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i. My parents were in town ... last week? Two weeks ago? I am terrible at linear time! Anyway, it was a particularly pleasant visit -- we walked all around the city, and the next day drove out to Walden Pond, which has swiftly become one of the top reasons I regret not having a car; I would love to be able to drive out there on any free summer afternoon and have a swim. My parents' visit was also short, which was lovely; we had enough time to catch up and remember how fond we are of each other without much time to also remember all the ways we drive each other up the wall. A+ mini-vacation, would do again next year.

ii. The other night, our entire D&D group went on a LARP pub crawl/scavenger hunt around Camberville. It was kind of amazing?? I think we collectively walked five or six miles over the course of about five hours; we had several drinks, and several boffing weapon fights (though these were mostly with the elder gods of Chaos and Justice, instead of with opposing teams, so we died without losing our loot), and sang the Clash for fake diamonds, and solved riddles, and learned somewhere in the dead hours past midnight that our team had won. (TYRANNY!) It was an Experience, and one I'll happily repeat next year. So that's a completely ridiculous fun thing I can cross off my bucket list.

iii. [personal profile] verity showed me the first two episodes of s4 Teen Wolf on Friday. I ... may have to go back and watch 3b and then keep up. GODDAMMIT IT'S SUCH A TERRIBLE SHOW. There have to be good shows out right now, right? But somehow SHIELD was the thing I stayed caught up with these last few months; I'm a season behind on White Collar and a season behind on Orphan Black and whoa I should prioritize at least one of those over Teen Wolf. But, y'know, sometimes what you need is attractive young people wearing weird prosthetics and doing everything to a dubstep soundtrack! Teen Wolf it is.

iv. The apartment of Gondor has a cat!! She is a very recent acquisition, from this Saturday. The shelter basically begged us to take her, because she's a sweetie they all loved, but also kind of a problem cat: terrified of being there, liable to hiss and swipe at you if she gets overwhelmed, so she couldn't charm anyone into taking her. She's very curious, and very tiny (despite being about five years old), and after exploring the whole apartment she's mostly stayed under Polaris' bed, getting used to New Things. We're calling her Luthien, because obviously a cat in Gondor has to be called something Lord of the Rings-related and we liked that best.

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That is an anxious cat. May she calm down and realize that you are for keeps.
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Look at her little ears! Her eyes!!!

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Oh my god she's precious.

I absolutely love Blacklist and Hannibal, but I'm odd like that.

I'm glad the time with the 'rents went well.

Pub crawl sounded like a blast.

I hope it's not creepy, me commenting on your journal after so long.

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Oh hey cutie hey. :D Good luck to you (and her) with the whole integration process.

What even is it about Teen Wolf? It's terrible and they even killed off my favorite character, and the fandom is completely one-note and frustrating, but I still can't seem to let it go.