aria: ([misc] quantum junction)
valinor spider party ([personal profile] aria) wrote2012-08-15 02:18 pm

a not particularly interesting post

Things I have done today:

+ gazed starry-eyed upon White Collar
+ cleaned the house
+ done most of the online shopping I've been meaning to do
+ done a round of combing through job listings

Things I will do today:

+ go a second round of combing through job listings
+ stare blankly at my resume and feel sad
+ write about Frigga visiting with Norns
+ try to get Thor and Loki the hell off Asgard in under 10,000 words

Things I might do today:

+ phonetalk with my mother and be able to report actual adulthood happening
+ respond to some emails I keep forgetting about
+ figure out what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for this sleep shirt so that I can order it, really, though, what the fuck is up with the sizing chart for that sleep shirt? Either even the small will fit me fairly loosely, or they somehow mixed up in and cm, in which case all the sizes are bewilderingly small. I look at that chart and all I can think of is Hiddleston yelling LOKI'D!

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