainstorming session!

Card & possible fandoms under the cut. )
I guess I was wrong about not having internet! I'm still a nomad, though. I am just an exceptionally wired nomad.

1. I love Feminist Hulk so damn much that I am beginning to be tempted to get a twitter. I mostly have not done so already because I'm not much good at short things, and I don't really have enough free time for these newfangled fripperies anyway, and I get really easily addicted to shiny things. So I don't know! Those of you whose lives I follow anyway, do you have one? do you recommend that I join your twitter cult? if I did, would I get cool updates on your life that I can't get from Dreamwidth? Feminist Hulk alone cannot tip me to the tweet side, but it is possible you can.

2. I have managed to get my hot little hands on Babylon 5: The Gathering and the first bit of season one. Um. It was already madness to do episode meta on all of due South; there is no way I should do it for B5. Feel free to point and laugh if when I do a Gathering post this evening. /o\

3. KINK BINGO. I have been eyeing [community profile] kink_bingo for about, mm, two years now, and not signed up because, IDK, I was doing things like Doctor Who season projects and due South commentary and Cliche Bingo. (The last of which, incidentally, I ended up writing Fraser/Kowalski bondage porn for anyway.) So this year, I actually signed up. My card! & um lots of talk of tentacles even though I do not have a tentacles square. )


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